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37 - How to Acquire Multi-million Dollar Commercial Real Estate While Still Going to College with Rob Beardsley

An episode of Everything Real Estate Investing Show with Sean Pan

By Sean Pan
Sean interviews the top real estate investors and professionals in the Silicon Valley Bay Area to give you the inside tips and tricks of the industry, enabling you to be ahead of the curve with your investments. Discover how you can create multi-generational wealth with actionable steps that will enable you to have the time and freedom to do what you love and to live your best life. There's no wrong way to make money with real estate investing! Sean's guests include 7 figure wholesalers, flippers, contractors, architects, syndicators, developers, and much more.
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80 - Hotel Syndications and Managing a Billion Dollar Asset Portfolio with Jerome Yuan
Jerome is a hotel syndicator and managing partner of ASAP holdings, the largest Chinese owned private equity firm that focuses on acquiring Hospitality and Commercial Real Estate with Asset Management throughout the entire U.S.A. At one point, his portfolio consisted of over $1 billion  worth of hotels. He'll be sharing his story of how he got into the hotel space and how he was able to leverage partnerships to do larger deals.  If you're interested in understanding how investing in hotels work, you need to listen to this episode. Show notes: https://everythingrei.com/80---hotel-syndications-and-managing-a-billion-dollar-asset-portfolio-with-jerome-yuan/
August 18, 2019
79 - Changing The Way We Invest In Commercial Real Estate Investing with Rettex - Chris Moris
Chris is the co-founder and CEO of Rettex, a commercial real estate investing networking platform that hope to connect investors with commercial real estate syndication opportunities. We'll talk about the different types of syndications as well as how the Rettex platform can help investors learn more about syndications and how syndicators can get access to a pool of accredited investors. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/changing-the-way-we-invest-in-commercial-real-estate-investing-with-rettex---chris-moris/
August 14, 2019
78 - How To Become a Multifamily Syndicator and Establish an Authority Platform with Dan Handford
Dan is a commercial multifamily syndicator and host of the online conference, The Multifamily Investor Nation Summit. In this episode, Dan will share a story of how he got into multifamily investments and how he was able to establish a massive presence in the community in a relatively short time frame. https://everythingrei.com/how-to-become-a-multifamily-syndicator-and-establish-an-authority-platform---dan-handford/
August 11, 2019
77 - How to Get Started With Real Estate Development - Jason Hsiao
Jason is a real estate developer and meetup host in the Bay Area. He’ll be telling us how he got into the development space as well as some major tips on what to do if you want to get started. https://everythingrei.com/how-to-get-started-with-real-estate-development---jason-hsiao/
August 7, 2019
76 - Investing in the Bay Area Remotely From San Diego! with Sheila Wong
Sheila lives in San Diego, but flips homes here in the Bay Area!  She’ll share her methods of how to run a smooth operation from afar and how she used mentors to leverage connections to become a successful investor and be able to live the life she wants with her daughter. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/investing-in-the-bay-area-remotely-from-san-diego---sheila-wong/
August 4, 2019
75 - Protecting Your Assets with Creative LLC Structures - Naya Zhao
Naya is a real estate investor in the Bay Area, and in this episode, she’s going to speak about asset protection management and how her finances were greatly impacted by not being properly protected. We’re going to go over lots of strategies on how to protect yourself, and most of these are strategies that I never heard of before. FYI she’s not an attorney. If you’re interested in implementing any strategy you hear today, be sure to contact a professional attorney, or register for the class on August 9-11 at the Marriott hotel in Burlingame near SFO to learn more. We’ll give you more details later in the show. Register for the event at aba.link/naya Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/protecting-your-assets-with-creative-llc-structures---naya-zhao/
July 31, 2019
74 - How to Handle a Major Loss Like a Champ - Damion Lupo
This is a special episode, where we continued to chat after our conversations with the eQRP. In this episode, Damion talks about his failures as an investor during the last down-cycle and how he recovered from it. It’s a very raw episode and I wanted to share his advice with anyone who’s going through hard times of their own. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/how-to-handle-a-major-loss-like-a-champ-damion-lupo/
July 28, 2019
73 - How To Get A Hard Money Loan! - Brenda Chen
Brenda is a Hard money originator at Conventus. In this episode, she’ll let us know how the hard money process works and how to obtain a loan in the first place. If you’re interested in getting a hard money loan with Conventus, be sure to stay until the end to see how you can save $1000 off of your next origination fee! https://everythingrei.com/how-to-get-a-hard-money-loan!---brenda-chen/
