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SeeThroughIt Podcast

SeeThroughIt Podcast

By Brian Sailes
My eyes are open, no more will we be blinded by hidden agendas in sports, life or relationships. We will SeeThroughIt all fake love, fake support, fake news, and most importantly hate. Welcome to the SeeThroughIt Podcast, come with an open mind and ears and lets evolve together. Join the Conversation! Don't Be Blinded By The Media - #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast
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S3 Episode 23 Offended, are you really offended?
Today I ask a serious question, are you really offended? With the news telling fake stories and spinning things to fit their agendas the question came up, are we offended by what is being said or by who is reportedly saying it. Too many times I have seen passes extended to certain individuals, but others never get that same pass. Truth be told you just don’t like the person who is not caring for your feelings. Today society has been lied to for so long that they cannot handle the cold hard truth anymore, they rather be lied and played with. Real Life Defining Moment Sponsored By: Jhae Pfenning From Hard Parking Podcast #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast Follow me on IG @briansailes and follow my brand @warriors_collection_
September 24, 2020
S3 Episode 22 I said what I said. Part II
Today we put the final nail in the coffin Part II is here. I respond to some comments made towards me for being a concerned parent. I shut down any idea of being ok with accepting the victim card. I also remind many that we are responsible for our own actions period. I take full responsibility for all my short comings; I will never point the finger or have my hand out for nothing. #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast Follow me on IG @briansailes and follow my brand @warriors_collection_
September 18, 2020
S3 Episode 21 Struggling this week.
This week has been a real struggle for me. I realized that my mind is trying to wear me down, but I will not allow it to do so. I know there are a lot of things that are happening in the world today, but we cannot succumb to the pressures of our situations. It’s good to be aware of what your mind is doing and make sure you are able to counter it; we all know the mind is powerful it can work for you and can definitely work against you. #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast Follow me on IG @briansailes and follow my brand @warriors_collection_
September 11, 2020
S3 Episode 20 I said what I said!
Tonight, I discussed a topic that is taboo in the black community. Recently I had two conversations with my teenage daughter and son about young people that look like them are always dying. They put this question to me looking for some guidance on this sad but real unfortunate reality they are living in. It’s time to be done with the excuses and start saving these young peoples lives. #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast  Follow me on IG @briansailes and follow my brand @warriors_collection_ 
September 4, 2020
S3 Episode 19 Celebration!
Tonight, we celebrate the goals whether they are big goals or small goals. Goals when once reached should make you reflect and recognize how far you have come. I reached and passed 500 listeners on this show. It has been a long and a rough rollercoaster ride, but I am committed to seeing this thing through. Next goal 1500 let’s go folks! #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast
August 27, 2020
S3 Episode 18 Own it .. I'm Sorry
Have you ever had a problem with saying I’m sorry, I definitely had a problem with that? Tonight, I discuss the problems I had with saying I’m sorry. I also highlight what a mistake is and how one should own their faults. Recognize your transgression towards people and quickly apologize to them to make things right. I’m Sorry. #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast 
August 16, 2020
S3 Episode 17 Deposits: Growth v Returns
Tonight, I talk about Deposits not your money situation but life deposits. I know for me when I did things for people (deposits) I was looking for something in return. I realized I wasn’t doing it out of the kindness of my heart I was doing for my own selfish gain, I was focused on what I could get out of the situation. My question to you, are you making deposits for growth or are you looking for the returns? #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast
August 6, 2020
S3 Episode 16 3 Silly Mistakes to Avoid in Life.
Tonight, I had to move the schedule around so today I debuted these cards called Pod Decks. I pulled one card and my topic for tonight was 3 Silly Mistakes to Avoid in Life. The three I chose were; Procrastination, Spending money on unless things i.e. shoes and clothes, Being Right. All those things I wish I could have avoided in my pass, but I’m glad for who I am now. #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast
July 24, 2020
S3 Episode 14 Triggered Much!
Tonight, I discuss things that trigger us into acting out. I learned over time what my triggers are and it’s important for you to also know what puts you over the edge. You should never give anybody that much power over because what they are saying on Twitter or Facebook. Take back your power and peace today, block their foolishness and keep it moving. #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast
July 16, 2020
S3 Episode 13 Self Care with Dr. Mac
Tonight, I had a special guest with me from Mobility Agility Chiropractic Performance Melissa MacDonald DC ICSC CCSP® NREMT. We discussed the Chiropractic field and the term “self-care”. We I think of self-care I think, yes I can take care of myself and do for myself’ but is that really self-care. We talked about certain things you can do at home to keep you mobile as you age. Below are some links you can use to reach out to her if you have any questions and other links for more information on Chiropractors in your area.!map #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast
July 11, 2020
S3 Episode 12 Uncle Tom, Cooning alright!
