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The Latino Podcast

The Latino Podcast

By Sebastian Hidalgo
Hosted by Venezuelan-Italian author Sebastian Hidalgo, the Latino Podcast is the place for conversations that go from writing, arts and fitness to anything life-related. Free conversation and healthy disagreements are strongly encouraged.
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#5 - Villimey Mist
Icelandic author Villimey Mist, joins Sebastian Hidalgo for a chat about COVID  how the pandemic has affected her writing, horror, and how creativity works. Villimey is the author of the "Nocturnal" horror saga, available everywhere at Amazon Intro/Outro Music: "I, Animal" by AYZ  ____________________________  ❗️Villimey Mist:  ▶️ Twitter:  ▶️ Instagram:  ▶️ Get the "Nocturnal" Book Series now:  ____________________________________  ❗️Sebastian Hidalgo:  ▶️ Twitter:  ▶️ Instagram:  ____________________________________________  🎵 AYZ's YouTube channel: ▶️
August 28, 2020
#4 - Maddalena Vettori
Bilingual author and journalist Maddalena Vettori, from Italy, joins Sebastian Hidalgo in a long chat about how COVID numbers in the media are wrong, how the pandemic has affected her career and her writing, and about old tales of how they met. Maddalena is the author of bilingual poems collection "Raggi di Alba" and "Abyss". Her next book, "Blaze and Wind" is scheduled to be out later this year.  Intro/Outro Music: "I, Animal" by AYZ ____________________________  ❗Maddalena Vettori:  ▶️ Twitter:  ▶️ Instagram:  ▶️ Buy "Raggi di Alba" now:  ▶️ Buy "Abyss" now:  ____________________________________ ❗️Sebastian Hidalgo: ▶️ Twitter:  ▶️ Instagram:  ____________________________________________  🎵 AYZ's YouTube channel: ▶️
August 20, 2020
#3 - Rocio Uchofen [ 🇪🇸]
En el primer episodio completamente en ES del Latino Podcast, la escritora Rocio Uchofen y Sebastián Hidalgo hablan de COVID-19, escritura, racismo y discriminación, y sobre la importancia de tener y construir una comunidad.    Intro/Outro Music: "I, Animal" by AYZ  ____________________________  ❗️Los perfiles de Rocio  ▶️ Twitter:  ▶️ Instagram:  ▶️ Rocio's Radio:  ____________________________________  ❗️Sebastian Hidalgo:  ▶️ Twitter:  ▶️ Instagram:   ____________________________________________  🎵 AYZ's YouTube channel:  ▶️
August 14, 2020
#2 - Tony Anderson
In the second episode of the Latino Podcast, poet Tony Anderson joins Sebastian Hidalgo for a conversation about writing in a different language, creativity, digital success, self-publishing and much more. Tony Anderson is a prolific poet who has been gaining traction on Twitter and who just launched his first collection, "Vintner", available on Amazon worldwide.   Intro/Outro Music: "I, Animal" by AYZ  ____________________________  ❗️Discover Tony Anderson:  ▶️ Twitter:  ▶️ Instagram:  ▶️ Buy "Vintner" now:   ____________________________________  ❗️More about Sebastian Hidalgo:  ▶️ Twitter:  ▶️ Instagram:   ____________________________________________  🎵 AYZ's YouTube channel: ▶️
July 25, 2020
First Episode - Fátima Carrero
Fátima Carrero is the author of "Songs for Madeleine" and a Spanish actress. She  joins Sebastian Hidalgo in the Latino Podcast's first ever episode to talk about  the pandemic, writing, inspiration, what it takes to translate your own book, and much more. Get Songs for Madeleine now: Follow Fatima on Instagram and Twitter and interact with her More about Sebastian Hidalgo: Twitter, Instagram. 
July 22, 2020