July 24, 2019
72 - Investing In Your Retirement Account with No Taxes with the EQRP! - Damion Lupo
Did you know that you might need to pay taxes, even if you purchased the property with a self-directed IRA? Damion is a best selling author and founder of the eQRP. The eQRP is a fascinating tool for investing in your retirement account because with a self-directed IRA, you still need to pay taxes if you used leverage to purchase the asset! With a eQRP, you get full control of your check book and you don’t need to pay taxes on the gains of an asset, even if you used leverage to buy it!  Show notes: https://everythingrei.com/investing-in-your-retirement-account-with-no-taxes-with-the-eqrp!---damion-lupo/
July 21, 2019
71 - How to Go All In And Succeed In Real Estate Investing with Jimmy Tu
Jimmy is a successful investor in the Bay Area that focuses on wholeselling, rehabbing, and developing properties. In this episode, Jimmy will share his story of how he got into real estate investing and how he managed to grow his business exponentially. He’ll give us unique tips on how to acquire deals and how to become a master of your market. Show notes: https://everythingrei.com/how-to-go-all-in-and-succeed-in-real-estate-investing-with-jimmy-tu/
July 17, 2019
70 - Seller Financing Explained! with Max Kibler
Max recently found a lead in Sunnyvale, but had questions on what to do next! In this episode, we have a brainstorming session of how to approach the seller and the different creative financing strategies we could use to close this deal!
July 14, 2019
69 - How to Analyze Data to Invest in the Best Markets with Neal Bawa
Neal is a multifamily syndicator, meetup group leader, and creator of the multifamily education company, MultifamilyU. Today, Neal will go over the key metrics to look for when deciding on a market to invest in and will give us excellent tips on how we can become better asset managers.  Show notes: https://everythingrei.com/how-to-analyze-data-to-invest-in-the-best-markets---neal-bawa/
July 10, 2019
68 - How to Create Amazing Teams and Perform at a Peak Level- Ruben Garcia
Ruben was the former CEO of his local Keller Williams branch in Fayetteville and now acts as a performance coach for agents. He’ll go over how to create a high performing team and how to improve your mindset to accomplish big goals.  Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/how-to-create-amazing-teams-and-perform-at-a-peak-level--ruben-garcia/
July 7, 2019
67 - Everything You Need To Know About Direct Mail with Ryan Dixon
Ryan works for reiprintmail.com, a one stop shop for all things direct marketing. In this episode, we’ll go over the best direct mail strategies to generate leads to get more deals. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-direct-mail-marketing-with-ryan-dixon/
July 3, 2019
66 - House Hacking in the Bay with FHA - Anthony Barbato
Anthony is an agent at Keller Williams. On this episode, he’s going to share the strategy of house hacking in the bay using the FHA. With this strategy, we basically purchase fourplexes with an FHA loan, allowing us to purchase it with a low down payment and higher DTI ratio to qualify for the loan. It’s a great strategy for anyone looking to purchase their own property in the Bay Area.  Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/house-hacking-in-the-bay-with-fha---anthony-barbato/
June 30, 2019
65 - Using Technology to Reduce Costs and Maximize Efficiency in Real Estate with Aakash Prasad
Aakash is the CEO and founder of Design Everest, a one stop solution to all of your structural and architectural needs. In this episode, he’ll tell us how the use of technology enables his company to provide his clients a better quality service with less time and less money. I know I’ve definitely had issues in the past with structural engineering because the process is so inefficient, so it’s refreshing to see someone updating this antiquated profession!  Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/using-technology-to-reduce-costs-and-maximize-efficiency-in-real-estate-with-aakash-prasad/
June 26, 2019
64 - Automatic Rent Collection with Rentsy and How to Create a Tech Startup with Prateek Janardhan
Prateek is the founder of Rentsy, a technology company that automates the rent collection process for landlords. The real estate industry is often antiquated and it's always refreshing to see an old system get updated. In this episode, we talked about how Rentsy can help landlords and property managers and what it takes to create a tech company in the real estate space. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/automatic-rent-collection-with-rentsy-and-how-to-create-a-tech-startup-with-prateek-janardhan/
June 23, 2019
63 - Best Ever Advice for Real Estate Investing and Staying Top of Mind with Joe Fairless
Joe Fairless is an apartment syndicator and host of the Daily podcast, the Best Ever Show. He's hosted conferences, wrote one of the best books about apartment syndications, and has interviewed more real estate investors than anyone else in the world. Today, he's going to give us tips on how we can exponentially grow our business and how to stay top of mind. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/best-ever-advice-for-staying-top-of-mind-and-boosting-your-business-with-joe-fairless/
June 19, 2019
