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By Sean McCann
Waking the Dead and lighting up individuals' consciousness with truth and morality to cut through the illusions of mind control.
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WTD ep.46 Marqui 'Angel of Death: Margaret Sanger's life & legacy' pt.2
Marqui joins Sean to discuss Margaret Sanger and her influence on today's culture. This is a deep dive into the history of Eugenics and one of it's most influential figures. Margaret Sanger is responsible for the culling of an estimated 2 billion human lives. Today in America more African American babies are killed in the womb than are born. This is due to the evil of Margaret Sanger and her colleagues. This episode is part 2 of a series & focuses on today's eugenics and what has grown out of Margaret Sanger's work. Sean will be attending a free online conference with many other incredible speakers. Visit the website here: Please donate to WAKE THE DEAD here: Check out WAKE THE DEAD's online store here: Visit Sean's page on the One Great Work Network here:
May 12, 2022
WTD on William Ramsey Investigates 'Rosemary's Baby discussion & analysis' pt.2
Sean McCann is William Ramsey's guest to continue his breakdown and analysis of the Roman Polanski film Rosemary's Baby. Focusing on occult symbolism and the movie's role in changing the worldviews and mores of American society. Rosemary's Baby is integrally sewn into the zeitgeist of the 1960s culture in America. The film announces to the world that 1966 is "Year One". The year which saw the dawning of our current satanic culture as well as the official creation of the Church of Satan in San Francisco. The summer of love turned into a living nightmare as Rosemary's Baby was being played at every movie house in America. William Ramsey's website: William's YouTube: donate to WAKE THE DEAD: visit WAKE THE DEAD's online store:
May 12, 2022
WTD ep.45 Marqui 'Angel of Death: Margaret Sanger's life and legacy' pt.1
Marqui joins Sean to discuss Margaret Sanger and her influence on today's culture. This is a deep dive into the history of Eugenics and one of it's most influential figures. Margaret Sanger is responsible for the culling of an estimated 2 billion human lives. Today in America more African American babies are killed in the womb than are born. This is due to the evil of Margaret Sanger and her colleagues.  This is a long episode and it's only the first half of Marqui's presentation. Listen at your own pace, it is an information dense episode. Thanks for listening... Sean will be attending a free online conference with many other incredible speakers. Visit the website here: Please donate to WAKE THE DEAD here: Check out WAKE THE DEAD's online store here:  Visit Sean's page on the One Great Work Network here:
May 05, 2022
WTD ep.44 Johnny Cirucci 'catholic hierarchy'
Johnny Cirucci joins Sean McCann for a discussion about the Roman Catholic Church and the evil of hierarchy. Following orders is a denial of free will, this alone is evil. The Catholic Church is modern day Babylon with a hierarchy of obedience. Immoral acts create and perpetuate this pyramid of power. Johnny helps to connect the dots and reveal the strings these satanic marionettes are hanging from. Learn the occulted history of human domination and how it led to the slavery we live today. Please enjoy this information dense interview. It is hopefully the first of many discussions with Johnny. Please enjoy the show. Find Johnny Cirucci's work here: Check out for more information on a free one day online conference. Please donate to WAKE THE DEAD here: check out WAKE THE DEAD's online store here:
May 03, 2022
Sean McCann on William Ramsey Investigates 'Rosemary's Baby discussion and analysis pt.1'
William Ramsey invites Sean McCann onto his show to discuss Rosemary's Baby. A deep dive analysis, this is only part 1 of a series. Find William's books and podcasts here: his Youtube channel:
April 28, 2022
Sean McCann on Subconscious Realms podcast 'circumcision discussion'
Sean McCann is a guest on Subconscious Realms with General Lee to discuss circumcision and it's many effects on the mind of the victim and the society those victims populate. Sean has been speaking about this topic a lot and his approach has evolved. With a wider scope Sean discusses the possible spiritual ramifications of severing the nerve endings of small babies. General Lee being from England is not familiar with the routine practice of infant circumcision in America. Sean successfully teaches him the horrors of the satanic practice of circumcision. Listeners of WAKE THE DEAD are probably sick of hearing about it, but Sean is doing his part to propagate the message. Save the babies, share this episode. Find Subconscious Realms here:
April 17, 2022
Sean McCann on NY Patriot podcast 'ancient transgender cults'
Sean McCann is a guest on NY Patriot podcast to discuss ancient transgender cults. Inanna, Ishtar, Cybele, Astarte, Rhea, Ops and Hathor are all fertility cults telling the same story. These cults survive today in many ways including secret societies and the current transgender agenda. Is Jesus a roman depiction of a eunuch priest of the cult of Cybele? Do Bacchanalian orgies help empires control the masses? These are some of the many questions discussed on this episode of NY Patriot podcast. Find NY Patriot podcast here: email:
April 10, 2022
Sean McCann on William Ramsey Investigates discussing Eyes Wide Shut part 2
Sean McCann is a guest on William Ramsey Investigates Sean McCann is invited onto William Ramsey's show to discuss the many esoteric elements of the Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut. Part 2 Find William's work here: See the Wake The Dead Tshirt store:
April 10, 2022
Sean McCann on William Ramsey Investigates discussing Eyes Wide Shut part 1
Sean McCann is invited onto William Ramsey's show to discuss the many esoteric elements of the Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut. Find William's work here: See the Wake The Dead Tshirt store:
March 31, 2022
WTD ep.43 Tim James 'chemical free body'
Tim James joins us on Wake the Dead to discuss how to achieve a chemical free body. Tim tells us about his journey from sickness to health. He was afflicted by the onslaught of american culture's standard diet. Duped by his friend into living healthy, he decided to change his life for the better. Clean water, sprouts, juice and fasting along with a colonic and cessation of ingesting poisons, Tim cleaned out the crap and reset his body. Now he is inspired and empowered to help us reset our lives too. Tim shares 4 core secrets of good health to help get us started on the path. This is hopefully just the first of many informative discussions. See what Tim has created at and use the discount code 'wakethedead' at the checkout for a 5% discount on the products he has to offer.
