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The Seder-Skier Podcast

The Seder-Skier Podcast

By Ryan Sederquist
The original, unique, engaging cross country ski podcast. We ask tough questions to elite athletes, investigate scientific research, and occasionally venture off to talk about the broader intersection of sports and culture as well.
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Skieologians: Should a high school phenom ever turn pro?

The Seder-Skier Podcast

Dan Hobbs, the self-supported 14er FKT record-holder, joins the SederSkier Podcast
As Dan Hobbs’ eyes ricochet off his suit coat and out his Rand Tower office window at the Marquette Avenue traffic below, his mind can’t help but wander back to Colorado. In 2013, he bolted for the mountains, convinced they could heal him from severe depression. It worked. He hiked all 58 14,000-foot peaks in the centennial state in just 24-days. Now, two years later, he’s at another midlife juncture. scornfully sizing up his suitcoat, he glances back at his screen, where a story about Andrew Hamilton’s new supported 14er record — 10 days — evokes a covetous stare. “This should be me,” he mutters to himself. Hobbs’ first venture to Colorado reminded him of life’s beauty. His second — where he would lower the self-supported 14er record to 14 days, 17 hours and 33 minutes — would teach him how to thrive in its darkest moments. We're so excited to share Dan's story — the first interview since setting the self-supported FKT for climbing all 58 14ers in Colorado — he's truly an amazing individual! Enjoy!
August 19, 2022
Seder-Skier Podcast Aug. 5 - Breaking Klaebo news
We talk about the breaking Johannes Klaebo news and discuss a preposterous take.... Also, Blink Festival reactions,  can athletes hold their peak indefinitely?  and did a Green Bay Packer legend compete in the Leadville 100? Novi joins.... $235 gets you inside the seder-skier podcast studios for a live broadcast. Watch the show unfold in real time. reach out at
August 06, 2022
Seder-Skier Podcast July 31
We're back from the thesis data collection adventure, but the sprinter van isn't ....find out why I didn't race the Crooked Gravel event....there's no way you'll guess the reason ....what is Jessie Diggins' legacy going to be?  ....We find out why Sophia Laukli didn't accept our recruiting efforts at the University of Maine ....letters are responded to...even a negative one Enjoy!
August 01, 2022
Seder-Skier Podcast - Training so much your family is worried
It's been awhile....lots to discuss.... We talk about... - U.S. skiers hop into the trail scene - Anders Aukland's new training regimen  - Chet Holmgren, Chad Salmela and the ongoing body image/journalist saga - K.O. or Hannah Halverson? Did the U.S. make the right choice for the Olympics?  - Equal distances in skiing - why didn't anyone care that 88% of women athletes on the World Cup voted against it? - Why I like the U.S. Ski Team's push to incentivize female coaches on course at the World Cup level
July 18, 2022
The Seder-Skier Podcast kicks off season 3
Ryan's brain is chock full of 10,000 foot takes and his rambling skills aren't rusty at all after a May vacation. Speaking of May, he touches on why rollerskiing in May should never happen for any reason whatsoever. He also explains some takeaways from an 8-part series he recently completed on the development pipeline of the U.S. Ski Team. Then, he ends with a random 'feel-good' story that you never expected. 
June 14, 2022
Sederskier 31st birthday podcast
Grooming complaints, where to find snow, book review, controversial rants, and an epic Birkie mystery.... Take a listen before we get canceled.
April 06, 2022
Skisens Shines Again! We update you on power meters in cross-country ski poles!
Johan Högstrand joined us back in December to discuss his company, Skisens, and the work they've done in developing power meters for ski poles. A great conversation for those who love training and technique and are curious about the future of Nordic ski research!
March 17, 2022
SederSkier Podcast: "Really dumb people can say really true things."
We:  1) wrap up the World Cup and talk about the huge result that for some reason no one is mentioning 2) read an article from Outside that makes some pretty wild statements about body types... 3) give a trail report 4) Discuss Aspen Institute article on why Norway wins all of the medals - It's a doozy of an episode, but you'll want to stick around for all of it!
March 14, 2022
SederSkier Podcast - Grip Wax Nation strikes again....and we give a shout out to Mom...
