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Bachelor in Paradise: The Goose gets married.

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By Sean Melia
In Season 2, Sean and Tiff are creating a digital time capsule for the past decade. Each episode they'll focus on one segment of pop culture: TV, Music, Movies, Fashion, Tech. New episode will drop every Friday.
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In Season 2, Sean and Tiff are creating a digital time capsule for the past decade. Each episode they'll focus on one segment of pop culture: TV, Music, Movies, Fashion, Tech. New episode will drop every Friday.

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Season 2 Episode 2: Technology of the 2010s
Technology has changed a lot this decade. Phones are more powerful, there's an app for everything, home speakers are listening, data is being mined, and the robots are coming. In this episode, we wax poetic about our youths and the tech that mattered to us. Then we head down a meandering path talking about the developments in various tech, how it's changed our lives, and what drives us crazy about it. Join us for this  time capsule as we wrap our heads around the end of the decade.  Follow us on Instagram: TheRandom Division Send us an email:
November 15, 2019
Season 2 Episode 1: The Best TV of the Decade
In episode 1 of season 2, Tiff and Sean kick off their digital time capsule discussing TV over the last decade. How have TV viewing habits changed? Streaming. Cable cutting. Network shows. Binging. Awards. Tiff remembers the days when she played movies on her DVD player for background noise (00:00-27:45). They spend the second half of the podcast ranking their five favorite shows since 2010. Incredibly, there is no overlap, so they end up talking about ten great shows. Some they watched together, while others they watched on their own. Want to share your own thoughts on TV from the decade? Follow TheRandomDivision on Instagram, email us OR leave us a voice mail on our Anchor page and we'll play it on our show!
November 8, 2019
The Random Division: Season 2 trailer.
We're back for Season 2 of our podcast. We talked at you about the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. We're taking a break from all that and looking back at the last decade. A new episode will drop every Friday where Tiff and I talk about the last ten years.
November 4, 2019
Bachelor in Paradise: The Dinner Party
Sean and Tiff wrap up the Bachelor in Paradise season by planning a dinner party. They create their guest list from the 36 cast members that graced the beach with their presence. They discuss what a "Clue" themed dinner party might look like. Who would take the lead? Whose death would we investigate? How would Wells or Chris Harrison be used? Sean shares his favorite party game (make sure to write it down) and they discuss what type of food they might serve.
September 30, 2019
Bachelor in Paradise: The Adults go home and Blake seeks redemption
While watching episodes 9 and 10, Tiff and Sean start to see shades of not just high school, but middle school behavior. Bickering on the beach, crying, tips on getting a first kiss, and voice cracks all make appearances this week.  Sean and Tiff discuss the new phenomenon of social media apologies regarding Paradise Behavior, Blake's lightning strike moment when we realizes his one true love has been on the beach the whole time, and Tayshia's role in many of the plots these past couple weeks. At the end, Tiffany drops an incredible off the cuff "Blake" System, in the spirit of Alway Sunny in Philadelphia's "Dennis" System episode.  
September 4, 2019
Bachelor in Paradise: The Goose gets married.
Sean and Tiff talk about episodes 7 and 8 of Bachelor in Paradise. Tiff defends John Paul Jones while Tahzjuan can't handle the heat. Dean chooses his van over the Birthday Girl, Caelynn. The wedding between Goose and Krystal launches us into the final act of Bachelor in Paradise as Clay and Nicole, Caelynn and Connor, JPJ and Derek all get shoved into drama. Blake is a sad sack and Tiff reminds us all that these people have only been on the beach for 11 days.  Have questions or comments for Sean and Tiff? Shoot us an email
August 29, 2019
Bachelor in Paradise: Going through the couples
Sean and Tiff talk about the couples on the beach. But first they talk about the five guys going home and the fight between Jordan and Christian. Next, they question how ABC has handled the Demi-Derek situation. Then move through the other couples in paradise and wonder which ones will hold up to the end. They wrap up with a Kristina-Caitlin debate after Caitlin pulls Kristina aside for a little chit-chat. 
