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Live Free with Selena Sage

Live Free with Selena Sage

By Selena Sage
Freedom explored through inspirational stories, wisdom, and meditations with Selena Sage, a Zen Author who left a lucrative career in tech in California to move to the remote island of Santo Antão in Africa. These talks combine wisdom from the masters and Sage’s real life experiences to inspire you to live a free life—achieved by letting go of everything that does not serve you and knowing your true self. Namasté. You are welcome to connect with Selena Sage online!
Website: // Facebook + Instagram: Selena Sage - Author
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A Story about Success
A beautiful Sufi story reminds us that prayer is active. It is an invitation to *be* what we seek. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage — Author
May 15, 2022
A Story of Faith
Sharing the Parable of the Sower from the Bible, Matthew Chapter 13 and thoughts on my own feeling that Faith and fear cannot coexist. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage — Author
May 14, 2022
A Story about Detachment
In this episode, we explore detachment and the Zen State of No Mind with a story from Osho’s “The Sun Rises in the Evening.” May you remain as your Infinite Self. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 13, 2022
A Story of Transformation 2
The story shared today is an invitation to embody what we seek to be or experience. Being is an active principle that is born of Non-being. When we know that we are the Changeless, we are able to flow more seamlessly through the changing. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage — Author
May 12, 2022
A Story about Judgment
In this episode, I share my favorite Bible story from John 8. May we embody the love and compassion we wish to receive. A quote from “White Fire” by Sri Mooji is also shared. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 11, 2022
A Story of Letting Go
Using a story of a monkey and a gourd full of sweetened rice, we explore the way our emotional state can signal areas in our life where we need to let go. May you let go and be free. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 10, 2022
A Story of Influence
Happy Mother’s Day! Sharing a short story of Saint Kabir related to motherhood (on a one day delay haha). Full love and gratitude to my own mother and all of the wonderful lessons she continues to model. Thank you, Madre! I love you. Love to all. Namasté, Selena Sage // //
May 09, 2022
A Story about Problems
A story of Sage Sadat leads to wisdom from Sri Mooji (from his book, “White Fire”) to encourage us to investigate the nature of problems and that which is higher than our problems. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage — Author
May 08, 2022
A Story of Perfection(ism)
Sharing personal stories and one from Buddhist Monk Arjahn Brahm, we explore the quest for perfection and the beauty, peace, and freedom that can result from embracing what we perceive to be imperfection…knowing that we are that which witnesses both in the play of life. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 07, 2022
A Story of Autonomy
Autonomy (a sense of free will), connection, and competence are identified as the three innate innate and universal psychological needs in self-determination theory. Using the story of a butterfly, we explore the importance of autonomy in our growth and development as children and adults seeking liberation. Ultimately, we all must find our own way. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 06, 2022
A Story of Equanimity
Equanimity is calm and composure, especially in a difficult situation. Through the Taoist story of the farmer, we explore what this looks like in action and consider the wisdom of Greek philosopher Epictetus, “People are not disturbed by things, but by the views they take of them.” Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 05, 2022
A Story of Mandela
The great Madiba, President Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, the father of the South African nation, is a shining example of freedom. This beautiful story touches on overcoming hate and anger to be free. Let go and be free. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage — Author
May 04, 2022
A Story of Presence
Sharing a favorite Zen story with reflections inspired by a profound quote from Sri Ramana Maharshi, “Find out whether there is such a thing as mind. If there is, describe it.” The talk notes that presence is the state of existing or being present, and encourages you to discover if you are living in the present moment experience or carrying over experiences due to thought / imagination. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 03, 2022
A Story of Happiness 2
This story of happiness is told from a Zen perspective to show that happiness is within. May you view your life with eyes of gratitude as it is now and live free. // Note: I actually read verse 44 (not verse 22) from the Tao te Ching, Stephen Mitchell translation. Reading also from verse 9 of the Hua Hu Ching, Brian Walker translation. // Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 02, 2022