Grip wax nation is pitchfork nation, commentating on all of the problems in the universe once again, from Colorado’s ineptitude in prioritizing the state cross country ski meet like my home state of Minnesota to why we might have so many mental health issues in elite athletes….. Believe it or not, we left some important topics off the table in this 90 minute episode….but we do offer praise to my mom and encouragement to all of you anonymous grinders out there….you know who you are. Keep on skiing….keep on striving….
February 23, 2022
SederSkier Podcast: Olympic Pod no. 2....Kikkan listens to the SederSkier Podcast, and here's how we know....
In our second Olympic pod, we talk about the two relay races, give Kikkan credit for commentating (and point out the take she stole from the Sederskier!!!!), discuss a training thread from Twitter, read an excerpt from Ryan Rodgers amazing book, “Winter’s Children,” and announce that we raised the same amount of funds in our Wax4Wax drive as the Canadian truckers did …..well, after Justin Trudeau froze their accounts, that is…..Ajee plays random music to celebrate her predicting the German victory in the team sprint….
February 17, 2022
SederSkier Podcast - Olympic Pod no. 1
Don't cancel us Spotify......
February 11, 2022
Jeremy Evans joins the SederSkier Podcast
Jeremy Evans, the author of See You Tomorrow, the riveting account of the disappearance of snowboarder Marco Siffredi on Everest, joins the podcast to talk about the writing process and answer inside questions on one of the most interesting individuals in all of snowsports.  Spoiler alert! We talk about everything! You should read the book before listening! Evans will be at the Vail Symposium on Feb. 23
February 09, 2022
Noah Hoffman joins the Seder-Skier Podcast
2x Olympian Noah Hoffman discusses what went down at the Human Rights Watch roundtable discussion leading up to the Beijing Olympic Games.  We talk IOC-athlete relationships, the work of Global Athlete, an organization working to hold administrations accountable and grant greater athlete voice, the U.S. Olympic team nominations, and whether or not he would be down to race the Seder-Skier in a double-pole race up Independence Pass.... Enjoy - thank's Noah! Check out his podcast here: Here is an article with backstory on the roundtable discussion:
January 22, 2022
SederSkier Podcast Jan. 18 2022
We review Klaebo's dominance and give insight on how to take the Norwegian down in a sprint.... We talk about Jessie's fitness and what we think of her Olympic build-up plan.... We talk about the state of skiing .... Is the U.S. women's team as cohesive as everyone thinks? We read a never-before-published column on U.S. Olympic qualifying criteria and give our two cents....
January 18, 2022
Ruka Post Race SederSkier Podcast
Quick post-race show on the Ruka Sprints - 
November 26, 2021
SederSkier Podcast Nov. 24, 2021 - I'm not skiing enough, and here is how I know....
Novi Sederquist makes an appearance ....  Intro music honors Battle Mountain soccer and xc teams.... Seder rants on Fasterskier podcasts, gives a weather and training update, and explains why he knows that he is slacking on his pre-season fitness.... We give a mention to a female skier who got no love on FS but we think will have a great period 1.... We fail to get through the agenda...which means we have another show coming soon....
November 24, 2021
Seder Skier Podcast - August 4th - EPIC RANT
Reactions to track events at Olympics 400H - Rai and Karsten; Sydney 800 - Athing Mu Should endurance athletes focus more on heat acclimatization than altitude acclimatization? Our solution.... Dan Barreiro of KFAN gets played on our show....the we rip into one of the greatest rants of all-time about the topic of true competition.
August 04, 2021
SederSkier Halfway Thru The Olympics Episode
We are about halfway through the Olympics and there are some things which need to be discussed - What is the difference between mental toughness and mental health? Which athletes should you care about moving forward? Who have been our top 3 favorite athletes of the games so far? Plus, did you know the best journalist at these games is only 10 years old - we’ll introduce you to her. What did we think of the 10k which just finished up this morning? Finally, if the Olympics was held in one location forever, or on a rotation of four spots, where would we prefer it to be - plus, you can weigh in on it, too. All of that and more on the SederSkier Podcast, brought to you by the USSPC, Sporthill, and Vitamix. 10 year old journalist story - Pepper Skateboarder quarantined Dutch judo athlete quarantined GB athletes covid Sam Kendricks senator story Kendricks NBC story Triathlon - mens - Norway winner great story - Kevin Mcdowell - Colorado Triathlete overcame cancer Alan Abramson piece on 400 meter third placer Jonathas
July 30, 2021
SederSkier Podcast June 25 - How should athletes respond to the press?
