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Science up!

Science up!

By Niraj Gupta
Let's answer your perplexing questions. So buckle up, It's time to Science up!
Presenting you easily digestible Science contents to Science up! yourself. So just tune in to our podcast episodes to give your curious minds the treat it needs.
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Why can't we travel at speed of light?
Universe seems to follow some traffic rules, that's, no matter can travel faster than speed of light! Through this amazing conversation, Science up! has answered Why can't we reach speed of light?  We are thankful to Dr Sandeep Chatterjee, Asst Prof, IISER Berhampur for answering our curious questions and this amazing learning experience. This Science up! episode is hosted by Niraj Gupta. Cheers to Baibhav Srivastava for co-hosting. Also thanks to 137 Inverse, Physics club of IISER Berhampur; and Adarsh Dash for coordinating. Thanks to Science up! Team, and Mayank Agarwal for helping in editing the audio. Visit our website for more amazing episodes and info: You may support Science up! on Patreon: The episode covers Measurement and coordinate system Concept of Time as another coordinate Post-Einstein era, Time as 4th dimension Special theory of relativity and why Maximum speed attained by humans Large Hadron Collider (LHC), CERN Time dilation and length contraction  Why can't we travel at light speed- concept of infinite energy required and mass increase and, Time travel Help us reach to more and more curious people out there. Keep hearing. Keep Sharing
June 05, 2022
Brain Matters
As it’s brain awareness week going on. For people, at every education level, has a lot to know about his/her own brain. We are here to share some info, facts and a great discussion,  Having special attention on - India and the awareness in the country. The episode is hosted by Niraj Gupta. Cheers to Nisha Kumari and Pratyush Mishra who discussed Brain awareness. Also, thanks to La Vida, the Biology Club of IISER Berhampur, India for the collab for Brain Awareness Week 2022. Thanks to Science up! Team and Mayank Agarwal for helping in editing the audio. Visit our website for more details. You may support Science up! on Patreon: Find below links to factsheets, puzzles, tests for brain and few research articles for reference. Puzzles: Fact sheets (How we see, smell, taste, hear and neurotransmission, stroke etc): How does brain work: Cognitive test - Wisconsin Card sorting test: COVID-19 and brain La Vida website: Thanks for listening
March 16, 2022
Why we Sleep?
We need sleep. Have you ever given it a thought- Why? We spend one-third of our lives sleeping- doing nothing. So why do we need sleep? What’s the science behind? And also your curious questions about sleep that we have received- like the amount of sleep you need, consequences of insufficient sleep and also oversleep. We are thankful to Dr Nasreen Akhtar, AIIMS, New Delhi for answering all our curious questions.  The episode was hosted by Niraj Gupta and Muskan Mittal (Welcome to the Science up! Team) We answered, Why do we need Sleep- the science behind how much sleep do humans need Importance of getting enough sleep Can you actually compensate the amount of sleep you didn't take previous night Compromising sleep amid exams Consequences and long-term effects of insufficient sleep/ sleep loss What happens if a person doesn't sleep for a few days? Or sleep only for just few hours Effect of prolonged use of screens- mobile phones/laptops  Is Oversleeping bad Connection of sleep and diseases like Alzeihmer's General advice on Sleep Hygiene and a quality sleep The podcast is running on every music/podcast platforms, just search Science up! or even google it. Visit our website for all info.  Follow us on Instagram for every updates: Sleep better, Stay Healthy
December 17, 2021
What would a World without Bees look like?
We knowingly-unknowingly are dependent on Bees. From the food on your plate to the cotton denim jeans that you're wearing, all thanks to the Bees. So what if the Bees went extinct? What would a World without Bees look like? Listen the whole episode to get your curious questions answered. The Host, Niraj Gupta was joined with a pretty guest, Olga Koppel on the Science up! Podcast. Olga is a PhD candidate at University of Ottawa, Canada. The Science up! podcast is running on every Podcast platform out there. So grab your phone and tune to our science-y episodes.
