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MARK VI: SCS get animated with the man on the moon.

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By TheBatdaddy52 & Wobblyboots85
Welcome to the Super Civil Servants Podcast. This is two average guys who love to talk about comics, movies, TV shows and anything related. Join us as we discuss and debate different topics and issues within the Fantasy/Comic book realm.
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Welcome to the Super Civil Servants Podcast. This is two average guys who love to talk about comics, movies, TV shows and anything related. Join us as we discuss and debate different topics and issues within the Fantasy/Comic book realm.

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MARK XXIIX: A Crisis is coming with Titans S2, Mando and some DCEU State of the Union.
Greg, Nathan and Chris chew the fat this week with a special guest, Sara.  We get to chasing squirrels and talking geek together we discuss the recent article about the state of the DCEU.  We talk about Titans season 2 overall and the finale.  There is a crisis coming and are we ready for it? DCCW gears up for its Crisis on Infinite Earths story arc and we talk a little Star Wars and the Mandalorian show.  Give us a review on itunes and hlp the show grow! @Wobblyboots85- Nathan @Chrisbalga- Chris @myladykitten- Sara @thebatdaddy52- Greg @SCSPODCAST1- Show
December 9, 2019
MARK XXVII: The Force Awakens
The trinity returns! Chris, Nathan and Greg continue to push through their quest to watch all Star Wars movies before the newest episode Rise of The Skywalker releases.  Down to the last couple and on this episode we tackled The Force Awakens.  This movie really laid out a course for the future of the franchise as well as beginning to wrap up old story lines.  How does it compare to the others of the franchise? @chrisbalga- Chris @wobblyboots85- Nathan @thebatdaddy52-Greg @SCSPODCAST1-Show
November 26, 2019
MARK XXVI: The Snyder Cut is REAL!!! and the House of Mouse has a new toy!
Fun week in geek! Nathan, Chris and Greg get together and discuss this weeks news.  Are we getting a Snyder Cut and when?  How does Matt Reeves Batman appear to be shaping up with the latest casting news.  DC Universe Titans continues to impress as the 2nd season comes to an end.  Did they just give us our big bad for season 3?  Then finally the Mandolorian is here.  Does it hold up to the Star Wars universe stories as we know and love?  Also we discuss the House of Mouse as Disney has unrolled their new streaming Service.   Chris-@Chrisbalga Nathan-@wobblyboots85 Greg@Thebatdaddy52 Show-@SCSPODCAST1
November 19, 2019
MARK XXV: Super squad draft and Return of the Jedi
Chris, Katie, Nathan and Greg draft their ultimate super team. Who has the strongest team? Then we continue the commentary review of the Star Wars saga with Episode XI: Return of The Jedi!
November 11, 2019
MARK XXIV: The Dynamic Duo with thoughts from the hall of service
Back to the basics with this one.  Nathan and Greg giving our thoughts and predictions on all kinds of media here.  What do we expect from HBO's Green Lantern TV show? Is the Watchmen what we expected? Titans continues to get better and better.  Then we return to a galaxy far far away and discuss the soon upcoming Mandalorian series and the new trailer.  Finally Nathan got Greg to watch Clone Wars so we discuss season one and all its beauty.  Hit us up on Twitter, ask us some questions and most of all....leave us a review to let us know what you think! @Wobblyboots85-Nathan @Thebatdaddy52-Twitter @SCSPODCAST1-Show
November 4, 2019
MARK XXIII: The Empire Strikes Back
Katie, Chris, Nathan and Greg keep rolling through our Star Wars commentary preparing for Episode IX, which is quickly getting closer.  We dive into the second chapter of the original Star Wars trilogy on this one.  Is it one of the greatest sequel movies ever made?  We discuss that and talk about other great sequels we love, discuss the latest trailer for episode IX and finally we hit play and watch The Empire Strikes Back.  Fun times as usual.  Check us out! Leave us a review on itunes. @kgilstrap13-Katie @ChrisBalga-Chris @wobblyboots85-Nathan @Thebatdaddy52-Greg @SCSPODCAST1-Show