Halfway through the trials, we talk about some of the great storylines, plus we talk about how our literary journeys have again led us to WWII literature...and how Jesse Owens and Gino Bartali are good models for responding to journalists.
June 25, 2021
SederSkier Podcast - Deep Thoughts - June 21
Olympic Trials reactions; ripping NBC; comment on Allyson Felix and mom athletes; breakdown of athletes giving glory to God; and what we can all learn from Emily Pomainville....
June 21, 2021
Seder Skier Podcast - June 17 - NCAA recap - age group records - and more
We recap the notable NCAA performance, highlight a 70-year olds age group 50k running record (and talk about his training secrets), and get ready for the Olympic trials.
June 17, 2021
SederSkier Podcast - NCAA Track Day 1 preview
What are the storylines going into this meet? Even if you haven't cared about running at all for a couple of years, we give you the breakdown of all of the fun stories to keep an eye on.  Plus, we record live and you can hear the oven beeping in the background.... And...we forget to talk about the steeplechase. Typical. 
June 09, 2021
We talk about the most insane Olympic trials athlete you've never heard of.... Then, we make a big announcement about a Seder-Skier project involving a 3x olympian.... Finally, we do some deep diving into 1970's World Cup history to uncover a glaring error in recent reporting about the return of WC skiing to Telemark, Wisconsin....
June 05, 2021
Skieologians: Should a high school phenom ever turn pro?
Hobbs Kessler recently shattered Alan Webb’s high school 1500m record (also breaking Jim Ryun’s 55 year old U20 record as well) with a 3:34.36. This time is also faster than the NCAA DI 1500 meter record. Kessler, who was a 4:24 miler as recently as the start of the pandemic, has committed to running at Northern Arizona. The question has arisen with him, as it did with Mary Cain, Katelyn Tuohy, and Drew Hunter before - should you capitalize on your financial value now and turn pro? Or should you go to college and develop there? Our answer, in typical Skieologian form, attacks the foundational issue with this question.
June 03, 2021
Seder-Skier Podcast Season 2, Episode 1
Did someone ski more than me this winter?  Improvements were made to the sprinter! Seder-skier can't handle Boulder..... Two insane performances in track and field that haven’t been discussed are noted, including the most dramatic progression/improvement I’ve seen ever in a female collegiate athlete. Then, we talk about whether or not training devices are valuable for you - you might be surprised by our answer. We also take a stance on the David Norris cut from Team USA, as well as sponsorship challenges for one particular Bowerman Babe. As always, we rant a little too much and flavor our long, rambling dissertations with a touch of philosophical, theological, and probably life changing insights, which are, to be frank, completely necessary.
May 31, 2021
SederSkier Mother's Day Podcast
Christie Sederquist joins on this special show for mums.
May 09, 2021
Seder Skier Podcast - May Day Pay Day
Classic Sederskiering meandering conversation on Chinese politics, the NFL draft hypocrisy, the existence of complexity in all tasks at the highest level, and bragging about skiing. 
May 04, 2021
Skieologians RBMW Episode 7 - Chapter 3
Chapter 3 of RBMW
April 27, 2021
Seder Skier Podcast - Chris Grover joins!
US Cross Country Ski Program Director Chris Grover joins the Seder-Skier podcast to answer questions about last season’s World Cup and how team USA will prepare for the 2022 Olympics. We also asked him what he thinks Jessie Diggins might target next year, what the Super Tour/domestic racing season will look like next year, the possibility of a World Cup in the USA, his thoughts on NCAA skiing, and whether or not a boycott could happen in Beijing. Enjoy!
April 24, 2021
Skieologians - Double Episode! April 9 - 16
A double episode of Skieologians, the show discussing the intersection of theology, sports, and current events. Would it be consistent for the US Ski Team to boycott the 2022 Beijing Olympics? Find out our take….Why is the NBA silent on the slave labor/detention camps which supply shoe company Anta (sponsors of several big name players like Dwayne Wade and Klay Thompson) in China?...Plus, the humdinger topic of them all: is hope just a skill you can learn? We talk about it all!
April 17, 2021
Skieologians RBMW Episode 5 - Chapter 1 part 3
We discuss biblical femininity as well complementarity. We end with 15 prayerful points for biblical men and women for living their lives to glorify God to the fullest as he has designed. 
