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Join TV and film critics (and handsome men) Dan Barrett and Simon Foster with reviews, industry news, and recommendations of great things to check out. This podcast is a perfect example of the dangers of equipping people with knowledge and microphones.
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Watching: Mare of Easttown, The Unholy, The Nevers, Frank of Ireland
Another big week for Screen Watching - we review the huge new HBO dramas Mare of Easttown starring Kate Winslet and Guy Pearce and the new Joss Whedon show The Nevers. We also check out new films The Unholy and Supernova. Oh, and there’s the new Irish comedy from Domnhall Gleason Frank of Ireland. We top that off with some news and an interview with the director of Gunda. Reviews (02:20) Mare of Easttown (HBO/Foxtel/Binge) The Unholy (in cinemas) The Nevers (HBO/Foxtel/Binge) Supernova (in cinemas) Frank of Ireland (Amazon Prime Video) News (20:35) Interview - Gunda director Viktor Kassakovsky (33:48) What's on this week - streaming and at the cinema (53:37)
April 16, 2021
Watching: Them, Voyagers, McDonald & Dodds, Collective, and Blow The Man Down
If you're not listening to this podcast, how the heck are you to know that the new Amazon Prime series Them is one of the absolute best new shows of the year? Dan reviews it on this week podcast and lets you know what you need to know in the most spoiler-free way possible. Consider this podcast your TV and movies north star. News (02:14) Netflix spends big on Knives Out sequels Fox News launches a comedy show Jon Stewart is returning to TV on Apple TV+ A ballet based on The Dark Crystal Japan's NHK has bought Aussie series The First Day Italy abolishes its film censorship Justice League star Ray Fisher speaks openly about what actually happened. Reviews (20:44) Voyagers (in cinemas now) Them (Amazon Prime Video) Collective (in cinemas now) McDonald & Dodds (BritBox) Blow The Man Down (Amazon Prime Video) Interview - Ascendant director Antaine Furlong (36:20) What's on this week - streaming and at the cinema (50:55) Interview - We Don't Deserve Dogs director Matthew Saleh and producer Rose Tucker. (55:30)
April 9, 2021
Watching: Nobody, Made For Love, Wakefield, The Father, and Tom & Jerry
Dan and Simon, influenced by watching a deliciously violent action film at the movies this week, punch up, down, left, and right in this week's podcast as they try to bring justice to the world in the most important way they know how: by talking about TV shows and movies. News (01:13) Coming to Broadway - Game of Thrones: The Musical American Gods cancelled Logies and Oscars news Casting announcements - Obi-Wan Kenobi for Disney+ and The Dropout on Hulu (That's the series about Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes) The Australian Government announces SCREEN CSI to return to TV with CSI: Las Vegas Reviews (19:07) Made For Love (HBO Max | Stan) Nobody (in cinemas now) Wakefield (ABC iView) The Father (in cinemas now) Tom & Jerry (in cinemas now) Interview - Disclosure director Michael Bentham. (43:32) What's on this week - streaming and at the cinema (57:51)
April 2, 2021
Watching: Godzilla vs Kong, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Invincible, A Teacher, and The Last Veneer
Dan and Simon, Milford Men, both, are back for another Screen Watching installment. News (01:40) Disney shake-up its schedule as it pushes Black Widow back to July from May. Plus it's also going to be on Disney+ Keanu Reeves sets his own fate with Bzrkr RIP George Segal RIP the grand dame Jessica Waters SBS' biggest commission - 200 episodes of an Adam Liaw cooking show. Reviews (20:38) Godzilla vs Kong The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Invincible A Teacher The Last Veneer Interview (43:47) Dan explains why you won't hear an interview with the director of Golden Voices Evgeny Ruman on the podcast this week - but please listen to the audio over at the Screen Watching Facebook page.  What's on this week - streaming and at the cinema (45:28)