March 21, 2022
WTD ep.42 Lauren & Paul Bell 'Aliveheads'
Lauren and Paul Bell join us on Wake the Dead to examine The Grateful Dead's culture and community from an aware perspective. Lauren & Paul have lived their lives in the Grateful Dead community and share their perspective on various elements of the GD phenomenon. They are spiritual anarchists and understand the occult and government ties to the band. This gives us a unique perspective to listen to. Lauren and Paul are not 'deadheads' at all, they are very much 'aliveheads'. They feed people clean food and clean information with Love. Visit their websites: thanks for listening, please enjoy the show...
March 20, 2022
WTD guest appearance on William Ramsey Investigates 'the Ninth Gate'
William Ramsey invites Sean McCann to discuss the film the Ninth Gate by Roman Polanski. William's links:
March 04, 2022
WTD ep.41 Anarchyball 'military insights & dueling'
Anarchyball joins us again to discuss what he's learned from his experience in the military and how these insights can be applied to the current conflict in Ukraine. Continuing, the topic of conversation shifts to dueling. It's history and it's outlaw today. It may seem like a radical idea to some, yet it is civilized and aligns with Natural Law. It introduces consequences for individuals who are currently enslaving humanity. Anarchyball has no formal online presence but his mark has been made on the internet. Just search for Anarchyball in your browser and find the multitude of memes and cartoons created by Anarchyball. Thank you for listening. Support the show, visit 
February 28, 2022
WTD ep.40 William Ramsey 'O9A is a mind virus'
William Ramsey Joins us on Wake the Dead to discuss the Order of Nine Angles. The O9A is a satanic philosophy pushed out onto the public via the internet. It is not an 'Order' as we know it. It is a mind virus whose objective is to transform the consciousness of the practitioner towards the satanic. It lures you in with 'self-help' type language and it progresses to murder and suicide. This is the main focus of discussion, yet many other topics are brought in to further expand on the ideas. Other topics include Aleister Crowley, current events and Trudeau's pledge of allegiance to the Queen of England, etc.. William has written many books including 'Abomination: Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis Three murders', 'Global Death Cult: the Order of Nine Angles, Atomwaffen and the slaughter of innocents', 'Children of the Beast: Aleister Crowley's shadow over humanity' and more. He has also created many documentary films including 'Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 911 and the New World Order', 'The Smiley Face Killers: Who is abducting and murdering young men in the US and UK?', 'Childern of the Beast: Aleister Crowley's shadow over humanity'. and more. You can find these works at his website: please enjoy the show
February 22, 2022
WTD ep.39 Aaron Butler 'psychopaths'
Aaron Butler joins us to discuss psychopathy, how it operates in a person and in society as a whole. A psychopath is not human, their brain chemistry is physically different. The psychopath believes this to be an evolutionary advantage. Aaron also explains 10 professions that are more heavily populated with psychopaths. The discussion ends with defense against the psychopath. Please enjoy the show.