August 29, 2021
It's time to Science up! (Trailer)
Here's the most awaited trailer of Science up! Stay tuned for your questions to be answered by experts. Tune in to the Podcast episodes to give your curious minds the treat it needs.
June 17, 2021
All about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Autism Spectrum Disorder is not well known by majority of people. We may have come across autistic people but even we do not know they have autism and they perhaps don't know themselves. The episode explores about Autism, what it is, its causes, types, and how to diagnose it.  Tune in till the end of this episode to get yourself Scienced up! with not only science-y facts but also a sip of understanding and kindness. Understanding more about disorders like Autism, can create more beautiful world for all of us. We are thankful to Dr Nidhi Singhal, Director, Research & Training, Action for Autism, India. for sharing her experience and detailed introduction about Autism. The Science up! Podcast is available on Every Podcast Platform! Follow/Subscribe wherever you're listening the episode, and be the early ones to listen the episodes as soon it drops. Listen it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, or wherever you get your podcasts. Visit or  for more. See you soon. Till then keep Science-ing up!
June 07, 2021
COVID-19: your Questions Answered!
You already know the current pathetic situation due to COVID-19 across the world. So through this podcast episode, we have tried answering some of your most important questions, doubts related to COVID-19, vaccines and all other stuffs. We are thankful for having Dr Soma Chattopadhyay, Scientist E from Institute of Life Sciences, Bhubaneshwar India, who answered our concerning questions. Here are some questions, that we addressed. Which vaccine is better Is there going to be a third wave of COVID-19? How these vaccines work More variants of SARS Cov2 in Future? Vaccines less effective against some variant? Mucormycosis- the Black Fungus Potential breakthroughs The 2-DG Drug Plasma therapy works? Remdesivir and other drugs Is SelfMedication needed? And General Advice from the Scientist We request you listeners to share this episode to maximum people out there to let them know about it.  #Spread the #facts , not myths. Follow/Subscribe wherever you're listening the episode. The Science up! Podcast is available on Every Podcast Platform!  Follow us on instagram - Visit for more. 
May 21, 2021
Why does your voice in recording sound cringe?
You've sure been cringed on your recorded voice if you sound like that. So, Why do you hate your own voice in recordings? Why your voice in your head while you speak and voice from recording sounds different? All your questions have been answered.. Listen the podcast on Apple podcasts- Spotify- Google Podcasts- iHeartRadio- Gaana. Follow/Subscribe wherever you're listening to it, and be the first to listen whenever any episode drops. Visit
April 06, 2021
Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
In this episode, we've covered about a promising technology- Brain Machine Interface, how it works and what are the potential benefits of it. Thanks to Abhijeet Satani for joining as guest and share knowledge and real-life experience.  Listen the podcast on Spotify, Google podcasts, Apple Podcasts and everywhere else. Visit for more
March 22, 2021
Why the Sea smell like that?
Ya really, Why? Here's your question answered. Not only the reason of that pungent smell but also how it contributes to climate regulation of this planet.  Visit for more
February 14, 2021
2020's over, not the Coronavirus!
The episode explores new variants or mutants of Coronavirus. We dug deeper to find where these mutants emerged, are they more transmissible? or are they more deadly? And will the currently authorized vaccines still work on these variants? Listen to the episode to get your curious and perplexing questions answered.  Visit for updates. Source- World Health Organization,  Centre of Disease control
December 31, 2020
Coronavirus: Where's my Vaccine?
Answered  all the questions regarding when's the Coronavirus vaccine is going to hit the market, the clinical trials, the potential vaccine candidates, and is really the Indian vaccine- COVAXIN, will be available till 15th August? Special thanks to RAKHI KUMARI for co-hosting Share the episode with everyone you know. **SCIENCE UP** is available in all podcast platforms..
August 02, 2020