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Being Human Podcast

Being Human Podcast

By Scott Ste Marie
Scott Ste Marie is a Mindfulness Practitioner, Coach and Mentor. Through his lived experience with depression and anxiety he has seen what is truly possible in recovery, healing and living authentically. Scott speaks across North America about emotional wellbeing, mental health and our innate need for connection. His history with mental health challenges have allowed him to develop a strong sense of empathy and compassion with his audiences and those he works with personally.
Music is his true obsession as he plays the guitar, drums and sings.

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Sitting in the Middle of Your Life - Take A Break Right Now
A simple "meditation" to simply take a break from your day and sit in the middle of it. Notice and become aware of yourself in your surroundings. Would you drive through a beautiful landscape with the windows covered? We so often rush through a day and don't stop to experience the happenings of the moment. The sensations, the smells, temperatures, tastes, textures. Let's take a quick break together, right now.  Free anxiety video series:
May 17, 2022
The Truth About Loneliness and the Belt of God
We become lonely when we don't know our true selves. We need to do that first and accept ourselves the way we are. Then, we find others who accept us for who we are, not who we can be or should be. Sending you love my friends. SUPPORT THIS PODCAST:
May 09, 2022
Guided Meditation for Full Body Relaxation & Compassion
We hold emotion in our bodies. The body knows more than we give it credit for, so let's love our body in this meditation and bring awareness to points of tension. Congratulations for taking care of yourself today.  For tools on dealing with anxiety and body tension:
May 02, 2022
How to Live in the Present and Stop Worrying - STOP TRYING SO HARD!
This episode is full of examples as to why you may not need to try so hard to be in the present moment and slow down the worrisome thoughts. Take care of your social, psychological and physiological wellbeing, have the tools available and just let the present wash over you my friend. No pressure, just let it happen. Here's are some of those tools I mentioned:
April 20, 2022
Guided Meditation and Lesson for Self Acceptance and Compassion
I speak about my experience with anxiety and share a practice with how I've changed the relationship I have with the sensation of anxiety and thoughts that arise in the mind. Congratulations for taking care of yourself and taking a moment to slow down and check in with yourself. If this was helpful, join my newsletter for more meditations and resources:
April 18, 2022
If You're Feeling Depressed This Morning, I'll Get Ready With You
There's no pressure to feel better this morning. What if we just get through it together and take it one moment at a time. I'll walk with you and keep you company. I know the weight of depression can feel like it's too much to take. Just one breath a time knowing that this is you being so incredibly strong. Free Anxiety Video Series:
April 12, 2022
You get out of bed, cook, clean, file taxes, deal with back pain, take care of friends, talk to family AND work at least an 8 hour day 5 days a week?! You're a superhero man. Don't ever forget it!   Keep In Touch:
April 05, 2022
How to Deal with Fear in Any Situation
In this episode I explain a simple technique you can use to feel, understand and then create distance with fear. This isn't about "getting rid of" feelings or trying to escape. Fear is such a primal and beautiful part of being human so let's integrate it into our lives and allow it to come with us for the ride.  Join my Newsletter:
March 30, 2022
Why I Stopped Reading Self Help Books
Self help books were helpful for a time, until they became a source of unhappiness. What was I really looking for? What is your relationship with self help books?   The Video Episode on YouTube: My Website:
March 21, 2022
Being Human in the Second Half of Life
I'm back! If you stayed subscribed, I really appreciate it and thank you. Keep your emotional and spiritual journey sacred, man. If it involves meditation, prayer, travelling the world, medication, or downing a pack of gummy bears every Sunday afternoon, it’s your journey my friend.  Richard Rohr's book: Falling Upward - A Spirituality of the Two Halves of Life My new website: Watch the video here:
February 23, 2022
Goodbye for Now
I'm not sure when or if I'll come back, but that answer will come in time. Listening to my body is something I'm learning more intently now and it's telling me to let go of the online world and outreach. I'd like to focus on my speaking, helping people 1-1 and being present with both family and friends while I continue to discover my new path of wellness. I wish you all the best in emotional and physical health. Get in Touch with Me:
April 26, 2021
I'm In Pain. This Really Sucks
Exercise has always been my outlet when feeling low. In my entire life I have never gone this long without physical exercise. I'll be taking a break from podcasts for a little while, as headaches have become too much. But as stated in the episode, simply now grows stronger for those who live in physical pain. My options will never run out unless I quit.  For More Support:
April 19, 2021
How to Deal with the Fear of Change and Anxiety - Meditative Scott
After recording some meditations for the YouTube audience, I left the microphone on and just talked about what came up in my mind. I wonder what you would see if you looked out of the box. I wonder what you would experience if you lived outside the box.  Chat with me here:
April 14, 2021
DMX - The Antidote to Depression
Rest in Peace DMX. Thanks for all of the 1 rep max records and getting me through the dirt.  Expression Music Podcast:
April 12, 2021
Meditation for Anxiety - You Have Time
Enjoy this meditation and the entire playlist on my YouTube channel
April 08, 2021
Stop Writing To-Do Lists - Do THIS INSTEAD!
