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SDI and The Degenerate

SDI and The Degenerate

By Paul Shteremberg
The San Diego Insider also known as SDI and the “Degenerate” from Miami talk all things sports and nonsense ranging from coast to coast
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Week 3 NCAA picks and Week 3 NFL Picks
All the game picked, even the ones nobody will watch like UTEP vs. UL Monroe!
September 24, 2020
Can you say anything controversial even if nobody is around? Was the Clippers choke predictable?
Bam's block heard round the world. Canes-Heat conflict of Doom Saturday. Randy Bullock fake injury. Would you help free someone from prison if she was an NLW? Big tone lock of the week. NFL Week 2 and NCAA Week 3 picks. How to stop barrage of politcal texts.
September 17, 2020
Football picks are back! Big Tone with another monster lock after nailing BYU
Will the curfew be lifted? Dress Code at the Kentucky Derby. Fantasy Football Drafts. Remembering the days without Fox Sports Go. Borrowing Netflix account etiquette. JJ Watt takes over Kentucky Derby in latest payaso of the week. 9-9-20
September 10, 2020
Big Tone is back picking the Kentucky Derby and his College Football Lock! Horse got the Rona. Why is nobody fighting for the PAC-12 as much as BIG 10?
9-3-20 Why do sports bars have all the tvs on one big game instead of sparing a couple tvs for smaller sporting events. Nerdy Marlins trade deadline recap. College Football weekend picks
September 4, 2020
Gardner Minshew Fantasy Football promo a scam? Dr. Fauci as a guest picker on College Gameday. NLW Realtors and Psychologists on TV
SDI proactive Fantasy Football Commissioner. Hot realtor on Hard Knocks selling Jalen Ramsey his house. Hot Psychologist made appearance on Shark Week and SDI makes a request to come on the Podcast. 8-27-20
August 28, 2020
NLW scoreboard operators behind the glass at NBA games. Baseball unwritten rules payasos. How to dodge family debates.
Thom Brennaman HR call mid apology. Did producer sabotage Brennaman? Degenerate worried about Marlins having to sit out another week after the Mets had a Rona case. SDI and the Degenerate keep getting distracted by NLWs at NBA games. 8-20-20
August 21, 2020
Shark Week up to the same old tricks bringing in celebrities. College Football over for good?
SDI says the Rams are only on Hard Knocks to make the Chargers watchable. Cancel the Cardinals? GOP vs DNC Football game
August 14, 2020
SDI and Degenerate Special: Republicans vs Democrats Football Game
Is Trump going to be able to attack Biden's prevent defense? Who is playing QB? Who are the head coaches and coordinators? Who are the radio announcing teams? From Podcast Episode 8-14 (Rest of Podcast to be released tomorrow)
August 13, 2020
Nerd baseball stats like FIP are out of control. Do you rate your pees?
8-7-20 SDI and the Degenerate SDI doesn’t think College Football traditions getting wiped out is not a big deal which the Degenerate vehemently disagrees. How do you avoid political debates? Epic payaso of the week involving NFL writers casting HOF votes before they get blipped out. 
August 7, 2020
Is it fun to listen to conspiracy theories? Why is insider trading illegal if insider gambling is legal?
7-22-2020 Can we start finally feeling good about sports returning? Will we all have installed chips 30 years from now. Stacked payaso nominees
July 23, 2020
Eagles concert on ESPN kicked ass. SDI doesn’t know old bands .JJ Watt dominated payaso of the week nominees.
7-16-20 SDI and the Degenerate MILF movie available on Netflix. When will this Dan Snyder bomb news drop? Will there be College Football? How did Jorge Masvidal order a pizza in Italy. Dan Snyder bomb drops. SDI doesn’t know that England is an island while The degenerate didn’t think Hong Kong was an island
July 17, 2020
Jeff Fisher Day. College Football peril. Team sports returned. Pulling the fake phone call trick
7-9-20 Why didn't Pizarro start for Inter Miami? SDI calls out Degenerate for fake laughter Streaming movies better than going to the movies? SDI double header dates. SDI understands the curfew rule after being out hammered till late. What is the big deal with Fiji water? Loaded Payaso of the week. 
July 10, 2020
Bobby Bonilla day. Lump sum or deferred payments? Curbside NLWs. Oregon-Oregon State Civil War canceled.
7-1-2020 Episode 56 America’s birthday weekend. Zoom fireworks. Hot dog eating contest biggest sporting event of the weekend. Open container rules. Payaso of the week.