February 15, 2022
Sean McCann on The Occult Rejects 'television mind control'
The Occult Rejects host Sean McCann. They discuss Television as a mind control device. The most powerful mind control tool of the last 100 years has been the television. Created to induce trance, inculcate a false worldview and induce fear. The last 3 generations were molded and weilded by the television. The networks are run by the government and the owners are satanic eugenicists whose goal is not money, it's controlling the herd of human cattle. Including clips from Aaron and Melissa Dykes' Truthstream Media, the film Network and Luke Rudkowski's We Are Change. Find the Occult Rejects here: Bitchute GAB GAB TV GAB group Rumble Twitter Anchor Apple Pod Spotify Instagram Discord
February 02, 2022
WTD on NY Patriot podcast 'Magick in the radio waves'
Sean McCann is NY Patriot's guest discussing the radio and it's military mind control origins. Sean explains the US Navy's connection to RCA and RCA's domination of the radio. Sean explains the insidious nature of the signal beamed to the box in everyone's house. It atomized communities, it robbed people of their creativity. It made people passive dogs who will follow anything "his master's voice" says. These methods of control were then applied to television. Learn where it started, Laurel Canyon is another 'music row' from Nashville, which is another 'tin pan alley' of New York. It is a natural progression and it fully explains the evil nature of today's media. Find NY Patriot Podcast here: YouTube: Spotify Apple Podcast Rumble Bitchute Odysee Gab Instagram
January 28, 2022
WTD ep.38 Will Keller 'black pill sandwiches'
Life has become a black pill sandwich and we all have to take a bite. We won't survive this war with a blindfold on. A good friend of the show Will Keller Joins us to discuss the reality we are living now and to offer techniques for keeping a level head as chaos unfolds. Be a Prepper and a Propagator. Teach your children real life skills. Awareness and courage are necessary. Will and Sean speak on many topics including the culling of the masses, the Dark Occult control of people's minds, the narrowing of the internet and the modern day book burning, the shifting of society towards digital feudalism, genetic manipulation, and transhumanism. The new normal is turning to a new narrative. The gears are turning and we need to be aware so we can keep our families safe. Will Keller is an anarchist, philosopher, servant to Truth, lover of nature and herbalism, student and teacher of Natural Law and the occult arts & sciences. Will is the Co-Host/Producer of Natural Freedom League. The Intention of Natural Freedom League is to expand the understanding of Natural Law, which is based on objective morality, and to expose the illegitimacy of the belief in authority and thus the inherent immorality of ALL governments. Also a content creator of Will Tell Truth presentation series which is activating True WillPower to seek & speak the Truth. Its our moral obligation and duty to communicate to fellow humans objective Morality and contribute to ending human slavery and claim our birthright of Sovereignty & True Freedom which is free will expression of our Natural Rights under the universal Laws of Nature, Natural Law. Find Will's work here:
January 24, 2022
WTD ep.37 Mark Passio 'what on earth is happening'
Mark Passio of joins us on Wake the Dead to discuss the structure of the Church of Satan and how that organization fits into the worldwide Death Cult.  He reveals that Eugenics (dysgenics) is Satanism in practice.  We discuss what it takes mentally to wake up from cognitive dissonance and say "I was wrong" for believing the Satanists and say "NO" to their evil suggestions.  Mark's work is essential pre-requisite material for surviving this New World Order.  If you don't know what on earth is happening, you better listen to what Mark has to say. Mark Passio is an anarchist, independent researcher, public speaker, internet talk show host, documentary filmmaker, technology seminar instructor, conference organizer, lead vocalist, and freedom activist from Philadelphia, PA. Mark has undertaken the task of assembling vast amounts of research in the areas of metaphysics, occultism, spirituality, symbology and consciousness studies. In 2007, Mark began presenting this information in the form of a presentation series entitled What On Earth Is Happening, with the intention of bringing the implications of this body of knowledge to greater public awareness. Mark launched his own website in 2008 at In 2010, Mark began hosting his own internet radio show, also called What On Earth Is Happening, which has over 238 episodes to date. Mark was one of the co-founders of the Free Your Mind Conference, the Philadelphia-based conference on consciousness, mind control and the occult. Mark has taught intensive live seminars, including Natural Law, Street-Wise Spirituality, New Age B.S., and De-Mystifying The Occult. Mark is the creator and instructor of How to Become The TRUE Media, an online technology seminar founded by Mark in 2020, which teaches best practices for communication and publishing in the digital age to aspiring content creators. Mark is the creator and curator of One Great Work Network, a privately-organized collective of conscious individuals, who each create dynamic content for the purpose of spreading the message of Natural Law, Truth, and Freedom to a worldwide audience. In 2021, Mark released his first feature-length documentary film entitled Mark Passio & The Science Of Natural Law, which focuses on the core of his teaching regarding morality and freedom. Mark was also the founding member and lead vocalist of the Philadelphia-based anarchist hardcore-punk band, The Founders. Mark's Websites: Please help support Wake the Dead make a donation here, or consider purchasing some original Wake the Dead merchandise here. Thank you..
January 22, 2022
WTD ep.36 Joe Murray 'one that can see!'
