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ScouterStan - Scout Leader Podcast

ScouterStan - Scout Leader Podcast

By Stan Richards
Online Scouting Commissioner Podcast - Scouting needs good and informed leaders like YOU to succeed. Join the ScouterStan community in sending a positive message to our youth. Thank you for taking the time today to check out the #ScouterStan podcast. I hope to cover the topics you need to become a great Scout leader. The ScouterStan community is governed by the Scout Oath & Law. Feel free to add your comments and question. If you need any immediate help or advice, please contact your local Commissioner staff. Support ScouterStan on Patreon -
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Evolution of the Council Shoulder Patch or Council Strip
A patch that is on every uniform is the council shoulder patch. Originally the scout uniform didn't have a place for the council strip. The CSP that everyone is familiar with today was not officially adopted until 1970. There have been many different types of council identification on the uniform over the years. Many of the shapes of the modern patch have many historic examples. There have been many variations of the council strip commemorating everything in scouting including historic monuments and events, space, and the military. This is a very collectible type of patch that has even found its way to the National Jamboree. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
March 23, 2022
The Scouters Role in the Order of the Arrow
A lot of adults have no clue about their role within the order of the arrow. It's important to remember that they are no longer running things or actively engaged in running the lodge or chapter. Adult Scouters should look to becoming more of a mentor and advise youth leadership. Being an active role model for the youth is important to inspire tomorrow's leaders. Working as an advisor for any aspect of your chapter or lodge is a worthwhile endeavor. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
March 16, 2022
Starting Up a New Unit
Starting up a new Scouting unit is important to giving America's youth the opportunity of a Scouting experience. Many critical things need to be done to make this happen. One of the most important is a Chartered organization that needs to be receptive and willing to sign for the unit. Many units failed to recharter and charter organizations have equipment already in place for a new unit. The Key 3 need to be considered next. The Charter Organization Rep, unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, etc.), and Committee Chair are required in addition to two more. The new unit will need to have a Unit Commissioner assigned. It is recommended that you have a minimum of 10 youth join up with the new unit to establish proper operations. Missing any one of these positions will cause the unit to fail before it starts. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
March 10, 2022
Adult Recognition Starts with a Trained Leader
Every Scout deserves a trained leader. The more training you get the better the adult leader you become. The first step in leadership is training. Only when you're fully trained in your position is award recognition possible.  Time and dedication are also needed to stand out from other leaders. Recognizing leaders is a good way of letting them know you value their time and effort. Depending on the location of the scout service would depend on the type of award recognition. Nominations for award recognition are peer-based. It’s your responsibility to nominate worthy candidates to the respective selection committees. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
March 03, 2022
Recruiting New Scouts Year-round
There is no such thing as a recruiting season. Scout units that fail often make this mistake. It is important to understand that scout units need a constant flow of new youth recruits. Here is a way to recruit new scouts year-round. The development of a clear recruiting program is critical to success. Each season has its challenges and recruitment goals should be set. Once you have established a recruitment program it can be repeated every year. It's also important to be ready for the new scouts coming to your unit. Make sure that your website is up to date with current information. Make sure that you have the tools to enroll new scouts when they show up at your events. Youth recruitment should be the focus. Parents can come along later as leadership is needed. Make sure that you're ready when they are and you will have a good recruitment program. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
February 24, 2022
Rejoining the Order of the Arrow
A very popular answer to this question is YES! Many new adult leaders were once involved in the Order of the Arrow. Now that they are back in scouting they are wondering how to reestablish their membership. Hopefully, this video helps Scouters get back involved with their lodge. Membership in the order of the arrow is permanent regardless of where or when you did ordeal or brotherhood. It's just a matter of re-establishing the connection. All adult leaders that have been in the Order of the Arrow can reestablish membership.  This includes Cubmasters, Den Leaders, Committee Chair, Charter Organization Representative, etc. It's recommended that you commit to getting involved in your lodge and chapter as much as you possibly can. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
February 17, 2022
National Jamboree Collectables from History
The National Jamboree from 1935 to the present day has been an exceptional experience for young people throughout the United States. The history of the National Jamboree is displayed within its patches and neckerchiefs. We explore many of the phenomenal imagery used within its beautiful and diverse images. There was a time in the United States when the Jamboree moved from east to west. Then found a home in Virginia and now is to be held at the Summit in West Virginia. Plans are on the way for the next Jamboree in July of 2023. Scouts from all over the United States are getting ready to attend. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
February 10, 2022
Making the Most of Your Time in Scouting
Join ScouterStan as he kicks off the 6th season. Scout leaders are a unique group of people that are dedicated to a higher purpose for our American youth. Today scout leader is faced with a lot of competition for the attention of young people. Scouting provides an opportunity unlike anything else. Scout leaders need to keep themselves motivated so they can provide guidance for their scouts. Making the most of your time and scouting is critical to success. We don't have an idea of how much time we have in life. So planning out what you want to accomplish is important. Keep in mind that not every moment of every scouting trip or meeting should be planned down to the second. Free time is just as important for the development of fellowship. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
February 03, 2022
A Brotherhood of Cheerful Service
The Order of the Arrow is a brotherhood of cheerful service. Many chapters are looking for ways to give service to their community. Here are some simple ideas that can blossom into meaningful projects throughout your area. The Order of the Arrow is a wonderful way to start giving back to your neighborhood through scouting.  ScouterStan talks about 3 big projects that can be put together rather quickly and benefit the public in your area. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
November 25, 2021
What is a Scouts Own Service
A Scouts' Own service is usually short and often less than 15 minutes. As Scouts and Scouters, we have all participated in this religious observance. We discuss a Scouts' Own theme and structure to help Scouters put together an outstanding service. Keep in mind that the Scouts' Own service is not intended as a replacement for religious observance. It is a good way to reinforce the reverent part of the Scout Law. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
November 18, 2021
What Is That On Your Uniform?
Uniform seems to be a big concern with a great deal of leadership out there. Many of the top-rated videos on this channel have to do with uniforms and patches. Join ScouterStan as he describes his uniform and the story that it tells. Have you ever had to explain patches on your uniform? Not many of the adult leadership are actively uniform inspected. However, they need to set the example however they can. Have you ever wondered what something was on an adult's uniform and didn't ask? Does your district or council have some kind of patch that identifies a particular program or service? This interactive video asks the question what's that on your uniform? 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
November 11, 2021
Who is the Most Valuable Member of the Order of the Arrow?
Let's discuss the most important Arrowmen in the Order of the Arrow. They are often overlooked and taken for granted but this should not be the case. Without these OA brothers, your chapter would struggle and fail. The entire lodge in all of its chapters depends on this one person. Of course, I speak of the New Ordeal member. By far the most important Arrowmen in your chapter. They bring new growth and new ideas with solutions that you have never thought of. Without them, your chapter would soon fold and your lodge would suffer greatly. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
November 03, 2021
The Square Knot on the Uniform Tells a Story
Square knots can actually tell a story. The square knots that I'm referring to are the ones other leaders put on their uniforms above the left pocket flap. Discover the four categories in this installment about uniforms and identify leaders that can help your unit succeed. This patch although simple design can be difficult to put on correctly. There are some simple things to identify in placement on the uniform. Once a leader has earned a square knot it is a part of their record and never is removed. Many options can be used to define the achievement, award, recognition, or training. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
October 27, 2021
Messengers of Peace - MOP
Messengers of Peace is a flagship initiative of World Scouting that inspires Scouts around the world to take action in their communities by contributing to peace and sustainable development. Since 2010, Messengers of Peace has involved nearly all 172 National Scout Organizations of WOSM and inspired more than 16 million projects and actions totaling over 2.3 billion hours of community service. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
October 20, 2021
Order of the Arrow Elections
The Order of the Arrow election season starts when unit leaders make contact with their OA chapter. All troops, crews, and ships are eligible for an election. The Inductions Team (also known as the Elections Team) will have a list of units in your district. Making contact is very important to make sure that you do not get missed. There are also a lot of technologies now that can help with setting up the election. Knowing the requirements for candidates is important when setting up the ballot. Make sure that you have a good location and time for the election in your unit. Adult leaders can also be elected into the Order of the Arrow. Encourage all youth to actively participate in activities with the order. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
October 13, 2021
Crossover & Arrow of Light for Packs and Troops
Cub Scout Packs and Scouts BSA Troops need to understand the differences between a Crossover ceremony and an Arrow Of Light ceremony. Not all Webelos Cub Scouts achieve the Arrow Of Light award, But when they are old enough they all crossover to a Troop. Choosing a ceremony can be a daunting task. There are some basic principles to keep in mind when selecting which ceremony would be best. Remember that a Cub Scout deserves their moment on stage for parents to take lots of pictures. This is a major change in a scout's life and good documentation of that moment should always be encouraged. Traditions are grand but not ones that are predictable and boring. Making the ceremony meaningful but not over lengthy will also help. Don't forget your resources. The Troop can help out with the ceremony and even the Order of the Arrow (OA) can help. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
October 06, 2021
Your Recruitment Team
Each unit should have a recruitment team of Scouters that are ready to promote their unit at any event. They should also be equipped with applications and new parent guides. The team should be very familiar with the process and know what kind of training would be needed. They would also help recruit leaders for the committee and scout-facing leadership. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
September 29, 2021
Patch Trading Basics - Patch Crazy
Patch trading seems to be a big part-time activity with Scouts and Scout leaders. There are many facets to the patch trading world that can be explored and enjoyed by everyone. Patches or badges whatever you choose to call them are a big part of Scouting worldwide. Most patch collectors start just trading for fun but soon develop a desire towards a type of collecting. All of these are usually patches that are meant for uniform wear. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
September 22, 2021
Scout Law Around the World
Scouting started at the beginning of the 20th century. Baden-Powell the founder of Scouting believed in basic principles found in the Scout Law today. Scouting has grown over the years and around the world. Although the Scout Law has been adapted for each country's Scouting organization it still has in its core the same meaning. In the United States, the Scout Law has 12 keywords that evoke a meaning that could fill volumes. In many other countries, it is a simple 10 point text similar or verbatim to Baden-Powell's original text. Each countries interpretation and translation of the same principle is unique and culturally defined. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
September 15, 2021
Countdown List of 10 Important Points in a New Parents Guide
Having a great new parents guide as a tool for your recruitment team is extremely important. This countdown list of 10 important points will help make your guide even better. This should also be kept up-to-date as often as needed. don't limit yourself to just these ten items. Presented here in no particular order. Having a list of who to contact, a schedule of events, meeting location, fees & cost, fundraising opportunities, levels of participation, code of conduct, and any charter restrictions. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
September 08, 2021
Youth Protection Training for Everyone? - YPT
Youth protection is a priority in Scouting. The training for youth protection starts with the parent guide that is part of the scouts' handbook. Unit leaders will often show videos produced by Scouts BSA before taking the scouts out for a long-term camping adventure. Unit leaders are required to keep their youth protection training up-to-date. Parents should be highly encouraged (but not required) to take Youth Protection Training (YPT) online the same way the unit leaders do. Parents should set up a free account on and take the online training. Even youth staff at camp go through youth protection training by the camp director.   ⚠️ Important: Unit leaders, please ask your parents to do the training and print out the certificate. Because the free account is not attached to a BSA ID there will be no way to account for this training with your unit access. If the parent joins the leadership of your unit a BSA ID number can be attached to the account. Only then will the training be attached to, and accessible for reports to your unit. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
September 01, 2021
Crossovers & Arrow Of Light Ceremonies by the Order of the Arrow for Cub Scouts
Your local Order of the Arrow (OA) chapters Ceremony Team has worked with Cub Scout Packs throughout its area for many years. Providing OA Ceremony Team members for Crossovers and Arrow Of Light ceremonies. Recently this has changed with the standardization of the ceremonies from National. Many Cub Scout Packs may not be aware of this new change. Leaders need to provide appropriate ceremonies to make the experience more meaningful. No longer are regalia or costumes allowed depicting Native American Indians in Cub Scout ceremonies by the OA. This video is meant to inspire leaders to start using the prepared and approved ceremonies. Your local OA chapter is also available for food service at Blue N’ Gold, potlucks, and banquets. 📃 Official OA, Webelos to Scouts BSA & Arrow of Light Ceremonies (PDF): 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
August 25, 2021
The New SAFE Scouting Guide
Job one of any scout leader is to run a safe program. In the past, we had the “Sweet 16” of BSA Safety in the Guide to Safe Scouting to refer back to. Now we have the SAFE Scouting guide to help us remember safety in our unit's activities. Supervision, Assessment, Fitness, Equipment, and environment. This guidance should be encouraged to be used and referred to when organizing activities and projects. It will help prepare a unit for uninspected issues that may come up. Leaders should do all they can to prevent unsafe activities from occurring. They should also be prepared for unforeseen events and always have a backup plan. We should do all we can to avoid risk and mediate inappropriate activities. We know that running a safe event makes it a fun event that everyone wants to participate in. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
August 18, 2021
Not Everyone Should Join Scouting?
Not Everyone Should Join Scouting? This sounds like a crazy statement but it was one that a parent made at a signup night. I have been struggling to think of the reasons why someone should not join scouting. This video is dedicated to answering some of those questions. Of course, I believe that everyone can benefit from scouting. Although extremely small exception that could be temporarily excluding. Here are three groups that I can think of that would have difficulties within scouting. Always remember that there are always exceptions to every rule. No one should try to force scouting on anyone. I've always found it amazing how reluctant parents can be to the detriment of their children. Scouting has saved many lives over the century or more years it's been around. It has lifted people up all over the world. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
August 11, 2021
Recruiting for Wood Badge?
You have attended Wood Badge and worked your ticket and now you got your beads. Now the Wood Badge course director has asked you to help by joining the staff. You say YES, and they hand you a bunch of recruiting material? Now you need to go get Scouters signed up. Some courses are full and no recruiting is needed, but some need help getting Scouters to signup. Be Prepared for this challenge by knowing the program and being able to answer questions. You know that Wood Badge is the highest level of training in Scouting. You also know Scouters who are waiting for some reason to take the course. Always remember that Wood Badge is serious training and not a used car. Don’t go “high-pressure salesmen” on a scout leader who is not ready. Like we keep saying here, most have never been asked. Just give them the opportunity and they will jump on board. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
August 04, 2021
What is the Gold Star on my Scoutmaster Patch?