August 23, 2019
Bachelor in Paradise: Love Geometry and other life lessons
Sean and Tiff talk about the third and fourth episodes of Bachelor in Paradise: Monday's Episode (00:00-39:20): The first rose ceremony, Jordan's detective work and righteousness, Big Mike's arrival, Caelynn's Chameleon  Act, Katie's meltdown, and the Blake Love Triangle. Tuesday's Episode (39:20-1:19:00): More of the Blake Love Triangle, Cam is a sad sack, Dean's mustache arrives, Clay tries not to be protective, JPJ's dramatic debut, The Nicole Love Pinata.  
August 14, 2019
Bachelor in Paradise: The Blake Show
Sean and Tiff dive into the first two episodes of Bachelor in Paradise. They introduce the listeners to each of the contestants in alphabetical order. Some get a lot of time (Blake, Caelynn, Kristina, Hannah G...) others get a sliver of time (Hot Sauce Jane, Katie, and Kevin).  
August 9, 2019
The Bachelorette: Parents, Young Love, and Theme Songs
Sean and Tiff talk about the role of parents on Hannah's season of the Bachelorette.: Jed's parents coldness makes more sense after knowing he was actually dating someone else. Hannah's parents' reaction to Jed's profession in comparison to how they treat Tyler and his cliches. Then they discuss how the show highlighted the challenges of dating as a 24 year-old. They wrap up with a quick discussion about the next Bachelor and share their picks for themes songs for Hannah, Tyler, Jed, and Peter. It's worth sticking around to the end! Sean and Tiff picked the same song for Jed!
August 2, 2019
The Bachelorette: Men Tell All
Sean and Tiff discuss the Men Tell All episode which kicked off with Luke P. finally being eradicated. They talk about Luke P.'s time on the hot seat, his hypocrisy, and facing the other guys and Hannah, The John Paul Jones show made complete with chicken nuggets and hair cuts. Mike J.'s push to be the next Bachelor. And much more! Join us!
July 23, 2019
Windmills beat Fences
Sean and Tiff discuss the fantasy suite episode of The Bachelorette. Peter and Tyler C. (00:00-23:09): These men have opposite experiences. The Windmill makes its premier. Peter opens up and Tyler is the most respectful man in Hannah's dating history, Jed (23:09-39:37): Still fuming from Luke's inclusion in the show, Jed confronts Hannah during their "culture date." They work through it and Jed continues moving up the ranks. Luke P. (39:37-END): In an incredible flame out, Luke decides to "talk about sex" and puts his foot in his mouth multiple times. His true colors shine through. Somewhere Luke S. is laughing because he knew Karma was coming for Luke P.
July 16, 2019
Bachelorette Episode 8: A whole bunch of bologna tossed around in Gouda.
Tiff and Sean discuss the gang's trip to Amsterdam.  One-on-one with Jed (00:00-16:56): Jed's opens up to Hannah about his feelings after kicking their heels in front of a creepy organ. Jed and Hannah meet an old Dutch couple and Jed tells them that he and Hannah are "English." The guys continue to try to put Luke in his place. Luke has no idea what's going on.  One-on-one with Tyler (17:00-33:00): Tyler and Hannah visit The Hague. Tyler has to face two fears: riding horses and eating pickled herring. He also opens up about his family and his parent's divorce.  One-on-one with Mike (33:00-49:45): Connor is frustrated about his dating situation and confronts Hannah. Then Mike and Hannah share their love of art. They paint and act as models. Mike is excited about the future but Hannah is not in the same place. Rembrant's art brings Hannah to tears... or is it something else? Group Date with Garrett, Luke, and Peter (49:45-END): Two roses are on the line for these three men as they visit Gouda, where there's a whole bunch of bologna tossed around. Luke nearly loses his mind. Peter keeps his cool and one guy ends up getting sent home. 
