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SDR Nation's The Hot Seat

SDR Nation's The Hot Seat

By SDR Nation
We interview the top sales development reps in the game to unpack what makes them great.

SDR Nation is an exclusive, membership-based community where we accelerate SDR's careers through coaching, mentorship and training.
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#12 - Getting Over Your Fear of Calling with Casey McKeon

SDR Nation's The Hot Seat

#12 - Getting Over Your Fear of Calling with Casey McKeon
In our first episode for Season 2, we're back from a break to bring you an amazing episode with Casey McKeon, a wizard when it comes to cold calling. In this episode we unpack how Casey approaches the phone and booking meetings for his team with calls, as opposed to relying on email.  Let us know if you enjoy the episode and feel free to connect with Casey here: SDR Nation on LinkedIn:
January 17, 2022
#11 - Getting Promoted to an AE with Zack Evans
In our 11th episode, we sit down for a dynamic conversation with Zack Evans, Account Executive at MakerSights. Tune in to hear how Zack progressed through his sales career from an SDR to AE at MakerSights and what he learned along the way.   Zack is an incredible individual who's story you'll definitely want to hear.  Connect with him on LinkedIn: 
August 22, 2021
#10 - Personal Branding is Not The Same as Social Selling with Evan Patterson
Many of you know Evan Patterson for the content he shares all over LinkedIn. He's an incredibly generous individual that has given back to the sales community in countless ways. Evan started with us as a member at SDR Nation and then quickly became a coach for all the value he was sharing to members.  You'll enjoy this episode all about social selling on LinkedIn and why it's different than personal branding.  Connect with Evan at
July 18, 2021
#9 - Humanizing Your Prospecting with Lilah Nielsen
In episode #9, we meet with Lilah Nielsen, one of our founding members at SDR Nation and an all around incredible person. Lilah is a Senior Enterprise BDR at Tealium and also runs her own podcast The Creativity Lab. Lilah and I talk all about her love for meeting strangers, how she builds connections with people and stands out, as a top performer in her role. You're going to learn about her approach to building relationships and how she gets her inspiration. We hope you enjoy it!  Lilah Nielsen on LinkedIn -
May 08, 2021
#8 - Building a Social Selling Strategy with Monica McIlroy
In this episode, we sit down with Monica McIlroy, SDR at and Developer Media. Monica is a wizard when it comes to social selling on Twitter, and also LinkedIn. Listen to our interview to learn how she approaches balancing the emails she needs to send with relationship building on social.  Connect with Monica at: 
April 14, 2021
#7 - Growing into an SDR Team Lead with Jan Mundorf from Albacross
In this episode, we dive into Jan Mundorf's journey from SDR to SDR Team Lead and the impact he's making on his team and with his prospects.  Jan is currently Team Lead, Revenue Development at Albacross in Stockholm, Sweden. This is not an episode to miss as we unpack Jan's favorite question, how he booked a meeting with one of the most in-demand people in his industry and how he empowers his team to be successful as a fellow SDR. Connect with Jan at
March 18, 2021
#6 - From Professional Athlete to Competitive SDR with Josiah Benjamin
We sit down with Josiah Benjamin, a sales development rep at LHH to unpack what he took from his time as a professional athlete into the sales game.  Connect with Josiah: Follow us on LinkedIn: Follow us on Instagram: Apply at
March 05, 2021
#5 - Embracing Cold Calling with Gabby Furlotte
On this episode, Charlie and Michael sit down with Gabrielle Furlotte, an SDR at Proposify in Halifax, Canada to unpack her SDR superpowers. Gabby leans in to cold calling, which is something that can be quite nerve wracking for many sales people.  She's also known for sharing awesome content on LinkedIn. You can connect with Gabby at:
February 23, 2021
#4 - The Stigma of Sales and Embracing Diversity with Ashley Zagst
We sit down with a wonderful individual, Ashley Zagst to unpack the stigma associated with a sales role, how she is working to change that over time and the importance of diversity in this role.  We hope you enjoy this great episode.
February 15, 2021
#3 - Finding Mentors and Community as an SDR with Geno Oliva
In our third episode, we interview Geno Oliva " the coldest caller in the game". Geno is a very funny SDR at Udemy who is creative and bold in his approach to outbound prospecting. We talk about how he uses mentors and community to succeed in his role.  Geno is also building his own course on the Udemy platform. 
February 11, 2021
#2 - Using Humor to Break Through the Noise with Lainie Noonan
In our second episode, recorded late 2020, we sit down with Lainie Noonan a Sales Development Rep at Bolt. Lainie is one of our first 50 members and is an incredibly intelligent and brave SDR tackling the front lines.
February 11, 2021
#1 - Succeeding as an SDR during COVID with Alex Harris
In our first episode, recorded late 2020, we sit down with Alex Harris from ThreatConnect to unpack how he has stayed productive and successful as an SDR during the global pandemic. Alex is one of our founding members of SDR Nation and is based out of the U.K.  Connect with Alex:
February 08, 2021