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Scratched Up Art

Scratched Up Art

By Siren Valley
Siren Valley dives deeper into their blog about making art unafraid of failure. Learning how to jump in, and learning on the go. The messy, the beautiful, and the mixture of both.
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Scratched Up Art Episode 6- How To Write Honest Songs

Scratched Up Art

Scratched Up Art Episode 6- How To Write Honest Songs
In this episode Amy, Kasey, and Katelyn discuss learning how to write honest music that is authentic and real. With some awesome tips, and behind the scenes looks at some of their released music and upcoming music, you don't want to miss this episode!  Amy Colleen @amycolleenmusic Katelyn Shay @kshaynails @sirenvalley Kasey Jaeger @kaseyfromrogue @rogueexclamationpoint
July 17, 2021
Scratched Up Art Episode 5- Learning To Book A Tour DIY
In this episode we discuss how we planned our first tour DIY and without a booking agent. We also go off on a bunny trail about how much we love each other, and it's gross in the sweetest kind of way, or sweet in the grossest kind of way? Not sure. Listen to find out!  Follow Amy and Siren Valley at: @amycolleenmusic and @sirenvalley Follow Janell at:  @janellcramptonmusic Follow Kasey at:  @kaseyfromrogue and @rogueexclamationpoint
June 26, 2021
Scratched Up Art Episode 4- Being A Musician In A Post-Covid World
In this episode Amy and Janell talk about entering into this "New Normal" as things open up again. Booking shows, what things might look like, and the excitement and anxiety that comes with all of it.  Follow Siren Valley @sirenvalley Follow Janell Crampton @janellcramptonmusic
May 29, 2021
Scratched Up Art Episode 3- Learning About Musician Mental Health and Self Care
This episode dives deeper into the recent blogs about "Being A Musician With A Disability", and discusses learning how to take care of yourself and your mental health in an industry that often doesn't leave room for it.  To follow us and read our blogs go to or follow us on Social Media @sirenvalley Guests:  Janell Crampton  @janellcramptonmusic Kasey Jaeger @rogueexclamationpoint
May 15, 2021
Scratched Up Art Episode 2- Learning To Do Home Recording
In this episode we we sit down with Kasey and Janell and discuss learning to record from home. The trial and error and things we've each learned.  You can follow the people on this podcast here:  Siren Valley: @sirenvalley Amy: @amycolleenmusic Kasey: @kaseyfromrogue Janell: @janellcramptonmusic
May 01, 2021
Scratched Up Art Episode 1- Creating Our First Music Video DIY
We chat about our song and music video for "Behave" with some of our favorite people that helped make this come to life (Janell Crampton, Tina Guzman, and Servio Maldonado). 
April 19, 2021