July 2, 2020
Buying and selling Bubba Wallace conspiracies. SDI hasn’t watched sports center since 1942. The Degenerate doesn’t want handshakes to go away.
6-25-2020 The degenerate doesn’t believe that sports will come back until they do. Broadcasting remotely the way of the future? Teaser horses. Payaso of the week
June 26, 2020
Big Tone's second annual Belmont prediction. Drinking Tab while smoking a pipe. BK charging 80 cents more for cheese on free whopper deal
Does MLB have more labor disputes than anyone? The Degenerate goes to Hard Rock reopenging day and gives insight on the social distancing. Payaso of the week. Does smoking prevent the rona? SDI goes off on Dr. Fauci. New website discovery of horse racing search engine.
June 19, 2020
True Valentines Day. Companies releasing statements that remind you they exist. What happened to Tab soda?
6-9-2020 The handshake/elbow conundrum. Payaso of the week. Consequences of going back in time and changing history.
June 9, 2020
NBA Resumption plan. Wild intramural softball stories from college from the degenerate. How to leave a group chat.
6-4-20 SDI and the Degenerate Episode 51 If Rudy Gobert gets Covid again does everything shut down again since the antibody would be useless? Company statements. Too many disclaimers. More awkward situations that the degenerate gets involved in
June 5, 2020
50th Episode and 1 Year Celebration. How to deal with awkward hug or not to hug dilemma upon return to workplace
5-28-20 Episode 50 Baseball back and forth negotiations. LSU Phil and Big Tony join the show in celebration of making it one year. Phil still hasn't worn pants since before the quarantine and Big Tony says social distancing not good for the popcorn trick.
May 29, 2020
Remembering episode one in advance of the 50th episode and one year anniversary. Are fruity beers good?
5-26-2020 episode 49  Episode 49. The degenerate won’t believe the sports will come back until they do.  1899 prices of stuff via Red Dead Redemption
May 26, 2020
Internet Radio debut. Dolphins schedule breakdown. Famous 47s. Whale Census. SDI economics breakdown. UFC back.
5-14-2020 Episode 47  Check us out on VT Radio every Friday from 5-7 Starting tomorrow (5-15-2020) 
May 14, 2020
Virtual Birthday party gone wild full of shenanigans. The degenerate doesn’t know how to leave real parties let alone virtual ones. Happy Birthday blunders.
5-7-2020 Coronavirus deviant plants. Payasos of the week. Possible breakdown of fake Dolphins schedule
May 7, 2020
LSU Phil joins SDI and the degenerate you guessed it, no pants. SDI wears cologne for a virtual date. All the NFL Draft prop bets.
4-16-2020 Will there be a way to virtually transfer the smell over? SDI warns of unintended consequences that would come with it. One major payaso of the week. When will sports come back? 
April 17, 2020
Payaso Olympics
April 9, 2020
Living the Doc Antle life. Uber elephants. We need the NFL draft. Strip connect 4.
Episode 41 4-3-2020 New online poker app that allows cameras, could this end up being the new chat roulette? 
April 3, 2020
Live from the quarantine. How to pass time. Enough of these board games. SDI can’t leave his house unless he has a good which leads to a business proposition.
Episode 40 3-26-2020  Intense break down and outrage of the greatest of all time college basketball bracket 
April 3, 2020
Quarantined, but still recording. Sports will never be the same, 30 years from will you worried about a game counting until if officially ends? Party exit strategy. weather betting
Episode 39 3-17-2020 Coronavirus Crisis. SDI doing show remote in isolation despite him thinking this was nothing. All sports canceled well except for NFL free agent moves. 
March 18, 2020
March-April best 2 months in sports? The Degerate with a payaso of the century "candidate." Would you want Golden Dollar Coins as change?
3-5-2020 SDI and the Degenerate Episode 38 SDI and the Degenerate not letting the Coronavirus stop them from going to Vegas. SDI wishes it was a "Heinekenvirus."  Watching "EnamoradosUSA" in public. Nerdy college basketball stuff. NFL Combine recap and XFL pick (which we forgot to do last week). 
March 6, 2020
The Degenerate still feeling the aftershocks of the epic halftime show. Pepper Johnson didn't make it 30 years. Sideline interviews gone wrong.
Payasos of the week. Rivers finally leaving the C-Words. President's Day conundrum in Miami on NBA All-Star Weekend. XFL Week 2 picks.
February 11, 2020
Epic Super Bowl Halftime Show that will resonate 30 years from now. XFL Preview and Week 1 predictions. Big Tone with his Oscars pick.