It's like time just slips through my fingers when all I do is a to-do list every single day. It feels like I'm getting nowhere. I get a lot done but I didn't really do anything. Know what I'm feeling? Well, have a listen to this episode and try something new.  Free 6-Part Video Series - How I Overcame Anxiety:
March 15, 2021
Fame is Disgusting - #FreeBritney
Have you ever thought about how awesome it is to be you? You can travel, go to a different town, and be whoever you want to be. Let's be grateful for being anonymous.  Free 6-Part Video Series - How I Overcame Anxiety & Depression:
March 11, 2021
How to Describe Depression to Someone - My Personal Experience
I'd like to tell you what depression feels like in my own personal experience. If you need to tell someone how you're feeling, this is definitely a definition of depression they haven't heard before. Obviously, feelings are so hard to describe, which is exactly why art, music and poetry exist. If you resonate with this definition, my heart and soul goes out to you. You are unbelievably strong and we're all rooting for you.  Watch my free 6-part video series about how I overcame anxiety and depression:
March 08, 2021
4 Ways To Stop Negative Thinking, Anxiety and Rumination
These are some solid perspectives and exercises you can do today to change your relationship to your thoughts. You are not your thoughts, you are what you do. Take care of your mind and be gentle - stop trying to flatten water with an iron. Here are some links to support you further: My Online Anxiety Program:  Contact Me:   You Got This.
February 22, 2021
If You Feel Like You're Not Good Enough (Motivation)
The normal life you think I and everyone has literally doesn't exist. You are more than enough, even if your mind is playing games right now. If no one else has told you, you are so unbelievably awesome just for being you. I guarantee this episode will make you feel like a weight has been lifted and make ya feel nice and juicy. If you need extra support: Contact Me:
February 15, 2021
Mikhaila Peterson - Diet and Depression
Mikhaila Peterson was the first person that truly made me question my own eating habits and how this could be contributing to depression. I was obviously shocked when I learned about the carnivore diet and how what we eat can truly be a primary cause of mental illness. You can learn more about Mikhaila by subscribing to her Podcast, her YouTube Channel or check out her Website here:
February 01, 2021
How to Know If You're Actually Insane
We're locking the wrong ones up! The insane people aren't the ones talking to themselves on the streets. Insanity is far more removed from reality than that. Welcome to the insanity series, part one. Remember, I'm not judging the person, I'm judging the decision. Let's have some fun, eh!
January 20, 2021
Why is it so EASY to Get Depressed and so HARD to Be Happy
We didn't evolve as a species to feel happiness. All your self help gurus are lying to you (while making bank!) We are built to survive, this is the meaning of life. If you want to be happy though, you have to do the work. As for me and those prone to depression or anxiety, I have to and had to do a lot of work and it was all worth it.     As mentioned in this episode, if you're ready to do the work and build that mental muscle and threshold for negative emotion, here's the waitlist for the Conquer Anxiety Program:   Want to chat with me 1-1?
January 18, 2021
Why I'm Quitting Social Media - A Cause of Concern for Humanity
Before starting Depression to Expression, I worked for a few large social media companies as I mentioned in this episode. I would argue, as many experts would, that social media is one of the main causes of the increase in depression, anxiety, self harm and eating disorders worldwide. From a personal note, I'm taking a break until March from social media but will most likely continue to stay away from it as my mind is so unbelievably clear and simple moments in life are just more beautiful than a phone. You see my friends, moments unfold only for me and those around me, without the obligation to be shared. Think about why you are on social media and whether your consumption is outweighing your creative expression. Enjoy the episode and share with those you love.  Book a free coaching call with me here:
January 11, 2021
Why is "Life" So Hard?
