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$CVM Safely

$CVM Safely

By DaSai Harris
Whether you paint, draw, design, etc., this is for us! A podcast for creatives & entrepreneurs. Listen to DaSai talk about a array topics with occasional guest bi weekly. You might learn a lot & you might laugh a lot.
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$CVM Safely

Shout out to everybody that participated in our first contest/giveaway. The winner is announced in this episode! This week on the $cvm Safely podcast DaSai (IG: @scamsafely, @scvmsafely) & Kris (IG: @_k2times, @gramsandscvms) cant stay on one topic. They discuss top 5 record labels of our generation, Dicaprio VS Depp, & Kris offers us in site on his time as a drug lord in Harrison High. Learn a little & Laugh a lot! 
September 29, 2020
Welcome back to the $cvm Safely podcast! It's been over a month since the last episode but now we are back. DaSai ( IG: @scamsafely, @scvmsafely) & Kris ( IG: @k2times_, @gramsandscvms) discuss kids return to school during the pandemic, the post success of their latest projects, & wild first date ideas. Laughs & free game. As always we want to be funny and entertaining but we also want you to learn something as well. AD Space is available just contact us at 
September 24, 2020
If you could have a business dinner with Jay Z or Master P, who would you rather sit down with? DaSai (IG: @scamsafely, @scvmsafely) debates with Kris (IG: @_K2times, @gramsandscvms) on who they would rather sit with and who they think is the better entrepreneur between the two.
August 13, 2020
The $cvm Safely Podcast turned into a party this episode. DaSai ( IG: @scamsafely, @scvmsafely)  talked to both creators of the online boutique 2 Piece Savage! DaSai talks with Des ( IG: @fineassdes_) & AP ( IG: @shantifineass_) about literally everything from starting a business in the pandemic to Freeing Joe Exotic. This episode was not traditional like the rest of them but it was fun and we hope you all had fun listening to it. It went from a podcast to a party & sometimes thats just what you have to do! Visit there website at
July 20, 2020
DAZE AROUND THE SUN By : Chelsea Elledge
Author Chelsea S. Elledge (ig: @chelsea.elledge) is back at the Scam Safely podcast, this time to talk with DaSai (ig: @scamsafely) about her latest poetry collection “Daze Around the Sun,” released on Juneteenth. We get into the meaning behind the poems, some entrepreneurial gems for cutting costs, and another Future debate. You can purchase a paperback copy directly from her website, . Make sure you visit and subscribe to the website. Also follow us on instagram, @scvmsafely 
June 29, 2020
T.M.D.Q. By Kris K.
DaSai (@scamsafely , @scvmsafely )& Kris K (@_k2times , @gramsandscvms) talk about his most recent drop, THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION! A freestyle diss towards Weird Al Yankovich . Kris's first book released on Juneteenth 2020 after sitting on the idea for 2 years. Even though Kris is always on the show , this episode was another interview digesting right into The Million Dollar Question and origins of it. They talk about aspirations and goals for the book, Juneteenth and of course future the goat. We proud of you my boy! Breonna Traylor's killers are still not arrested.
June 24, 2020
Blackout Tuesday
It’s been a minute since Scam Safely (@scamsafely, @scvmsafely) dropped a new episode, so we decided to provide a fresh perspective on current events . On this episode DaSai & Kris (@_k2times, @gramsandscvms) give you the latest on what’s happening locally and nationally: from the most recent police brutality and racism events to Detroit Villians getting exposed throughout these trying times. The video about Jewell Jones we bring up can be found on @pardonmewithp Instagram page in his Instagram Tv section. Support and shop business. RIP GEORGE FLOYD!
June 03, 2020
First 6 : The $cvm Safely story
Kris (ig: @k2times_, @gramsandscvms) takes over the podcast to give you the $cvm Safely exclusive! Kris interviews the Owner & Creator of $cvm Safely & the host of the $cvm Safely podcast DaSai (ig: @scamsafely, @scvmsafely). DaSai delivers his whole story and talks about transitioning from swiping to building his luxury street wear brand. Laugh a little and learn a lot!
May 04, 2020