A Story of Happiness 1
In this story, a young man seeks out the wisest woman in the world to learn the secret of happiness. The secret that’s shared is practical in nature and related to maintaining balance in life. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 01, 2022
A Story of Contentment
Sharing a story I wrote last year, we explore the nature of contentment and how that differs from comparison. May you dwell in gratitude, content with your life as it is right now. For truly, this moment of now is your entire life. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage — Author
April 30, 2022
A Story of Transformation
The story of the stonecutter, shared on my website nine years ago, inspired reflections about my own journey and its transformations. As you sit with your story, I hope that you are able to appreciate the present-moment gifts of your experience and flow more easily through all of life’s various transformations. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // (if you scroll to the bottom of any page, you’ll find a button with three lines that reveals a hidden menu—you may click this to more easily view old content by date or tag) // You are welcome to send stories for this season to me, thank you: // Fb + IG: Selena Sage — Author
April 29, 2022
A Story of Compassion
Through a game of chess with a monk, a Zen master teaches a prince vital lessons about life and how we might learn from those situations or people who seem to be opposing us. The prince and monk can be substituted by a business master and intern, parent and child, two lovers, or two friends. When we recognize the lessons, we grow. Sometimes it also means that those connections come to a close after we have learned the intended lessons. As you meditate on this story, you might consider placing yourself in the position of the prince, the monk, and the master in three separate meditations. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // You are welcome to share a short story for this season to // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
April 28, 2022
Season 5 Intro + A Story of Fate
Namasté dear one! I’m so happy to be back with you here to share a new season of the show! Since I love an epic saga, this season will be dedicated to sharing stories :) The first, in this episode, is a Sufi Story of a girl named Fatima from the book, “Tales of the Dervishes” by Idries Shah. Following the story, I also share a few thoughts. I’m excited to share more stories with you, and I welcome you to email me short stories to read on the show this season, too! Thank you. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage — Author
April 27, 2022
Season 4 Finale: Enjoy The Adventure!
Thank you for your kind support of the podcast! Delighted to have recorded this message as the 200th episode after the wonderful experience of road-tripping around the USA and Canada for 10 months. The body is still resting, but I hope you choose to enjoy your experiencing, whatever it might be, even when it feels challenging. May your victory add to your body of evidence to remind you that there is nothing that you cannot do, and there is nothing that you cannot overcome. Full love to you. Namasté, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 30, 2022
Fear Is Imagination
“All sorrow comes from fear.” — Ashtavakra Gita (*minor correction from the word “suffering” used in the episode). In this episode, the nature of fear is explored and a Zen story is shared to recognize that it is we who hold onto our suffering, not the other way around. In this way, we have the ability to release it, too, and remain as the freedom that we are. You are not your story, and you are not even your body. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 03, 2022
You Are Already The Buddha
On this special day of 22222, it is my pleasure to remind you that you are already the Buddha. Your true nature, beyond desires and doubts, and before thoughts and words, is the Buddha-nature itself—which is you. Drop all to realize this and BE the peace that you are. // Episode features quotes from “Remember Be Here Now” by Ram Dass and a selected verse from the “Yoga Vasishta Sara” // Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
February 22, 2022
The Zen of Thay
With full love and gratitude to beloved Thay, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, as he transitions from one form to another. A cloud never dies. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
January 23, 2022
222 - New Beginnings
With wisdom from Sri Siddharameshwar Maharaj and the Ashtavakra Gita, I wish you a beautiful and wonderful New Year…with the freedom to play or withdraw into a cave, free from the mind and any agitating thoughts. This is our great opportunity at every moment, but especially in a year signifying new beginnings. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