July 2, 2019
Bachelorette Episode 7: Flying Ding-Dongs
Sean and Tiff have a special guest tonight! Sean's sister Careena joins them as they wade through the Luke P. saga. Join them as they watch the show and discuss each date as it happens. Is Jed a good singer? Is naked bungee jumping really a thing in Latvia? Is Tyler legit or just a Bag of Lines? How have Dustin and Dylan made it this far? Who will get hometowns? And how many times will the guys reference staying in their lanes?
June 25, 2019
The Unwanted Recap. Bachelorette Episode 6
Sean and Tiff catch up on last week's episode with a quick conversation about Mike J.'s one-on-one date in Inverness, Scotland and the hot and heavy group date where the guys compete in some Scottish Highland Games (00:00-8:15). Then they wade into the mind of Luke P. and try to figure out what Hannah B. sees in him (8:15-19:20). Next they dig in on a theory Tiffany regarding Hannah's connection with Luke. Garrett tries to play Bachelorette sheriff creating more strife in the house (19:20-35:10). Finally, the Bachelorette wraps up with a disappointing 40 minute recap because, well, this whole thing is a mess right now, but we talk ourselves into how great the last 5 episodes will be (35:10-52:40).
June 18, 2019
LA to Newport to Boston to insanity
Sean and Tiff discuss the episode 4 of Hannah's season. One-on-one date with Jed in Boston (00:00-22:00): This one hit close to home as Hannah and Jeb spend the day in our hometown and hang out with Jaylen Brown and Scary Terry! Group Date rugby match (22:00-44:00): Luke P. loses his mind during this over the top date. Kevin goes to the hospital and Luke S. gets pulled into the drama vortex. One-on-one with Tyler: (44:00-54:20): Tyler helps perk up Hannah with some lobstering, one-liners, and and Jake Owen concert. Cocktail Party (54:20-End): The Luke drama builds to a cliffhanger... we'll be back in the Belcourt at Newport to start the next episode.
June 4, 2019
ABL: Always Be Leaving.
Sean and Tiff talk about the third episode of the Bachelorette. First group date (00:00-23:44): The guys learn what it's like to be pregnant with Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen. Labor pains, anatomy quizzes, and clothes pins on nipples. Jed and Hannah wish upon a chicken nugget, Mike J. opens up, and Cam continues to be a thorn in everyone's side. One-on-One (23:44-30:15): Connor gets a one-on-one with Hannah after her trip to the ER.  Second Group Date (30:15- 45:17): We find out Tyler G. left the show without any explanation. What could have happened?1 The guys take photos with pets, Demi is back to go undercover and spy on the guys, and Luke P. is experiencing a slow-motion melt down as Hannah puts him in his place. Meanwhile, Peter has been cleared for take-off. Final Roses (45:17-END): Cam makes one final play for a rose with a strange story. Mike J. blows up his spot. and Hannah puts him in his place.
May 28, 2019
The Boldest Bachelorette Episode Ever
Sean and Tiff catch up on last week's Bachelorette episode where Cam crashes a group date, Tyler C. claps back, Luke P. professes his love, the guys wear speedos, roller skate, and eat chicken nuggets. All while trying to be as bold as possible.
May 26, 2019
The Bachelorette: Like a Bullet in the Foot
Sean and Tiff discuss the Hannah opening package, their first impressions of the guys, and try to figure out who our favorites are (0:00-29:16). Then they break down the cocktail party, in particular the strange Scott FBI-sting led by Demi and Katie that ended in his expulsion from the mansion forever (29:16-51:42)! They wrap up with a Rose Ceremony recap and wonder if John Paul Jones was a producer rose (51:42-59:18).
May 14, 2019
Bachelorette Reunion
Sean and Tiff catch up on Colton and Cassie and how they've been doing since Colton's season ended. Then they rehash some of their favorite moments from last week's Bachelorette Reunion. Finally, they talk about the upcoming season with Hannah and discuss a few of the guys that Tiff thinks are worth the time, for good and bad.
May 13, 2019
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