Joe Murray joins us on Wake the Dead to discuss his music and inspirations.  Joe is an anarchist hip-hop artist who shares the truth in his music.  Born in a long line of musicians Joe has taken his talents and applied them to the Great Work.  With one of his 3 minute songs you can share huge chunks of knowledge with the world.  His lyrics focus on the principles of sovereignty and self ownership, with a healthy dose of 'wake the fuck up'.  Included with the interview are many original songs by Joe Murray.  Please Enjoy... tracklist: 2:23 - All Out War 1:16:44 - What's It Going To Take? 1:20:17 - No Rulers No Slaves 1:23:13 - The Right To Kill 1:26:12 - Liberty Or Death 1:29:47 - All Rise (feat. DISL Automatic & Polar Tha White) 1:32:35 - I'm A Free Man 1:35:53 - Ready For War 1:39:42 - Order Followers (feat. Polar Tha White) 1:43:06 - You're Gonna Hear Me Now 1:47:00 - Final Stand (feat. DISL Automatic) links: website - odysee -
January 16, 2022
Monarchia Interiore - Blade Runner 2049 discussion 'guest appearance'
Francesco Sani hosts Monarchia Interiore with guests Ivan Oyola and Sean McCann. "Climate agenda", overpopulation myth, transhumanism, God-complex, psychopathy, obedience, having a soul, and internet black-out predictive programming. All this and more in our discussion on the 2017 Denis Villeneuve movie "Blade Runner 2049", sequel to the 1982 Ridley Scott's classic "Blade Runner". With guests Sean McCann (, and Ivan Oyola ( Intro: Outro: Whitesand, "Tears of Luv":
January 11, 2022
WTD ep.35 'Anarchyball: understanding the history as it repeats'
This episode we are joined by 'Anarchyball' He gives us an in-depth history lesson on the destruction of Russia and Germany by The Brittish Crown, the Vatican and Wall Street. We discuss how agents of violence and chaos were used over 100 years ago as they are today in the destruction of America. Germany and Russia would have been a powerful foe to the forces which gave us the current world order. The Rhodes roundtable groups used Communism and Fascism to break those countries respectively. Now they are using both against America to tear it to shreds. America and the principle of freedom for the individual is the greatest threat to the emerging New World Order. We are currently being dismantled. This is a silent war. The spoils they seek are not only the entire world, they seek to own our minds as well.  We go on to speak of ways to defend our minds, our families and our communities from the tyranny that is already underway. We even discussed the potential of creating our own symbols and use them in the world. Most known for his 'Anarchyball' comics and memes. He's created an iconic symbol which all internet savvy anarchists know and love. Search for the word 'Anarchyball' in your search engine and find his works. He has been erased from all social media but his work lives on and is being shared all the time. A very insightful gentleman, and I am grateful he's shared his thoughts with us. I look forward to speaking with him again. Please enjoy the show
January 10, 2022
WTD ep.34 Chance Garton 'mechanics of the Innerverse'
Chance Garton of the Innerverse Podcast joins Sean on Wake the Dead to discuss healing your Auric field, protecting yourself from vampiric energies and sound healing. 'Your body is in your mind' not the other way around. Chance explains how 'dirty electricity' concentrated in your Aura corresponds to physical illness in the body. Chance also gives us his perspective on non-corporeal entities and the nature of our interactions with them. Healing comes with 'self love'. Following your bliss with this simple mantra 'If it's not a "Hell Yeah", then it's a "Hell No"'. Self love also comes with healthy boundaries. Some very inspiring words to combat the depression and negativity we all feel. Chance also discusses the importance of honoring our placenta, and how our placenta is directly connected to our spiritual self. This was a wonderful conversation that took many turns down as many rabbitholes as we could think of. Find Chance's work here: also his other projects: Vibe Rant - Weaving Spiders Welcome - Flowstate -
December 20, 2021
WTD on Luma Holistic podcast
Luma Zaki invites Sean to discuss all aspects of routine infant circumcision, a modern day child sacrifice ritual. We discuss it's historical and cultural roots, the psychological effects on the victim, and the lies used to perpetuate this barbaric blood sacrifice. Circumcision is an attack on our entire society by satanists. It only makes sense they would incorporate circumcision into our society for it's mind control purposes. Trauma torture is the most effective way to program a human mind and circumcision is the most powerful trauma torture known to man. Find Luma's work here:
December 19, 2021
WTD & Kaiser's Castle swapcast 'the principles of anarchy'
Sean was invited to be a guest on Kaiser's Castle podcast to discuss the principles of anarchy.  Kaiser was a previous guest on Wake the Dead.  On this show Sean breaks down all the aspects of anarchy for Kaiser's audience.  Sean differentiates true anarchy from Antifa and other Blackblock fools who are pawns for the New World Order.  Dispelling the myths Sean and Kaiser reveal the truth and remove the illusions surrounding the concept of anarchy. Find Kaiser's podcast on YouTube here:  get your family some tshirts this Christmas and support the show! 