Last season we covered the Unit Leader Award of Merit knot. We forgot to mention or even talk about the Gold Star that can be added to the adult leaders' position patch. The star on the patch recognizes this achievement. There are some differences in this award between different Scouting positions. A Cubmaster who has achieved the Unit Leader Award of Merit keeps the knot on their uniform when they move into a troop position. A device or pin is used to define where the award was achieved. The Gold Star however does not transfer over with the new position. the leader will need to earn it a second time for a Gold Star to be on their position patch again. This is true with many of the adult knots in different unit types. The device or pen is used to signify where the award or achievement was earned. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
July 28, 2021
What is an ELANGOMAT? - Order of the Arrow Stuff
The Order of the Arrow… OA for short is shrouded in mystery only because it's an honored society that most non-Scouters don't know anything about. One of the mysterious positions is that of the Elangomat. This is a youth or adult OA member who has undergone training to lead a clan (a group of 5-8 Scouts) through the ordeal process. The Elangomat performs their duties silently as an example of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service. After the Ordeal, the Elangomat may be in contact with the new Ordeal members to encourage them to complete their membership process by going through Brotherhood. Many members of the OA brotherhood have taken on the responsibilities of Elangomat and have been recognized by their Chapter and Lodge. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
July 21, 2021
Making Scouting Strong Again - Season 5
The first episode of the 5th Season of Commissioner Weekly starts with a bang. Join ScouterStan in reigniting the joy and magic that Scouting can bring to America's youth. Now that we are in a post-pandemic environment America's youth are desperate for adventures outside. Scouting, like no other youth activity, fulfills this desire with meaningful safe adventures. The key to fulfilling all of this is to be visible to the general public. Participating in public activities such as at school and public meetings is just the beginning. Taking an active role in your community is critical to helping your unit succeed in recruiting. Always be ready to sign up new Scouts and their parents. Set a good example and remember to never go political while wearing the uniform. Never be afraid to wear your uniform out in public. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
July 14, 2021
Scouting Needs YOU!
Scouting needs you to get more involved. Stepping up as a parent is a critical part of the big picture. Scouting should be looked upon as a part of your child's education. Being a part of it will make it more meaningful and you will also have a great scouting experience. We live in troubled times and rely too heavily on others for the education of our children. Taking control of how your child's scouting experience is important. It will also create meaningful memories and experiences that will improve your relationship. This is the last episode of season 4. Not to worry plans are in the works for season 5. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
June 16, 2021
What's the difference between a Lodge and a Chapter?
In this video, ScouterStan jumps into the differences between a Lodge and the Chapter in the Order of the Arrow. As an Honor Society of Scouts BSA and Honored Campers, the Order of the Arrow is established as lodges associated with Camps and Councils. Each Lodge can further split into Chapters usually structured as the Districts within the Council are. Many things are handled by different groups within the Order of the Arrow Lodge and Chapters. Understanding how things work within the Order of the Arrow will help you get more involved. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
June 09, 2021
Board of Review
The Board of Review is not all that complicated. It is essential for evaluating the performance of the leadership regarding youth achievements. Always keep in mind that it is just a review. It's not a trial or an inquisition of any kind. We go over the process and who needs to be there. Depending on the rank advancement will depend on the questions there may be asked. Keep Board of Review non-rehearsed if possible. Many aspects of the Board of Review may not be thought of by participants. A good Board of Review tends to be shorter than 1/2 hour. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
June 02, 2021
Pandemic Scout Leader Training
There are many forms of training within scouting. During this pandemic time, Scout leaders have been concentrating on their online learning. There is more to training than just online classes. many times there is training that needs in-person instruction or physical demonstrations. It would be very difficult to do Introduction to Outdoor Skills, Wood Badge, or NYLT all online. One of the nice benefits of Scouting that it's been around a very long time and everything is written down, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. All training classes are continuously reviewed and updated. As we leave the pandemic lockdowns we need to dedicate ourselves to live training. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
May 26, 2021
Order the Arrow High Adventure
Order the Arrow High Adventure has been around since the 80s. Starting at the Philmont Scout Ranch with trail crews. This program allows arrowmen the opportunity to work the trails and receive exclusive adventures. In 2008 ArrowCorps5 captured this high adventure spirit by giving service to the US Forestry Service. Today the high adventure spirit continues at all of the major Scouting bases throughout the United States. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
May 19, 2021
Unit Leader Award of Merit - Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Advisor, and Skipper
All too often these days Cubmasters, Scoutmasters, Advisors, and Skippers go completely unrecognized. The Unit Leader Award of Merit seeks to right this wrong. Most unit leaders have fulfilled all seven of the requirements and never get the paperwork submitted. This video points out how to complete the requirements and get the paperwork submitted correctly. Follow ScouterStan as we explore all of the mysteries of the Unit Leader Award of Merit. It also has a really cool knot that uses devices. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
May 12, 2021
Wood Badge Patrols Critters
One of the craziest things about Wood Badge is the fixation of critters. Each patrol in Wood Badge is personified by an animal. Be forewarned if you're going to Wood Badge you are going to become a diehard fan of your critter. You might even find yourself dancing around celebrating it. All this madness has a reason. You will discover the patrol method that Baden-Powell perfected and installed into the Scouting movement. After all, why should only the youth have fun in Scouting? Patrol critters are amazing, they teach us a lot of stuff and they're fun. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
May 05, 2021
National Eagle Scout Association NESA
Today's National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) was originally formed in 1925 as the Knights of Dunamis. in 1972 it became officially the NESA we all know. Discover the wonderful programs that the association has for Eagle Scouts in America. There are two different levels of membership Eagle Scouts can choose from. There are also many activities, seminars, and exclusives that NESA members have. NESA also pools resources together for college scholarships. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
April 28, 2021
World Conservation Award
One of the coolest badges a Scout can earn is the World Conservation Award. It has a Panda Baer on it! Cub Scouts, Scouts, Crew Members, and Sea Scouts can earn this award. Most of the time Scouts don’t know how close they are to getting it just by doing Scouting. Every Eagle Scout needs only one more merit badge to get it. Every Scout position has different requirements, but most of the time it's earned automatically by just doing Scouting. Adult Scouters need to promote the opportunity to earn this award within their units. Every Scout unit should be doing conservation projects regularly. This project can be combined with Pack, Troop, and Crew service. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
April 21, 2021
OA Steals Scouts? - Promoting the Order of the Arrow Within Your Unit
The Order of the Arrow (OA) is Scouts BSA National Honor Society. Scout leaders need not think of it as competition and need to promote the OA within the unit. There are many reasons for supporting the OA. It helps retain older Scout, teaches good leadership skills and it’s fun. ScouterStan goes over how you can promote the OA inside the unit. There are adult leader positions within the Troop or Crew where they can serve as an advisor. Keeping a good eye on the OA and unit schedule is important. Scouters should never think that the OA is a distraction on older Scouts from unit leadership. All OA members know that the priorities are with their unit. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
April 14, 2021
EDGE Method Training and More
Scouting has developed over the many years unique training skills that help young people learn more efficiently and independently. The EDGE (Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, and Enable) method is the official way of training youth to teach skills. Adult leaders need to use the EDGE method correctly setting the example. The EDGE method of teaching skills is not limited. The EDGE method can be used in many situations throughout Scouting.  Scout leaders need to be experienced with this vital skill of training. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
April 07, 2021
The 3 Promises in the Scout Oath
Scout leaders often forget the three promises that are represented in the scout sign. The scout oath and law are represented when making the scout sign. The three fingers are the promises that we make in the oath and the arm is held in an “L” shape representing the law. Scout leaders need to help scouts understand the meaning of this sign. By discussing it in great detail it is intended to give leaders more information. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
March 31, 2021
NYLT is the YOUTH Wood Badge
The National Youth Leadership Training NYLT is equivalent to the adult Wood Badge in many ways. Youth leaders in their Troop or Crew should plan on attending this week-long course. Many of the up-to-date training techniques are used in a Troop setting to inspire youth leaders to take on new responsibilities of leadership. This national course of youth leadership training is highly recommended for all youth leadership. There are some requirements before a Scout can attend National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT).  Adult Troop or Crew leadership should encourage Scouts to attend this critical training. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
March 24, 2021
Order of the Arrow Vigil Honor - OA
The Order of the Arrow (OA) Vigil Honor is shrouded in mystery. We discuss how and why this is. We also discuss the process by which a Brotherhood member becomes a Vigil Honor member.  The Order of the Arrow is full of mystery intentionally. This gives the individual a more meaningful experience through the ceremonies and their own personal ordeal. It is important that we observe and preserve the traditions of the Order of the Arrow. Many of the mysterious questions are answered in this video without revealing its method. It would be natural to think of the Vigil Honor as the third and final step of membership, but this is often perceived incorrectly. The Order of the Arrows Brotherhood has a long membership process. The Vigil Honor should be looked upon as an award for service in the past and the future. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
March 17, 2021
The Scout Uniform Through History (Scouts BSA)
Scouting just celebrated its 111th Birthday in America. All during that time Scouts have been wearing various types of uniforms. Very early on the uniforms were very easy to obtain. As the decades of Scouting continued it quickly became more complex. ScouterStan talks about how the uniform has evolved and changed over the many decades. Ever wonder about that strange hat that you saw a Scout wearing? Did you know that our current-day uniforms were designed by a world-famous fashion designer? For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
March 11, 2021
The NEW Wood Badge
The new Wood Badge is something that everyone's talking about. Discover with ScouterStan what is new at Wood Badge. National has implemented many surveys to improve Wood Badge with new leadership teaching skills. Streamlining the normal course from six to five days and lowering the cost. Also revamping the mission statement to reflect modern leadership techniques. Wood Badge is now recommended for all new adult leaders who have completed their basic and specific leadership training. If you've already have taken Wood Badge you do not need to do it again. Although this would be a great opportunity for you to work on staff. 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
March 04, 2021
Once an Eagle Scout, Always an Eagle Scout
Eagle Scouts are rare in the world. They represent individuals that have dedicated themselves to live their lives by the Scout Oath and Law. Many of today's leaders are eagle scouts living fulfilling lives of leadership throughout our community. Scout leaders should dedicate themselves to promoting this achievement by mentoring young people towards it. Now that the first class of female Eagle Scouts has been officially recognized by Scouting BSA. The final barrier to young people is no longer an obstacle. Scouting should always be for all young people to participate in. Leaders all over our country need to rededicate themselves to are young Scouts who are looking towards the mountain peak of Eagle Scout. Becoming an Eagle Scout mentor is a good place to start. “Be The Change” 💁‍♂️ For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our ScouterStan community channel on YouTube.
February 25, 2021
What's a NOAC? - National Order of the Arrow Conference
What is a NOAC? This is the national conference for the Order of the Arrow known as the National Order of the Arrow Conference or NOAC for short.  In this video, ScouterStan talks about his experiences at the infamous NOAC. A full discussion of how to join-up, get ready to go, traveling and even check-in at the conference is discussed. ScouterStan will also talk about dorm life and all the fantastic opportunities for learning and discovering more about our order. There are many events at this conference that are memorable. Attendees will always have a fantastic experience. We even go over suggestions on how to maximize your experience at NOAC. For additional information and links mentioned in this podcast. Please visit our community on ScouterStan's YouTube channel.
February 18, 2021
Keeping Your Unit Healthy
Task One: When you agree to take a leadership position, your first job is to find your replacement. “You must have someone that can take over when you go, or you can’t go!” Every unit needs to have succession plans in place for every position. Parents MUST step up and pitch in as adult leaders. Reasons they don't... Uninformed – Most parents are never asked to help as an adult leader. The only time they're asked for anything it's usually money.  No Time – Some are under the misguided notion that they have no time. “What? You have no time for your kids? … And I do?” We must reevaluate our commitments to our children's education. Most of the time, this is just an excuse. There is always, available time that they could spend/donate to their own children's benefit. Sometimes parents need guidance on not trying to schedule every minute of every day for their children.  Scared – Parents are just plain scared of messing up. Not acting on their fears create more of a problem than they know. Scout leadership training is included and expected! Not every position is “Scout Facing” in a unit. “It's only one hour a week?” – This was told to almost every new leader in the past. It has become ambiguous and laughable. Realistically it's 1 hour of training and/or preparation, and 2 hours for the unit meeting every week on average. That's only  3 hours a week or 156 hours a year. On average Americans spend 5-6 hours a day consuming entertainment (television, cable, Internet, etc.). That's on average 38 hours a week or over 2000 hours a year. Depending on your unit there's usually some big activity each month. Most of the time adult leaders are not “on stage” during the big activity.  During which, leaders have the opportunity for lots of quality time for themselves.  🌐 Succession Planning for Volunteer Leaders (See Note): 🌐 Training for Adults: 📄 Leader Recruitment & Succession Planning Meeting: 🎬 New Leaders – Understanding Scout Facing or Backstage: ⚠️ Note: The ScoutingU class link requires you to be logged in to on your account in order for it to work. After logging in you may need to reload the link.
February 11, 2021
Eagle Scout Court of Honor - ECOH
In November of 2018, I finished posting my 3 Part Eagle Mentoring series. Here is the 4th part of that for leaders and mentors. Quite simply it's time to plan a celebration of your new Eagle Scouts achievement. There are many people to thank for helping the Scout along the trail to Eagle. This is completely optional, however not taking time to properly thank those involved, is contrary to the beliefs found in the Scout Law.  Basic Eagle Court of Honor (ECOH) Outline The ceremony can be as elaborate or simple as your family chooses.  There is a small amount of traditional structure to this event. The only part that is "set in stone" is the Eagle Charge wording.  Invocation Flag Ceremony Introductions Ceremony Presentation  The Eagle Charge* Parents/Guardians Eagle Presentation and Pinning Eagle Scout "Thank You" Speech Benediction Closing Ceremony * The wording of the Eagle Charge may not be altered or changed in any way. The ECOH is primarily for your family and friends. In many cultures, we celebrate the transition from boyhood to manhood with elaborate ceremonies. It is appropriate to use this achievement in this regard for our modern lifestyle. Keeping the ceremony’s events in a simple format will help you achieve a successful ECOH. The Eagle Scout’s parents are the primary organizers of the ECOH. The Eagle Scout is there as the focal point and may often feel he’s left out of the planning. This is a major photo opportunity for family and dear friends. It is appropriate to expect gifts and cards from attendees. Scouting displays and food/desserts/refreshments are completely optional. Some simple ECOH's are completed within a half-hour, however, most take an hour or more to complete. There are alternative ECOH scripts and themes available throughout the Internet (see links below) and in several books published on the subject. Most ECOH is conducted independently, however combining this with other Eagle Scouts ECOH is not uncommon. Keep in mind that location and the troop’s calendar should be referenced before committing to a date and place. Check YouTube Channel for more links and information:
February 04, 2021
Be Prepared - More Than Just a Motto, It's a Way of Life
I wonder how many Scouts and Scouters have thought about the motto “Be Prepared”? This includes unexpected service to the community. Often this is personal and close to home in many ways. Living your life by the principles of the Scout Oath and Law makes it easier to take on responsibilities. Here are two situations where it kicked in for scatter Stan. Feel free to put your unexpected service moments in the comments on this community channel. 🌐 Emergency Preparedness Award: 🌐 National Preparedness Month: 🎬 Leadership Development (Off-Channel):
January 27, 2021
Where Do I Stick This Patch?