 The Degenerate harassed his bookey LSU Phil with too many stupid bets and when he had a big bet, the bookey was asleep and it was a winner. 
February 6, 2020
Super Bowl week and the Degenerate wants to know how to approach NLW at Radio Row. All The Big Game Prop Bets!
1 - 30 - 2020 SDI And Degenerate Episode 34 The degenerate with a run around to get a new screen on his phone and arguing with robots. Big Tone with his Super Lock.
January 31, 2020
The Degenerate previews the Chaos of Radio Row. The Degenerate has a new bookie and he has been harrassing him with stupid bets. "Curb Your Enthusiasm" moments used in real life
1 - 24 - 2020 SDI And Degenerate Episode 33 Club LIV getting lucky with Big Game 54 being in Miami. Big Tone's Pegasus picks. "Curb Your Enthusiasm" moments used in real life by SDI and the Degenerate. LSU Phil finds his pants and recaps wild night in New Orleans.
January 24, 2020
Why do they call it "The Big Game." Astros cheating scandal biggest in sports? Title Game on too late. Warlock Double Lock with an X-rated twist.
1 - 14 - 2020 SDI And Degenerate Episode 32 SDI admits to watching the Wire one episode a week even long after the series ended. 
January 15, 2020
Reliving best of 2019. How long before you stop saying "Happy New Year." Big Tone and LSU Phil national championship roundtable.
 Payasos of the holidays. Trading 3 picks for Tua is like trading 3 turkey subs for a mangled chicken tender sub. Guardians of the Glades breakdown with a new NLW. Jeopardy greatest of all time and analytics taking over Jeopardy. NFL picks.
January 10, 2020
SDI and the Degenerate Best of 2019
SDI and the Degenerate Best of 2019
January 10, 2020
Last Podcast of 2019. The Degenerate reaveals he could have popcorn tricked a co worker. Big Tone with one more lock
12 - 23 - 19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 30 Picking remainder of Bowls and NFL Games. The Degenerate reaveals he could have popcorn tricked a co worker during Star Wars if he wanted too. Big Tone breaks down Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker (MAJOR SPOILERS. Disclaimers included). Payasos of the week. NFL Wild Card weekend preview.
December 23, 2019
Star Wars premiere conundrum. Holiday party recap. Where would go if you had one free roundtrip airfare? Bowl season week 1 preview.
12 - 19 - 19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 29 Holiday party recap with the Degenenerate bringing his iPad to watch Heat-Lakers. Big Tone on how to avoid movie spoilers as well as another lock. NFL picks too.
December 20, 2019
The Degenerate has a holiday party conundrum. Big movies like Star Wars that say they are opening on a Friday but really the Thursday night before. Big Tone steals SDI's NLW.
12 - 11 - 19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 28 The Degenerate has a holiday party conundrum and begrudgingly uses his +1 on SDI. Is it ok to use a +1 on someone who is not your "date." Big movies like Star Wars that say they are opening on a Friday but really the Thursday night before. The Degenerate hates that because people go into work Friday morning not having seen movie and are exposed to spoilers. Big Tone with another lock and he steals SDI's NLW.
December 12, 2019
Thanksgiving recap. Art Basel and "free" valet parking at work. Man vs Bear in depth analysis. Publix Chicken Tender sub overrated? Thanksgiving Payaso Food Pics on IG.
12 - 5-19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 27 Art Basel and "free" valet parking at work, which the degenerate is very opposed too. Final week of full College Football picks. LSU Phil and Big Tone roundtable Part 2. 
December 6, 2019
Degenerate goes on rant on Miami losing to FIU. SDI finds a lady that he doesn't believe to be that attractive, super attractive. Best Thanksgiving side dish.
11 - 26 - 19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 26 CFB Rivalry Weekend Picks. SDI finds a lady that he doesnt believe to be that attractive, super attractive. The Degenerate explains that it is because the theory of plausibility in which the more of a chance you have with lady, the hotter she is. NFL Weekend picks. 
November 29, 2019
SDI and The Degenerate discuss what it would be like to win the powerball. Andres Cantor play by play for a celebrity wedding. Fantasy move of the year.
11 - 20 - 19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 25 SDI busts out old school names for the pics. Can Big Tone get 8 in a row. LSU Phils stays hot. Breaking down Kaepernick's workout.
November 21, 2019
Everyone affiliated with LSU is sans pants. Eric Hosmer looks like UPS manager in Padres uniform reveal. 1972 Dolphins still popping champagne.