This is the $CVM SAFELY podcast first remote podcast done via Anchor. Our special guest Gillian (ig: @beautifulgorgeous , @harperrayaccessories) & DaSai (ig: @scamsafely , @scvmsafely) discuss her whole entrepreneurial journey. We had a great conversation about digital marketing, Brand experience, & the rise of E-commerce. If you listen closely you’ll catch presentation and packaging gems you could use in your own business. Laugh a little & Learn a lot!
April 21, 2020
*spoiler alert* if you plan on watching ozarks on Netflix and have not finished it then do not listen to this episode until you have. DaSai ( ig :@scamsafely, @scvmsafely) & Kris ( ig :@_k2times, @gramsandscvms) deliver another Quarantine episode. This is by far the funniest episode of the $CVM SAFELY podcast in my opinion & it’s also the 10th episode. If you don’t want to laugh and have a good time while staying home quarantining then this is not the episode for you!
April 20, 2020
$CVM SAFELY X GRAMS & $CAMS 2 (Quarantine Edition)
DaSai ( ig: @scamsafely, @scvmsafely) quarantines and freestyles over old bone thugs and harmony beats with Kris ( ig: @_k2timez, @gramandscvms) for a hour straight non stop. They also give a lot of quarantine tips and things to do while we’re all stuck at home. The corona virus will pass but until then give this a listen and laugh a lot!
March 27, 2020
$cvm Safely X Billionaire by Confidence
DaSai ( @scamsafely , @scvmsafely) talks with Billionaire X Confidence owner and designer Blake ( @blakeorbh , @__bxc_ ). They discuss building a brand, luxury street wear, and keys to be successful in your creativity. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. He does a great job of breaking it down for future entrepreneurs or those who aspire to own and build a brand. Learn & Laugh a lot!
March 11, 2020
A Dose Safely
This week, $cvm Safely podcast (ig: @scamsafely , @scvmsafely) sits down with Chelsea Elledge (ig: @chelsea.elledge) , a writer and author of A Dose Will Do (poetry). Why was she so far away from the mic? We talk everything from the importance doing research and the meaning behind her poems, to Future and Jay-Z. A lot of good entrepreneurial gems as well. Learn & Laugh A lot!
March 02, 2020
$CVM Safely X Candice Thompson
Another episode full of learning & laughs. DaSai (ig:@scamsafely , @scvmsafely) talks with Candice Thompson ( Ig: @candimook) about multiple subjects. Investing, financial literacy, and the artistic community in and around Detroit. Black history month is not over and we are still shouting out Black Businesses to show support. Of course we were high so we missed a lot of them and she forced DaSai to drink. Make sure you go to and buy everything in your size. Learn a lot and laugh a lot!
February 19, 2020
Thank y’all for being patient. We got it! DaSai’s first female guest Tiera Lavin, graphic designer & owner of T Styles Graphics. Being a parent, a entrepreneur, and having a personal life isn’t easy and we talk about it all! She answers graphic design basics as well as beginning entrepreneurship. She was high a little bit. Don’t forget to buy her book , “It takes more then a logo” from her website ( @scamsafely , @scvmsafely , @tieralavin , @tstylesgraphics
February 07, 2020
Technical Difficulties
DaSai is having technical problems,so this episode he explains those. Did your team win the super bowl?Antonio Brown was in a humiliating interview & we had to talk about it. What’s Future best album? Listen as we talk about all these things on the 4th episode!
February 07, 2020
$CVM Safely X Grams & Scams
RIP KOBE BRYANT! Why was i yelling in the beginning? DaSai takes on his second official special guest, Mr. Grams & Scams himself Kris. Kris is the creator of the Grams and Scams app that is actually nothing in which it sounds like. It's an app to that motivates the culture and youth sending out inspirational notifications everyday at 11am. Kris and DaSai talk about entrepreneurial journeys and the steps Kris took to get his app onto ten thousand plus downloads. Also Kris gets exposed as a fake sports fan. @scamsafely , @scvmsafely , @gramsandscvms
January 27, 2020
$CVM Safely Ft. The best artist in the WORLD, Kayden
DaSai has a special guest who just happens to be best artist in the world. Kayden & DaSai discuss his path to becoming a 4 year old art prodigy. They discuss a couple pieces Kayden made and what make them special. A Mark Twain quote to think about as well.
January 24, 2020
$CVM Safely welcome!
$CVM Safely’s first episode is here. DaSai gives an introduction to the podcast. Introducing himself as well as his brand. DaSai also discusses “Resource Hoarders” in the creative community.
January 23, 2020