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By Scott Reyes
Welcome to the Scott Reyes Show, where I talk about whatever I want...mostly my life, what I am learning. What I am working on. It’s like an audio blog, so follow along.
The Right Way To Ask For Something
How do you ask for something in a way that increases your odds of getting what you want. That's what I will teach out today on The Scott Reyes Show Follow me Twitter - Instagram - LinkedIn - And subscribe!
August 3, 2018
I Love Mondays!
I talk about why I love Mondays and why you should reconsider your opinion about them too. If you like this episode, please subscribe and leave a review.
April 16, 2018
Ep 11: Make Things Better
Happy Monday! I am doing some consulting this week with a facilities maintenance team, so I wanted to share some information that I will be sharing with them. This is from the talk I gave earlier this month. If you find value in this, please share it! Also, follow me online: Twitter - Instagram - Snapchat - Facebook - https://facebook.dom/scottreyesofficial LinkedIn - Blog -
March 27, 2018
Episode 10: Fatherhood
The theme is fatherhood, and I have a special guest on this episode. He's funny. He's insightful, and he will blow your mind.
March 15, 2018
Ep 7.1: Come to my talk at RFMA
I will be at the Restaurant Facilities Maintenance Association speaking in getting better when you’re too busy.
February 28, 2018
Ep 7: Leadership Thoughts
I went through the #leadership feed on Twitter and it drove me to this.
February 26, 2018
Ep 6: Gratitude and Mo
In this episode I talk about the battle between gratitude and desiring more. I talk about how the idea that the two can’t exist at the same time is a lie. And I talk about what is at stake if you allow this lie to sink in to your brain.
February 5, 2018
Ep 5
I'm back, and I explain my absence. Short story is I have up a little. Long story...well give it a listen.
September 8, 2017
Scott Reyes Episode 4
This week I am breaking down my weekly rhythm for running my company. Stay tuned this week to hear how my week is organized to get the most out of it.
July 25, 2017
Scott Reyes Ep 3
This week I'm breaking down my weekly management rhythm. Today, I specifically talk about Mondays and how they help me set up for the rest of the week. Be sure to subscribe.
July 24, 2017
Not Good Enough vs. Potential
This is a mini observation and some words of encouragement.
July 24, 2017
Scott Reyes Ep 2
I thought about learning, self education, and the rule that all of that is played in my life.
July 20, 2017
Scott Reyes Ep 1
Ep 1 Intro • Ep 1 Part 1 • Ep 1 Song Intro • Ep 1 Part 2 • Ep 1 Send Out
July 18, 2017
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