Everything is hard before it's easy. Give yourself the time and space you need, recognizing the difficulty of backing up that trailer and cutting grass will inevitably be easy some day soon. Take control of your mental health here:
January 04, 2021
How to Stop Overthinking Your Life - The Future Makes Me Anxious!
I bet that you have really high expectations of yourself, others, and your life in general. Am I right? Well the truth is that it's a really good thing! However... We can get so consumed by the thought of the future (that's all the future is, a thought) that we rush through and push away 99% of what life truly is. Here is a refreshing and simple perspective on how to stop overthinking this whole life thing. It's all about the small stuff.
December 21, 2020
Will This Feeling Last Forever? When Will I Be Happy Again?
When will I get over this? How long will it take? Will it last forever? This is a question we have all asked, so let's answer it together. Chat with me 1-1:
December 14, 2020
You're Going To Be Okay (listen on those hard days)
There are times where we need gentleness and reassurance, rather than raw motivation. Just remember my friends, it's a feeling. Feelings evolve and change as its a simple law of being human. When the world seems heavy and against you, the last thing you need is to feel shame and guilt. You did nothing wrong and it's okay to feel what you feel right now. Let it come, let it pass. You're going to be okay.   Talk To Me:
December 08, 2020
How to Push Through Pain and Discomfort (Motivation)
Push through it. The pleasure comes from fighting through the pain. You got this. Apply here to book your free call with me here:
November 30, 2020
This Only Makes Depression & Anxiety Worse
What have you been resisting lately? Are you running toward or from something? This week is the resistance and shame-free challenge. Stay human and let's do the work together to be content with this loot bag of yin and yang. You got this.
November 13, 2020
Resolving Mental Illness with Nutrition and Supplementation
Matt Janes is an autonomic neuroscientist, author, nutritionist and keynote speaker, offering an alternative paradigm for achieving exceptional mental health and recovering from chronic disease. https://www.mattjanes.comsee less
October 12, 2020
Don't Live a Cookie Cutter Life
*School, Job, Partner, Dog, Marriage, Kids, Retirement, Death*
October 05, 2020
Dr. Kelly Brogan - Healing Your Mind & Body Without Pharmaceuticals
Learn More about Dr. Kelly Brogan Here: Kelly's Instagram:
September 21, 2020
Stop Trying To Be Happy!
The Online Conquer Anxiety Course:
September 14, 2020
Living in a World of Anxiety | Why Is Everyone Anxious?
My Website:
August 19, 2020
Why I Don't Use Drugs | The Moment Isn't Good Enough For You
Drinking just doesn't do it for me anymore. Cannabis isn't a thrill anymore. Here is what I think about drug use and why living in a sober reality is what I'm choosing.    Get Your Free Mental Health Toolkit:
August 08, 2020
How I Practice Gratitude and Feel Grateful | 7,500 Varieties of Apples
You can't simply think about the roof over your head and instantly feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude. In this episode I share how I practice gratitude and live in a world of wonder, awe and curiosity. If you feel like your one of those people I mentioned towards the end of the episode, I'd love to hear from you.    Get Your Free Mental Health Toolkit:
July 30, 2020
Dr. Daniel Amen - The Future of Psychiatry | The End of Mental Illness
Dr. Daniel Amen is one of America’s leading psychiatrists and brain health experts. He has authored or coauthored 80 professional articles and more than 40 books, including New York Times mega-bestseller Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and The End of Mental Illness. He has appeared on numerous television shows including Dr. Phil, Larry King, Dr. Oz, The Doctors, and The View. In this episode we discuss how brain health needs to be the future of psychiatry and how to treat depression and anxiety as brain health issues rather than a 'mental illness'   Dr. Amens Official Website: The End of Mental Illness:   Get Your Free Mental Health E-Book: Official Website: My Instagram: My YouTube Channel:
July 20, 2020
Narcissism, Glorifying Victimhood and Living in Fantasy
Sam Vaknin is an expert in Narcissistic Personality Disorder through his clinical practice and lived experience. In this episode, Sam explains what narcissism means and where we see it in the world today. Self Righteousness. Glorifying Victimhood. Self Help Gurus. Coaches. God. Identity Politics. Mental Illness in the West. It's all in this episode.  Sam's Amazon Store: Sam's YouTube Channel: Get Your Free Mental Health E-Book: Official Website: My Instagram: My YouTube Channel:
July 13, 2020
Stop Making Excuses and Pointing Fingers | Stigma and Mental Health
This episode helps you realize what stigma truly is and why fear is behind so many of our decisions and how we act. Who else is more deserving to get help? Is someone out there more deserving to be happy than you? What's your excuse for not getting help? Let's stop pointing fingers. It's time to change - what are you waiting for? Get Your Free Mental Health E-Book: Official Website: My Instagram: My YouTube Channe:
July 09, 2020
You Are Stronger Than You Think | I Admire You For Fighting
This episode is simple but still made me cry as I spoke about depression. You are so unbelievably courageous to face the world if you have dealt with or are going through depression. I admire you and you have all of the empathy and compassion I could give. You win. You win. I hope you enjoy the exercise at the end, let's beat hearts together! Official Website: My Instagram: My YouTube Channel:
June 30, 2020
Music is Literally Everything - Use it Wisely
