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Breaking Inertia

Breaking Inertia

By seamus feeney
Real life, real people talking about training, mindset, nutrition, and business.
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addiction & recovery Mar 2019

Breaking Inertia

addiction & recovery Mar 2019

Breaking Inertia

James Devine - National Chef of the year (2017)
Timeline of this podcast Quality Assured Beef and Lamb 1-7min Butchers and supermarkets 7min Favourite dishes and adding flavour to your food 19m40s Secret Formula for Steak and Caramelised Onions 37m40s Career Path 54min first competition 1hr 4min Taking the trade serious - winning national chef of the year 1hr 8min Change in the industry - work life balance 1hr 21min Running his own restaurant 1hr 33min Favourite Restaurants 1hr 39min Acknowledgements & Thanks 1hr 48min James Devine instagram @jamesdev85 NI Beef and Lamb Website instagram @seamyfeeney & @breaking.inertia.podcast Here's a list of the restaurants that James has recommended to you can try them out for yourself
March 11, 2021
James McGrath - A Man On A Misson
James has found his calling to help lead other live a more fulfilled purposeful life.  He eventually found this after being at a very low point in his life where he thought of taking his life on the cliffs of Donegal. He’s now director of services at steveyj international and has travelled as far as America to inspire people. Say ‘Yes to life’, everyday is an opportunity with challenges which ultimately leads to growth. During this episode James gives advice on being better prepared for each day.
February 24, 2021
Marty Doc the effects of Gambling
Marty Doc talks with me about the effects gambling has had on his life.  He's contemplated suicide and thankfully he didn't, he went through a 12 week recovery program, and hasn't gambled for 18months. We talk about his struggles, and the realisation of the problems which lead him to take ownership of what he had done and ultimately take him where he wanted to go. He has more appreciation for those small things and less worried about opinions of others. I think we can talk away some truths about his experience and apply them to our own lives.
February 19, 2021
Adam Smith & The Real Junk Food Project
Founder of the real junk food project in December 2013 with an incentive to 'feed bellies not bins'. In 2015 he did a Tedx Talk explaining his concerns about how much food is actually wasted which has created a massive food surplus but still we have the issue of food poverty. To give you some figures half  the food produced doesn’t even make it to our tables and 1 billion people don’t have access to food. Adam had opened a 'Pay as you feel' cafe within a week of starting the company. This has grown to have 100's of other cafes with a similar model and making use of  the surplus of food.
January 19, 2021
Johnny Scanlon - Addiction & Recovery
Johnny had a choice and in 2017 he either took a bottle of vodka and lived only for a few more years or he could lift the phone and ask for help. He had gotten to an all time low, and for him, seemed he had lost everything. with a glimmer of hope he reached out for help and found great support from HURT (have Your Tomorrows) the counselling service he use there and how they were able to help him find somewhere to get his rehab and finally get sober. Johnny gives us a brief look into his life and what it was like living with an addiction and how it almost took his life. His message is "don't be afraid to ask for help and for any loved ones who are concerned about a family member with an addiction, should be honest  and supportive." The person with the addiction doesn't realise they're hurting anyone else... Johnny has managed to rebuild those relationships which is his biggest accomplishment.
October 6, 2020
ARC Fitness and its 18 Month Journey
Gary Rutherford had a vision and dream to create ARC (Addiction, Recovery Coaching) Fitness. We talk about what the challenges have been and the growth and success of the non profit. we mention the community of services in the city and how they are all working towards the bigger goal of helping those in need of drug and alcohol abuse.
October 6, 2020
Losing your job but you haven't lost everything
With more and more people being made redundant and loosing their jobs, it can be very testing times. with Craig and I both loosing our jobs we take about this scenario, our thoughts and some helpful tips to get you back into employment. Job Search Check out @Learn_Grow_Develop on Instagram 5 Step Guide 1. Develop, tweak and adjust your CV around a specific jobs essential and desirable criteria based on your experiences. Remember, this is you selling yourself on a piece of paper, it is the MOST important aspect of the job search, lets get you in that interview chair. 2. Research the company, job requirements and utilise as many aspects to network in regards to the company. 3. Interview preparation based on the job and examples you have demonstrated successes within your career to date. 4. Arrive on time and smartly dressed. It takes 7 seconds to form a first impression, this is your window to a good start. 5. Finally, preparation will calm nerves slightly and thus aid in you delivering a confident interview. GO AND SELL YOU.
September 16, 2020
The Perspective Ep 3 - The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*@k
In the 9 Chapter book Mark Mason straight talks his way through how to give a F*@k about the things that matter. Craig and I break each chapter down and make it relatable by using examples in our lives. Happiness Is a Problem You Are Not Special The Value of Suffering You are Always Choosing You're Wrong about Everything Failure is the way Forward The Importance of Saying NO And Then YOU DIE. I hope you enjoy this one and being to value (give a f@*k about) what really is important in life.
July 19, 2020
The Perspective Episode 2 - Start With Why