April 13, 2021
Skieologians RBMW Episode 4 - Chapter 1 part 2
We continue discussing mature masculinity!
April 06, 2021
The Seder-Skier Podcast - Easter Show
Lots of fun on the Easter edition, including a new edition called "Dumb Ideas." We also rip Aaron Rodgers....
April 04, 2021
Skieologians RBMW Episode 3 - Chapter 1 part 1
We start in on the Biblical definition of mature masculinity. 
March 30, 2021
The Seder-Skier Podcast - March 28
Potpourri Show - Madshus lied to us, what skiers SHOULD do in April, an NCAA basketball player who should be in the NBA but probably won't, and, the most important thing we learned from Joe Biden's conference....
March 28, 2021
Skieologians - Theology of Work...Philosophy of Sport ... a MUST listen
Skieologians is a show is about the intersection of philosophy, ethics, theology, and sports. This show specifically hits the essence of both. If you are a coach, athlete, Christian or non-Christian, you owe it to yourself to listen to this 28 minute show and ponder its contents deeply. Thank you to Tanner Thetford for the message that inspired this show….
March 25, 2021
Skieologians - RBMW - Ep. 2 - Foreward - Singleness
The 8 key truths on singleness from the Bible and why everyone, married or single, should desire to grow towards mature masculinity/femininity. 
March 23, 2021
Seder Skier Podcast - March 23, 2021 - Klaebo is Klassy and masks are dangerous
How Johannes Klaebo stole my heart - plus - is wearing masks during competition 'following the science? A Minneapolis-based physician does not think so....
March 23, 2021
Skieologians - RBMW - Ep. 1 - Preface
We introduce you to this text on a very relevant topic for young men and women, married and single, by giving a summary and our thoughts on the preface to the book. If you want to buy the book and read along with us, click here. Intro music - "Orion" by Jessie Lee Thetford
March 16, 2021
Live Radio Broadcast of the 30k Skiathlon!!!!!!
Halfway thru the skiathlon, we decide to turn on the microphone and tell you what happened, as it happens.  Take in the FIS World Championships Race from the radio broadcast booth!
February 27, 2021
Dri-Fit Dialogues Part 1 - Free Speech
Part 1 of our first ever Dri-fit dialogues on Skieologians Radio. We feature Pastor Collin Brooks and discuss some recent Doug Wilson articles on free-speech. We also dive into pre-suppositional apologetics.
February 12, 2021
Dri-Fit Dialogues Part 2 - Mobs, Masks, and the Image of God
In part two of our discussion, Collin and I discuss masks, mobs, and the image of God. 
February 12, 2021
Jan. 30 Seder Skier Podcast - Diggins/Bulshonov/Falun WC/Groomers
We discuss what all skiers and athletes can learn from Jessie Diggins, rip into grooming operations and fatbikers/walkers on ski trails, and go back and forth on Bulshonov and Klaebo in recapping yesterday's W.C. action in Falun, Sweden!
January 30, 2021
The Seder-Skier Podcast: Jan. 23 - "Toughen up, train harder, and make it rain." - Devon Kershaw
In this episode, which was two weeks in the making, we respond to one of's Devon Kershaw Show. In it, Kershaw chirps at Simi Hamilton, which we respond to, calls the Val Di Fiemme 'not skiing,' which we respond to, and reminds us the real secret of success in skiing: "toughen up, train harder, and make it rain." In all seriousness, we have been loving the Jason Albert/Kershaw combination this season - it is like a way more edifying version of Steven A. Smith and Max Kellerman, only for nordic skiing. We had such a great time listening to their daily recaps of during the Tour de Ski that we figured it was worth preserving this show and finishing it, despite being late. As always, get jacked and listen to at least the first 3 minutes! USSPC sponsorship - 11:50 - comment below or in our facebook page if you are interested in poles! 14:00 - This is the 'real' start of the show! Enjoy - "Did you ski yet today?" - the Seder-Skier
January 23, 2021
Seder Skier - Christmas podcast
I guess we forgot to post this gem!