Have you really thought about the power of music? The kind of music you listen to can literally make or break an event, change thoughts and alter behaviour. Music holds so much therapeutic power it is unbelievable it's not talked about more often. Of all of the things I look forward to in life, I am always anchored by music and look forward to new listening adventures.  Get Your Free Mental Health E-Book: My Website: My Instagram: My YouTube Channel:
June 18, 2020
How to Deal with Loss: Bearing the Unbearable
Dr. Joanne Cacciatore is the founder of the MISS Foundation and the Selah Carefarm. She is a professor at Arizona State University. Her area of expertise is traumatic death, specifically child death, and she is an acclaimed author and public speaker on this topic. She is herself a bereaved mother: her newborn daughter died on July 27, 1994, and that single tragic moment catapulted her unwillingly onto the reluctant path of traumatic grief. For more than two decades, she’s devoted herself to direct practice with grief, helping traumatically bereaved people on six continents. MISS Foundation: Dr. Joanne's Book (Bearing the Unbearable): Dr. Joanne's Facebook Page:
May 11, 2020
Responding and Recovering from COVID19
Michael Anhorn is the Executive Director of the Canadian Mental Health Associations Vancouver-Fraser Branch. He  has significant experience in disaster response, change management, not-for-profit governance, leadership development, government relations, program development & evaluation and policy development. Michael is passionate about helping people live more mentally health lives and creating an inclusive society, growing the role of peers in delivery of mental health services and ensuring that the not-for-profit sector in general, and specifically CMHA, has the leadership and governance capacity it needs to support people in our communities. Living Life to the Full: CMHA National Website:
May 04, 2020
Cannabis & Mental Health - Should You Try It?
Kira holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Montreal where she studies cannabis and mental health in youth, particularly in sexual minorities. Her work/passion is centred around creating connections between science, policy and advocacy. Kira furthers this work as the Chair of the national organization Canadian Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the Co-Founder of project VoxCann, a Montreal-based bilingual cannabis education initiative. Website:
May 02, 2020
Using Ayahuasca & Meditation to Grow Spiritually
Covering everything from Syrian refugee camps to the Academy Awards, Frank is a 4-time Emmy-Award-Winning Journalist working mostly for ABC Network News and EXTRA TV. Frank's creative outlet for self-expression is on YouTube with a focus on spirituality, as well as the best and latest treatments in health and beauty. We speak about his spiritual practice, overcoming depression with ayahuasca and so much more! Franks YouTube Channel:
April 30, 2020
A Neuroscientist Explains Curing Depression with Diet
Matt Janes is a neuroscientist, speaker and author of Saving Dad, helping to rid the world of depression through nutrition. I truly believe everyone needs to hear this message and how to treat depression through nutrition and lifestyle changes. Matt Janes is changing the narrative around mental illness and mental health where we can thrive and flourish as individuals without dependency on medication.  For the free Thrive Course: Matt Janes Website: Become a Member:
April 15, 2020
How to Manage Anxiety During Social Isolation (covid19)
Avallon is an individual therapist for youth and young adults at Straight Up Health in Toronto, Ontario. She specializes in assisting youth and young adults to develop coping skills to manage anxiety, depression and build healthy relationships. She also works at SickKids Hospital as a Social Worker, primarily with the Adolescent Medicine team. As a healthy movement and fitness practitioner, Avallon likes to integrate movement, meditation and expressive interventions to help support healing. Check out Straight Up Mental Health for a FREE 15 minute consultation with a therapist: Become a Member:
April 07, 2020
Releasing Trapped Emotion with Breathing Techniques
Bryant Wood is an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) coach, public speaker, master breath work instructor and film producer. Bryant is currently working on global campaigns with the goal of cultivating a more compassionate world, through the power of content creation. He is the creator and speaker for the Modern Nirvana Conference; an event that brings together spiritual leaders from all corners of the Earth to facilitate harmony and deep understanding of the self. His latest production endeavor is the movie Flow State, where he brings real life experience related to the content in the film. Bryant's Instagram: Flow State Instagram:   Depression to Expression Website:
April 03, 2020
Matthew Santoro - The Ego, Mindfulness and Defeating Depression
Matthew Santoro is a Canadian YouTuber accumulating over 6 million subscribers and over 1.5 billion views. While this is an incredibly admirable and worthy accomplishment to celebrate, Matt and I speak about something far more moving and admirable in this episode. Matt openly discusses how wealth and status did not help or contribute in anyway to him overcoming depression. Matt speaks about the power of mindfulness, the ego, spirituality and how he has truly defeated depression. This was such an incredible conversation that was filled with honesty, wisdom and left me with so much to learn and discover. Matt's YouTube Channel: Matt's Twitter: Matt's Instagram:   Support this Podcast My Website: Shop: Become a Member:
March 30, 2020
Anxious About COVID-19: Should We Trust in Humanity?