Patch landing places on the uniform can be confusing. Sometimes it's easier to think of them as the four quadrants of the uniform shirt. Uniform inspections should always be constructive. Often the Cub Scout or the Scout has no say in where the patches wind up. Making sure that you hand out the inspection sheets to new Scout parents before they purchase uniforms will ensure proper placement. There are many ways to attach patches to a shirt. I recommend needle and thread sewing whenever possible. Some patches never change positions. Some change as often as the wind direction. Using “Patch Magic” or other adhesive type attaching materials can be tricky. Follow the instructions completely. You can ruin an expensive shirt or other clothing in the laundry. I believe that nothing is as good as the old-fashioned needle and thread. Time tested and easy to do and make changes.  🌐 BSA Guide to Awards and Insignia: 🌐 Venturing Crew Uniform Guide: Inspection sheets: 📄 Scouts BSA (Troops): 📄 BSA Adult Leader: 📄 Tiger Scout, Wolf Scout, and Bear Scout: 📄 Webelos Scout: ⚜️ Note: Venturing has no “official” uniform. In the Venturing program, uniforms are approved by each crew.
January 21, 2021
The Sweet Sixteen of BSA Safety
Safety is job one for us adult leaders. A big part of safety is Youth Protection Training (YPT). This is done online and can be printed out from there. Committee Chairman, Scoutmasters, and cub Masters can also lookup other leaders' status and get printouts from the website.  Check your YPT status now. Do you remember “The Sweet Sixteen’s” of Scout Safety? Here is a quick reminder of safety concerns.  Qualified Supervision – Proper amount of trained leaders. Physical Fitness – Aproperet Safe activities. Buddy System – Time tested. Safe Area Or Course – Have a backup plane. Equipment Selection And Maintenance – The equipment/tools for the event is tested and working. Personal Safety Equipment – Helmets and life jackets don’t work unless worn correctly. Safety Procedures And Policies – All leaders need to make others aware of safety information.  Skill Level Limits – Know everyone's ability and stay within that level.  Weather Check – Be prepared for sudden weather changes.  Planning – Qualified leaders should go over the plan and Have an alternate plan.  Communications – Make others aware of the plans and back up.  Plans And Notices – Tour permits and permissions should be filed where needed.  First-Aid Resources – First aid supplies and skills may vary depending on the activity.  Applicable Laws – All scouts must follow BSA policy's in addition to any local laws.  CPR Resource – Strenuous activities should also always include a CPR trained leader.  Discipline – Scouts and Scouters can get severely injured if they do not listen to directions.  🌐 Check your YPT status on your account: 🌐 Scouts BSA - The Sweet Sixteen of BSA Safety:
January 14, 2021
5 Ways to Make Your Scouting Better This Year
Happy New Year! Let's make this year one of the best for Scouting. There are five ways to make sure that we start off the year in a good way.  #1 is to make sure that your Youth Protection Training is up to date. It's OK to do it annually even though it's good for two years, and this will help avoid rechartering issues down the road.  #2 Download and distribute the Journey To Excellence scorecard and distributed to all leaders in your unit. Commit to run your unit to achieve the gold level.  #3 Crosstraining… All leaders should be cross-trained and have the skills needed for a different position. Learning what other leaders do will give you more enlightenment (Big Picture) about the scouting process.   #4 get your Scouts BSA Health Form ABC Taking care of at your annual checkup. This will prevent any snags in going on adventures or camping.  #5 Vaccinations. It seems to be the number one topic these days of post-pandemic Scouting. However, one vaccination is important to get every year and that is the flu vaccination. Remember that there is a 14 day period between vaccinations.  ⚜️ Note: This is the first show of the Commissioners' Weekly 4th season. We are looking forward to presenting subjects that you have requested like Order the Arrow and Wood Badge. In our community, we highly recommend using our comment section on any video. Since May of 2019, we have produced over 75 Commissioners Weekly episodes. Most of these are “Evergreen” and can be viewed anytime for information. Please let us know if you are looking for a subject that we have not covered or given enough information about. You can also contact ScouterStan directly by using the email address on the YouTube channel about tab. 🌐 Login to your account & check your YPT status or get Cross-trained: 🌐 Download your unit's Journey to Excellence scorecard: 📄 Download the Scouts BSA Health Form: 🌐 CDC Key Facts About Seasonal Flu Vaccine: 🎬 No Time For Flu:
January 07, 2021
Commissioner Service… a Cubmasters' next step?
What is the oldest leadership corps in Scouting? The oldest leadership role in Scouting is the Commissioner corps. “Gray Tabs” or I like to tell the story about the "duct tape tabs". There is a National shortage of Unit Commissioners in America. This is the adult leader, outside of the unit connecting it with the District and Council. They help the Key Three of the unit be successful. Ideally, a Unit Commissioner is designed for up to 3 units. Unfortunately, most units don’t have one or don’t know who is assigned to their unit. In my District, we have 73 units and only 11 Unit Commissioners. That’s 6 or more per Unit Commissioner. On average Cub Scouting represents 2/3 of all Scouting units. A Cub Master or Pack Committee Chairman’s next step is not always into a Troop leadership position. Many of the skills that they have would serve better as a Unit Commissioner with the District that they are in. Excuses...      1. I'm not an expert Scouter… ✔ Training is included and the job is not intended to be for only experts.  2. I want to be with my youth... ✔ ScouterStan was a Unit Commissioner and Assistant Scoutmaster while his son was a Scout in a Troop. 3. I'm already over-committed to Scouts… ✔ You need to find a comfortable schedule. Units without a Unit Commissioner are more likely to fail and your schedule will have lots of free time then. 4. I don’t want to have multiple memberships… ✔ Your primary membership can be with a unit and District service is secondary at no additional charge.  ⚠️ Important:  Make your next step in Scouting count. Unit Commissioner service is incredibly necessary to the overall Scouting experience. Contact your District or Council Commissioner today for more information.   🌐 BSA Commissioners: 🎬 Burnout Prevention and ScouterStan’s Rule of Five:  ⚜️ Note: When ScouterStan looked at his handwritten notes it looked like Season 4 would start in June 2021. The first episode of Season 4 will post on January 5, 2021. This mistake was noticed after editing so a written date was put on the video. ScouterStan promises to work on his handwriting in the future.
November 26, 2020
What is Friendly, Courteous, and Kind?
Adult leaders and parents are NOT exempt from the Scout Law. Have you ever really thought about it. Also the number one question we should ask all Scouts. Definition as to there meaning:   Friendly – A Scout is friends to all. Scouts are a brother to other Scouts. Scouts offer their friendship to people of all races, religions, and nations and respect them even if their beliefs and customs are different from their own.  B-P wrote about similar wording however he diverted into a social class. “No matter what Social Class the Other Belongs.” B-P was from the late 1800s and must think of his times and his revolutionary thinking. Today we would say he was “woke”.   Courteous – A Scout is polite to people of all ages and positions. Scouts understand that using good manners makes it easier for people to get along.  B-P had similar meanings in his writings however, he added the line “And he (the Scout) must not take any reward for being helpful or courteous.”   Kind – A Scout treats others as they want to be treated. Scouts know there is strength in being gentle. Scouts do not harm or kill any living thing without good reason.  Originally, “Kind” was oriented only towards the treatment of animals. This has changed shortly after World War II to reflect kindness to all creatures including humans.    History – The original writings of Baden Powell in the first Handbook are conveyed Similarly.  Historically there were only 9 scout laws outlined originally. However Later the British scouts added Reverent making it 10 scout laws. Do you know which ones were added to the 12 American Scout laws?   The scout law is an amazing principle for real Action in one's life. Putting each one of the scout law into a daily meaning can literally change the outlook of a young person. As scout leaders, we need to be the example, not the exception. Never forget that we are all obligated to abide by the scout law.    The number one question that every Scout leader and parents should ask of their Scouts. “What do you think I most want you to be?” (A) Successful, (B) Good, (C) Smart, or (D) Happy.  The correct answer is “B” Good. You cannot achieve any of the others without being good. This question also helps calibrate how we are doing as leaders and parents.    🌐 What are the Scout Oath and Scout Law?: 🌐 Teaching Cub Scouts the Scout Law: 📄 1910 Edition of the 'Boy Scouts of America Official Handbook' Pages 32-34 PDF: 🎬 Who Created The Scout Law?: 🎬 Dealing With Upset Parents:
November 19, 2020
Reporting Service Hours
Historically, a BSA service project is a special Good Turn that puts Scout spirit into action.  Good Turns take many forms such as  • aid during emergencies and natural disasters  • recycling • conservation projects  • Scouting for Food    ~~~ Possibilities are nearly unlimited. ~~~   Significant and important enhancements have been made for JTE Service Hours entry to provide a new entry site, Internet Advancement, and change this site to allow appropriate entries to continue.   ⚠️ Important: Your unit’s service hours data has already been moved to the database for Internet Advancement.   ⚜️ Thank you and your unit for your service.   🌐 The Internet Advancement platform is available at for all other project entries. This new site will use your username and password for access.  🌐 Information on the new site is available at Please review the help to become familiar with the enhanced service hours entry.  🎬 Scoutbook?:
November 12, 2020
Merit Badge Counselor
All troops should expect every adult to take on some kind of leadership role. One that’s often overlooked is Merit Badge Counselor (MBC). Merit Badge Counselor can be designated as troop only or open to the council use.  Adult Cub Scout leaders are also qualified to be Merit Badge Counselors. This is a good way to start the bridging process to a troop.  Requirements: Must have or completed an adult application process (YPT and background check)  Must keep Youth Protection Training current  Online or live Merit Badge Counselor Training  Have proficient skills, experients, training, and/or knowledge of the Merit Badges ⚠️ Important: It is recommended to focus on 3 to 8 Merit Badges. However, there is no limit set if you are qualified.   As a merit badge counselor:  Follow the requirements of the merit badge, making no deletions or additions.   Scout should use the buddy system. MBC keeps “2-Deep” leadership during all instructional sessions. This includes Email (CC), Online meetings, Phone calls, and texting.  Keep your Youth Protection training current.   Renew membership registration annually if I plan to continue as a merit badge counselor.   Merit Badge Counselors can continue after their no longer with a unit. Merit Badge Counselors must register their Scouts BSA membership with the district/council.  📄 Merit Badge Counselor Information Form: 🎬 The Blue Card Process or Merit Badges Mania?:
November 05, 2020
Dealing With Upset Parents - How Leaders Deal With It
Thair is an actual complaint form for parents. That national has a 100% guaranty on. More info later, let's jump into this. We are talking about disagreements and not actual safety or YPT issues. Parents get mad or upset for many reasons.  Personality or cultural differences  A preserved unfairness  Confronted with something that they don’t want  It’s just your turn… Self-resolving conflict – this is a solution that is handled by the upset person over time.  Cooperative Resolutions – First off, everyone in scouting and families of the scouts is bound by the scout oath and law. These are the ground rules which we live by. This is a foundation of trust and familiarity. The most important skill as a leader is “Active Listening”. (Courteous)  A conscious effort to listen must be made to learn all the facts of an issue.   Filter out fealing statements or derogatory assumptions as these are the emotions and not the issue.  Don’t shut down or walk away. (Not Friendly, & Kind)  Determine if they want a response from you. They will ask when they're ready, but they may not be ready to hear what you say.  Restating the issue may be needed to start a solution with understanding.  The most important question is “What do you want?” • The answer to this question is the solution to the conflict. The Wood Badge “Managing Conflict” training is a good resource for leaders to handle conflicts. You should go to Wood Badge!             -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -    GO TO WOOD BADGE !    -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -   The complaint form with the 100% warranty is… The Adult Application! "Thiers no problem, if your part of the solution."
October 28, 2020
Order of the Arrow, After Brotherhood What’s Next?
Now that the ties of Brotherhood are upon you, what’s next? ✔ Get into your chapter/lodge activity weekends! Inductions Weekend – In the South, this is done during the winter. Up North, it may be done in warmer times of the year, including at Summer Camp. Spring Conclave – Let’s have fun. Service Weekend – Let’s help camp get ready for summer and have fun doing it. Fall Fellowship – Let’s have fun. Section Conference – A group of lodges in your area having fun. NOAC – All the lodges in the nation having fun. ✔ Work with your Troops/Crew OA Representative. • Find a place to help out in your chapter. Ceremonies Team – Lots of ceremonies to perform. Principals, regalia, etc. Drum Team – Keep the beat and feel the spirit. Drummers, Dancers, etc. Spirit Team – Always need help with planning upcoming events. Elections Team – Helping others to look for their arrow. Leadership Team – Lots of positions to fill. Chapter Chief, Assistant CC, Treasurer, Historian, Elingomats, etc.  ✔ Adults brothers can help give leadership to the chapter and lodge teams. Typically if you are not the chapter advisor you're an associate advisor of some capacity. ✔ Youth brothers in the spirit of the OA should strive to achieve the highest scouting rank. ✔ Remember Troop/Crew service comes before Chapter or Lodge.   🌐 BSA National OA Website:
October 21, 2020
How to Deal With Homesickness - Home Sick ?