62 - How Creating Daily Content Generates Massive Opportunities with Frank Garay
Frank is the cohost of the daily video blog The National Real estate post that’s been running for the past 12 years. He’ll be sharing his experiences with content marketing and how being consistent in anything you do will lead to enormous results. We also talk about how to consistently come up with new content to share and how to add value to other people. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/how-creating-daily-content-generates-massive-opportunities-with-frank-garay/
June 16, 2019
61 - How to Win at Commercial Real Estate When The Odds Are Against You - Mallisa Jackson
Mallisa is a commercial broker in Idaho who helps national tenants find great locations for their businesses. She’ll go over what a great location looks like as well as how to grow your commercial real estate business faster. She'll go over her story of how she was able to raise herself from a position of weakness and turn it into her greatest strength. Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/how-to-win-at-commercial-real-estate-when-the-odds-are-against-you---mallisa-jackson/
June 12, 2019
60 - Mixed Use Rentals and Dominating Your Niche - Hanna Azar
Hanna is a real estate investor who focuses on purchasing commercial mixed use properties in San Francisco. He’ll tell us how to generate wealth with mixed use properties and how to vet a quality retail tenant.   Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/mixed-use-rentals-and-dominating-your-niche---hanna-azar/
June 9, 2019
59 - How to Properly Insure Your Real Estate Assets! - Oleg Kotov
Oleg is an insurance agent and today, he's going to be telling us everything we need to know about insurance. We'll cover common questions like how much coverage do we need? What types of coverage do we need? And why an insurance policy can be more effective than getting a single-member LLC. Show notes: https://everythingrei.com/how-to-properly-insure-your-real-estate-assets-with-oleg-kotov/
June 5, 2019
58 - Creating a Five Year Plan to Financial Freedom with the REIMOM! - Anna Kelley
Anna is a real estate investor in Central Pennsylvania and has recently achieved financial freedom after 5 years of deliberate investing. She’ll share her story about how she got into real estate investing and what she did to retire so that she could have the free time to be with her family.  https://everythingrei.com/creating-a-five-year-plan-to-financial-freedom-with-the-reimom!---anna-kelley/
June 2, 2019
57 - Most Common Real Estate Investing Questions Answered! - Max Kibler
Max is a brand new investor here in the Bay Area and I wanted to record our conversation together to shed some light on some of the most common questions that new investors have. I had a great time answering Max's questions, and I hope you all get a better perspective of the industry from our conversation! Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/most-common-real-estate-investing-questions-answered!---max-kibler/
May 29, 2019
56 - How to Consistently Succeed in the Bay Area with Eddie Lam
Eddie has been investing in the Bay Area for over 14 years and has seen it all. He'd be telling us a story of how he got into real estate investing and how he's been acquiring his deals since 2005.   Show notes: https://everythingrei.com/how-to-consistently-succeed-in-the-bay-area-with-eddie-lam/
May 26, 2019
55 - How to Overcome the Struggles of Being a New Investor with Ruben Beraza
Ruben is a relatively new investor who’s been around for over one year. And although he hasn’t acquired a deal yet, he’s learned a lot in his journey so far. I wanted to bring him on the show today to get a better understanding of what new investors are struggling with and what we can do to help.  Show Notes: https://everythingrei.com/how-to-overcome-the-struggles-of-being-a-new-investor-with-ruben-beraza/
May 22, 2019
54 - How To Use Facebook Marketing To Get More Deals For Less Money - Dmitriy Kruglyak
Dmitriy's an expert at Facebook marketing and he'll be teaching us how to use Facebook and why it is the best marketing platform out there right now. He'll give us several key tips on what we should be doing to get more leads with less money. https://everythingrei.com/how-to-use-facebook-marketing-to-get-more-deals-for-less-money---dmitriy-kruglyak/
May 19, 2019
53 - How to Raise Private Money and Create Deep Networks with Humberto Gaeta
Humberto will go over his story of how he jumped right out of college into real estate investing and how he got started specializing in raising private funds. He'll give us some great tips on how to raise capital and how to create a great meetup group.   Show notes at: https://everythingrei.com/how-to-raise-private-money-and-create-deep-networks-with-humberto-gaeta/
May 15, 2019
52 - It's Never Too Late To Succeed In Real Estate Investing - Jake Knight
Jake is a real estate investor in the Bay Area and started seriously investing in 2016. Despite having a full-time job and a newborn baby, he still made effort to take action and succeed. He considers himself a sophomore in real estate investing and I think it's interesting to hear the stories of people who are in the middle of the real estate investing journey. If you're just starting your real estate investing career, be sure to stick to the end. Jake is offering a few people the opportunity to get some hands-on experience with a few of his deals! Show Notes at: https://everythingrei.com/it's-never-too-late-to-succeed-in-real-estate-investing---jake-knight
