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The SecurEdge WiFi Podcast

The SecurEdge WiFi Podcast

By SecurEdge WiFi
Helping businesses navigate the digital transformation through conversations with industry leaders and experts that make it possible.
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The Evolution of On-Campus Housing during the Pandemic
[Podcast] In this episode, we discuss the evolution of on-campus housing and what life will be like for students during and post-pandemic. In this episode, you'll hear: The evolution of the student experience and what it will look like post-pandemic. How building construction has evolved over time and the impact it has on your WiFi design. What is application and end-user performance monitoring? How changes in devices and density is increasing the importance of bandwidth utilization. How IoT and proximity analytics are changing how we manage and understand our spaces. Guest: Michael McNamee, VP of Engineering at SecurEdge WiFi
August 21, 2020
The Campus Reimagined: Tactics and Tech for a Hybrid Learning Environment
In this episode, we discuss the various tactics and tech that schools can implement to support a safe hybrid learning environment. In this episode, you’ll hear: How to think outside of the box when it comes to social distancing What tech can you implement to utilize your current infrastructure investments How to reconfigure and renovate your existing spaces What you need to consider when moving classes outside How to deploy WiFi in your parking lots What impact will these changes have on your network Guest: Michael McNamee, VP of Engineering at SecurEdge WiFi
August 13, 2020
How Higher Ed Can Use WiFi-Based Contact Tracing to Reopen Safely
If your college or university is going to be ready to reopen safely, then you must understand and implement contact tracing as part of your overall COVID-19 strategy. In this episode, you'll learn: What's currently happening in higher education due to COVID-19 What is Contact Tracing How you can use your WiFi infrastructure to enhance contact tracing What tools (hardware, software) you need to get started with contact tracing Host: Skye Jaundoo, Customer Success Manager at SecurEdge WiFi Guest: Michael McNamee, VP of Engineering at SecurEdge WiFi
July 31, 2020
HBCUs, Technology Trends, and Being a CIO Today
In this episode, Skye Jaundoo, Customer Success Manager at SecurEdge WiFi (host) speaks with Dr. Damian Clarke, CIO of Alabama A&M University about enrollment in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and why HBCUs are important today. As well as his thoughts on current technology trends in higher education and what it's like to be a CIO in today's modern campus environment.
February 27, 2020