First time on their own.  2nd or 3rd night at summer camp – Most new Scouts develop self-imposed anxiety or homesickness when a routine has been established and the scout is not occupied with activities. Adult leaders need to be ready for this eventuality. Remember a Scout IS Friendly, Courteous, and Kind and that holds true for the adult leaders too. Symptoms: Sad, crying, irritable, oversensitive, or acting depressed.  Causes: Immature separation anxiety (ISA), self-imposed worrying, and feelings of depression.   Treatment: Compassion, understanding, listening skills, reassurance, and time. Buddying up with more experienced scouts helps.  Keeping the schedule to a limited downtime.   Recovery: Self-reliance, control skills, and mental maturity. Able to handle depression and sadness better. Before you go: Setting up the right frame of mind will help them cope with homesickness. Parents have the “away talk” before they leave. Don’t tell them that you will miss them… (even if it's true.) Just don’t bring it up. Reassure the scout will have a good time and it will go by quickly. Soon they will be back home wondering if they ever were at camp.  Use words like “adventure” and “exciting” when talking about the upcoming trip.  Reassure the scout that chores around the home and pets will be taken care of during the short time they are away.  Let the scout know you will be OK and will see them soon. “I can't wait to hear the great stories of your exciting adventure.” Sending care packages? – I would only recommend one care package if any. Some parents hide a note in their scout's packed underwear or shower towel. Some parents go as far as to put money in the envelope. It's always a big surprise to the scout when they find it and a disappointment when the parents find it in the washing machine after camp.   Letters From Home? – It can take some time for letters to arrive at camp. Keep it simple like a card with a signature. Keep the encouragement upbeat. “Missing you” or “wishing you were here” can be devastating. Long letters tend to be read over and become an obsession when scouts are experiencing anxiety and self-created stress. Calling Home? This is probably controversial as I believe it causes far more problems than it solves. The scout inevitably surrenders to their homesickness and will beg to go home. Parents will get panicky as often there too far away or do not have enough time to rescue their scout.  Or the parent will get upset with the adult leaders for putting them in a situation where they have to tell the scout no. Calling home is the absolute last resort. If this is the only option the adult leader should make a preliminary phone call (without the scout or the scout's knowledge) and talk with the parents about the situation. Acting on this option of calling home can go terribly wrong in many ways. The scout's self-esteem and dignity can be damaged. His or her relationship with their parents can be damaged. In many situations, this humiliation can cause the scout to leave scouting completely. I highly do not recommend this option. Family Day? – If the scout is dealing with homesickness this may turn into an in-person “calling home” situation. Make sure that the adult leadership is aware of any family arriving at camp before their visit. Cell Phones? - Parents will often have problems with separation and will insist that their scout have a cell phone so that they can communicate during camp. There are many reasons that this can be very problematic. A "free-range" cellphone in camp can quickly get out of control. It's also defeating the whole point of going to camp.
October 14, 2020
Thank you for 1000 Subscribers - 1K ? WOW ! I mean really…?
There are 31,000,000 YouTube Channels and only 76,179* have more than 1K Subscribers. That represents about 0.2457% of channels on YouTube. 2,000 channels have more than 1 Million Subscribers. 🏆 THANK YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING TO OUR CHANNEL! *ScouterStan stated in the video "67,179". According to posting research, this is 10K less of the actual reported numbers today, but the percentage was correct with the newly adjusted amount. It’s hard to think in numbers like this until you consider: ◼ A large Pack or Troop of 100 individuals. Scouts, Scouters, and parents.       ◽ A big Blue & Gold, a Troop Court of Honor.   ◼ Now times that by 10…       ◽ University of Scouting numbers. This is OUR accomplishment. Our community here on YouTube has accomplished:   🎯 1K Subscriber making us an “Opel Level Channel”   🎯 Over ¼ of million total video views on the channel   🎯 With only 100 uploads published on the channel   🎯 1 year of total watched time on the channel   🎯 Hundreds of comments and with over 1,500 Likes   🎯 Slow, health growth of just over 3% monthly We started on this journey back on March 12, 2011, that’s almost 10 years ago. ScouterStan has committed to another season of Commissioner Weekly. 4th Season – has already started the production process. We are looking at a re-due of the “Knotty Thoughts” series. That will be more for adult leader instruction and FTC – COPPA compliant. “Hines 57” is back in December… And more… The NEW Community Tab on the channel is now open for subscribers to use. I've already put up a survey about Season 4 of CW. This is our channel and you are a part of our journey. Thank you, and I’ll see ya on the trail. 🔗LINKS:  🎬 ScouterStan Playlists:  🌎 Official Website of ScouterStan:  🎵 The theme music used in Season Two of Commissioner Weekly is "Fargo" by Riot. You can download it from the YouTube Audio Library here:  🎨 The logo of the ScouterStan Channel was created by Eagle Scout Daniel Richards. It was inspired by the famous artisan R. Tait McKenzie "Ideal Scout" bronze statue (1937) that was just outside the BSA headquarters in NJ in the 60s. Logo Designer, Daniel Richards of OSHOBE Graphic Arts Company is available at #scouterstan #scouting #scoutleader @scouterstan
October 07, 2020
What is ITLS? - Introduction to Leadership Skill
Training of the elected youth leaders of your unit is the unit's responsibilities. Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST) Activities encountered by a troop’s youth leaders might include; Assigning responsibility to others Planning, organizing, and leading activities and meetings Planning menus and figuring out food costs  Encouraging advancement Guiding a troop’s involvement in problem-solving Teaching outdoor, sports, or craft skills Ensuring the troop’s safety during meetings and outings  Helping other Boy Scouts make the most of their own leadership opportunities MODULE ONE—TROOP ORGANIZATION includes a description of each leadership position in the troop, including roles and responsibilities, troop organization, and introductions to vision and servant leadership. MODULE TWO—TOOLS OF LEADERSHIP covers some core skill sets to help the Scout lead, including communicating, planning, and teaching. MODULE THREE—LEADERSHIP AND TEAMWORK incorporate additional leadership tools for the Scout, including discussions of teams and team characteristics, the stages of team development and leadership, inclusion/using your team, a more in-depth review of vision, and ethics and values of a leader.  ⚜️ Note: Scoutmaster should encourage scouts to attend National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) each time it’s offered in your area. This is a week of training that will improve leadership skills and result in a better troop. Some troops even help pay for some of the costs knowing the benefits. Here is a link for more information.   🔗LINKS:  🌎 Training for Youth:  📄 Adult leader syllabus for ILST:  🎬 Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops:  🎬 NYLT Promo
September 30, 2020
Unit Fundraising - 3 Types of Scout Fundraising 💲 Money, Dollars, Bucks, Cash, Moo-La!
Scouting cannot happen without fundraising. All too often parents tend to be relied on for funding their youth through the program. The scout should be allowed to do fundraising for their own program. This teaches valuable life lessons that the youth should not rely 100% on family funding. This also gives the scout opportunity to learn the meaning of thrifty and helpful. This video is intended to explain the different types of fundraising opportunities in scouting. There are three types of Scout unit fundraisers:  1. Council Sponsored - Popcorn, Camp Cards, etc. (Paperwork is covered.)      • The Council fronts the money for the fundraising campaigns.      • Three-way split of sales. The Scout/Unit, Council, and Vendor.  2. Unit Sponsored – Chocolate/BeefSticks, Christmas Trees, etc. (Paperwork & approvals required.)     • The unit fronts all upfront costs.      • Two-way split of all sales. The Scout/Unit, and Vendor.  3. Scout Sponsored – Car Wash, Can Drives, Donations, etc. (Paperwork & approvals required.)      • The Scout fronts all the cost.      • The Scout receives all proceeds for the project or program. 🦅 Eagle projects are often scout sponsored. Some family donations, sponsorships, and grants often will need approval and time. Make sure you get the okay before receiving or spending any donation money. Eagle projects may not be only a fundraiser, even if it is for a worthy charity (GTA ⚜️ Note: All fundraisers for projects or programs most of the time need some kind of approval. Fundraising can cause a lot of difficulties if you don't do it correctly. Leaders need to consider getting some type of approval before starting a campaign. Asking for forgiveness later, may not be an option. No matter how the funds are collected, all funds & donations must go to the project, project recipient, or unit program. 🌎 Read this list of do’s and don’ts before your next unit fundraiser:  🌎 BSA offers guidance on individual Scout accounts:  📄 Unit Money Earning Application PDF:  📄 Link to the Eagle Scout service project workbook PDF: ⚠️ Important: ScouterStan is not a lawyer or an accountant. If you have questions please consult a professional for advice. You probably have or know someone in your unit That can provide more information. This information is just the basics and presented here to help us move forward. It's not intended in any way to be an endorsement or any kind of legal advice.
September 23, 2020
Scout Skills, Can Pay the Bills
In cub scouting, we focus on good character building. This helps give the cub scout confidence and self-reliance. This skill is necessary for everyone. Merit Badges are a great way of finding talent and interests. If you look into most merit badges you will find a requirement that focuses on career aspects. The 13 Eagle-required merit badges make a Scout a better citizen and a happier employee. The Scoutmaster should ideally work with the scout on what the scout is showing interest in for the other 8 or more. I know scouts who when they entered the "work world" or decided on a major in college, often look back to a merit badge. Not every high paying job out there requires a college degree. Eagle Scout Mike Rowe from “Dirty Jobs” fame has a YouTube channel @realmikerowe. There are quite a few jobs and careers out there that need more experience or apprenticeships then additional schooling. LINKS:  📺 Mike Rowe YouTube Channel:  🌎 Mike Rowe Website:  🎧  The Way I Heard It... PodCast: ⚜️ Note: We as adult leaders need to check our biases at the door. We need to encourage scouts to look into careers that may not require a college degree. Using the Scoutmaster's conference to find out what the scout is interested in will help their merit badge path become easier. ⚠ Correction: ScouterStan accidentally stated there were 12 Eagle-required merit badges. It’s actually 13 Eagle-required merit badges today. Cooking merit badge was added in 2013-2014. The remaining 8 additional merit badges (for a total of 21,) can be alternative Eagle-required or other non-Eagle-required merit badges. An attempt will be made to make corrections to the video and within the closed captioning.
September 16, 2020
Lost Unit?... Scouting Has A Road Map to Success!
Do you know a successful Pack or Troop? They are the ones that have a gigantic AOL cross-over ceremony. You know the one Troop who has 2 or 3 new Eagle Scouts every year. It’s no secret. Every unit can do it, and it's as simple as reading a map. You don’t need a unit leader with 6 rows of square knots ether. J. T. E. (Journey to Excellence)! The road map for all Scout unit's success is the Journey to Excellence:  Planning – Scheduling events that will fill a calendar for a year or more. See the link below for the Planning Seminar video.  Budget – Scouting will cost money and budget & fundraising are part of it.  Membership – Recruiting is year-round. Not just youth. Retention is the program. See the link below for the  Recruiting Scouts video.  Program – Camping, short, and long-term. Advancement & Training. Service projects.  Volunteer Leadership - Communicates with parents leaders & scouts. Training for ALL! See the link below for the Training For All video. ⚜️ Note: All units who work the Journey to Excellence into everything they do, succeed.  "If you do Journey to Excellence then you're doing Scouting wright." 🔗LINKS:  📄 2020 JTE Cub Scouting (Pack):  📄 2020 JTE Scouts BSA (Troop):  📄 2020 JTE Venturing (Crew):  🎬 Planning Seminar:  🎬 Recruiting Scouts:  🎬Training for ALL:  🎬 JTE Find Out What It Means to Me:
September 09, 2020
Scouting is a Safe Place to Fail?
The primary goal with all Scout leaders is Safety. We as adult leaders need to understand that some times we learn more by failing. A Senior Patrol Leader may not have a meeting planned out to the Scoutmasters' satisfaction or liking. That doesn’t give the Scoutmaster license to take over the meeting. Scouting is "highly organized cause" at times. When the meeting ends the Scoutmaster should ask the Senior Patrol Leader open-ended questions like; What would have made the meeting better? What resources would prevent the meeting from failing? What are you planning for the next meeting? Cub Scout leaders have a plan for every meeting. Some time things go wrong. Often it becomes a fond memory of the good times. You know… Cub Master “Shrek” at the Halloween Pack meeting.    🌎 Troop Leader Resources:  🌎 Program Features for Troops and Crews:  📺 Troop Leader YouTube Channel:  🎬 Planning Seminar:   ⚜️ Note: Cub Scout leaders need to use Scoutbook for guidance on leading meetings.
September 02, 2020
Running a Good Planning Meeting or Seminar
In a Pack, the planning meeting/seminar is usually a subcommittee of adults. In a Troop the planning is done by the youth members, guided by SPL and the Scoutmasters, and approved by the committee. It's recommended to make this an all-day seminar. With brakes and sack lunch. It could be broken up into several meetings however momentum might be lost. Tell participants to come with new ideas and surgeons. Bring flyers, articles, and an open mind. Don’t forget to bring something to write on. Have the following items at the planning seminar: School calendars (Elementary, Middle, and High Schools may have different schedules.) The Council and District calendars  A copy for everyone, of the JTE for your unit  Last few years of your units past calenders Make an agenda that covers the following:  Planning – Make sure you have some big event or camping every month. Troops decide on a Summer Camp and witch month they plan to go.  Membership – Plan out a recruitment effort every month. Put Den Chief training on the calendar.  Program – Meeting should be planned with advancement in mind. Camping is key.  Leadership – Recognize completed training of leaders at COH or Pack meetings.  Most Packs fallow the school calendar and take the summer off. Then struggle to restart every year. Planning day events each month will help keep the Pack together. Schedule a time for Day Camp. In a Troop, the planing is done by the youth and approved by the committee. The committee should approve it or send it back for more revisions or details. The committee can make a budget and fundraiser goals can be set. • Budget & Fundraisers – Scouting should never be a burden on the family's bank accounts. Communications should be published to all parents, leaders, and Scouts. This is Friendly, Courteous, and Kind. 🌐Planning resources for your next Scouting year:  📄 2020 JTE Cub Scouting (Pack): 📄 2020 JTE Scouts BSA (Troop):  📄 2020 JTE Venturing (Crew):  🎬JTE Find Out What It Means to Me:
August 26, 2020
The Patrol Method? - The Patrol Method Isn't One Way To Run A Troop - It's The Only Way.
Baden-Powell is accredited with developing the “patrol method” originally for the British Army shortly after his success at Mafeking. His military career was changing into more of a training officer, shortly before going into the "Scouting Scheme” (as he called it) full time. Baden-Powell's Definition from "Aids To Scoutmastership": “The patrol method is working when the adult acts as a guide, mentor, and counselor to the youth, helping them by word and example to lead one another, to influence one another, to encourage competition and excitement so that the Scouts grow as a group and as individuals.” Things to remember about Patrols:  ✔ Troops can have as many patrols as the membership require (6-8 Active Scouts).        ⫸ The limiting factor is usually equipment.  ✔ Patrols will have it’s own name and logo, flag, and patrol yell.  ✔  Many troops will have “Green Bar” Patrol for the troop's youth staff headed by the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL).        ⫸ Youth staff in the PLC (Patrol Leaders Council) that are not a Patrol Leader already.  ✔ Many troops will have a first-year patrol, that the other patrols can recruit from after 1st Class.  ✔ It's not recommended to restrict age grouping as in “Senior” or “Venture” Patrol. Without constantly mixing in new members. Otherwise, this type of patrol is setting its self up to phase out (age out).  ✔ Make sure that tent sharing restrictions of YPT are kept in mind.   ✔ The Scoutmaster conference is a good time to find out what the new Scouts opinions on patrols.  ✔ The patrol assignment is recommended too and approved by the Scoutmaster or the appointed ASM.  ✔ All patrols have a Patrol Leader, Asst. Patrol Leader, Grubmaster/Cook, Logistics/Engineering Specialist (Quartermaster), and my favorite… Morale Officer or Branding Specialist (Cheerleader).  ✔ Patrols can go on activities and camp independently from the troop. (Everything must be approved by the Scoutmaster and within YPT of course.) 📄 Aids To Scoutmastership PDF:  🎬 Who Was Baden-Powell? ⚠️ Political Correctness Warning: The writings that are referred to in this video, may contain objectable material. Keep in mind that these materials were developed by individuals from the late 1800s. It would be unfair to put our current day judgment on Individuals and their writings from the past. Using common-sense you can still obtain enlightenment from their works.