May 12, 2019
51 - Everything You Need To Know About Self Directed IRAs with Bill Neville
Bill Neville is a retirement account expert and business development manager at The Entrust Group, a custodian that holds self-directed retirement accounts. If you've ever been confused about self-directed IRAs or anything related to retirement accounts, you need to listen to this episode. We go over a lot of information in great detail. Prepare to take a lot of notes! Show Notes on EverythingREI.com:  https://everythingrei.com/everything-you-need-to-know-about-self-directed-iras-with-bill-neville Theentrustgroup.com
May 8, 2019
50 - Earning 20 Years of Freedom "One Rental at a Time" with Michael Zuber
Michael is author of the book “One Rental At A Time”, where he shares how getting just 4 rental properties can change your life. He's also the host of the YouTube Channel “One Rental At A Time”, where he produces daily videos and interviews giving his audience valuable information about financial freedom through real estate investments. He'll be sharing his story on how he got into multifamily investments in Fresno and how he was able to earn back 20 years of his life by investing in out of the area properties.  One Rental at a Time Youtube Channel Show notes on EverythingREI.com
May 5, 2019
49 - Using Subject-To Wraps to Make Millions with Brad Smotherman
Brad Smotherman is a real estate investor and host of the top 100 business podcast “Investor Creator”. He currently owns a seven-figure per year real estate investing business and has invested in over 14 States. Today, Brad will talk about Subject-to wraps and will walk us through his entire acquisition funnel. By listening to this episode and following his steps you should be able to acquire properties with this strategy from anywhere in the country! Click here for show notes on EverythingREI.com
May 1, 2019
48 - How to Leave a High Paying Tech Job with Real Estate Investing with Matt Shamus
Matt used to work at Facebook and quit his 9 to 5 job to pursue a career in real estate investing. He currently operates Driven Capital Partners and purchases commercial multifamily properties across the United States. Matt has an inspiring story and if you've ever thought of leaving your day job to live the life you dreamed of you need to listen to this episode! Show Notes on EverythingREI.com
April 28, 2019
47 - Content Creation Master Class with Annie Dickerson
Annie will tell us how to get started with content creation and will introduce the tools she uses to make her job simpler. The best thing about this information is that it's universal and transferable. You can easily use the same strategy to get more clients as an agent, contractor, or attorney. It's a lot of work, but it's the best way to get more business in this day and age.  Passive Investor Academy Goodegginvestments.com Show Notes on EverythingREI.com
April 24, 2019
46 - How Being a "Go-Giver" Creates Opportunities - Gwyeth Smith
Gwyeth is a real estate investor in New York who focuses on acquiring properties out of state in Pittsburgh. He’ll tell us how he was able to acquire a commercial deal off market with no prior experience while holding a full time day job. He’ll also tell us the nightmare story of closing on the deal with his lenders, something that many of us have experienced. Make sure you stay until the end to hear Gwyeth’s pro tip on how to succeed in anything you want!   https://everythingrei.com/how-being-a-go-giver-creates-opportunities-with-gwyeth-smith/
April 21, 2019
45 - Lessons Learned from a Devastating Failure with Sean Pan
I was recently on Michael Zuber’s show One rental at a Time on Youtube. In this episode, I share my story of my entire real estate career so far and talk about the lesson’s I’ve learned along the way.   EverythingREI.com Meetup.com/SVREIM
April 17, 2019
44 - Selling $100 Million in 2.5 Years with Adam Oback and Bobby Nilsen
Adam and Bobby are the founders of ARON properties. They’ll share their story about how they managed to do over $100 million in real estate transactions in the Bay Area in just 2.5 years. They will give us actionable steps to succeed, and will tell us exactly what to do if they had to start over again.  Americanflippers.com
April 14, 2019
43 - What a Property Inspector Looks for in a House with Jim Pillsbury
Jim has been a property inspector in the Bay Area for over 10 years. He comes from a construction background and has performed home inspections for luxury estates, apartments, mobile homes, and regular single family homes. Jim will go through the entire inspection process and will tell us exactly what he looks for. Listen to this episode to hear some of the horror stories he's seen on the job and some tips on what to look for when looking for properties! AAAinspects.com
April 10, 2019
42 - How to Secure Financial Freedom with Extended Stay Rentals with Al Williamson
Al is known as the Father of the extended stay rentals. As a “landlord scientist”, Al has figured out the best ways to increase the NOI for rentals. He’ll go over the basics of why extended stay rentals are far better than the typical Airbnb short term rentals and will even tell you how you can get started with the strategy today!