January 03, 2021
The Jim Galanes Show - Part 1
Part 1 - Olympic memories, career reflections, training thoughts/philosophy 4:00 - Olympic Memories - “When you are skiing in the World Cup, you are skiing against the best skiers in the world. In those events …. The field is much deeper in the world cup than at the Olympics. From a competitive level, the Olympics was pretty much just another race.” 7:00 - 1980 - Lake Placid 10:00 - Olympic Trials 13:50 - 15k and other Lake Placid memories 20:00 - transformation of skiing from yesterday to today 23 - Bill Koch - innovators and changes in the sport 24 - Who actually invented skate skiing 28 - what is the greatest trail system ever to ski and train on; what is the best place in North America 31 - Quote/Self reflection/introspection 38 - Person vs. Self and Person vs. Person Competitive Mindsets 39 - Can you overthink? Product vs. Process 43-47 - start talking about the science of training 50 - How training actually works in terms of the adaptive response
December 23, 2020
Skieologians - Free Will/1JohnquestionsforPastorTanner/BidenTrump/Mostunbelievabletwitterthreads
A lot of topics on this one hour show! Broadcasting live at 5:00 AM on Shovel Lake Public Radio.  We review some questions on free will and talk about potential roundtable discussions with Pastor Collin Brooks. Then, we dissect one of the most disturbing twitter threads we've seen in a while. We also talk about a difference between Trump and Biden that you won't want to miss. Finally, we end talking about an exegetical question on 1 John 2:23-25. 
December 18, 2020
Skieologians: Questions for Collin
Quick rambling episode ....didn't proof injected rants included....
December 14, 2020
Skieologians - Do I need to study theology?
YES! Let's start 2021 off the right way by joining us for a J-term book study.  Learn why, in order to provide a defense for the faith, the Christian needs to:  1. understand our discussion with the unbeliever is NOT about evidence, but about worldviews, and that it is glorifying to God, edifying to the believer, and evangelistic to the unbeliever to proclaim the truth of the Christian worldview, which finds its glorious consistency in the authority of the self-authenticating, God-breathed Scripture. 2. be able to provide a defense for the authority of Scripture 3. learn how to interpret scripture by studying hermeneutics 4. believe and understand the depth of key doctrines: the trinity and the doctrines of grace/salvation  We discuss 7 books to read that progressively address each of these. Reading them will either change your walk or greatly improve it. 
December 13, 2020
SederSkier Podcast - Ruka Recap, Norway Drops/Covid/Vaccine talk, Hot Vikings take regarding Carson Wentz
A lot to talk about on this one hour show! Join us live on Shovel Lake Public Radio, broadcasting from our digs in Leadville, Colorado. 
December 07, 2020
Skieologians - "Faith in God ..... AND Science" our God the God of science?
An important topic for Christians to understand. The Bible is the necessary precondition for all logic, reasoning, knowledge, and laws by which science operates.  plus.....some fun Joe Biden and Donald Trump sound bites ....
November 28, 2020
Skieologians - The New Absolutes - Part 2
Part 2 of The New Absolutes
November 27, 2020
The Seder Skier Podcast - 11/22 - Thanksgiving Break #1 Episode
It's Thanksgiving Break, which means we finally get a chance to exhale and put out some material for our listeners! Enjoy!
November 26, 2020
Skieologians - Abigail Shrier + Hermeneutics
Hey! New Episode
November 21, 2020
The Skisens Episode
Power meters are common in cycling as a training and performance tool. We chat with the CEO of Skisens, Johan Hogstrand, about a product gathering power data in ski poles! Very interesting for all of you training/science junkies!
November 19, 2020
Skieologians - The New Absolutes - Part 1
A little book on tape .... a little social commentary .... Reading from a book titled "The New Absolutes." Written in 1999, this text is more relevant today than ever, discussing the changing of our country's foundations in a variety of categories - home, gender, abortion, science, society in general, etc. Each episode will contain a chapter being read + commentary on the chapter
November 13, 2020
Ivan Babikov - Part 2
Perhaps the coolest story in skiing - Ivan Babikov's journey from Russia to Canada, from unknown to the World Cup and Olympic Games, is well worth your listen, even if you are not a skier.  The 2 minute opening montage may have you jacked with excitement and pushing to get out the door and train ....
November 11, 2020
Skieologians - The Sprinter Van Episode
The Seder-Skier updates everyone on his new big sprinter van purchase, training, and his new job. We also talk about what we think the Vikes should do and what has annoyed us in sports and society lately. Plus, commentary on the intersection of sports and social topics, delivered from a place concerned only about consistent internal foundations of truth.  Enjoy!