October 29, 2019
MARK XXII:The Canadian Takeover with Geekverse and Superhero Discussions
Great guests this week again! Nathan and I are joined by Travis and Dylan from the Geekverse podcast as well as show regular and good friend from Superhero Discussions, Travis.  This is a majority Canadian show so lets see what our friends from the north have to say about the Joker movie, we do a pixar round robin elimination, we talk Matt Reeves Batman movie coming out in 2021, Feige's new title and a lot more.  Give us a review, share with a friend and most important.....keep listening to podcasts! @DylanMuss-Dylan @TravisBSnell-Travis @geekversecast                         @Travis_156-Travis (Tbone) @superherodiscu1 @Wobblyboots85- Nathan @Thebatdaddy52-Greg @SCSpodcast1
October 21, 2019
MARK XXI: A New Hope
Back again! Katie, Chris, Nathan and Greg are diving into the OG trilogy on this show and covering Episode IV: A New Hope.  This classic has stood the test of time and some 40+ years later people are still talking about it and all of its greatness.  Check out our thoughts on this film that started it all.   @Kgilstrap13-Katie @chrisbalga-Chris @Wobblyboots85-Nathan @Thebatdaddy52-Greg @Scspodcast1-show
October 14, 2019
MARK XX- Rogue One
This week we are joined by a few of our good friends once again.  Katie and Chris come on to give a commentary track on the next Star Wars story in the line up Rogue One.  Lots of different viewpoints for this movie.  Lets see how we all feel in this fun trip into a Star Wars tie in story.  Without this there is no Star Wars....its just an Empire a long time ago in a galaxy far far Away. @Kgilstrap13-Katie @Chrisbalga-Chris @Wobblyboots85-Nathan @Thebatdaddy52-Greg @SCSPODCAST1-Show
September 30, 2019
MARK XIX: The Secret of the Ooze
Tony, Chris, Nathan and myself all share our love for this early 90's classic The Secret of the Ooze, a sequel to the original TMNT movie.  Does this movie hold up to the test of time? Check us out and we let you know what we think. @Cat_chronicals- Tony @Chrisbalga-Chris @Wobblyboots85-Nathan @Thebatdaddy52-Greg @Scspodcast1-Show
September 23, 2019
MARK XVIII: Chasing squirrels in San Francisco, Thra and a galaxy far far away.
Dynamic duo at it again. Nathan and I are back to chasing squirrels while we talk about Titans season two episode 2,  Netflix series The Dark Crystal and give our thought on different theories on Star Wars Episode IX.  We do all of this while getting totally off topic and somehow reeling ourselves back in.  Give us a review on Apple podcast! Let us know how you feel. @wobblyboots85-Nathan @Thebatdaddy52-Greg @SCSpodcast1-Show
September 17, 2019
MARK XVII: Titans, YJ, Joker and the DCEU....We love DC!
This episode is packed with a bunch of DC fans. Katie, Travis, Nathan and myself spent some time discussing our love for everything DC.  We cover our thoughts on Titans season 2, The Joker trailer, Young Justice season 3 and all of the DCEU as well as ranking the movies in the franchise.  Another fun time talking things we love and why.  Its got a long intro. Hope you enjoy! @kgilstrap13-Katie @Travis_156-Travis @Wobblyboots85-Nathan @Thebatdaddy52- Greg @SCSPodcast1 &
September 9, 2019
Mark XVI: Solo A Star Wars Story
This week Nathan and I continue our commentary review of the Star Wars movies.  We are Joined by Nick and Jeremy tonight and break down all we love and hate about this movie.  The 4th installment of our commentary was fun and I hope if you follow along you feel the same way.    Join us again as we dive into the story of one of the best Star Wars characters ever, Han Solo and how  he came to be. @JlupodN @JRBatman23 @ Wobblyboots85 and @Thebatdaddy52.  Follow the show @SCSPODCAST1 on twitter or  Leave us a review on itunes!  Enjoy!  