April 7, 2019
41 - How to Create a Turn-Key Property Company Remotely While Working Full-Time with Stuart Grazier
Stuart is a real estate investor in Denver, Colorado, and has created a business selling turn-key properties from afar while still working full time in the Navy. He’ll tell us how to start a business from another state and how to properly deal with people that aren’t working out. He’ll also talk about the many life lessons that he’s learned and how you have to have the courage to stand back up after failing.   http://www.militaryinvestornetwork.com/
April 3, 2019
40 - How to Stage Your Home to Maximize the Final Sales Price with Claudia Connors
Staging is one of the most important parts for putting your project on the market. Out of everything you can do on a project, proper staging has one of the highest return on investment. Claudia is a stager here in the Bay Area with the company ‘Let’s Stage It’. She’s staged homes all across the Bay Area and will walk us through the entire staging process. She'll tell us how to get away with minimum staging as well as tell us the current trends in paint choices that are suitable for homes in todays market. http://letsstageit.com/ 
March 31, 2019
39 - How to Cash Flow in the Bay Area with Airbnb and Short Term Rentals with Evan Huynh
Evan is a real estate agent and investor in the Bay Area. He’s recently moved away from flipping homes to creating a business managing short term rentals to maximize the cashflow output for Bay Area rentals.  As you might have heard, it’s been said that you can’t cash flow in the Bay Area, but savvy investors like Evan are making it a reality. In this episode, you’ll learn what it takes to create short term rentals in the Bay Area as well as what to look out for when getting into this business.    IG - siliconvalleyrealtor Evan.huynh@kw.com Gopropertyhop.com
March 27, 2019
38 - How to Raise Money for Real Estate Investments with Julie Lam
Julie is a real estate investor in the Bay Area. She is the cofounder of Goodegg Investments and focuses on raising money for apartment syndications. In this episode, she’ll tell us how she got started with raising money with no track record and how she connected with operators to become part of the general partnership. She’ll go over the exact steps that you need to take if you want to start raising money yourself and explains what she looks for in a good operator. If you’re even remotely interested in raising money, you need to listen to this episode!     julie@goodegginvestments.com Goodegginvestments.com
March 24, 2019
37 - How to Acquire Multi-million Dollar Commercial Real Estate While Still Going to College with Rob Beardsley
Rob is a young multifamily syndicator who focuses on acquiring 150 + unit buildings in Houston Texas. He’ll share his story about how he got into the commercial real estate investing world and how he underwrites his deals. He’ll walk us through the entire process of acquiring a multi-million dollar deal in great detail and will give you actionable steps to get started with investing in commercial real estate, regardless of your experience level!  Rob@lonestarcapgroup.com Lonestarcapgroup.com
March 20, 2019
36 - Everything You Need to Know About Building a House with Ada Li
Ada is a residential single family home developer based in Chicago. She’ll tell us her story about how she got into real estate investing and development and will share how she acquires and develops properties from scratch. We’ll go over every single step with accurate timelines so that you can get a basic understanding for what it takes to build a single family home. She’ll even help us determine what our purchase price needs to be for acquiring the lot. You won’t want to miss her key words of wisdom for selling the properties at her desired target value! You can contact her at: ada@hardscrabble.investments
March 17, 2019
35 - The Absolute Best Way to Get into Commercial Real Estate with Ola Dantis
Today I’m proud to have Ola Dantis on the show. I met Ola at a real estate conference in Denver. He’s a commercial real estate syndicator and podcast host. He’ll talk about the importance of getting a great mentor and using partnerships to get into the commercial real estate world. He’ll also talk about how to vet partners and how important it is to have a great mindset.  If you're looking to invest in multifamily syndications, check out his group at https://www.dwellynn.com/
March 13, 2019
34 - Buying 700 Homes in the Midwest with INFINITE Returns with Bobby Sharma
Bobby is a real estate investor in the Bay Area. He does private money lending, sells turn key properties, and is a partner of a group that owns over 700 single family homes in the Midwest. Their acquisition strategy is insane and allows them to essentially have infinite returns after they refinance the properties! He’s also the leader of one of the largest meetup groups in the Bay Area with over 3000 members. He’ll explain his strategies for acquiring so many properties and how to structure deals to minimize the downside as well as how to run a successful meetup group and the benefits for doing so. 