March 26, 2021
We watched: Zack Snyder's Justice League, French Exit, and White Riot
Dan and Simon enter the Hall of Justice to discuss Zack Snyder's Justice League. Is it worth both the hype and the four-hour runtime? They also chat with the director of the very good new film The Grizzlies, Miranda de Pencier. News (02:18) Avatar is ten years old - why are Dan and Simon talking about its box office again? RIP Yaphet Kotto Oscar nominations Killing Eve to end with season four Matthew McConaughey is back for more A Time To Kill (sort-of) Disney Plus adds classic and mostly forgotten Star Wars content. Interview (16:50) Simon chats with the director of The Grizzlies, Miranda de Pencier. Reviews (31:12) Zack Snyder's Justice League - Streaming on Binge Michelle Pfeiffer's new film French Exit - In cinemas now UK punk music doco White Riot - In cinemas now The Week Ahead (49:27)
March 19, 2021
We watched: Fisk, Then Came You, Dealer, and Judas and The Black Messiah
It's a week heavy on news and reviews. Frankly Simon and Dan have too much to say about everything this week. What are you waiting for - stop reading and just start listening. News (01:33) Oprah and Meghan and Harry and a highly engaged global audience RIP Kim's Convenience Lupita Nyong’o's YouTube Original series Super Sema Pepe LePew faces #TimesUp Zack Snyder's Justice League leaks Disney+ passed 100 million subscribers - look out Netflix George Clooney and Julia Roberts are heading down under. Reviews (22:25) Judas and The Black Messiah - In cinemas now Fisk - ABC TV (debuts Wednesday 17 March) Then Came You - In cinemas now Dealer - Netflix The Week Ahead (44:43)
March 12, 2021
This week we're watching Nomadland, Coming 2 America, The Knick, and Chaos Walking. We speak with DOGTV's Beke Lubeach, and The Big Nothing co-director Lucy Campbell
It's a jam-packed Screen Watching this week because Simon and Dan know no other way. This week expect action, excitement, romance, and thrills. What you're going to get, however, is: News (01:18) Behold - RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under The Golden Globes ratings redefined the term 'dud 'ViacomCBS launch a new streaming service - Paramount+ The Simpsons scores two more seasons Stan's CEO is now Nine's CEO A Bosch spin-off is announced... starring Bosch Interview (13:38) Dan speaks to Beke Lubeach, the head of DOGTV - a streaming service for dogs. Reviews (24:30) Nomadland Coming 2 America The Knick Chaos Walking Another interview (44:33) Simon speaks with Lucy Campbell, the co-director of new sci-fi web series The Big Nothing. The Week Ahead (51:47)
March 5, 2021
Watching: Superman and Lois, Boss Level, Blackbird. Talking: Woody v Farrow, Star on Disney+, The Magic Kingdom.
It's a jam-packed Screen Watching this week because Simon and Dan know no other way. This week expect action, excitement, romance, and thrills. What you're going to get, however, is: News (01:06) Dan and Simon check out the new streaming service Star on Disney+ Thoughts on the new Woody v Farrow documentary series Confirmation on an Australian release date for the Zack Snyder Justice League film. Dan gets in a special guest to discuss the new trailer for the very buzzy Kevin Can F**k Himself series Nik Kacevski's short Soulmate has been picked up for global distribution Ronald D Moore is developing a Magic Kingdom series - what does this mean for legacy (and problematic) Disney IP? Interview (25:27) Ocean Film Festival director Jemima Robinson talks to Simon about the 2021 lineup. Reviews (30:46) Boss Level Blackbird Superman and Lois The Week Ahead (39:57)
February 26, 2021
BONUS: Superman - hero of the small and big screen
With Superman and Lois debuting on TV this week, Dan and Simon discuss Superman as a character of the big and small screen. They chart his evolution from comic book character through radio, movie serials, animated shows, live-action TV, and the big screen.