October 31, 2020
The Kendall Kramer Episode
We talk with another multi-athlete superstar who has decided to buck the trend of selling themselves to one sport early on, instead choosing to enjoy, learn from, and experience elite success in both running and skiing. The UAF freshmen is sticking around Alaska, which means her rise in the international ski scene is sure to continue, especially if she can continue to avoid long stretches of rollerskiing.....
October 22, 2020
The Ivan Babikov Show
First 30 - Ever wonder how well runners, rowers, and kayakers transfer to XC skiing? A 6 month program which looked to take elite athletes in those sports in order to prepare them for the Beijing Olympics took place in China, and the research, published in August 2020, is the first of its kind.  We discuss some surprising results which have implications for coaches, masters athletes, and anyone else who may have come to XC skiing as a second sport.  Last hour - we interview the legend - Ivan Babikov. The 3x Olympian's Cinderella story is an inspiration for all of us - not just sports fans. Well worth the listen - go to the 30 minute mark to start the interview.  Brought to you by USSPC - let us know if you need new poles for winter - it's coming!
October 16, 2020
The Nathan Alsobrook Show
We chat with Bowdoin Head Nordic Ski Coach Nathan Alsobrook about all things coaching and skiing. His principles and coaching philosophy are a must listen for anyone who wants to learn about the "way coaching should be." In case you didn't catch the wit there, Maine's slogan is "The way life should be," and Bowdoin is in Maine .... sheesh. 
October 15, 2020
The Skimeister Show
We sit down and chat with Jace Peter's, a Leadville local and 2nd place in the state skimeister competition in 2019, about the ups and downs of being a multi-sport athlete plus what it was like to compete against the seder-skier himself in a 100k race at 10,000ft. 
October 08, 2020
The Seder Skier Podcast 10/6 - Tyler Hamilton doping talk/Opinions on UofM track situation/Sederquist rips the MSHSL
Epic show with topics for everyone! Tune in to your chosen topic or listen to the whole thing to become fully enlightened! *First 2 minutes - obnoxious intro music *next 30 minutes - reflections on Tyler Hamilton biography - we talk about doping, eating disorders, and the insane logistics of being a great doping cyclist in the late 90's and early 00's.  * final half hour - We read an epic letter from sub-4 miler John Simons that rips the U's decision to cut Men's track and field and give our two cents. On a related note, we talk about MSHSL's decision to expand to three classes in XC starting in 2021 and to NOT hold state XC this year.
October 06, 2020
Skieologians - Sermon Questions - Jesus Take the Wheel?
The Seder-Skier listens to a lot of sermons during those long hours on the bike and skis, and we decided it might be cool to talk about questions we have relating to them. Our first sermon comes fresh off the press (October 4th, FBC of Leadville, Pastor Tanner Thetford; "Jesus Take the Wheel?"), and wasn't listened to via an audio download. However, our normal Q&A which takes place after the sermon was cancelled this week.  I just had to ask Pastor Tanner some questions, and thought a few of my listeners might be interested in the topic. The first 10-12 minutes is me giving a brief summary of the sermon. Skip to about the 12 minute mark to hear my question and answer (that is right, I did pose my own answer to my question, but am looking for some sharpening from Tanner as well as some of my other friends in Christ.  Basically - we ask if there is inherent contradiction in the statement: "Because God is in control of all things, we should trust in Him rather than taking matters into our own hands." By harmonizing two Pauline texts - Ephesians 1:11 and Philippians 2:12-13, we pose our own answer, but wish to allow Pastor Tanner and some of our other friends in Christ to illuminate a correct interpretation of this text and some others. 
October 04, 2020
SederSkier Sports Show 10/1/2020
Sick of the constant stream of sports news? Ever wish someone would just make a sports show only when there was enough important stuff to talk about? We won't commit to daily, weekly, or monthly podcasts here. Instead, we'll make a show when we need to --- Up today: "What hope is there for MN fans? Is Eliud Kipchoge a modern day Lance Armstrong? Who I am cheering for in the NBA finals and why you should care --- plus, some Vikings news that doesn't really have to do with the current Vikings at all." Hey, at least listen to the first 2 minutes and our world famous open/intros...
October 01, 2020
The Ben Ogden Show
Interview with US Ski team member and NCAA champion Ben Ogden on life in the pandemic, training, mountain biking, Johannes Klaebo, and the state of skiing in the USA. 
September 29, 2020