March 10, 2019
33 - Why Investing in Your Backyard is the Best Strategy with Saj Shah
Saj is a buy and hold investor in the Bay Area with multiple properties in East Oakland. He’s one of the few investors who’s able to make properties in the Bay Area cash flow. We'll talk about why the paper returns out of state look attractive but aren't a true reflection of your profit and how to use Section 8 to increase rents to maximize cashflow.  You won’t want to miss the amazing way he finds his deals!
March 6, 2019
32 - Development in Uncertain Times with Jay Hinrichs
Jay has been an investor for over 40 years and focuses on new development in Oregon. He talks about his strategy for acquiring properties and partnering with high net worth individuals to be able to develop with little leverage, a great strategy for an uncertain economy. He’s one of the most popular posters on BiggerPockets with over 25,000 posts and 30,000 upvotes. He’s seen it all and is here to share some of his wisdom. 
March 3, 2019
31 - ZAP! Everything About ELECTRICITY with Sam Lee
Sam Lee is an electrical contractor in the Bay area and today he’s going to teach us everything about ELECTRICITY! Unlike a boring physics class, Sam breaks down the complicated concepts into a digestible format. This episode is incredibly interesting and is something you will never learn unless you were in the field itself.  We talk about what goes into the work and what are the processes of getting electricity into a home! We’ll go over how to get a contractor’s license as well as some case studies with actual number to see what it costs to get a large commercial job done. Make sure you stay until the end because our conversation gets ridiculous and Sam gives us some tips that could potentially save your life in the future. Note: This episode contains some profanity You can contact Sam at: Sam@grandelec.com Grandelectric.us
February 27, 2019
30 - The Fastest Way to Investing Success with Raul Luna
Raul is a multiple seven figures investor, meetup leader, owner of Properties 180 and levelupnowacademy. He has a great team and sends out over 10,000 direct mail pieces a week and had over 100 deals in the past year. He’ll give us case studies on a deal and tell us how he negotiates to acquire a property with essentially infinite returns. He’ll share his secrets to success and gives us actionable steps to become successful.  Raul has a special event on March 2nd and 3rd in San Franciso. You can learn more at https://levelupnowacademy.com/event
February 24, 2019
29 - Maximize Your Profit with Expert Marketing with Brendan Hsu
Brendan is the co-founder of Aerial Canvas, a one stop shop for photography, videography, and marketing. They service properties from SF down to San Jose and all the way to the East Bay.  He’ll talk about what goes into taking a great photo and how using a professional service is much better than trying to do it yourself. We’ll go over the latest technologies such as drone videos and 3d tours and how they generate more buzz for your listing and how they can maximize your profit when you sell the property.   You can contact Brendan to take beautiful photos of your listing at https://www.aerialcanvas.com/
February 20, 2019
28 - How to Make 7 Figures a Year with Jason Buzi
Jason Buzi is one of the most well known investors in the Bay Area. He has been consistently earning over 7 figures a year and has presented at countless meetups, conferences, and events. He’s incredibly generous with his knowledge and constantly shares his viewpoints about investing with his group on Facebook “living the dream”.  Like many investors in the bay area, he’s a home flipper, but instead of focusing on more projects, he focuses on fewer, but bigger deals. He hates running a complicated business with a lot of overhead and loves the freedom that being a sole proprietor gives him. Today, Jason is going to share his knowledge on how he’s able to consistently earn 7 figures a year and gives actionable steps for newbies who are interested in getting started in the business. Here are Jason's ten rules for Success: 1. Positive attitude is a MUST. I could dwell on all the deals that didn't work out and all the challenges of being self employed. But instead I focus on opportunity and possibility. There has been a lot of doom and gloom recently. But this is still the land of opportunity. 2. FOCUS! Even more than hard work. I'm lazy. I spend most days at the park, at cafes, at movies, etc. But I have put systems into place to generate potential deals on a regular basis. And when there's a deal, I'm like a shark, like a bulldog. I bite and don't let go without a fight. If there is a way to make it work, I make it work! 3. Don't deal with flakes. Associate (in business) only with people who are successful or have the right attitudes to become successful. Also beware those who overpromise and underdeliver. But I guess that's a form of flakiness too. 4. Use multiple strategies for getting deals 5. Use massive and consistent effort. Don't expect meek and weak efforts, or occasional efforts, to yield any impressive results on a regular basis. 6. Become an expert in your market, and learn to adapt to changing markets and different market and property types 7. Be SMART GREEDY, not dumb greedy. Smart greedy = trying to maximize your profit on each deal through negotiation (most profitable activity known to mankind), deal structuring, cost controls, etc. Stupid greedy = taking foolish risks; cutting corners that shouldn't be cut; destroying relationships for short term gain; etc. 8. If any ONE deal, agent, client, investor, etc. can make you or break you, you've put yourself in an overly vulnerable position. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. 9. Business, like life, is filled with ups and downs. Try not to let either affect you too much. That said, do reevaluate and readjust as needed periodically, if you are not getting the results you desire. First review 1 through 8, and ask which of these you could be doing better. 10. Always aim higher! Demand and expect more from yourself than anyone else would.