Tonight, I discussed the terms that people love to use when being corrected or guided to do better. Uncle Tom and Cooning has been used in multiple conversations that I have been in or observed from afar. I give a history lesson on who Uncle Tom was, his real name was Josiah Henson a self-made man a strong man. Let the current people tell it he’s nothing good. I guess good is evil and evil is good. We got to do better people as a people. #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast
July 7, 2020
S3 Episode 11 Happy Father's Day
Happy Father’s Day, today right before I went live my mom text me a scripture that she has always told me about. I ask you to look into this scripture Eph. 6:4, it explains how to raise your kids. I know I’m not the best nor do I have all the answers on how to be a good dad. I do know that I had a pretty good example on how and what I’m supposed to be doing as a parent. I greatly appreciate my dad for his guidance and wisdom that he shares with me. Join the Conversation #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast
June 23, 2020
S3 Episode 10 They Are Watching.
Today we discuss the affects of our actions and behaviors that will play a vital role in our kid’s future. I highlight the hate and evil that they are absorbing through TV, and more importantly their own family members. My solution is to be change that you want to see. Be the example because they are watching us. Join The Conversation ! #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast
June 19, 2020
S3 Episode 9 What Are We Doing !
Tonight we talk about all the stuff thats been going on in the world of sports. I look into the Drew Brees statement, do I agree with his original statement and how do I feel about him changing his stance after the Mob came for him. Does the NFL like the military, and how patriotic are you if you turn a blind to those Veterans in need? Join the Conversation !!! #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast
June 15, 2020
S3 Episode 8 The Other America
Today I address all the hate I have seen and heard over the past week. My message to the leaders of churches, city council and any other position where young people may be looking up to you for guidance; stop pushing hate and division. Don't implore our young people to push hate or to go out and act out our emotions. The Other America Speech has the part that the people used to incite the young people to destroy their own community. We have to do better, we must do better. If you know better you should do better ! Join the Conversation #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast
June 12, 2020
S3 Episode 7 Can You Protect Your Family?
Today I had the Owner of Battle Cat Co. on with me talking about the current situation and discussing gun ownership rights. We look at the situation that took place in Michigan at the Capital, was it necessary to show up with weapons? We also discuss the senseless violence against people who were trying to protect their livelihood. Are you your brothers keeper? I am ! #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast #WarriorCollection #BattleCatCo.
June 4, 2020
S3 Episode 6 George Floyd
Today I discuss how exhausted I am with seeing another Black Man killed by white police officers. In Matthew 24:12 tells us that; iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. Whats deep inside of many will show itself. We have to hold people accountable for their evil divisive ways. We need more good cops to show they are good and hold their so called brothers in blue accountable for their hatred. We know that not all cops are bad cops but we need to see more from those cops. Know that I am more than my skin color! Join the Conversation ! #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast
May 28, 2020
S3 Episode 5 Last Dance ft Mark Skol Jr.
Tonights show featured WNDU Sports Anchor Mark Skol Jr.. We talked about the Last Dance Series that featured Micheal Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. I went over my favorite series in those playoff runs that those Chicago Bulls were in. Mark spoke on not being able to see Jordan play since he was born later in his career. Does the younger generation have a greater appreciation for Micheal Jordan? #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast
May 24, 2020
S3 Episode 4 Choices
Today I talk about the everyday choices we make in our lives. Bringing the attention to the fact that the current outcome is the consequence of a past choice or decision made that has brought forth this path of doom. We can only change the process by making better decisions to have a better outcome. It time to take ownership and start holding people accountable for their actions, if we don't like the outcome. Join the Conversation #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast
May 21, 2020
S3 Episode 3 Living Without Sports
Today I looked for worthy topics and BOOM the NFL drops this subject into my lap. Are you ok with the NFL trying to bride teams into hiring minorities to improve their draft picks? I also jump all over those NFL teams releasing their so called new uniforms. Join the conversation. #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast
May 16, 2020
Season 3 Episode 2 Promoting Division
Sick of the media trying to divide us every day. Sometimes bad things happen, and thats it. Bad things happen bad decision were made because people felt like they were protecting something. We have a bad habit of speaking and promoting the evil when react to things we hear from the Media. Black and White should not be trigger words to incite you to anger or others. #SeeThroughIt #STIPodcast
May 15, 2020
Welcome Back, Season 3 is here!
Today I finally return back to the desk with the microphone after a long break. Finally Season 3 is here and its time to open the eyes or people who are blinded by the smoke in this world. Get ready, because I'm back !!!
May 14, 2020
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