December 07, 2021
Freedom for ALL podcast with Joe Murray s.2 ep.25 'Atheism in the Anarchist community'
Freedom For All Podcast with Joe Murray - Season 2 - Episode #25 'Atheism In The Anarchist Community' Topics Discussed: How and why an atheist can not be a true Anarchist. Moral relativism being based in atheism. How prevalent the atheist mindset truly is in the "freedom" community. How freedom is a spiritual concept which is based in morality. How Natural Law principles are the very foundation from which the philosophy of anarchism stems from. How misleading and dangerous an atheist in the "Anarchist" community actually is. The role cultural religions played in driving people towards atheism. How most atheists are still devout religionists. The proof of an intelligent design being everywhere in nature. The observable science of Natural Law, Consciousness and the metaphysical nature of reality. Joe Murray -  Ivan Oyola Jr. - Francesco Sani - James Cordiner - Sean McCann - Gino Volante -
December 06, 2021
WTD ep.33 Kaiser 'quitting the cult'
A conversation with Kaiser is one worth recording. Kaiser is an EX-military, EX-fed who quit the cult. When he was expected to turn a blind eye to human slavery, he said NO. Standing up for what is right no matter how many zeros they can offer. This conversation is a rare treat for an anarchist. A win for freedom. Listen to his story and hear what made him decide to say NO. Hear from someone who lived that life. He has a rare perspective and it is a real pleasure for me to share his thoughts with you. Find his podcast 'swordpoint9' at youtube here: 
November 14, 2021
WTD ep.32 Jaymee Jay 'demon realms'
Jaymee Jay returns to give us a further understanding of the structure of domination where demons reside. Non-corporeal entities with a will that leans toward rejection of free will and willing adherence to their place in the hierarchical structure of domination. We learn about our place in the universe and how we relate to these entities. She explains the legal parameters which bind the demons and their methods of deception. This is a free will universe and they cannot force our will without Natural Law consequences. They live outside of time so their consequences of breaking the Law are immediate and unforgiving. Knowing their boundaries gives us the knowledge of what power we do have to combat their attacks. Happy Halloween everyone. Tell us what you thought of the show by sending us an email at buy a tshirt! new Christmas design for the holidays...
October 31, 2021
WTD ep.31 Jaymee Jay 'fathoming the depths of the Satanic Ritual Abuse rabbithole'
I am pleased to introduce a good friend to the show, Jaymee Jay. She shares with us her extensive knowledge on the topic of Satanic Ritual Abuse and the Black Awakening. This is a most important topic, especially with the passing of Russ Dizdar last week. His mission continues with us. Jaymee teaches us the methods and functions of the practice of SRA and the extent to which they are used to enslave humanity. The scope of this topic is so far reaching, we plan on many follow up episodes to dig deeper. SRA is the gravest transgression against Natural Law. It enslaves the victim before they form an identity and will of their own. These slaves are positioned in the structure of society to manage the human species like cattle. It is an ancient practice which has been refined with technical precision by the Nazis and the CIA's MKUltra program. please help support the show. donate here: buy a tshirt here:
October 24, 2021
WTD ep.30 Joe Perez 'Buddhism'
Joe Perez returns to the show to talk about the practice of Buddhism. The four noble truths and the eight fold path. Find Joe's music here:
October 17, 2021
'Trump's Tower' Sean's 1st appearance on The Occult Rejects
Sean is invited to join NY Patriot and Lux on their show 'The Occult Rejects' Sean describes the 'Tower' symbolism used to signal Trump's victory in 2016 and this same symbol predicted Trump would usher in the destruction of the 'Old World Order'.  He's the snake the Republicans let in the house to bite them.  Sean even plays a news clip from 9-11-2001 where Donald Trump is on the phone describing how he would handle the situation had he been elected president in 2000.  They even made sure to emphasize the fact that Trump owns a tower.  The world has definitely changed.  Please enjoy this little trip down a strange rabbithole. Find The Occult Rejects here:
October 03, 2021
WTD ep.29 Francesco Sani 'Italian tyranny'
Francesco Sani joins us on Wake the Dead to tell us about his country and the state of tyranny unfolding there. Our discussion knows no limits. We discuss the globalists' tyrannical testing gardens where they fostered and encouraged different flavors of totalitarian collectivism. We talk about the way the globalists are applying what they have learned to create this current New World Order that is emerging. We also discuss the mind control wielded by the State to control the people. With comparisons to the Australian roll-out of tyranny, the Italian version needs much less physical force. The people are gollums who will follow any order they're programmed to follow. He gives a message to those in countries that will soon look like Italy does today. That message is don't give up the resistance, they win when we give up. Maintain the fight and say 'NO' even louder. A very intelligent conversation with a good friend, I hope you enjoy the show. Find Francesco's work here: Il nostro obiettivo è diffondere la Conoscenza della Legge Naturale, delle cause per cui l’umanità si trova nelle sua attuale condizione, del vero significato dell’Anarchia, portare alla luce l’Occulto (Conoscenze nascoste) e cercare di mettere in evidenza tutte le altre possibili soluzioni per liberarci dall’autoritarismo e dalla Schiavitù.