August 19, 2020
Your Unit Advancement Team?
Advancement is one of the eight methods used by Scout leaders to help youth fulfill the aims of the BSA. A new or small unit could use the committee secretary as an advancement person temporarily. Eventually, the advancement team is developed by the parent leaders of the unit. Additional advancement team members will give more opportunities for proper interactions. Scheduling boards of review for rank advancement. Delegation of record-keeping and leader interactions. Most Packs rely on parents to submit advancement records to a designated leader. This changes to youth submitting records directly to a Troop or Crew advancement team of adult leaders. Cross over parents (Cub Scouts to Scouts BSA) needs to understand this advancement system. The troop committee can vote in a Eagle Project subcommittee. This subcommittee should have tradesmen experience and organization skills. This will help determine the project's feasibility and scope. The troop committee chairmen oversee all subcommittees and still signs off on approved projects. With the introduction of Scoutbook everyone is involved with the prosses. Advancement people can run reports, submit records, and acquirer badges from Scoutbook data. Leaders can check records and work with the scout on advancement needs. Parents can work with the Den Leaders on advancement. 🌐 Guide to Advancement: 🎬 Scoutbook? The Official Scouts BSA Online Unit Management Tool: 🎬 Understanding Scout Facing or Backstage:
August 12, 2020
Camping Mode on Your Smartphone? Scouting and your Mobile or Cell Phone
Mobile phones are a way of life these days. Scout units need to think of setting up rules that will help make them less intrusive. Mobile phones are a way of life these days. Scout units need to think of setting up rules that will help make them less intrusive.  Pocket computers with all the good & bad information on the world internet. Communicator with voice, email, text, and more. Entertainment console with gaming, video streaming, and music. (over 80% of you are viewing this on a phone right now…) A digital camera with video and high definition photography studio. The number one device for generating and consuming any social media. “No wonder people are addicted to them…” Ever been “Google Checked”? – That’s when your teaching or saying something and your student googles for the answers and often gets contradictory information. “Nomophobia” – The fear of being without a mobile phone. FOMO – The Fear Of Missing Out One solution is to establish that your Scout unit is a “Phone Free Zone”. All mobile phones are silenced or put in "Camp Mode" (Turned Off) at meetings, ceremonies, and all outings. This can be backed up with coherence to the Scout Law and the Outdoor Code.   Courteous, Kind, and Obedient. - “Be considerate in the outdoors.” Adults MUST silence their phones at all times or turn them off. [ Be the example, not the exception. ] Some Scout units allow their Scouts to have them in the car or bus on the way to camp. They are turned off and locked up while camping and available again for the return trip. Mobile phones are expensive and a big responsibility. Most summer camps are remote and don’t have good cellular coverage anyway. Scouts that need to use their mobile phone at camp as a camera (cinematograph, movie-making MB). Should check them in and out from an adult leader. ⚠️ Important: I don’t recommend using a mobile phone for “home-sick” Scouts to call home. This only increases and escalates the stress on everyone. Additional information on Smartphone addiction:  📄 HelpGuide Smartphone Addiction PDF:
August 05, 2020
Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leader - Scouter’s Training Award
There are only 7 requirements for this award. Most Scouters have completed it after two years in a unit. Filling out the paperwork and submitting it tends to be the hardest part. Tenure  Complete at least two years of tenure as a registered adult leader in your unit. Training  Complete basic training for your leader position.   Attend a University of Scouting (or equivalent), or attend at least four Roundtable’s (or equivalent) during each year of the tenure used for this award. Performance Participate in an annual unit planning meeting in each year. Serve as an adult leader in a unit that achieves at least the Bronze level of Journey to Excellence each year. Give primary leadership in meeting at least one unit Journey to Excellence objective in each year. Participate in at least one additional supplemental or advanced training event at the council, area, region, or national level during the two years. [ WOOD BADGE ← Flashing Text ] ⚜️ Note: Remember to make coppices before submitting it. (Use your mobile phone.)  🌎 Scouter’s Training Award Cub Scouting:  📄 2020 JTE Cub Scouting (Pack): 🌎 Scouter’s Training Award Scouts BSA:  📄 2020 JTE Scouts BSA (Troop):
July 29, 2020
A Scouts Next Step - Eagle, is Not an Exit Sign!
You have a scout youth that is turning 18 soon. Scout leaders should have a plan worked out for the scout's parents leaving. Most Scouters and parents leave the program with their kids. The young adult can stay involved with your troop as an Assistant Scoutmaster. Many join Venture Crews.  Eventually, young adults move on to college or start their careers. This will limit the free time available to donate to scouting.  Scoutmasters, mentors should make time to talk about plans for the future. As an Eagle Scout, we have a commitment to our community, ourselves, and scouting. Scout leaders & mentors should talk with young adults about their future, but listen carefully and understand before giving advice. Leaders, it’s okay to say “I don’t know”. If you give it some time you can find someone who knows. Most of the time, its time to leave the nest and get established on your own. Of course, supporting and volunteering should continue threw out your life. Later on, when your kids are ready for the scouting experience you will “be prepared”. Tell them; Don’t feel rushed into making plans for goals you're not clear on.  Not every career requires a degree, but every one of your choices will require experience.  Remember to use your resources and thank hard about WHAT YOU REALLY WANT.  No matter your path that you can choose you can always change your mind.  You're not alone now or in the future. Others are there to help you on the journey. Cub Scout Leaders... Hard to believe it but that Webelos scout in your den could someday be a doctor that saves your life. Always listen carefully and seek to understand what scouts are telling you. We troop leaders need to listen and understand our scouts. There the future we are helping to mold today, into tomorrow's leaders. 🌎 How to Help My Young Adult Find their Purpose:  📄 Adult Application: ⚜️ Note: All adult leaders (over 18)  in Scouts BSA must take Youth Protection Training (YPT). If continuing with a troop, leaders must also fill out an Adult Application with a background check. If moving forward to a Venturing crew that application should be filled out. YPT must always be up to date and renewed every two years.
July 22, 2020
Flag Etiquette - Flag Ceremony - How Important is the "Opening" in Scouts?
The opening of many meetings is a flag ceremony. Has your unit practiced it? Should an opening prayer come before the flag ceremony? Yes, think about the Scout Oath (“God and Country”). Pledge of Allegiance, Scout Oath, Scout Law, and Outdoor Code. How many non-scout adults in America know how to properly fold the flag? Only 4 to 5% depending on location. Ask yourself, how many former scouts can still fold a flag? All of them? We never just burn flags in scouts. We respectfully retire them by cremation. If the flag touches the ground it’s only accidental or at worst disrespectful. It's not time to run, and get the matches. Troops and Packs, most parents don’t know all the parts of a flag ceremony. So don’t freak out if it goes off wrong. As long as it's respectful and you don't point out mistakes then it's all good. I was told by a leader that they had a parent tell them that they only get to recite the pledge (Pledge of Allegiance) at Scout meetings. 🌐 How to Display the American Flag:  🌐 The "FLAG CODE":  📄 Correct Method of Folding the United States Flag:
July 15, 2020
Post-Pandemic Summer Camp? (Leaders get ready…)
In the past, the traditional scout summer camp was defined by overnight tent camping, waterfront swimming, and unusual dining hall experiences. Now living in a post-pandemic time we need to think of summer camp differently. As we go phasing back into the world we must keep sanitation safety in mind. If you're not feeling well you need to stay home. Most camps have paperwork (supplemental risk information) that is required before attending that proves you're well. Summer Camp requires A-B-C medical forms. (C is required for 72+ hours.) If you're at camp and not feeling well, put a mask on and report to First Aid. Wash Your Hands (WYH) as often as you can. (6 or more times in 24 hours.) Try to maintain social distance in case someone coughs or sneezes. Cough and sneeze into your elbow or disposable paper towel and immediately WYH & Face. Avoid touching your face or anyone else. WYH before washing your face. Use hand sanitizer properly if you cant WYH. As soon as you can WYH. Follow all safety instructions of the camp. Use your common sense and don’t panic. There are virtual cames online if you're not feeling well or just not phased out into real camp yet. 🌐 Guide to Safe Scouting:  📄 A-B-C Medical Forms PDF:  📄 Annual Health and Medical Record FAQ - PDF:   ⚜️ Note: Virtual Day Camp is available. The parent should also attend. A virtual Scout Camp is available. (also known as Miret Badge Academies)
July 08, 2020
Scoutings Founding Fathers and WDB Organizer Square Knot Award
Scouting is blessed with many founders. Many of the ones throughout history are no longer around to sincerely thank for their service. There are leaders within your unit that should be recognized for their service as a new unit organizer or founder. It is our job to find them and thank them. Many times this is Directly your charter organization. They deserve our appreciation and respect. After all, they are the ones that keep your unit going year after year.  Scouts should take a moment to thank their parents for supporting them in scouting. Founders can be identified by the William D. Boyce New-Unit Organizer Square Knot Award. All scouts in the original charter of the unit are permitted to wear the founder's number Patch under their unit number on their uniform. Scouting's Founding Fathers:  Bebon-Powell: The World Scouting Movement Wiliam Boyce: Boy Scouts of America Ernest Seton: Woodcraft Indians Daniel Beard: Sons of Daniel Boon James West: BSA Profesionales Staff William D. Boyce New-Unit Organizer Square Knot Award Requirements: Organization a new unit. 10 new youth, 5 adults. Identify volunteers for organizing a new unit. Each type of new unit has devices. Achieve a minimum of the Bronze level for JTE. 🌐 William D. Boyce New-Unit Organizer Square Knot Award:  🌐 History of the Boy Scouts of America:  📄 Founders of Scouting PDF:   🎬 How Did Scouting Start in America?:
July 01, 2020
The Blue Card Process or Merit Badges Mania?
All rank advancements beyond First Class Scout require merit badges. Everyone should know the system and the blue card process is a big part of that. Blue Cards or Merit Badge Applications are the documents needed to get merit badges. To start this process the unit leader and Scout should meet and go over the merit badge procedure together. The unit leader and Scout select the merit badge counselor; sign and date the blue card to get it officially started. Remember that the two-deep leadership applies to Merit Badge counselors too. That includes online conferencing, emails, text messaging, etc. Merit Badge counselors must be approved by the council,  trained, the proper age, and be YPT certified. On completion of the merit badge, the counselor will sign-off the first two parts and remove the part for their record. The Scout then gives the application part of the blue card to the unit leader or the unit’s advancement team. The Scout should retain the “Applicants Record” part of the blue card. Scout Camp and Online Merit Badge Academies may have a different form however the blue card process should be maintained. One of the rumors going around is that Blue Cards are phasing out. As of the date of this filming, it is only a rumor. Eventually, it will become electronic and even moved over to Scoutbook. 🌎 The Merit Badge Program:  📄 Blue-Card PDF:  📄 Guide to Safe Scouting: ⚜️ Note: Cub Scout leaders should not skip this video. Even though the blue card process will not apply to Cub Scouts. Most cub scout requirements are in their book and signed off by leaders or parents. However, Cub Scout leaders should know about the process for future reference and interactions with Den Chiefs and other Scouts. Some Cub Scout leaders are also merit badge counselors.
June 24, 2020
Scouting's New Path… Post-Pandemic
Welcome to Season 3 of Commissioner Weekly. Season 2 finished filming at the beginning of February. So this is the first time we have been able to address the pandemic. Most of Scouting survived with some needed changes. “BE PREPARED” went into action. The meeting became virtual and campout was held in our own living rooms and back yards. World Scouting had its own World Jamboree online. Scouting handled it all pretty well. All parents learned how to REALLY wash their hands from their Cub Scouts. Parents also got a real hart-to-hart talk about “When your sick, stay home” from their teens.  Things that have changed for the better. We are more aware of how viruses can spread. Today we know to cough and sneeze into our elbows. We should only touch our face when washing it. When you’re feeling ill, stay home. If you get worse, contact a doctor by phone or the internet. Even when you feel well again, you may still need to stay home for some time.   What do we do with the old fashion handshake? The “elbow bump” is awkward and strange. Is that part of the “Chicken Dance”? Should this be replaced with a bow? A traditional Indian form of greeting is the Añjali Mudrā gesture or namaste. Currently, we are left with a weird “mime” type of wave or worse. I'm in favor of a scout salute when in uniform. This might be perceived as militaristic in nature as we normally only salute the flag.  But we all know how to give a scout salute and it can be done at a distance.  B-P saluted scouts and scouts saluted him in return. It’s respectful and meaningful.    🌎 Old Fashion Handshake?  🎬 BSA Scouting At Home:  🎬 Scouts get creative during a pandemic:  🎬 Boy Scout troops stay connected amid pandemic:
June 17, 2020
Honoring Others, Is a Scout Thing To Do
In scouting, we promise in our oath to help other people at all times. Honoring our nation's armed services is important in building strong citizenship. Honoring all that helped out in the CoVid19 pandemic is important too. The nation and Scouts BSA is grateful and honors everyone who has embraced the "help others" spirit.    🌎A Facebook Favor, a Memorial Day Honor:  🌎 5 Things to do with your Cub Scouts on Memorial Day:   ⚜️ Note: ScouterStan is on a break until Season 3 starts back up on June 3, 2020. He will be checking in on the community and will be available during the break. 🎬 Using the ScouterStan Community on this YouTube Channel:
May 06, 2020
Using the ScouterStan Community on this YouTube Channel
You're invited to become apart of our scout leader community we have here on YouTube. With almost 250K views in 9 years*, only 0.003% of viewers of this channel are subscribers (not 8% as ScouterStan stated in the video). Even less have used the channel comments section. ScouterStan personally views and responds to all of the comments and questions. If you have a subject or a question that we have not covered please ask. Everything here is governed by the Scout Oath and Law. Tell your leaders in your Pack, Troop, or Crew about the ScouterStan Channel. "Don't keep it a secret!" This channel is for adult leaders, but its content is always scout and family-friendly.  Our goal is to have "Opal Level" (1K+) subscribers by our 10th Channel anniversary on March 12, 2021. This will unlock many community features for all of us here on the channel.    ⚜️ NEW VIEWER: Most of the videos are "evergreen" here. If you're just joining us now, try to limit yourself to just two videos a day to avoid overload. You can leave a comment on any video here and ScouterStan will reply. Don't forget to tell your scouting friends about the channel. A thumbs-up 👍 is always appreciated. Thanks for joining us. 😊   🎬 ScouterStan Playlists:  🌎 Official Website of ScouterStan:  🎵 The theme music used in Season Two of Commissioner Weekly is "Fargo" by Riot. You can download it from the YouTube Audio Library here:  🎨 The logo of the ScouterStan Channel was created by Eagle Scout Daniel Richards. It was inspired by the famous artisan R. Tait McKenzie "Ideal Scout" bronze statue (1937) that was just outside the BSA headquarters in NJ in the 60s. Logo Designer, Daniel Richards of OSHOBE Graphic Arts Company is available at
April 29, 2020
Cub Scout Day Camp is Camp School Certified?