I love you farmers. I love you scientists.  I'll be doing fun live streams all week and having great guests on the podcast. Other than that, I won't be scrolling through social media.  You got this everyone! Stay strong and trust in humanity! For help with anxiety, here are hundreds of videos I have created over the past 7 years to help you, absolutely free:
March 18, 2020
How to Live in the Present Moment with Ease
It's just me on the podcast today discussing our lack of focus on the present and how we live in continuous partial attention. Be conscious of the beauty around you and marvel at the flowers at your feet. I welcome you all to the present and of course, cry in this podcast episode. ♥ WEBSITE: GET YOUR FREE E-BOOK “Beat Depression and Anxiety Through Expression” Here: START JOURNALING AND WEARING THE ULTIMATE MERCH: JOIN OUR PRIVATE ONLINE COMMUNITY and meet awesome people from around the world: ♥ INSTAGRAM:
February 10, 2020
Why You Should Try Meditation Today
Peak Wellness was founded by Kayla Kozan, a burned out young professional looking for a better way to manage the overwhelming stress and Sunday night anxiety brought on by her hectic financial district lifestyle. Exercise and essential oils could only do so much and herbal tea did, well…nothing. She was introduced to mindfulness meditation as a way to cope with persistent stress, an inability to focus and poor sleep. After seeing the change in her own life, Kayla devoted all of her spare time to becoming an expert on the subject of mindfulness at work. I am so proud to have her on the Depression to Expression podcast to share her knowledge with the world.   Peak Wellness Website:
February 03, 2020
How to Have Better Conversations - Kirstin Siggins
Kirstin Siggins is an author, speaker and co-founder of The Institute of Curiosity. She's not only now a new friend of mine but also tag teaming my parent presentations in schools. I'm so excited to continue to work with her and continue to learn and live curiously!  Her Book "The Power of Curiosity": Website:
December 20, 2019
Speaking Candidly About Mental Health in Education
Brooke Bridges in a Mental Health Speaker in the US who I align with completely in our views of mental health education. Let's cut the bs and get right down to it.
November 24, 2019
Death is my Motivation
This is the first podcast episode with no guest. I'd like to share my mind with you all and welcome you into the world of Scott. Death to me is something we need to talk about more and not run away from. We have to embrace the impermanence of our existence and stop sweating the small stuff. Become a Member Here:
November 20, 2019
Healing Depression and Anxiety with Specific Foods
How important are omega 3's for our mind and body? In this episode I speak with Dr. Andreia Horta about specific foods that are clinically proven to help with depression and anxiety by reducing inflammation. We must take a holistic approach to wellness that goes beyond the at times, immediate benefits of pharmaceuticals. Andreia's Instagram: Exclusive Video Content with Dr. Andreia:
November 18, 2019
Using Meditation to Heal OCD and Anxiety
Liam McClintock is the founder of FitMind, a new meditation app that teaches the user the psychological principles behind each session. Meditation has been such an important tool in my life to deal with depression and anxiety and I believe it it crucial for every person to try. All members of Depression to Expression receive two free months of FitMind!
