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Travel, Sea Tales, and Seadogs

Travel, Sea Tales, and Seadogs

By Seadog Travels
Join Seadog Travels -- a nautical travel company for people who love the oceans. Listen to the latest updates about our company, and travel news about tall ships, cruises, boating, sailing, and how we're working to both explore and protect the oceans of the world.
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Success in San Diego!
Our whirlwind trip to San Diego was a great success! We checked out the venues and places where we will go for our custom group travel experience to San Diego. Boating in international waters with dolphins, parasailing, sailing, nautical museums, and great food! Our new San Diego trip experience will be ready soon. Check it out here: 
June 28, 2022
San Diego, Tucson Office Space, Sailing, and The Fun Rolls On
Seadog Travels is ramping up for the summer with adventures in San Diego that include sailing, whale and dolphin watching, and more. Better yet, the business is moving into some chic office space in Tucson, we're ramping up operations, and continuing to promote our epic adventures across the U.S. and Caribbean. Check it all out at 
May 31, 2022
Summer Plans for Seadog Travels!
What are you doing to explore the world this summer? We're going to San Diego to enjoy marine life on the water, as well as going parasailing and learning to sail. It's all about experiencing life and let's get out there, explore the world, and keep our oceans healthy.  Explore Seadog Travels at and we hope you will travel with us soon!
May 20, 2022
What's Wrong With Travel Agencies?
Travel agencies have been around for decades and the question always you need them to help booking and/or planning your travels? In today's world, you need to ensure that you receive true value from the agency, the dedication to service in helping you, and providing the knowledge to help you have the best travel experiences possible. Explore Seadog Travels at 
May 11, 2022
Seadog Travel: What We Do And Why We Do It
Learn about the vision, mission, and activities of Seadog Travels. We are a nautical travel company for people who love the oceans -- that is our love, that is where we operate, and that is where we will always be. Check out our website at 
May 03, 2022
Welcome to Seadog Travels
Join Seadog Travels. We're a new kind of travel company. Nautical by nature. Different by design. A full-service, ocean-centered travel company that is working to explore and protect the oceans of the world. Tall ship sailing. Immersive tropical island tours. Luxury Cruises. Helping people buy and sell used boats. Nautical destination weddings. Travel Agency. Our long-term goal is to bring together the world of travel and ocean science to help the travel agency address the pressing environmental issues of our day. Join us: 
April 24, 2022