September 2, 2019
MARK XV: The Sony snap, the MCU love letter and Infinity Saga 23-1
Welcome back everyone! This week we have a lot on our plate.  We are breaking down our love for the MCU as well as talking future plans, streaming services,  and finally give our rankings for the entire MCU infinity saga 23-1.  MCU Aficionado Brent joins us this week as well as our part timer Travis.  Nathan and I try to keep this MCU pot of love from boiling over as we discuss what we loved and hated from this franchise.  Contact any of us for questions or comments about our thoughts.  @brentacPrime @Travis_156 @Wobblyboots85 and @Thebatdaddy52 all on twitter.  Contact the show @scspodcast1 on twitter or  Leave us a voice message on at just find the Super Civil Servants podcast and finally folks leave us a review on Itunes because they go a long way in helping the show grow.  Thanks for listening! As always we will be back next week!
August 25, 2019
MARK XIV: Revenge of The Sith
Back at it again.  Our next chapter in the Star Wars saga! Episode III Revenge of the Sith.  This week Nathan and myself enjoy the company of Chris and Nick as we dive into one of our favorite movies.  We will explore how Anakin's turn to the darkside was accomplished and where this story leaves us for the future of the Franchise. @wobblyboots85 @thebatdaddy52 @chrisbalga @JLUpodN @Scspodcast1  
August 19, 2019
MARK XIII: The view from 82
Nathan and I are joined again by Chris and Travis and we have some fun stuff to talk about. We share our overall thoughts on Amazon's hit series The Boys. We talk a little Young Justice and break down our thoughts on the Titans season 2 trailer.   Contact us @thebatdaddy52 -Greg, @Wobblyboots85-Nathan @chrisbalga-Chris @travis_156-Travis @scspodcast1-Show
August 12, 2019
MARK XII: Attack of the Clones
Today Nathan and I are joined by Chris Balga from the Worlds Finest True Believers podcast to continue our commentary coverage of the entire Star Wars saga.  Still near the beginning the three of us take on episode 2 Attack of the Clones.  Do the prequels hold up the Star Wars standard or develop a new one?  Do I like Padme more in this one?  Where is Jar Jar now?  All this and more as our commentary review of Star Wars continues.
August 5, 2019
MARK XI: SDCC...The day that wasnt & the day that was.
Nathan and I discuss SDCC and all of its lovely outcomes as well as episodes 6 & 7 of Netflix Umbrella Academy. Join us as we give our thoughts and opinions on the MCU and its dominance and where Umbrella Academy has been and where it is going. @thebatdaddy52 @Wobblyboots85 @scspodcast1
July 29, 2019
MARK X: The Phantom Menace
Here we go fans. Nathan and I are starting our 10 movie commentary of the Star Wars franchise. This is all leading up to Episode IX this December. This one is uncut so people can follow along with the film. There are a few dead spots (3 or 4 seconds most of the time) in audio where we are watching the movie to comment on this podcast is more or less made to watch along watching the film.  As we continue this mission we have plans for many guests to be joining us soon for these commentary episodes. So come listen to us watch how this saga all began and hear our thoughts on how it played out. @thebatdaddy52, @Wobblyboots85, @scspodcast1 or listen to us on Apple, Stitcher, Spotify and any other platforms you may listen to.
July 22, 2019
MARK IX: Finally the Peter Tingle Episode!
Join Nathan and myself as we dive back into this crazy fantasy world of heroes and production studios.  We share our thoughts on HBO MAX and its potential, will they get your money? We also discuss me finally being caught up on DC's Young Justice Season 3 and why we love it.  Then last we give our review of MCU's Spiderman Far From Home, better than Homecoming?  The dynamic duo is back at it again and we dont hold much back.  Contact us through twitter @wobblyboots85 (Nathan) and @Thebatdaddy52 (Greg) You can also reach the show at @SCSpodcast1 on Twitter or email the show  Feel free to leave us a message or question on the Anchor app as well and we can respond or put it on the show.