November 17, 2019
Mental Health in Minority Communities, Cannabis and Music
Jay Superior is a musician, film director and a very good friend of mine. We talk about his film Perspective, mental health in minority communities, music, cannabis and everything in between.  Watch"Perspective" Short Film: Jays Instagram: @thinksuperior  Perspective Instagram: @perspectivetheshortfilm
November 13, 2019
Moving to a New Country Alone
I've always been amazed how people can leave their home country and start fresh in a completely new culture and environment. Philip moved from his home country, Barbados, to Toronto, Canada and shares his experience of how we coped with change and his philosophy for living a meaningful life.
October 28, 2019
Dealing with the Death of a Parent - Talking with a Patron
Scott is a subscriber and longtime supporter of Depression to Expression through Patreon. He shares his incredible journey dealing with the death of both parents as well as his own mental health. I am so fortunate to call him my friend and a solid part of my support system. Become a Patron Today and chat with Scott and Scott (me)
October 25, 2019
Surviving Bullies and the Aftermath
Corinne's bullying story brought me to tears but truly made me realize how deep of an impact serious bullying can have on our mental health. Thank you for being so courageous and vulnerable with your story Corinne, I am so fortunate to have you as a friend. Corinne is a community member on our Depression to Expression Community. Join us all here:
October 22, 2019
Alessandra Torresani - Living With Bipolar Disorder
Alessandra Torresani is an actress, host of EmotionAL Support and mental health advocate. In this episode we talk about her acting career and what its like living with Bipolar Disorder. She lives in California and I cannot wait to visit her soon to peel back the layers of her awesomeness.  Follow Alessandra: EmotionAL Support Podcast:
September 07, 2019
Simon and Martina - Depression and Chronic Pain
Simon and Martina are YouTubers originally from Canada who are now living in Tokyo, Japan. They share their experiences with depression, chronic pain and what its like having a career making YouTube videos.  Simon and Martina's Channel:
August 03, 2019
Dr. Andreia Horta - Mind Gut Connection
Dr. Andreia Horta graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2012. She has completed a B.A. Honors in Psychology, with her thesis in Anorexia, Bulemia and Disordered Eating Habits. She then went on to complete a Communications Specialist Degree at York University. She is certified as a Level One Reiki therapist (Japanese Energy Work), Personal Training Specialist and as a Health Care Practitioner in Emergency Services. Dr. Horta has previous externship experience working in an HIV Clinic and Public Community Centers. The latter focused on mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, fatigue, and detoxification. She has had success with the following concerns; weight loss, digestive issues, stress management, smoking cessation and sleep issues.
July 31, 2019
Dr. Frank Turek - Why God Does Exist and Christianity is True
Dr. Frank Turek is a dynamic speaker and award-winning author or coauthor of four books. As the President of, Frank presents powerful and entertaining evidence for Christianity at churches, high schools and at secular college campuses that often begin hostile to his message. He has also debated several prominent atheists including Christopher Hitchens and David Silverman, president of American Atheists.
June 29, 2019
Footless Jo - Story of Amputation and Mental Health
Jordan Beckwith (Footless Jo) is public speaker, amputee, mental health advocate, and writer, who passionately believes in the incredibly perseverant capacity of the human soul. Jo founded Trauma Talk in 2017 and began sharing how she found life again in the aftermath of surviving multiple sexual assaults and an abusive relationship. Two years later when she realized she was facing losing her leg, Jo turned on a camera again, and created Footless Jo.
June 21, 2019
Dr. Stefani Reinold - Food, Diet Culture and Mental Health
Dr. Reinold is a board certified psychiatrist, women's mental health expert, and eating disorders specialist. She is author of the bestselling book, Let Your Heart Out, podcast host of the show, It's Not About the Food, and Creator of the HEART Method®: a self-led therapy tool.To date, Dr. Reinold has helped thousands of women overcome mental illness, make peace with food, ditch the details of life, live their abundant dream lives, and most importantly, let their hearts out!  She has presented on the topics of eating disorders, postpartum depression, and perinatal eating disorders at a national and international level. Yet, more than professional experience, her personal experience with a decade-long eating disorder and postpartum depression after her daughter was born most informs her clinical practice and online platform. In this episode on Depression to Expression, Scott and Dr. Reinold discuss the role of food in our culture and mental health. Is fat acceptance moving us in a positive direction towards body image? Should we be advocating for only health rather than size? Does our weight determine our health? These are just a few of the topics we will be tackling in this free flow conversation.
May 29, 2019