January 05, 2022
Finding A Teacher
In a world of teachers and Gurus (meaning one who dispels darkness), how might you find the right teacher for you? This talk explores that topic and shares a reading from “White Fire,” by Sri Mooji — a beloved teacher of mine. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
December 04, 2021
Dealing with Demotivation
Immense gratitude to you for being part of this Underground Zen podcast family! I appreciate you so much. This episode sends you love and is also an open letter to one of my nieces (in college now!) that shares some ideas to overcome demotivating thoughts and dream instead of the experience desired + a discussion of the method I use to overcome stressful thoughts. Though I recorded with her in mind, it is a universal message that I share with much love. Hoping light touches your heart wherever you are. Love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
December 02, 2021
On Thinking and Overthinking
When we think too much, we live in a world of illusion. Shifting to watching thoughts instead of analyzing them brings immediate freedom. Wisdom from the “Hua Hu Ching: The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu” by Brian Walker is also shared in this episode. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
November 30, 2021
Give Freely
As you freely receive, may you also freely give. In the subtle operation of the universe, this is the way to be a blessing but also to be blessed. Wishing you a beautiful holiday! Namasté. Love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
November 22, 2021
Release Suffering
Inspired to share this message after seeing a woman attempting to hold back tears in a car next to me here in California. As we send others light and love, we must do the same to ourselves. Release and be free. Namasté dear one. Love, Selena Sage // // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
November 18, 2021
Be Free
After a glorious sunrise in a hot air balloon in Temecula, California with a beautiful crew of people, the inspiration arose to record this message of freedom and love, quoting from Galatians 5 in the Bible. May we love and serve one another, and know that there is no other. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
November 07, 2021
Zen: Verses on the Perfect Mind
Namasté dear one, and love from California! This episode is a reading of the Zen text Hsin-Hsin Ming, often translated as “Verses on the Perfect Mind,” and by the Third Patriarch of Zen, Seng’tsan (known as Sosan in Japan). This version is an interpretation by Eric Putkonen. // The text is an invitation to release distinctions, discriminations, and desires, and find that our true nature — Oneness, peace — exists beyond duality. The realization is simple when all is released. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
November 04, 2021
Love Everyone and Tell The Truth
Thankful to be in communion with truly grounded, beautiful, and powerful tribal elders here in Ottawa, Canada. The lessons from our encounter are direct reminders of lessons from Sri Neem Karoli Baba, Sri Mooji, and Zen masters. Love everyone and tell the truth is the message. The protection of the highest is the promise. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 19, 2021
10,000 mile reflections
4 Lessons and reflections from my 10,000 mile (so far!) roadtrip around the USA and Canada. Happy trails! Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 17, 2021
What to do when everything goes wrong?
It’s easy to be happy when everything goes right. But what about when it is perceived that it’s all going wrong? Shift to that very Perceiver and know that you’re already, and always, free. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 17, 2021
Zen: Give Up Thoughts
Inspired to record a brief message from beautiful Halifax Public Gardens in Nova Scotia, Canada. Give up thoughts and find that the Infinite will naturally direct your steps. Being in flow is the greatest freedom. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 11, 2021
Zen: Oneness and The Mind
Live recording from Savage Mill Trail to explore the nature of Self, and that of the Mind. Realization of Oneness is freedom; Heaven is a silent and empty mind. Namasté, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 28, 2021
Advaita: The Master
A reading from The Ashtavakra Gita, translation by Thomas Byrom (book: “The Heart of Awareness”). I encourage you to sit with this wisdom and recognize that The Master is beyond all duality (“Advaita” means “not two”), and thus truly free. This freedom exists for all, for it is indeed our true nature. Namasté, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 27, 2021
Zen: How To Be Free Of Anxiety
Zen Master Bodhidharma said, “Once you stop clinging and let things be, you’ll be free, even of birth and death.” Remaining unattached to arising thoughts is to remain as your true nature — Peace itself. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 25, 2021
Zen: The Nature of Thought