February 17, 2019
27 - Confessions of a Loan Officer with John Kim
Obtaining financing is often a complicated and confusing process. Most people will only buy one or two homes in their entire lifetime and will never have a true understanding of what goes on when they try to get a loan on their home. Today, I have John Kim on the show. John is a mortgage broker with Motto Mortgage Experience, and gives us a deep dive into his world and explains how the loan process works as well as how the loan pricing works. It's a very enlightening episode, and has tons of information that you wouldn't find elsewhere! https://www.mottomortgage.com/offices/experience-brea/johnkim/
February 13, 2019
26 - Buy and Hold in the Bay Area with Arlen Chou
Arlen is a buy and hold investor in the Bay Area. He started his real estate career by house hacking. About 6 years ago he took massive action and sold everything he had to acquire two 4-plexes in Mountain View. He currently owns a variety of properties in the area including a light industrial commercial building in Milpitas and multifamily units in Oakland. He constantly preaches about the value of ‘swinging your own hammer’ and learning how to do construction work yourself. If you've ever been curious about how people are investing in buy and hold opportunities in an expensive market, make sure you listen to this podcast!
February 10, 2019
25 - From $60k in Debt to President of the Top Commercial Real Estate Investing Club with Jen Katsev
Jen is the Marketing Director at Wilson Investment Properties, a commercial syndication company as well as the President of BACOMM, one of the largest and most respected meetups in the Bay Area. She's also the author of a #1 best selling book on Amazon! Her journey to get here was definitely not linear. Along the way, she had to create her own opportunities. She’s an amazing individual, and I think we all have a lot to learn from her.  http://jenkatsev.com/
February 6, 2019
24 - How to Run A Six-Figure Airbnb Business While Traveling the World with J Martin!
J runs a successful Airbnb business and spends most of the year traveling around the world. He’ll share his methods for choosing great Airbnb locations as well as how to find great virtual assistants to run your business while you relax on the beach.  J is also the host of the SF Bay Summit where he will have some of the top investors presenting and sharing their ideas. You can get your tickets at SFBaySummit2019.com
February 3, 2019
23 - How the Architectural Process Works with Gordon Wong
Gordon is an architect in the Bay Area and has done multiple projects from small home additions to large commercial buildings in Shanghai. He’ll talk about how the architectural process works and how long it takes for the plans to get approved in the city. Before this episode, I had no idea how any of this worked and it was only after this interview that I have a glimpse of what goes on with the city and the planning department. These are the things that you don’t hear from courses or books, so I’m glad to be able to share this with you!   https://www.gkwarchitects.com/
January 30, 2019
22 - Selling Over 70 homes in Under 2 years with Jennie Lok
Jennie is a top real estate agent in the bay area and has helped over 70 families buy or sell a home in the short time that she’s been working as an agent. She’s going to share with us the keys to her success and how she plans to help others obtain that success as well. She's currently nominated as a "30 under 30 REALTOR" and has huge goals for 2019. She’s incredibly inspiring and I hope you enjoy this podcast!  
January 27, 2019
21 - How to Make a Real Estate Empire at 23 with Sean Caligagan
Sean Caligagan is a young real estate investor in the Bay Area and has managed to create a team of virtual assistants to help him grow his business. He’s a young hustler, and constantly reminds me that to be successful in this business, it’s not about your age, or what degree you got in college, but about how much commitment and perseverance you have. Enjoy!