Your district Cub Scout Day Camp has a minimum of two Camp School Certified directors.  The Day Camp Director and Program Director. This training ensures the health and well-being of all campers and staff.  It also improves the quality of the scouting program. The Scouts BSA National Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP) helps all councils and it's districts adopt national camping standards.     🌎 National Camping School Website:   📄 National Camping School Brochure:
April 22, 2020
Retiring From Scouting? Ageing Out? Eagle Out? Moving On? What Now?
Most scout leaders leave Scouting when their children do (but not required). Some units have “term-limits” on positions like Scoutmaster, Cubmaster or Committee Chairmen. Passing the torch on to the next leader should be done in an orderly way. Always have a succession plan in case of emergencies. It’s the departing leader's job to have someone step into there position temporarily/permanently. Passed leaders should plane to act as a guide/consultant for a few months after departing. Some Scout leaders chose to leave a unit position and take on a district or council position. Some Scout leaders have a calling to make Scouting a ministry (like @ScouterStan). After leaving Scouting, please join the Scouting Alumni association to keep informed. You're always welcome to return even just to visit.   ⚜️ John Madden – Asked, "What are my feelings about the LDS Church leaving Scouting?" The LDS Church in the US is transitioning its youth program from Scouting to its own program to be consistent with its churches around the world. This change has created a flood of Eagle Scouts and transfers over to other traditional troops. I welcome everyone that is staying with Scouts BSA and I have the heartfelt, best wishes for all that are leaving. Scouting is a century-old youth movement and will always welcome anyone.   🌎 Succession Planning for Volunteer Leaders on ScoutingU (You will need to log into your account and navigate threw training to take the course.):  ⚠️ Important: Scouting Alumni and Friends Training is also available from ScoutingU. Just log into your account and navigate to the training.  🌎 Scouting Alumni:  🎬 Scouting Alumni & Friends YouTube Channel:  🎬 Understanding Scout Facing or Backstage:
April 15, 2020
Are Donations to Scouting Taxable? Yes and No...
Basically, only cash/check/charge donations to Scouts BSA or your local council office fall under charitable donations. Everything else is your property and asset. Donations to a scout unit are given to the chartering institution. If the charter is a non-taxable charity, the donation is deductible. You and your family's memberships, subscriptions, camping fees, uniforms, equipment, and insurance are your property and your responsibilities. Make sure you check with your accountant or tax professional before taking any tax deductions your not sure of.   🌎 Tips for deducting Scouting-related Expenses:  📄 Giving Questions/Scouting Answers:   ⚠️ Impotent: Scouts BSA out of Irving TX is a code 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Most councils are also charitable organizations, however financially separated. Check with your local council service center to make sure.
April 08, 2020
The Scoutmaster Conference... Not Just for Rank Advancement Anymore
The Scoutmaster conference is exclusive to Troop operations. However, the concepts and policies apply to all unit leaders*. Its recommended that confidential notes be taken during the conference. A scoutmaster conference is not meant to be a retesting of scout skills. In Scoutmaster training its described as; "The conference is not a retest of the requirements upon which a Scout has been signed off. It is a forum for discussing topics such as ambitions, life purpose, and goals for future achievement, for counseling, and also for obtaining feedback on the unit’s program. "  The Scoutmaster Conference for non-rank advancement: 🧩 Observed Behavior   🧩 Slowing Down Advancement or Participation   🧩 Addressing Issues from Other Scouts   🧩 Planning Advancement or Leadership Positions   🧩 More… New Scout Interview, Patrol Satisfaction, Special Updates, etc.   * More information is available in the Scouts BSA Guide to Advancement section Unit Leader (Scoutmaster) Conference:   🌎 Scouts BSA Guide to Advancement:  🌎 Understanding the Scoutmaster conference:
April 01, 2020
Thanking Outside The Tent? - Keeping Scouting New & Fresh
If you're stuck in a rut.. with the same old schedule of campouts. You NEED to change it before your Scouts lose interest. Youth like new and different things even things that don't work. Adult Scout leaders like reliability and consistency. “News Flash” Scouts BSA is about the youth, not us old things!   Here are some ways to mix things up on the schedule and have fun:   1️⃣ – Put 2 years between campsites. Go to a different summer camp area every other year.   2️⃣ – Always look to do it differently. Look for themed events.  3️⃣ – "When in doubt, throw it out"! Avoid the tendency to use fallbacks or standards.   Always think outside the tent. A good event should never be attempted repeatedly. You know how hard it is to drag Scouts to an old worn-out event… Thay won't put up with it for long.   ⚜️ Note: Your local camp needs your support year-round (including Summer Camp). If they don't make it different each year then you should tell them. If it is the same old thing after that, then go out of the area and leave the camp as a provisional option.   🌎 Cub Scout Day Camp:  🌎 Scouts BSA Outdoor Program:
March 25, 2020
Working Your Ticket If You Can? - Finishing Up Wood Badge
Now the hard part? Making time to complete your ticket. A ticket is broken up into 5 parts. Setting up your tasks in a logical order with the calendar in mind. Your Troop 1 Guide for your patrol is still there. Contact your Troop Guide as they have resources to help.  Making changes to your ticket may need to happen. Your patrol guide can help you in getting approvals. When you complete your ticket it's time for you to get “beaded”.   🌐  🌎 Wood Badge Website:  📄  🎬 Burnout Prevention and ScouterStan’s Rule of Five:  🎬 Wood Badge is the Highest Level of Adult Scout Leader Training:  🎬 Wood Bage Playlist:
March 18, 2020
I’m an Ordeal Member… Now What?
Ordeal membership is meant to be temporary. You only do ordeal once! The ordeal is a big thing but not the only thing that Order of the Arrow is about. This is the start of your membership process. In a short time, you will be invited to finish and seal your membership as a Brotherhood. Avoid becoming a “Sash-N-Dash” or a “Flapper”. Giving service back to your unit is the primary concern. OA Rep & OA-ASM are a directly related position within the unit. When should you wair that new ordeal sash? Pocket Flap? Going to OA events? What about fellowships, Conclaves, and NOAC. Attending OA Chapter meetings (often at Roundtable). Getting ready to complete your membership with Brotherhood.   ⚜️ Note: ScouterStan uses the term "boys" in this video to identify OA brothers. ScouterStan Is old and predates the introduction of girls into the Order of the Arrow. He is working on it and will try to refer to all Boy & Girls as Scouts and OA Brothers. (Everyone in the OA is a "Brother" regardless of gender.)   🌎 The Order of the Arrow Website:  🌎 Jumpstart for New Arrowmen:  📄 (In case you lost it or didn't get one...) Upon a Lofty Journey SOA:  🎬 I’ve Been Elected to the Order of the Arrow... Now What? Ordeal? 🏹:  🎬 What’s the Order of the Arrow about? 🏹:
March 11, 2020
Who Created the Scout Law?
The 12 points of the BSA's Scout Law was put together by Robert Baden-Powell and Ernest Seton. The first publication of ‘Scouting for Boys’ in 1908 Baden-Powell first proposed only the first 9 points of the Scout Law.   The original 1908 Baden-Powell's Scout Law was defined as;  A Scout is... Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, and Thrifty.  When Seton started working on the "Boy Scouts of America Handbook" he collaborated with Baden-Powell on the Scout Law for the book. The original Baden-Powell 9 points of Scout Law was printed in the 1910 first edition on pages 32-34. Both of them worked out a 12 point Scout Law for the second edition published the following year. Using some inspiration from Seton's Woodcraft Indian Law.  The Ernest Seton 1910 Woodcraft Indian Law was defined as; Obedience, Courage, Cleanliness, No Smoking, No Fire-Water, Wild-Life, No Wild-Fire, Kindness, Play Fair, Silence, Reverence, and Word of Honor.  Baden-Powell & Seton's added 3 points from Woodcraft Indian Law to the BSA's Scout Law in 1911; Seton's Courage became Brave, Cleanliness became Clean and Reverence became Reverent. ⚜️ Note: The 1911 edition of the 'Boy Scout Handbook' claims to be the first edition. Many consider (including ScouterStan) the 1910 'Boy Scouts of America Official Handbook' to be the first true edition. The 1910 edition is actually the 9th edition of Seton's (1902) 'Birch-Back Rolls' combined with Baden-Powell's (1908) 'Scouting for Boys'.    📄 1910 Edition of the 'Boy Scouts of America Official Handbook' Pages 32-34 PDF:  📄 1911 Edition of the 'Boy Scout Handbook' (with all 12 points on pages 8-10):
March 05, 2020
Requirement Sign-off for Troops & Packs - What is an Instructor?
In a Pack, the sign-off responsibilities are delegated to the adult Den leadership and parents. In a Troop, this may be delegated to senior (First Class rank or higher) youth with adult leadership oversight. This position of the Instructor in a troop is part of the youth leadership corps. Each unit has its own protocol. The following recommendations of what ScouterStan has seen that works.   The Troop Youth Instructor Recommendations:  Star Rank or higher • Maturity as determined by the Scoutmaster team ILST/NYLT trained Scoutmaster Approval & Appointment to Troop Instructor   The Troop Instructor teaches Scout Skills using the EDGE method. The youth can also sign-off on non-adult leader requirements up to First Clase rank. The Scoutmaster should make it clear to youth instructors that they only sign-off on skills they have taught or witnessed. No backdating.   🌎 Online Guide to Advancement:  🎬 Troop Leader Resources 'Instructor':
February 27, 2020
Who Was Baden-Powell? & How B-P Changed the World!
The history of B-P is naturally lengthy in detail. Knowing the brief history will help you gain insight as to the foundations of Scouting. Over 160 years ago on February 22nd (1857) Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell was born at home in London. His mother Henrietta Gace Powell and his father Professor Baden Powell an Oxford clergyman and academic lived in the Paddington area. By the time he was 8 years old, ‘Robert’ or ‘Stevie’ (Moms’ preferred name) wrote: “Laws for me when I am old”. B-P Loved nature and the outdoors. He was a pretty good artist and a resourceful student.  On September 11, 1876, B-P received his army commission.  Deployed with 13th Hussars in northern India. For the next 20 years, he was deployed all over Europe, Asia, and Africa. Germany, France, and Russia where he was spying for Great Britain. He developed Reconnaissance and Scouting training for the military. In October of 1899, B-P was deployed with 1000 troops in the 2nd Anglo-Boer War (South African War) in South Africa. Stationed at Mafeking with 18,000 enemy Duch troops surrounding it. While at Mafeking the book “Aids to Scouting for NCOs & Men” was published back in Great Britain. A “Cadet Corp” was formed from boys over 9 years. This developed into the “Patrol System”. Mafeking was under siege for 217 days without relief.  B-P became a hero and promoted to Major-General. Returning home a few years later he was surprised that “Boys’ Brigades” had formed based on his book. The Brownsea Island Camp Experiment started on August 1, 1907. 20 Boys with 8 Adults, 4 Patrols over 8 days. The rest of 1907 “Scouting Scheme,” wrote the Scout Law, the ‘Crusade’ lecture tour.  In 1908 Scouting for Boys was published (6 issues at 2 pence each)...  As adult leaders in the largest youth movement in the world, we need to do some homework to fill out the rest of the Scouting story. Here is a timeline of events that were not covered in the video.     1909 The National Headquarters was set up in London, just ½ mile south of Buckingham Palace. 1909-1910 King Edward VII asked B-P to leave the army and do Scouting fulltime. 1910 The Boy Scouts of America became incorporated. 1912 B-P got married to Olave. 1912 King George V granted a Royal Charter to Scouting. 1914 The “Great War” started (First World War) Scouting helped the home front. 1916 Wolf Cubs started in England (known as Cub Scouts in the US in 1930). 1919 Gilwell Park was established (12 miles northeast of Buckingham Palace). 1920 First World Jamboree (3 miles west of Buckingham Palace). 1929 King George V conferred the title of 'Lord of Gilwell' on B-P 1932 Lord Somers appointed Chief Commissioner. 1937 World Jamboree (Netherlands) B-P gave the famous farewell speech. 1938 Moved to Nyeri Kenya for health reasons. 1939 B-P nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize along with others, including Hitler. The scandal led to no one being awarded that year. January 8, 1941 B-P Pasted away and was laid to rest at St Peter’s Churchyard. 1941 Lord Somers became ‘Chief Scout of the British Empire’. Only B-P was the ‘Chief Scout of the World’.   🎬 How Did Scouting Start in America?:  🎬 Baden-Powell's 80th Birthday Message to Scouts:  🎬 Meet Baden-Powell:  🌎 Baden-Powell on World Scouting:  🌎 Lord Baden-Powell Biography:  🌐 Wikipedia on B-P:,_1st_Baron_Baden-Powell
February 20, 2020
Scoutbook? The Official Scouts BSA Online Unit Management Tool
Whether you like it or not, Scoutbook is here to stay. In April 2015 the BSA acquired Scoutbook. Scoutbook is the official Scouts BSA online unit management tool. This helps Scouts, parents, and adult leaders track advancement. Records milestone and achievements all on Scoutbook. Nights camped, notes and other communication features. As of January 1, 2019, Scoutbook subscriptions are free to all scouting units.  BSA owns the software and servers. Internet advancement, ScoutNET, ScoutingU, and are going to eventually integrate over time. Today Scoutbook can be attached to online advancement but requires unit authorizations.   🌎 How to Use Scoutbook - Keeping track of Scout Advancement:  🎬 Introducing  🎬 Getting Started in Scoutbook:  🌎 Logging into Scoutbook:  🌎 Scoutbook and Internet Advancement help:  🌎 Scoutbook User Guide:  🌎 Scoutbook Tutorial for Parents:  🌎 Scoutbook Merit Badge Counselor Guide:
February 13, 2020
How Did Scouting Start in America?