A book for inspiring leaders to challenge the Status Quo. Tapping in to your WHY, Why you do what you do and tell the world so we can all better understand, so we can make a decision whether we want  to be a part of it. "Finding your WHY is a process of discovery"
July 6, 2020
The Mindset Mentor
Richard Linton gives us a run down of how he became the person he is today and how he believes that he can help anyone reach their full potential, whether it will be financial, health, or in work. Coming from testing times he know first hand what its like to start from the bottom and build yourself back up again. Simply Cook for your home cooked meals - The Protein Works for all your supplement needs -
June 17, 2020
The Bike General
Having travelled the world, done various cycling tours of Ireland the Bike General gives his accounts on cycling. Life in Australia, Gran Canaria, London Tours of Ireland 24hr challenges Simple Training advice,Cross Training for off season, Build your foundation & Technique This is sponsored by SimplyCook - They've done the sourcing, grinding & measuring so you can cook some of the world's most delicious meals in just 20 Mins using our Recipe Boxes.
May 28, 2020
Perspective ep 1 - The Chimp Paradox
Seamus and Craig give their perspective... This series of episodes, we are going to be delve into different books and audio books and give our insights of what we have learnt, and how we can relate to it in everyday situations. This episode we talk about a book that Craig recommended to Seamus its about Mind management and breaks the brain into different segments that are easy to understand. All in all this book will help with your communication, Stress management, Relationships and work and at home and steer you towards what Success is for you. This series is sponsored by - They've done the sourcing, grinding & measuring so you can cook some of the world's most delicious meals in just 20 Mins using our Recipe Boxes. Enjoy  MINDFULNESS COURSE Don't forget to Subscribe and Share  Insta @seamyfeeney @crd_fitness
May 26, 2020
Seamus McDaid - Football Special to Football Agent and back again.
From travelling the world and fulfilling a life dream of being a sports agent to coming back to the roots of Ramelton Co.Donegal. Seamus McDaid was a controversial link for GAA players to make a move to Australian rules. Alongside that Seamus always had a strong Love for his family business and while working as a agent was able to expand the McDaid Brand to America and nourish the Irish out there with home comforts such as McDaid's Football Special and Irish Sausages. Enjoy the listen, Seamus is a character and a great talker. Don't forget to share and review the show Some Affiliate Links Simplycook - Mid week meals GAA Store - up to 20% off
May 12, 2020
Matthew Mc Keegan 105Kg Irish Strongman
Matthew Mc Keegan 105Kg Irish Strongman and deadlift world record holder
April 29, 2020
Tom Terwilliger - Max Mind Lean Body
Entrepreneur, Author, Public Speaker, Trainer, Mr America, MuscleSport sport USA TV Host  He grew up In Harlem, NY and now living in Colorado where he Lives with his wife and business partner Dawn. They both have accomplished a lot in their life time, they are highly focused on anti ageing and have developed programs to help people improve their mindset, nutrition and body image. They developed MAXMind Lean Body which is targeted at 40+ however anyone can join the program if they are ready to make the change.  Find out more Here
April 13, 2020
Connor 'The kid' Coyle
With a boxing heritage going back to the 1920's boxing is in his blood.. he didn't always think that it would be boxing that would be the sport to achieve his success as you'll find out. It wasn't a straight path as you might think for this young boxer, but he always had a dream and now with the DRIVE and BELIEF to go behind it he is focused on being a Champion.
April 3, 2020
Oran Sludden - Recovery from Drinking, Gambling and Attempting Suicide
A True story of a young mans battle with Injury and how it led him to drink Gambling and attempting to commit suicide Twice before getting the help he needed for recovery.
March 29, 2020
Woman's Health with Sharon Doherty
We talk about Sharon's battle with cancer... Loss of her son just after 4days... How she completed a length of the clipper boat race with 3broken ribs.. and how this has all impacted her way of life and inspired her to write a book to inspire woman to take a look at their own health and what they can do to improve it.
November 21, 2019
Fighting Anxiety, the loss of a loved one and helping others achieve their greatness
From building blocks on a building site to breaking mental blocks in Athletes. Jason now helps Athletes and members of the public.. Jason has become a hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and using these methods to improve mental blocks in golfers MMA fighters to people who have fear of cats or doctors needles.
November 13, 2019
Jonny Heaney from TLC Catering - Ideas Quick, Convenient and Tasty
Jonny Heaney has had 10 years experience working in various restaurants and in his newest venture he has started TLC catering were he is serving hundreds of meals a week to the majority of Derry. I asked him for some tips on how we could make meal prep more convenient for the every day person so they stay focused on their health goals and eliminating the excuses. We cover preparation, and having the right equipment in the kitchen, and how to keep the fridge stocked. The Knives Jonny recommends Victorinox
September 16, 2019
Oisin O'Flaherty - From Alcoholism to Athleticism
Oisin is a Business man and Gym owner.. He didn't always have the vision of being a Personal Trainer.. Listening to his story I think you'll agree that it's an inspirational story to come from addicted to alcohol at a young age to owning his own health facility to promote health and wellbeing. He is now 9 years Sober and still has good and bad days. His story, I hope, gives anyone out there who is struggling with addiction to continue to work on themselves, and not to give up hope. Instagram - @oflahertyfitness