This episode is dedicated to MM, with my thanks for your kind and loving support of this podcast! May this exploration further aid your discovery of the nature of thought, and your true nature as that which witnesses even thought. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author // episode recorded live at Wincopin Trail, MD
August 24, 2021
Zen: Thoughts Are Not You
An encounter with a snake on a hike in the USA served as a powerful reminder that thoughts are not what we are. Welcome the snake (or lion!) in your path and remain as Presence and Peace — your true nature. Namasté, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 23, 2021
Zen: Leave It
Sri Baba said, “When I’ve left, I’ve left.” When you’ve left a place, situation, or person, are you still carrying it around? It is like trying to drive forward by constantly looking in the rearview mirror. Quoting a couple of questions from my first book, “Meditative Questions,” ( available at ) we explore these ideas and the way to know that your true nature is Awareness itself. Namasté, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 15, 2021
Zen: Disinterestedness Liberates
Cease being interested and you are free. Message inspired by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, recorded on the road at Indian River Park in Chesapeake, Virginia USA. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 08, 2021
Vida é Lindo
Lembre-se: você faz seu mundo com seus pensamentos. (Remember: You make your world with your thoughts.) After spending a lovely week with my beautiful Cabo Verdeana sister, the inspiration arose to create this short episode in my own version of Cape Verdean Kriolu. The language differs by island, and my mix of Kriolu and Portuguese is like it’s own island haha I share it with love to my Cape Verdean friends and family. I love you all and hope that you experience a beautiful life full of love, and empty of thoughts and stress. I am with you. Love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
July 30, 2021
Zen Is Beyond Words
How can we describe that which is beyond description? Though words and examples may help, they are not *it*. By examining a new age Zen story, we bring clarity to this concept as we move beyond practices and concepts. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: selena@selenasage // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
July 29, 2021
Love Is All
Namasté dear one. In this 3am recording, feeling overwhelming gratitude and love that I was inspired to share with you. Quotes from “Miracle of Love” by Ram Dass and my second book, “unbreakable” (at; with a remembered story from “I Am That” by Nisargadatta Maharaj. // May you release all, find that emptiness to be full of love, and know that to be your true nature. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // recorded in Orlando, FL
July 29, 2021
Zen: The Art of Letting Go
Release all attachments and desires gracefully, and gratefully, and know that you are Freedom itself. // “unbreakable” is available at //Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage Author
July 23, 2021
But What About Peace During Chronic Pain?
With thanks to a beloved brother for the question that inspired this episode, I humbly provide thoughts about enduring chronic pain and/or incurable illness, with my love to all who suffer. The masters say, “You are not the body; You are not the mind” to give us a key. We must unlock this meaning and become free of any attachment to body or mind. Sri Mooji reminds us that the Self doesn’t need healing and doesn’t need prayer (book: “Writing on Water”). // Rupert Spira shared the wisdom that, “Deep sleep is not the absence of awareness; it is awareness of absence.” Contemplate this and question if there is any suffering in deep sleep, a state reflective of our true nature. // By knowing the Self to be what you are, you are able to be free now and always. Of course that is what I always wish for you. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
July 21, 2021
Zen: The False Makes You Suffer
Sharing wisdom from Advaita Master Sri Nisargsdatta, Sufi Saint Rumi, and Ch’an / Zen Master Huang Po, we explore the idea that it is the false that makes you suffer…and then go beyond all ideas. Freedom is what you are. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
July 20, 2021
Zen and Happiness
“You don’t become happy, you become aware that that you already are.” — Frode // This lovely quote inspired this episode. Remember, Zen is not art or science…it is simply a realization. Know this and know that you are happiness itself. Namasté. Love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage — Author
July 14, 2021
Zen Is Liberation
Inspired to share messages of freedom and peace from Zen Master Bodhidharma, Sri Papaji, and Sri Neem Karoli Baba. Remain unattached in the eternal now and flow like a moving river to be truly free. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author and Instantly Zen
June 20, 2021
Zen and Fear