January 24, 2019
20 - Secrets of a 7 Figure Flipper with Jeff Pollack
Jeff is a real estate investor in the bay area and has been consistently earning seven figures a year by flipping houses with no employees and no overhead. He’ll tell you his secrets for finding off-market deals and his buying criteria to earn maximum profit. It's like he says, "It's simple, but not easy"
January 21, 2019
19 - From Corporate Job to Flipping 8 Houses in 1 Year with Elisa Covington
Elisa is a real estate investor in the bay area and has recently completed 8 flip projects within one year of leaving her full time job. In this episode, you’ll hear her secrets to success as well as some tips to make sure your projects are extremely profitable. She’s a rising superstar in the community, and there's a lot to be learned. Enjoy! You can learn more about her projects on her site: https://www.transformrealestate.com/ Follow her on Instagram: @transformrealestate https://www.instagram.com/transformrealestate/ 
January 13, 2019
18 - Bay Area Market Update 1-08-19
In this episode I take a pulse of the real estate market by looking at the statistics of the past year to see what the trends are.
January 9, 2019
17 - Taxes Taxes Taxes!
In this episode we end 2018 with a bang by summarizing a presentation I heard at a meetup about the new tax changes for 2018. I'm not a certified CPA or tax professional, but I feel like it's important for everyone to be educated in tax law so that they have some understanding of how they can maximize their earnings by keeping more of their profits in their pockets. Enjoy!
December 16, 2018
16 - Interview with a Jacksonville Agent
In this episode I interview Jacksonville Real Estate Agent, Robert Tuchinsky. He has personally helped me acquire multiple properties in the Jacksonville metro and has a vast wealth of knowledge about the area. In this interview, he describes the best zip codes to invest in, as well as what other out of state investors are looking for in an out of state investment. Enjoy!
December 14, 2018
15 - Strategies to Follow in a Down Market
There is a softening in the SFH real estate market in the Bay Area. Do you know what to do in this tremulous time? Find out what other investors are doing to lessen the downside and protect their upside! People are still doing deals in this market!
November 20, 2018
14 - Corporate Housing
Learn how to juice your rental returns through corporate housing and how it can help you hold a property through a market downturn!
November 14, 2018
13 - TIC for Condo Conversion!
I break down the strategy that has made millions of dollars for San Francisco Investors! Purchasing a property as Tenants in Common (TIC) allows you to bypass a ridiculous lottery system to condo convert your building and sell each unit individually for huge profits! However, after doing more research, it turns out this strategy isn't as great as it may seem....
November 10, 2018
12 - Buying Criteria of a 7 Figure Flipper!
Listen to what a 7 figure flipper looks for in a property! Follow these steps and you can be the next million dollar investor as well!
November 2, 2018
11 - My Cincinnati Journey
Learn about market rates for services in the Cincinnati Metro! In this episode I go over my experiences with Cincinnati vendors, property managers, real estate brokers, and loan agents. I also talk about my experiences traveling in the neighborhoods of Cincinnati and how they change at night time!
October 21, 2018
10 - How to Buy a House in the Bay Area!
In this episode, I recorded a conversation I had with a good friend who had questions about purchasing a home in the Bay Area. We go over how the process works and basic life advice for young people who are just starting their careers.
October 14, 2018
9 - Book Review for "BEST EVER Apartment Syndication Book"
Listen to my review for the BEST EVER Apartment Syndication Book by Joe Fairless and how to start investing in apartment buildings today!
October 14, 2018
8 - How the Permitting Process Works
Learn how the permitting process works if you try to add square footage or add any new rooms and what complications can arise!
October 13, 2018
7 - Book Review for "The Millionaire Real Estate Investor"
Listen to why this is the only real estate investing book you need to read and how it changed my life
October 7, 2018
6 - How to Live for FREE and Get RICH at the Same Time!
Find out why buying a single family home can be the worst financial decision you'll ever make and how purchasing a fourplex instead will propel you to financial freedom!
October 6, 2018
5 - Why Single Family Rentals SUCK!
Listen to what I learned from my first rentals out of state and why I think single family rentals SUCK!
October 5, 2018
4 - How to Add OVER $86,000 to Your Profit by Negotiating!
Learn how we added over $86,000 to our bottom line by using simple negotiating tactics!
October 4, 2018
3 - The ABSOLUTE BEST Way to Become a Successful Real Estate Investor!
Learn how going to meetups will drastically increase your chances of being a successful real estate investor!
October 2, 2018
2 - How to Drastically Increase Returns and Quickly Gain Experience with Less Money!
Learn how we partnered with the seller to guarantee profit and increase our returns!
October 1, 2018
1 - How to Make $300,000 on One Deal!
Find out how we made $300,000 on our first real estate deal!
September 30, 2018
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