July 15, 2019
MARK VIII : SoB, YJ-3 and #5
Travis, Nathan and myself talk about a number of things including the newest MCU production Spiderman Far From Home, Young Justice season 3, DC Animated Universe Son of Batman and wrap up with Netfilx Umbrella Academy episode 5.  Join us as we discuss these gems and geek out about why we love them.  Contact the show @scspodcast1 on twitter as well as individually @Travis_156 (Travis), @Wobblyboots85 (Nathan) and @Thebatdaddy52 (Greg....with 2 G's) or contact the show at  You can also leave a review on to be played on the show.   Leave us a review and give us a follow. Appreciate the support Super Civil Servants Everyday
July 10, 2019
MARK VII: Heroes in a Half Shell
MARK VII: Welcome back everyone. This week Nathan, Travis and myself talk a little rumors and news with Spiderman FFH new information, a discussion about force ghost, we dive into our love for the 1990's OG TMNT movie and finish up with a recap of our thoughts on season 2 of Young Justice. Check us out on itunes or any other broadcasting platform. Dont forget to leave us a review on Itunes and contact us anytime to geek out. @thebatdaddy52 (Greg) @Wobblyboots85 (Nathan) @travis_156 (Travis) @scspodcast1 (show)
June 24, 2019
MARK VI: SCS get animated with the man on the moon.
This episode Nathan and I discuss the DC animated movies franchise, Justice League War, Young Justice and Netflix Umbrella Academy episode 4. Contact either of us on Twitter Greg-@thebatdaddy52 Nathan@wobblyboots 85 or @SCSPODCAST1 as well as Feel free to leave a voice message on the Anchor app.
June 17, 2019
MARK V: The Bias Debate and Young Justice
This episode we change it up a little bit. we are going to discuss the controversial topic of super heroes killing and the unfair judgement for doing so. We will also discuss the DC Universe app and comment on the Young Justice animated series and all its glory. We are joined this week by our friend Travis @Travis_156 so he can drop some knowledge on everyone. Contact us on twitter @wobblyboots85, @thebatdaddy52,@scspodcast1 or Batman Tribute Video
June 10, 2019
MARK IV: X-tra Ordinary
In this episode Nathan and I give our thoughts on the new Batman, we talk about the Dark Phoenix trailer and the MCU X-Men as well as the Fox X-Men. We finish the show up continuing our review of Netflix Umbrella Academy episode 3 "Extra Ordinary" feel free to contact us for questions about the topics we discuss or any questions in general about the genre you would like our thought on. Twitter Greg @Thebatdaddy52, Nathan @wobblyboots85 or contact the show @scspodcast1 or also listen on Apple podcast, google podcast, stitcher, castbox, spotify, podbean, podcoin and many more!
June 4, 2019
MARK III: Palpatine is back so run boy run!
In this episode Nathan and myself answer some listener questions and break down the Star Wars Episode IX trailer. We also answer some fun Star Wars favorite questions and choose our lightsaber. Finally we continue our review of Netflix Umbrella Academy episode 2 "Run Boy Run". Is the second episode as good as the first? Get your questions, comments or suggestions in by contacting us on twitter @thebatdaddy52 (Greg) @wobblyboots85 (Nathan) @scspodcast1 (show) or email us at We cant wait to hear your feedback. Hope you enjoy!
May 21, 2019
MARK II: Life after Endgame with 8 days left to live.
Join Nathan and myself as we begin to look further into Marvels Endgame and recap our thoughts and ideas from last week.  Did our opinions change?  What questions that we had have been answered?  We also look into the Spiderman Far From Home trailer and begin to speculate what direction this franchise is going. Is Tom Holland OUR Spiderman? Finally we begin our first ever series review with Netflix Umbrella Academy.  We break down season one together and talk future plans with the show.  Thanks once again for listening! See you next week! text or record messages to the show on the anchor mobile app or website,  you can also reach either of us on twitter  @Thebatdaddy52- Greg @Wobblyboots85-Nathan coming soon ScSPodcast on twitter and
May 14, 2019
 Welcome everyone to the Super Civil Servants Podcast.  On this podcast my partner and I plan on talking about the things we love about the Comic book/Fantasy genre.  This will include news, movie reviews, television show reviews, debates on topics, predictions and discussions about the universe as a whole.  This episode is the maiden voyage of the podcast run by two average guys who just love to talk about things of this nature.  For the topic of this episode we are going to dive into our thoughts and reactions to Marvels Endgame.  Very interesting film and we cant wait to let you know how we feel about it.  We are also very interested in how you feel as well.  please give us any feedback by contacting us @Thebatdaddy52  Greg on twitter @Wobblyboots85 Nathan on twitter @scspodcast1 on twitter Hope you enjoy!
May 7, 2019
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