October 03, 2021
WTD ep.28 Matt Landman 'geoengineering the NWO'
Matt Landman joins us on Wake the Dead to discuss his work and his activism.  He's the producer of 'Frankenskies' the documentary about Geoengineering and Weather Manipulation.  He is the owner of 'Spero Gear' today's leader in EMF blocking protective apparel.  He also created the website '' a hub of educational material and resources to find other activists whom he has highlighted and provided links to their work.  Matt's entire life led him to this point.  He has found this is his true will and he is making huge strides.  He tells us his story.  We discuss the 'big picture' of the war on mankind.  Chemtrails, fluoride, GMO, etc... are all eugenics population reducing systems.  We even briefly wear our imaginary 'psychopath hats' and try to think like the controllers to understand it.  We somehow manage to keep our words inspiring and hopeful in spite of the 'black pill' subject matter. Find Matt's work here:  Through grassroots activism, film, interviews, and international summits, Matt has gained recognition as a leader in 5G and geoengineering/chemtrail awareness activism. Matt presents unprecedented and view-changing information directly from official documentation and accepted research.  Matt Landman created the social change documentary Frankenskies, bringing awareness to ongoing atmospheric aerosol injections, chemtrails, weather modification programs and geoengineering. Matt has hosted a series of conferences, events and protests concerning the questions surrounding chemtrails and relentlessly continues to speak out against the ongoing lies in our skies. In 2018 he hosted the third Global Summit to Stop Geoengineering in Tucson Arizona, protesting the SCOPEX sky-dimming experiment, after which the experiment was placed on ongoing hiatus. In addition, Matt continues to contest varied Telecom networks with efforts to help citizens locally fight the rollout of the dangerous and disputed 5G data network in their communities. He is also currently working on a sequel film titled Frankenskies 2 : Climate Chains, which exposes the false narrative behind climate change and how weather modification programs combined with smart technology and media control will result in humanity’s enslavement if gone unchecked. Matt is now leading a movement to protect humanity from harmful electromagnetic frequencies with his new project, EMF-shielded SPERO Protection Clothing. Matt aims to offer protection from the dangers of 5G and EMF radiation, before the technology hits widespread adoption. He was inspired to create this clothing and accessory line when he saw the need for protection of pregnant women and newborn children. This, combined with his own EMF sensitivities, gave rise to the vision of creating a brand that encompassed protecting both infants and adults through protective gear. Please enjoy the show.
September 30, 2021
WTD ep.27 Vera Lynn 9-18-21 'Aussie update'
Vera Lynn gives us another update on the state of Australian tyranny. She shows us what is and isn't working in the fight against the New World Order.
September 26, 2021
WTD ep.26 Chris Jantzen 'cultural brain damage and compassionate communication with the Dead'
A good friend of the show Chris Jantzen joins us to talk about the brain damage our culture gives us. We also discuss ways of compassionately communicating with those who have a 'dead' consciousness. These people are our friends and family, we need to have compassion for them and find a way to be connected with others again. Find Chris' work here: Chris Jantzen is a Podcaster and Copywriter. He is working on educating folks about Natural Law. Taking the initiative towards positive solutions to the current world problem. Understanding the difference between right and wrong. Objective morality replacing moral relativity. Chris is a carpenter and a philosopher. A father and a friend. One who questions and imagines. Looking for other brave truth seekers to help in the efforts of ENDING EVIL. Chris began the End Evil Podcast in order to reach more humans in the hopes of defeating evil. Like a cancer, stealing has become normalized in the form of man's laws, taxes, wars, and coercion. To change this dynamic it is vital that we change ourselves from the inside until we reflect and resonate with the truth. Freedom is required in order to experience peace. Together we can combine our strengths and creative works to ignite a renaissance of art, imagination and free expression. Trade and value can flourish when coercion is not tolerated. Stealing needs to be punished and stopped immediately with all force necessary. This is the self defense principle which is so lacking in our modern culture. The modern culture is one of subtle slavery. As Jeremy Locke explains so eloquently, "Evil Is The Destruction Of Freedom". Please excuse Sean for how tired he sounds. He needed coffee.