August 15, 2019
Tom Foxley- Mastering self belief and who you want to become.
This was a great Chat with Mindset Rx'd head coach Tom Foxley. Topics we covered... How to create self belief in athletes, Why affirmations don't work, The tools every athlete should be using for mindset training, creating self belief , the subconscious and conscious mind, positivity and what NOT do do ...
July 3, 2019
OLY Clothing - With Louis Pearson
OLY Clothing is a apparel company and have grown substantially over the past three years. Louis talks about humble beginning and starting only with £400, two T-shirts and tailoring to Crossfit athletes. Now supplying in the UK  and globally they have created more products (exclusives mentioned in the show) and branching the company into 4 areas of health and fitness. I learnt a lot from the talk the resources, books and advice Louis give is straight forward and to the point.. I would advise you get a pen and paper ready for the ah ha moments. Louis and OLY clothing are continually giving back and supporting local athletes, Strongman, powerlifters and olympic lifters and creating awareness in the health and fitness industry. Head over to and make use of the anniversary sale that is on right now Please Like and Share if you found this content valuable.
June 17, 2019
Emma McQuaid - The fittest in Ireland
Emma found Crossfit accidentally when she was training for Quad bike racing and instead of training by herself she started Crossfit. She couldn't even do a pull up and found it difficult to do a over head squat with a broomstick. Now she's the fitness in Ireland and ready to take it to the big stage at there crossFit Games in July 29th 2019. Go to for more episodes. loads more to come so stay tuned
June 7, 2019
CrossFit Athlete - PD Savage (coming back from injury and staying competitive)
Training while injured, How to stay motivated and we talk about the three things you need to help you stay on track and stay positive through the process we go through his nutrition and training and how his mindset has given him an advantage in CrossFit.
May 25, 2019
Irish & European Strongman Champion (Under 80Kg)
Irish & European Strongman (Under 80Kg) I got a hour with Irish and European under 80Kg Strongman Champion. He also holds Irish deadlift and log press records. At the young age of 29 he has fine tuned his training and nutrition over the past 5 years  Training 7 days a week isn't for everyone, but having a competitive nature he strives to be the strongest Man in the world, currently he is sitting at 13th in the world.. Sponsors/Affiliates of the podcast Jack's Flight Club will let you know about flights to amazing destinations that are going really REALLY cheap There is a free membership but you miss out on 4 times the offers that premium members get. At only £35 for the year (£2.91pm) this could save you £100's on flights all across the globe. They offer a 30 Day Money back Guarantee and all flights are subject to availability.
May 6, 2019
Eoghan Otto Schlindwein -Tattoos / Nutrition / Training / Competing & Good Ol' Banter
Eoghan Schlindwein AKA 'Sling' has been training for the last 10 year competing in various Physique shows and helping hundreds of his clients achieve amazing results.. Appearances can be deceiving... Sling is tattooed from his fingers right up to the back of his head, but as the saying goes never Judge a book by its cover. His Is hilarious, witty and I've had many laughs in his company... It was a pleasure to talk to him about his training, nutrition and the most recent shows he has competed in. you can follow him on instagram @eoghan_schlindwein_training and his website here you'll find his training programs and much more. Enjoy if you like please like it leave a comment and share it on
April 27, 2019
Micky Walsh - Father of 3, business owner & Crossfitter
I todays episode I'm talking With Micky Walsh.. He's a fella that had Hard Work ingrained in him from a young age.. through various events in soccer spared him on to purse Crossfit as a Sport as a Business and a way of life. He has competed in Europe and is now going Australias Gold Coast now in October to compete His instagram @walshy1983 and @crossfitlimavady My website Subscribe to the newsletter get all the promotions & podcasts straight to your inbox so you don’t miss a thing.. Podcast Sponsors Sparta Performance Gear They pride themselves on personalising your gym gear. promote your gym or box with this quality gear. Personalised Sportswear  Army Tactical backpacks And sandbags for training website Jack's Flight Club Jack's Flight Club is the UK's leading cheap-flight finding membership service, that notifies members about ridiculously low priced flight deals to destinations all over the world. This is not just saving a few quid on flights but typically the average saving on a return flight is over £400 per ticket! Some recent RETURN flight deals include London to Tokyo: £248 Manchester to Peru: £319 Birmingham to Melbourne: £441 Inverness to Hawaii: £289 Manchester to Las Vegas: £199 London to Havana: £225 Dublin to New York: £163 Since launch just over a year ago we've grown quickly to over 800,000 members in the UK and Ireland, receiving fantastic feedback and we've been featured in national media by the likes of The Times, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Independent, Stylist, Time and Lonely Planet. website Jack's Flight Club
April 27, 2019
addiction & recovery Mar 2019
Today we talk about Addiction and Reocery.. I have Gary Rutherford on the show who himself is a recovery addict and been clean for 8years. he's now a register community addiction nurse and has started a non profit called ARC fitness we'll talk briefly about his story and the tips that he has used to aid the recovery process... here is a link to Local services in the Western Trust Insta: @arcfitnessni Facebook: ARC Fitness - Addiction Recovery Coaching host - Seamus Feeney insta- @seamyfeeny www-
March 9, 2019