The history of scoutings beginnings and how scouting came to America is a fascinating subject. We first must understand the basics of youth organizations at the turn of the 20th century. In 1844, George Williams founded the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) in England. The youth of the age ware struggling to establish there generation. George Williams organization was to help develop a healthy body, mind, and spirit. In 1900 Baden-Powel authored “Aids to Scouting For NCOs & Men”. This book was quickly picked up by youth groups all over England. In the United States, Ernest Seton in 1902 founded Woodcraft Indians. The book “The Berch-Bark Rolls of the Woodcraft Indians” was the foundation of their organization. In 1905 Daniel Beard founded Sons of Daniel Boone. Baden-Powell or ‘BP’ (as he preferred) conducted the Brown Sea Island camp experiment in 1907. B-P author “Scouting For Boys” that same year. By 1908 the first Scout Troops in Britain were well established.  At around that time William D Boyce an American newspaperman was lost in the fog of London when a Scout offered to help. This act of kindness (good turn)  impressed him to research Scouting and bring it back to America. On February 8,1910 the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) was incorporated. Boyce, Seton, Beard, Charles Eastman (YMCA – Dakota Native American) established the foundation. Boyce developed the organization with Edgar Robinson (YMCA) and Lee Hanmer (Later Camp Fire Girls 1912) In 1911 James West became the first Chief Scout Executive.  The United States Congress passed a Congressional Charter in 1916 officially establishing The Boy Scouts of America (BSA).  The mission statement then and now is basically the same:   “To prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.”   🌎 About the Boy Scouts of America:  🌎 The Man Who Got Lost in the Fog:  🌐 Wikipedia - History of the Boy Scouts of America:  🌎 Boy Scouts Movement Begins:  🌎 BSA Description and History:  🌎 BSA Mission & Vision:
February 06, 2020
Scout Sabeth, Scout Sunday, A Scout is Reverent
Scout Sunday or Sabeth is the first weekend of February. Many units are chartered with religious organizations and it would only be natural to be included. Adult leaders should also think about offering to have a “Scouts Own” service at an assisted living home. Mabe reaching out to a religious organization that is no longer affiliated with scouts.  Remember we both serve the same area. A Scout unit can also help out at a VA hospital chapel service. Make contact and plans to show up in uniform (early) and be ready to help. A Scout is reverent to all faiths.    📄 Scouts Own Interfaith Worship: 🌎 BSA Scout Sunday:  🌎 Scout Sabeth:  🌎 Scout Shabbat:  🌎 Scout Jumuah:
January 30, 2020
Scout Units Need to Protect There Gear
Scout units are not immune to the thievery of their equipment. All scouting units should take precautions to discourage thieves from stealing. Criminals are looking for easy targets especially ones with wheels on them. If they can roll it off-site and take their time breaking into it, they will. Here are some simple steps to help deter thievery for any unit.    ⛔ Storage – Sheds, garages, and storage containers.  Many Charter Organizations (CO) will  “donate” an out of site area for storage. This is very attractive to thieves. If this is the only option make sure that the access points are well lighted. If the CO has video surveillance make sure its posted. Believe it or not, if the thief sees a sign about video surveillance they will actually look for the camera. This way you will get a good mug shot of whoever stole your equipment. LOL  ⛔ Trailers – Enclosed, flatbeds, and canoe racks. Just locking the hitch down is not enuff. Get a wheel boot to prevent drag-a-ways. Keep the doors locked and install door hinge protection.    ⛔ Vehicles – Trucks and busses. Keep them locked, with the alarm on. If you are storing the vehicle for a period of time it may be best to remove the battery. Never leave the keys in the vehicle.    Marking your equipment, so it can be identified when found. Using hi-tech marking systems like “MicroDot” for expensive equipment. Even spray-painting the troop or pack logo on everything you can. Remember to save important documents, photos, and inventories offsite. Keep it on a thumb drive and backed up in multiple safe locations. At the end of the day, nothing will stop a truly desperate thief. We can slow them down and in some cases just discourage them to move on to easier crimes. If things are stolen, ID tags and markings will help leave clues that will get them caught. The CO techily owns your unit's equipment, trailers, and vehicles and should also help to ensure their protection.   ⚜️ Note: This information is presented here just for your consideration. ScouterStan is not promoting the purchase or use of any item talked about. This is not a paid promotion. Shop around and do your own research.   🌎 For additional information about "MicroDot" referenced in the video: (Not a Sponsor - See Note)
January 23, 2020
Youth Protection, A Call To Action… Teen Suicide Prevention
Teen suicide is the 2nd cause of death to American youth today. I know this subject is dark and cringy and most leaders avoid it if they can. As adults working with youth we need to recognize the symptoms and know what to do about it. Your active role in safeguarding our Scouts is part of your responsibilities. RED LIGHT Statements & Behavior include:   🛑 Threatening there own well-being or others through physical violence;              Statements like “Shoot my self…” or “…jump off a cliff…” and “…kill you all before my self.”  🛑 Planning to run away from home or saying they won’t need things soon.  🛑 Damaging or throwing away their own property for no reason.  🛑 Give away personal belongings or final goodbyes.  🛑 Reference suicide or suicidal thoughts on social media.  🛑 Increase their use of drugs, alcohol or hurting themselves.  🛑 Sudden change in health or sleep habits (too little or too much).  🛑 Display extreme mood swings or is having trouble focusing.  🛑 Saying they wish they hadn’t been born at all.   I know of leaders who have expressed remorse of not acting on a “gut feeling”.  The adult leader should have an indication of where issues are with their scouts. The Scoutmaster conference is not just for rank advancement. Den leaders can also have meetings with the cub scout and parents. Everything within YPT should always be observed. If you notice redlight behavior call a meeting ASAP. This meeting should determine whether red light behavior was a real concern. If any red light behavior is observed the leader should immediately notify the parents. Parents should seek immediate mental health evaluation for their scout. If one of your scouts suddenly caught on fire, you would immediately get them help. This is no different. This aspect is instinctive too good leadership like yours. The tragic loss of America's youth is incredibly sad. We must do what we can to stop this plague. ⚠ Adult Leaders: Please enter the following in your mobile for referencing with parents. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 (English) and 1-888-628-9454 (Español). The new national Lifeline 988 number is NOT CURRENTLY ACTIVE. 🌎 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  🌎 AAFP Teen Suicide Prevention:
January 16, 2020
I’ve Been Elected to the Order of the Arrow... Now What? Ordeal? 🏹
At the last camporee or summer camp, your name was called out and you left the campfire with Order of the Arrow brothers. This is known as a "Call-Out" or "Tap-Out", and is the result of you being elected into the order. You should receive a small booklet called “Upon a Lofty Journey”. This is the Spirit Of the Arrow (SOA) booklet. You will also get information about the upcoming Ordeal. If you're at summer camp this could start that night.  Otherwise, you should make plans to attend your Ordeal.  This is only the beginning of your membership process in the OA.  Many brothers take the ordeal and never return to any OA events. You only take your ordeal once.  ‘Be Drave Brothers!’ and finish what you have started with our brotherhood. Don’t be a “Sash-n-Dash” or a “Flapper” as some of your brothers may call you.   🌎 The Order of the Arrow Website:  🌎 Jumpstart for New Arrowmen:  📄 (In case you lost it a didn't get one...) Upon a Lofty Journey SOA: ⚠️Correction: At time stamp 7:05 ScouterStan incorrectly stated that you could do your ordeal with another lodge. What he meant to say is that you can do your ordeal with any chapter within the lodge. Sorry, we didn't catch this until post review.
January 09, 2020
Now seeing in 2020 - A New Year of Scouting
Happy New Year! 2020 will be a big year for us scout leaders. Sometime in September, we should see the first girl Eagle Scouts. This will be a big event but it should not be treated as a race. Achieving the Eagle rank is serious for anyone, regardless of gender. Membership fees have changed to accommodate additional insurance requirements. The professional staff is implementing a new management program called “Polaris Method”. This will help make Scouting professionals more effective, efficient, and empowered.   🌎 The BSA Polaris Method:  🌎 New JTE 2020 Score Cards:   ⚜️ Note: Please understand that any of the opinions and comments expressed here are not necessarily the policies and opinions of Scouts BSA. ScouterStan presents this information to the adult leaders based on his training and experience. ScouterStan and you should too follow to the best of our understanding of the policies, procedures, and training from the Scouts BSA.
January 02, 2020
The Gift of Scouting Knowledge
During this vacation time, it would be ideal to check into your scout Leader training. Records of your training are attached to your Scouts BSA ID number. Check your training records in your account. If no training is reporting to your account this may be to your personal settings or a duplicate ID number. This can happen if you register with multiple units. If everything matches your ID number and you still see no records, you should call the council office for help. During this Holiday season, it would be a good time to update YPT. This training is good for 2 years but you can update it anytime.  Online Training (ScoutingU) should keep records attached to your Scouts BSA ID number. Live/Classroom training should be reported and added to your online profile/account by council advancement. Remember to keep your records in case it gets lost by the instructor or eaten by the family pet. University of Scouting or Pop-Wow is a good place to get non-traditional scout leader training. This type of training is normally not tracked online.   🌎
December 26, 2019
Cooking in the Great Outdoors with Camping Gadgets - Dutch Oven ?
Every Chef has a deep respect for the skillet… Scouters love something much deeper. Dutch ovens! Many Scouters discover that cooking in the great outdoors can be challenging. Gaining some quick knowledge about the Dutch oven will help Scouters set an example. Learn the absolute basics of Dutch oven equipment and gadgets. The Dutch oven can be used for many different cooking methods. Understanding some of the tools can make using a Dutch oven much easier to master.  Scout leaders will set a great example when the menu includes incredible dishes that everyone will be envious of.    ⚜️ Note: This PodCast is not a paid advertisement. ScouterStan believes leaders need the information and recommend shopping around.    🎬 Dutch Oven Cooking for Beginners:   🌎 Dutch Oven Stuff on  🌎 Camp Chef Website:
December 19, 2019
Discovering Winter Camping
ll across the nation scouts are discovering the joys of winter camping. ScouterStan recalls his youth in's winter camping experiences. Even though ScouterStan lives in Central Florida winter camping is exciting. Similar to summertime camping up North. ScouterStan loves winter camping even though it's done in the snow. Scout leaders need to be aware of the dangers and have a Plan B to fall back on. Staying dry is the key to keeping warm. ScouterStan discussed humiture and windchill factors. Winter camping and Klondike derbies can be inspiring to help scouts learn scout-skills and face challenges. Adult leaders need to always be mindful of safety.    🌎 Humiture Definition: 🌎 Cold Weather Winter Camping: 🌎 BSA Winter Activities:
December 12, 2019
The Patches On The Scout Uniform Tell A Story
The purpose of the uniform is part of the aims and methods of Scouting. The scout uniform shows others the unity of scouting. It shows others you can be trusted. It shows others that you are willing to help at all times. The patches on the uniform tell a story. Informes the viewer of experience, training, and who can help them.  Uniforms are to be worn at all meetings and events unless scheduled non-uniform or not an appropriate activity. Not warring the uniform correctly can be misleading and put your trustworthiness in question.  The uniform can also be a Troop or Pack t-shirt often refer to as a “Class B” uniform. Class B uniform is an old military term. This protects the regular uniform shirt from unneeded wair. It also keeps your uniform shirt clean and undamaged. Some units use the term "Belt-Up" uniform. This uniform is the same from the belt line up.  Scouts BSA policies are written for a full uniform, although this may not be financially possible in some units.   ⚜️ Note: The "Uniform Inspection Sheet" that ScouterStan referenced in the video is no longer used at this time. The old sheets are listed however we recommend using the Insignia guide for propper reference on patch placement.   🌎 BSA Guide to Awards and Insignia:  📄 Cub Scout Insignia PDF:  📄 Cub Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet (2016):  📄 Scouts BSA Insignia PDF:  📄 Old Boy Scout Leader Inspection Sheet (2010):  📄 Venturing Insignia PDF:
December 05, 2019
I’m Thankful for Scouting
Thanksgiving is this week and Scout Leaders need to reflect on Things there thankful for. I’m back with a new season of commissioners weekly. We are going to cover a lot of stuff you don’t wont to miss… so subscribe and get other leaders to do it too. What Scouting means to me... Scouting is my personal ministry. Scouting is different than any other charity. A souter friend of mine once sed in a speech... “When you get paid to do work, that’s called a job. When you do work without getting paid, it’s called volunteering. When you pay someone and you do the work, it's called Scouting.”  I'm thankful for Scouting in my fothers life, my life, and my son's life. I’m Thankful for the over 40 Scouts I mentored to Eagle. I’m thankful for the professional staff that dedicates countless hours to America's children, we call Scouts. I'm thankful for this series of commissioners weekly. I’m thankful for the adult leaders like you, who made it all possible. #scouterstan #scouting #scoutleader
November 28, 2019
First Season of Commission’s Weekly Review
ScouterStan reviews the first session of the commission's weekly show. ScouterStan has been inspired to continue with a second season, but he needs help knowing what he should cover. Please let him know in the comments of this channel and he will see them, read them and will reply. If the first season was helpful in any way, please let others know about the channel. ScouterStan is planning on improving the video and gets more fun over time. Maybe a real-time chat in the future? 📣 Season 2 starts back up on  November 27, 2019 First Session of the Commission's Weekly on YouTube: E1 5/22/19 – What the heck is a Commissioner? New Weekly Series from ScouterStan ▶ E2 5/29/19 – JTE Find Out What It Means to Me, or Journey to Excellence ▶ E3 6/5/19 – Scout Leaders minute, moment, or epiphany? ▶ E4 6/12/19 – SIGNS UP! (ScouterStan only hears… SHUT UP!) ▶ E5 6/19/19 – Leadership Anxiety? ▶ E6 6/26/19 –We Can Work it out! A Commissioner Can Help. ▶ E7 7/3/19 – Excuse me… When will the 7 o’clock meeting start? ▶ E8 7/10/19 – Crossover for Adult Leaders? ▶ E9 7/17/19 – Summer Camp for Scout Leaders – Learning and Having Fun ▶ E10 7/24/19 – Summertime Scouting – Scouts BSA Year-round ▶ E11 7/31/19 – Scout Service to Your Charter Organization ▶ E12 8/7/19 – Recruiting Scouts is Year-round - School Night Signup ▶ E13 8/14/19 – New Leaders – Understanding Scout Facing or Backstage ▶ E14 8/21/19 – Training for ALL - Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leaders ▶ E15 8/28/19 – District Roundtable, a Meeting You Need to Attend ▶ E16 9/4/19 – Scouts For the Whole Family ▶ E17 9/11/19 – America Needs Scouting ▶ E18 9/18/19 – What’s the Order of the Arrow about? ▶ E19 9/25/19 – Wood Badge ▶ E20 10/2/19 – What’s a Den Chief? The Most Important Youth Leadership Position! ▶ E21 10/9/19 – Burnout Prevention and ScouterStan’s Rule of Five ▶ E22 10/16/19 – The Charter System ▶ E23 10/ 23/19 – The Most Fritenning Tai of Scarry Rechartering! ▶ E24 10/30/19 – First Season of Commission’s Weekly Rap-up ▶ 📧 🌎 🎬 ScouterStan's YouTube Channel:
October 30, 2019
🎃 The Most Frightening 👻Tale of... 💀Scary RECHARTERING! 🦇
Every year scouting units recharter. 😬The recharter packet should contain the following: ✔ Step-by-Step Instructions ✔ Printout of Units Current Membership ✔ Unit & Membership Fees ✔ Journey to Excellence  ✔ Annual Charter Agreement ✔ Contact Help and Resources Information ✔ Other Stuff from Council/District Recharter packets are picked up at the October Roundtable. Recharter starts online with instructions contained in the packet. Print out the forms specified in the instructions. Get the signature that is required. Make financial arrangements to cover your fees. Complete the rechartering at the November Roundtable. Remember that you are not alone. Use your resources if you have questions. 🌎 #scouterstan #scouting #scoutleader
October 23, 2019
What Is The Charter System? Understanding The Century-old Charter System
On June 15, 1916 the US Congress first issued a charter (Title 36 congressional charter) to the Boy Scouts of America signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson. Scouting in the USA has been charged to help make American youth into outstanding citizens. Since that time Scouting has evolved slowly into the program it is today. Each scouting unit is chartered and owned by organization threw out our community. Membership in Scouts BSA is required from National before joining a scout unit. That’s the form you filled out when you first joined. Every year after your membership fees are paid threw recharted. Each Council in the United States is financially independent of the National Office. Your local council is funded by local donations and threw Friends of Scouting (FOS).  🌎 🌎 #scouterstan #scouting #scoutleader
October 16, 2019
Burnout Prevention and ScouterStan’s Rule of Five
Scout leaders are notorious for volunteering and over-committing. We like to say and hear the word YES! Leaders often get burnout when they over-commit to anything. ScouterStan explains how to help prevent burnout by keeping the “Rule of Five” in balance.  The Rule of Five       (1) Family – That’s your family and friends you would consider family.        (2) Faith – Putting God in your life will help give it purpose and meaning.       (3) Career – Using your skills to pay the bills.       (4) Self – Taking time for your self, downtime is important.       (5) Others – Helping others become better people and doing good turns for them.  It’s natural for each person to rearrange their own Rule of Five. However, the list is the same and no one of the five is more important than any other. The perception of burnout happens quickly when there is an imbalance of one or more of these. Balancing these five priorities and helping others balance their commitments, makes everyone happier people. Always remember you can say NO (politely) and still help find someone who is able to say yes. Just think about the Rule of Five before committing yourself or others to anything.