September 26, 2021
WTD ep.25 Dr. Hans Utter 'I will choose freewill; trans-temporal consciousness and the qliphoth' part 3
*this episode has a lot of visual presentations that might not make as much sense to you if you are only hearing the audio.  See the episode on odysee here:  'Get dialed into your core center and be free before they turn you into a 6G battery.' Dr. Hans Utter joins us again for part 3 of his continuing series 'I will choose freewill; Trans-temporal Consciousness and the Qliphoth'. In this episode we briefly look at the headless statues being removed from Notre Dame cathedral before it was burned. We look at the dancing nurses twerking as a giant puppet rendition of Death attacks sick children in the 2012 London Olympics. We also looked at the 2021 Super Bowl halftime show. All these ritual performances are fueling the current worldwide magick working that society is being plunged into. These are further examples of our descent down the Qliphoth tree. Look forward to the next videos in the series, we have a lot to talk about. Send an email to inquire about Hans' books here: Find Hans' music at: 'Wake the Dead' Fine Art Tshirts:
August 28, 2021
WTD ep.24 Vera Lynn 'the pulse of Australia'
Vera Lynn joins us again to give us the low down on the tyranny currently descending on Australia. more updates on the lockdowns here:
August 26, 2021
WTD ep.23 NY Patriot 'the O.T.O. is a cult'
WAKE  THE  DEAD  ep.23  'the O.T.O. is a cult' NY Patriot joins us again to discuss the Ordo Templi Orientis.  He is a former member of this secret society/cult.  As time went on he was coerced to comply with doing the will of cult.  It is a system of cult mind control which attracts certain types of people with certain proclivities. The O.T.O. is ultimately another arm of the mind control octopus that rules our culture.  Like the Church of Satan, Scientology and the rest, it is a stepwise progression into collectivism and slavery.  NY Patriot and Sean dive deeper into the psychology of O.T.O. members and the hierarchical structure as a whole.  This is not your average O.T.O. interview. Find NY Patriot's work here:
August 19, 2021
WTD ep.22 NY Patriot 'circumcision discussion'
This is more than just a review of Sean's last podcast.  Sean was invited to NY Patriot podcast to answer some questions and look further into the occult aspects of routine infant circumcision.  This conversation highlighted some elements that the previous show was lacking.  Also, Sean wasn't emotionally crippled by the weight of the information this time.  Having already done all the heavy lifting in episode 21, Sean is able to relax and expand on the ideas.  This is the reasoning for including it here in the WAKE THE DEAD roster of episodes. find NY Patriot podcast here:
August 08, 2021
WTD ep.21 'circumcision is child sacrifice'
In America, child sacrifice is considered 'routine' and normal.  I am here to tell you the TRUTH about the reality of circumcision.  This episode was just as hard to make as it will be to hear.  If you have a heart, you will also need intestinal fortitude to withstand this.  It is necessary for everyone to hear this message.  Ignorance of these facts are directly harming babies, killing them.  Your ignorance is not acceptable.  Buckle up and listen to me struggle to get through this.  I think it is the most important recording I have ever made.  Hopefully it is an effective vehicle for this message to reach as many ears as possible.  Share this with everyone you can. Thank you...
July 25, 2021
WTD ep.20 Dr. Hans Utter 'I will choose free will; Transtemporal Consciousness and the Qliphoth' pt.2
Dr. Hans Utter returns to the show to discuss the rituals which began this current destruction of society. He explains the Qliphoth tree and how the consciousness of humanity is being pushed down the path of the Qliphoth towards total destruction. This mechanism fuels the Dark Occult's ascent towards personal apotheosis. Part 2 we look at the 2012 London Olympics Ceremony Sean's page on the One Great Work Network: WAKE THE DEAD Fine Art photographic printed Tshirts: WAKE THE DEAD's Odysee page: WAKE THE DEAD's bitchute channel:
July 25, 2021
WTD ep.19 Vera Lynn pt. 2 'Trans(sexual/humanism)agenda'
Part 2 of an almost 5 hour conversation.  Vera Lynn discusses 'peak Trans creepers and fetishists, medical tyranny, transhumanism, and depopulation.  We stumbled onto the current medical tyranny a few times, it's almost impossible to not talk about lockdowns and pandemics when the topic is medical tyranny. Sean's page on the One Great Work Network: WAKE THE DEAD Fine Art photographic printed Tshirts: WAKE THE DEAD's Odysee page: WAKE THE DEAD's bitchute channel:
July 24, 2021
WTD ep.17 Dr. Hans Utter 'I will choose freewill; Transtemporal Consciousness and the Qliphoth'
Dr. Hans Utter returns to the show to discuss the rituals which began this current destruction of society. He explains the Qliphoth tree and how the consciousness of humanity is being pushed down the path of the Qliphoth towards total destruction. This mechanism fuels the Dark Occult's ascent towards personal apotheosis. This is only part 1. More information will be revealed in future episodes. We take another look at Madonna's Eurovision concert from 2019.  The video is posted on Wake the Dead's Odysee channel: Visit Hans' website here: For Hans' books send an email to Fine Art t-shirts now available. Visit Wake the Dead's store to support the show:
July 21, 2021
WTD ep.18 Vera Lynn 'Trans(sexual/humanism)agenda' pt.1
Vera Lynn joins Sean for a very in-depth conversation about the Trans-agenda.  She teaches us about all angles of this mind control weapon being deployed on the human population.  It ultimately comes down to population control and creating a new human that will more readily fuse with machines.  An anti-human agenda. This was a long one and it had to be broken into two parts.  
July 19, 2021
WTD ep.16 Nathan Riddett 'entheogens'
Nathan Riddett joins Sean to discuss Entheogens.  Both have lots of experience with these substances and this conversation covers best practices, what to expect while taking them and dispels common myths surrounding them. Find Nathan's work here:
July 06, 2021
WTD ep.15 NY Patriot guest appearance #2
Sean is invited onto NY Patriot podcast to discuss his 'Occult Kubrick and the Butterfly Net' presentation  found on Odysee here:  NY Patriot is a former member of the OTO and has been de-occulting the symbols of the dark occult ever since he left.  A fellow seeker and brother in the fight for mental freedom.