11 - 13 - 19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 24 The degenerate brought his iPad to Canes football game to scout LSU-Bama like he did a week prior at the Cheetah. CFB picks including intense breakdown of Umass-Northwestern. 
November 14, 2019
The Degenerate admits to wearing crocs and bringing an ipad to a gentleman's club to watch games. LSU Phil and Big Tone Roundtable breaking down LSU-Bama
11 - 7-19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 23 The Degenerate is "sans pants" after hitting his 305 sans pants parlay last week. Can you get more than one free Grand Slam at Denny's on your birthday? CFB and NFL Picks. SDI Payaso of the week involving "C Words" considering moving to London.
November 8, 2019
Is Halloween the Super Bowl of Instagram? The Degenerate places a sans pants 305 moneyline parlay for the weekend which includes Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244.
10 - 30 - 19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 22 SDI reveals costume. The Degenerate has a dilemma regarding his birthday next week. CFB picks. Big Tone on fire and back to his horse roots with a Breeder's cup pick. SDI gets two new NLW subscribers to the Podcast.
October 30, 2019
Are wrist watches necessary? The Degenerate says is make more sense to buy a faulex than an actual rolex even if you have the means. Big Tone not only gives his lock but he steals SDI's NLW.
10 - 22 - 19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 21 Are wrist watches necessary? The Degenerate says is make more sense to buy a faulex than an actual rolex even if you have the means. Ripping Manny Diaz after his GT loss. Big Tone not only gives his lock but he steals SDI's NLW. The Degenerate still has a "home button" on his iPhone. NCAA and NFL picks. Miami moneyline parlay over Pittsburgh this weekend? He also gets nominated for Payaso of the week
October 23, 2019
The Degenerate gets into a snafu with an NLW regarding a shirt logo and thinking its the logo of his alma matter. Concert battle royal. Bad cell service at concert.
10 - 16 - 19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 20  RTD gets invited multiple suares of said alma matter and has to decide which one to go to. Al Michaels is the man. NCAA and NFL picks. 
October 17, 2019
The Degenerate generous tip at the Casino gets him in trouble. . Miami Hurricanes embarrassed again. Big Tone with another master lock. Updating "What's the Catch."
10 - 10 - 19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 19 The Degenerate's disdain for indoor smoke. Lots of football picks. Payaso of the week. 
October 11, 2019
Back to our roots, The Degenerate's story time. NLW's scared of The Degenerate. Debut of "What's the catch."
10 - 2-19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 18 The Degenerate hates taking multiple vehicles to same location. NCAA and NFL picks. Doyle Brunson Day.
October 3, 2019
Big Tone comes out of popcorn trick retirement. Remembering old legend broadcasters. Dolphins rebuild similar to Avengers Infinity War scenario
9 - 18 - 19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 16 Lots of football picks! Maybe even too much
September 19, 2019
Recapping the gloom and doom of the Miami Hurricanes and Dolphins. What happened to all that "swag." Instagram Journalism by SDI proves true.
9 - 11 - 19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 15  Big Tone another winner last weekend and another lock for this weekend. Picking all NCAA games and NFL games against the spread. Frank Solich vs Bill Snyder 30 years from now.
September 12, 2019
Hurricane Recap. . Week 2 CFP picks with special guests Big Tone giving his lock of the week and LSU Phil previewing LSU-Texas.
9 - 4-19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 14. The Degenerate witnesses a jackpot 7 card straight flush in Pai Gow. Week 1 CFB recap. Is it ok to go after a handicapped NLW?
September 5, 2019
Ladies posting pictures on social media without their man a sign? Full Breakdown of Canes-Gators from Saturday Night. Andrew Luck retirement reaction
8 - 27 - 19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 13 Recapping the horrible gambling story from last week. 
August 28, 2019
SDI and the Degenerate hang out with uber driver for UFC 241. Should Dolphins trade #1 overall pick for 3 #1s if they get it. Shortstop Kyler Murray rough outing.
8 - 21 - 19 SDI And Degenerate Episode 12  The Degenerate's super long winded pai gow stories.  Canes-Gators preview. NFL Preseason Game 3 aka the "Dress Rehearsal" picks
August 22, 2019
NBA finals breakdown, Women's WC preview, horse expert calls in
SDI and The Degenerate break down the NBA Finals. Preview the Women's World Cup. The Degenerate got hit on by 2 8's. Plus the guys call their horse expert for a winner in the 2019 Belmont Stakes.
August 15, 2019