October 09, 2019
What’s a Den Chief? The Most Important Youth Leadership Position!
A Den Chief is a youth position in a Troop that is helping the Den Leader in a Cub Scout Pack. Often this position is dismissed as unimportant and trivial. However, it’s one of the most important in the life of a Scout Troop and a Cub Scout Den. ScouterStan explores this little know youth position and how important it is. The new Den Chief training is outlined in 3 modules;     1. The Den Chief’s role and understanding Cub Scouts     2. The Den Meeting     3. How to lead activities The Den Leader and the Den Chief Scout should attend this training together. Techanaly the Den Chief can be of any rank, but only First Class Scout or higher can count their service for rank advancement. Scoutmasters should only select responsible scouts for this position. As the Den Leader doesn’t need an older Cub Scout… They need a real youth leader. Scoutmasters should also consider the many commitments on this youth leader. Troop meetings ever week, Den meeting 3 times a month and Pack meeting or Pack activity once a month. Pluss Troop camping and OA commitments and more… A Den Chief is a natural recruiter for your Troop. Encourage the Den Chief to work in the older Den’s and have them cross over into the Troop. Then the former Den Chief can become a Troop Guide to the first year patrol.  🌎 🎓 🎓
October 02, 2019
Wood Badge is the Highest Level of Adult Scout Leader Training
♫“Back to Gilwell O’Happy Land… I’m Going to work my Ticket if I can.”♫ Wood Badge is the highest level of adult Scout leader training available in the World. The first Wood Badge training was organized by Francis "Skipper" Gidney and lectured by Robert Baden-Powell and others at Gilwell Park in the UK in September of 1919. The first course in America was held at Schiff Scout Reservation in 1948. Scouters wanting to take the course must be fully position trained with current YPT. All levels of Scouts BSA are encouraged to take this high-level training. Wood Badge is set up as a 6-day course.  One full week or two full weekends of training. After completing the course members of Troop 1 start working their “ticket” to complete the training. On completion, the Scouter is awarded the Gilwell Wood beads, neckerchief, and woggle. Warning, this is high-level training. I have seen it change peoples point of view of the world. Your critter and patrol members will become a special part of your scouting life. 🌎 🌎 🌎
September 25, 2019
What’s the Order of the Arrow about? 🏹
The Order of the Arrow (OA) is Scouts BSA National Honor Society. The OA was founded by Urner Goodman and Carroll Edson in 1915. Founded on the principles of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service. The OA is NOT a secret society. “Discreetness helps enhance the experience.” Youth Protection is always in effect. Everyone in the OA is referred to as “brothers” regardless of gender. The order is a Brotherhood of all honored scouts. The Order of the Arrow is youth lead. Adults fulfill an advisory, mentoring, and non-voting role. Depending on your location, elections are held with all scout troops and venture crews once a year. The adult leadership of each unit is contacted by the OA lodge or chapter youth to make election arrangements. Elected candidates go threw a voluntary “ordeal” to start the membership prosses. Later ordeal members can complete their membership by going threw brotherhood. Many unit leaders are concerned that the OA will distract the older scouts away from their unit. OA membership helps retain the interest of older scouts and keeps them involved in the unit leadership.
September 18, 2019
America Needs Scouting Values Now More Then Everbefore
Today we recognize all of Americas who willingly sacrificed their lives, to save others. Firemen & First Responders, who bravely climbed up to save lives in domed burning buildings. Police & Security, who gave themselves willing to evacuate survivors. Passengers on United Airlines flight 93 who fought the terrorists when they found out what was going on. All of the selfless acts of theses honored Americas can never go without remembrance on this day. We all know that among them were many Scouters. The Scout Motto – “Be Prepared”. In Scouting we prepare our youth to do things we hope, they never need to do. We teach young scouts First Aid. Recognizing victims and what to do about it. We teach Youth Protection to Scouts and Scouters. Safety for ourselves and others. We teach about Emergency Preparedness. Disasters, fires, even water safety. In the Scout Oath, we promise to use our scout skills “to help other people at all times”. In the Scout Law, we uphold that a scout is Helpful, Friendly and Brave. Pray today for the heroic Americans and their families. Please include our future Americans (our scouts) who are taking on tomorrows challenges.  Let us pray that they may never need to use the skills we teach them.  Let them be prepared to help other people at all time. God bless America.
September 11, 2019
Scouts For the Whole Family
Everyone should be encouraged to use the Scout Sign and recite the Scout Oath and Law. Often I see parents at meetings that just stand there, while their scouts are reciting the oath & law. Leaders should encourage parents and guests to join in. Parents should use the Scout Sign at home or anywhere. Scouting values are not exclusive to registered members at meeting and outings. Family Scouting:
September 04, 2019
District Roundtable, a Meeting You Need to Attend
   This is your monthly district roundtable meeting that ALL Scout leaders should plane to attend. The structure of this meeting has three parts. First, the opening, greeting and announcements. Second, the breakout sessions for all divisions of Scouts (Cubs, Troops, Ventures and Sea Scouts). In the last part, everyone reconvenes for the closing. This structure will be different from time to time and in many areas. Scout leaders who don’t attend are often left out of the loop of information. Roundtable Link: 
August 28, 2019
Training for ALL - Every Scout Deserves a Trained Leaders
Now that we have lost of new families joining our Pack or Troops, existing leadership needs to have a discussion about training. Every adult (moms, dads, uncles and ants) should set up a free account and take YPT…ASAP! Later, if they chose to join the leadership of the unit they can attach the membership to the account. Additional training is encouraged to all, not restricted to members only. My.Scouting.Org:
August 21, 2019
New Leaders – Understanding Scout Facing or Backstage
Cub Scout Packs recruit leaders from the parents. Troops get leaders crossing over from Packs with their Scouts. Packs are organized and run by the adult leaders. Troops are “Youth Lead” and the adult leadership is there to give guidance and structure. In scouting we have two sides of adult leadership. Cub Masters, Den Leaders, and Scoutmasters are “Scout Facing” Leaders. The larger and as important leadership, is going on back-stage. Committee members and charter organization representatives (COR’s) for Packs and Troops are a critical role for adults. There is a place for everyone, no matter their commitment level. Training for Adults: 
August 14, 2019
Recruiting Scouts is Year-round - School Night Signup
Scouts recruitment is year-round. When school starts back up in the fall, its often referred to as the start of recruiting season. Many districts have a “School Signup Night” organized by the professional staff. This is a signup night only, not a “Back to the Pack”. Packs & Troops need to promote year-round with service opportunities. School orientation day (“Meet the Teacher”), meetings, gatherings or assemblies. There are many recruitment opportunities throughout the year.  Be-A-Scout Link:
August 07, 2019
Scout Service to Your Charter Organization
Charter Organization Representative (COR’s) is your units connection to the community. Many units don’t even consider a service project for their own. If you're with a faith organization, think about all of the holidays when they need service. Schools need flag presentations at the PTA meeting. Other community service organizations have many needs. Units will have problems if they're invisible to there organization that charters them. Talk with your COR and get thinking about all the service opportunities. About the BSA:
July 31, 2019
Summertime Scouting – Scouts BSA Year-round
A lot of the Cub Scout Packs take the summer off? Nope! Troops have Summer Camp and that’s it? Nope! Scouts mimic the school schedule in many ways. However the Scouts need to be active over the summer break. This gives them consistent meeting time to prepare for the upcoming year. Packs will still have at least one meeting a month over the summer. Troops should have weekly meeting through the summer.
July 24, 2019
Summer Camp for Scout Leaders
One of the big challenges for adult leaders have at summer camp is finding time for self-improvement. Pack and Den Leaders can help out with Day/Resident camp. This goes a long way in helping your unit overall. Troop Leaders can help out with advancement, quartermaster and campsite/troop health officer (Nears Betty, Sawbones, etc…) Some of the better summer camps will have additional activities and training available. 
July 17, 2019
Crossover for Adult Leaders?
The natural tendency of adult leaders to cross from a pack to a troop is not the only option. Seriously consider joining the commissioner core of your district. ScouterStan explores this and many other options. Making the most of your service and experience will help more youth become better leaders. 
July 10, 2019
Excuse me… When will the 7 o’clock meeting start?
Setting an example is often harder than just doing it. Consistent start times is critical to establish respect for leadership and audience. Remember that to be early, is to be on time. On time, is to be late. To be late is unacceptable.
July 03, 2019
We Can Work it out! A commissioner can help...
Sometimes adult leaders have difficulties with other leaders. your unit commissioner can help work out difficulties and help relations be more scout like. Often the dispute is about incorrect views of how scouting is designed to work. Your commissioner can help re-establish vision and goal setting.
June 26, 2019
Leadership Anxiety?
 Adult leaders are faced with many challenges. One of the biggest Fear for adults is public speaking. ScouterStan explores concerns that Adult leaders have about pack/troop meeting presentations. A scout is brave … but not fearless. Discover Some pointers and secrets of public speaking and unit meetings.
June 19, 2019
SIGNS UP! (ScouterStan only hears… SHUT UP!)
The Scout Sign is a common feature of any scout meeting. It demands our respect as it is a living symbol of our commitment to the Scout Oath & Law. This cherished symbol is also used to respectively and courteously quiets the room. Unfortunately, some scout leaders don’t wait for all the scouts to stop talking and scream out “Signs Up!”  That defeats the whole point of quieting the room with the Scout Sign. Otherwise when you say “Signs Up” everyone hears “Shut Up”. ScouterStan has many years of experience and is now giving advice online, and on YouTube. Each Wednesday at 7:00 PM (EST) a new episode will start.   #scouterstan #commissioner #scoutleader
June 12, 2019
Scout Leaders minute, moment, or epiphany? Giving scouts something to take with them.
Every scout leader should always be prepared with a quick one-minute story for the end of any meeting or campfire. This story can help illustrate a point or give a reflection on a scouting value. ScouterStan has one you can use tonight. Here are some good ones out on the net. Top 3 Reference for Scoutmaster Minutes: ScouterStan has many years of experience and is now giving advice online, on YouTube. Each Wednesday at 7:00 PM (EST) a new episode will start.   #scouterstan #commissioner #scoutleader
June 05, 2019
JTE Find Out What It Means to Me, or Journey to Excellence
Your scout unit needs to use the JTE as a road map to gold. When you do this your unit will succeed in every way. Journey to Excellence is the replacement of the old Quality Unit program. Units that even attempted to use JTE and don’t make gold will succeed.  BSA Journey to Excellence: ScouterStan has many years of experience and is now giving advice online, on YouTube. Each Wednesday at 7:00 PM (EST) a new episode will start.   #scouterstan #commissioner #scoutleader
May 29, 2019
What the heck is a Commissioner? New Weekly Series from ScouterStan
Join ScouterStan as he launches the first episode of the commissioners weekly series on YouTube. Find out what a commissioner is, and how to use one in scouting. Commissioners are one of the best tools to help Scout units succeed. 
May 29, 2019