June 27, 2021
WTD ep.14 NY Patriot. Sean is a guest on NY Patriot's podcast. We discuss mind control & magick, etc
NY Patriot of Occult Rejects invited Sean to be a guest on his own show titled NY Patriot podcast. Find NY Patriot's work here:
June 18, 2021
WTD ep.13 Jose Perez 'Understanding Aleister Crowley and the Message of Thelema'
Jose Perez is a Thelemite with twenty years of study and practice.  He shares with us his understanding of Aleister Crowley and the message of Thelema.  He helps sort out the common misconceptions surrounding Crowley.  He also shares with us the true message of Thelema. Jose explains the three most expanding elements of his life have been Thelema, Buddhism and having children.  He shares what he's learned with us.   The Laws of the universe are for all mankind.  Crowley was doing his best to share the message he was given with the world. This is such an infinitely interesting conversation. Please enjoy. 
June 09, 2021
WTD ep.12 Catherine Watters 'Surviving the Family Industrial Complex'
Catherine Watters joins us today to discuss emotional and mental health, family dynamics and how she sees these elements have impacted our world today.  This is an epic conversation with many valuable nuggets baked in. Find Catherine's work here:
June 08, 2021
WTD ep.11 James Cordiner 'what the HELL is wrong with cops?!'
James Cordiner is an old friend of Sean's who describes a recent traffic stop.  This conversation expands to look harder at cops from all angles, including mentally and emotionally.  This is the longest podcast Wake the Dead has published to date, a conversation between good friends about bad cops. Find more of James' work at... and
May 23, 2021
WTD ep.10 Dr. Hans Utter - Tool Fear Inoculum review part 2
Today we have the second installment of our discussion with Dr. Hans Utter about Tool's latest album Fear Inoculum. We shift gears a bit and Hans plays some instruments and we discuss the structure of the songs. We end on a high note and we will pick-up where we leave off on our next episode. A podcast like no other, please enjoy this discussion with Dr. Hans Utter.
May 02, 2021
WTD ep.9 Hans Utter, Tool Fear Inoculum review part 1
Hans Utter joins Sean McCann for a discussion about Tool's latest album Fear Inoculum.
April 26, 2021
WTD ep.8 Mark Devlin "Rosemary's Baby" 3-28-21
Mark and Sean go down the rabbit hole, peeling the onion that is "Rosemary's Baby". Relating this film to the satanic culture of the 60s, murders, satanic ritual abuse, trauma based mind control, deep state, eugenics, cannibalism, witchcraft, hollywood, popular music, etc... the rabbithole is never ending. Please visit Mark's website at Check out the SEED info at
March 28, 2021
WTD ep.7 Kubrick series #3
Discussing Kubrick's photography process and digging into two "non submersible units" of Eyes Wide Shut. The morning breakfast scene and the toy store scene. Also the history of Barbie and how it relates to Trauma Based Mind Control.
March 14, 2021
WTD ep.6 Stanley Kubrick series part 2
Nightingale, Ovid, Billiard tables, Semiramis, Portraits, and Butterfly Net ritual. All keys to understanding Eyes Wide Shut.
February 16, 2021
WTD ep.5 'A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Truth' T.V. programming and the eugenics agenda behind it.
This was a recorded chat with a longtime friend on his podcast named 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Truth'. We talk about tv, mind control, satanic inversion, eugenics and how to be an aware filter for your children
February 14, 2021
WTD ep.4 Stanley Kubrick series part 1
Expanding on the idea (from episode 2) that art is a vehicle for communicating esoteric information, I discuss the master of multilayered subconscious symbolism, the film Director Stanley Kubrick.  Focusing mainly on his film Eyes Wide Shut, I attempt to lay out some of key symbols that Kubrick uses so we can have a fuller understanding of the messages being conveyed.  This will be an expansive series, and is intended to arm the listeners with prerequisite understanding for my upcoming presentation titled "Occult Kubrick and the Butterfly Net" scheduled for the SEED:4 Growth Conference in Ohio May 2021.
February 09, 2021
WTD Ep. 3 Eyes Wide Open with Hans Utter
Sean's second appearance on Eyes Wide Open with Hans Utter. Hans is an infinite fountain of wisdom. Hans and Sean discuss the band Tool and Madonna's Eurovision concert. Deep dives into magick and occult ritual.
February 04, 2021
WTD ep.2 Art and its power of subconscious communication.
I discuss how art can get your message into the heart and mind of the most calcified deadheads who refuse reality. Art has the power to shine light into the darkest hearts.
January 18, 2021
Wake the Dead ep. 1
Looking at the unfolding plan and the need to wake up our gollum friends and family.
January 15, 2021