February 23, 2021
Watching: Minari, For All Mankind, Firestarter, Why Are You Like This, and talking Justice League
Strap yourselves in for another Screen Watching podcast. This week hosts Dan and Simon settle into their new podcast format and emerge out of it as absolute consummate professionals to the very end. As always, there's a lot of TV and movies to discuss: News  (02:10) We've now seen the Zack Snyder Justice League trailer. Honestly - we don't know if we're excited. But we're curious. Disney announces 10 European originals to launch on new streaming service Star. Martin Scorsese has written a piece damning streaming services for a lack of curation. Interview (26:25)  Dan has a chat with Olivia Junkeer and Naomi Higgins about their new ABC comedy series Why Are You Like This? Reviews Minari (42:25) Firestarter: The Story of Bangarra (47:00) For All Mankind (49:04) The Week Ahead (54:43) Dan and Simon talk about what's hitting streaming and playing at the cinema over the upcoming week. Somehow they forgot to mention Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. This was an oversight.
February 19, 2021
Watching: Super Bowl trailers, Clarice, Another Round, Synchronic, Long Story Short
With 12 February marking the Lunar New Year, Dan and Simon have a chat with China Lion's Mick Robbins about just how important the Lunar New Year is to the year's box office takings. On this week's podcast you'll also hear Simon and Dan almost come to blows over the filmography of M Night Shyamalan, along with a bunch of film reviews and some thoughts on the raft trailers broadcast during the US Super Bowl earlier this week. Yeah - it's another very packed show. News: Super Bowl trailers - Falcon and The Winter Soldier, F9, Old, and more (01:02) The best and worst real-life movie star romances (10:45) Aussies at SXSW (17:52) Interview: Mick Robbins from film distributor China Lion on the significance of the Lunar New Year on the box office.(21:01) Reviews: Long Story Short (33:09) Clarice (36:04) Another Round (42:36) Synchronic (44:43) The Week Ahead: What TV and movies will we be watching streaming and at the cinema over the next week? (52:12)
February 12, 2021
Golden Globes nominations, Frasier rebooted, Nora Unkel on A Nightmare Wakes, Palmer, and WandaVision
With the 2021 Golden Globes nominations announced, Dan and Simon rip into the weirdo choices made and question why we pay attention to these nutso awards. There's also some talk about reboots following news this week of new takes on Frasier and The Wonder Years. Nora Unkel stops by to talk about her new film A Nightmare Wakes. It's about Frankenstein writer Mary Shelley as she deals with her own real life horrors while writing the famed book. There's also reviews of the great new Justin Timberlake film Palmer and Marvel's first TV show WandaVision Find your way through the show this week: News: 00:59 The Golden Globes nominations 12:20 Frasier and The Wonder Years remakes are on the horizon. Also - what remakes do we want to see? Interview: 27:46 Director Nora Unkel tells us about her new Mary Shelley film A Nightmare Wakes Reviews: 39:06 Palmer (Apple TV+) 43:55 WandaVision (Disney+) The Week Ahead: 51:21 What's coming up in the next week streaming and in local cinemas?
February 4, 2021
Talking Occupation: Rainfall, Malcolm & Marie, The Stand, and Star on Disney+
It's the very first episode of Screen Watching and boy did we learn a lot about ourselves and each other while making it. This week on the show: News The movie release schedule is ever-changing as studios navigate COVID-19 and launching their own streaming services. (02:41) Disney has announced the line-up for the new streaming service Star. (13:25) Interview Occupation: Rainfall is a big new Australian sci-fi special effects-driven action film. Director Luke Sparke tells us more about making this unique film. (19:05) Reviews Operation: Rainfall (29:13) Malcolm & Marie (35:20) The Stand (40:09) The Week Ahead TV launch dates, cinema releases, and a focus on Raiders of The Lost Ark. (44:30)
January 29, 2021
Screen Watch - trailer
Every darn week noted film & TV critics and handsome men Dan Barrett and Simon Foster will offer reviews, industry news, and some recommendations of great things to check out. But before they can start on that important business, it is important that they release a trailer. It's how podcasts work. Press play and then join us Friday mornings for new Screen Watch podcasts.
January 25, 2021