Reading from the Ashtavakra Gita (“Heart of Awareness” by Thomas Byrom), the message is to recognize the nature of things and be still. When you know that all sorrow comes from fear, you become free of it, and desire melts away. Flow freely and ask, “What would I do if I felt most secure?” Drop your fear and know that Grace will carry you. So much love to you always, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 12, 2021
Zen and Faith
In the Ramayana, Sri Hanuman said to Lord Rama, “Faith is the highest blessing,” and requested faith as his boon. Lao Tzu encouraged us to recognize the ego as a monkey catapulting through the jungle and to remain in the center watching, then forget you’re there. Ramakrishna advised that if one can’t release the ego, one should let it remain as a servant of God. // While Faith is most aligned with the path of devotion; recognizing that all is arising allows one to release the sense of doer-ship and remain as Peace. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 29, 2021
Zen Is Awareness
Gratitude and love flood my being as I record this first podcast episode from my travels around America! Honored to share my adventures with you and thankful for your love and support. Zen IS the Awareness that is described so beautifully in the Ashtavakra Gita (“Heart of Awareness” by Thomas Byrom). Peace is your true nature. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 25, 2021
Zen: You Are Not The Body
“You are not the mind, you are not the body.” What does this mean? Meditating on the question, “Who Am I?” Is meant to guide you to your changeless, true nature. Discover this and be free! Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 02, 2021
Zen: There Is No Other
“Otherness” can only be from the state of the person. Awareness is Oneness. Also inspired to share a verse from “Hua Hu Ching” by Brian Walker as my original message was only two minutes haha ;) Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 01, 2021
Zen: Wash Your Bowl
Inspired by washing my own dishes, sharing a reminder from a Zen story and real life examples of transformation to remind that you have to release the lower to reach the higher. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
April 30, 2021
Zen and Silence
Inspired by a remembered dream, this short talk simply exposes our true nature as Silence....which is just another name for Peace. May you continue to rest in and as Silence. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
April 29, 2021
Zen: You Are The Driver
Namasté. Inspired to record this episode at 1:30am as I reflected on my beautiful conversation with Corrine and Sean on their Turning Points podcast (will share link when available). Recognizing your true nature as the driver, and the body-mind as the vehicle is total liberation. I hope this analogy might prove helpful to you. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
April 21, 2021
Zen: Release and Be Free!
As I prepare to re-home my sweet dog, Naoya, the inspiration arose to share additional messages of non-attachment from “Miracle of Love” inspired by Sri Neem Karoli Baba. Letting go is only hard for the person. You are what sees that. // P.S. Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you! // Namasté and love, // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
April 19, 2021
Zen: Remain Undivided
Sharing Taoist wisdom from the great Lao Tzu (from the book, “Hua Hu Ching: The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu” by Brian Walker), and recognizing Zen roots in Taoism. The verses shared encourage us to remain as The One. Doing so is the way to save the world. Thank you for all of your love and support! Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
April 11, 2021
Zen: Non-Attachment
The great Taoist master Lao-Tzu said, “If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold onto.” This episode explores how these wise words are the key to transcending suffering. Namasté. Selena Sage // recording note: Thanks for overlooking my imperfect backup mic. Hope to travel again to replace it soon! Love to all. // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author and Instantly Zen
March 29, 2021
Zen: Oneness
Recognizing our connectedness with all things, and as the Source of all things is ultimate liberation. Stay tuned for future Instantly Zen donation-based events at Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author and Instantly Zen
March 21, 2021
Zen: The Unborn
Namasté dear one! The inspiration arose to share wisdom from Zen Master Bankei and Advaita Master Mooji this morning. Hopefully, their guidance will help you to recognize if you are moving from the person, or as the true Unborn Self. The Unborn is the Source of all, and there is no suffering here. More on Instantly Zen events at // Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author and Instantly Zen
March 07, 2021
Zen and Love
You are love itself! Happy Day of love today and everyday. Namasté and love, Selena Sage // // // Fb+ IG: Selena Sage - Author + Instantly Zen
February 14, 2021
Zen: No-Mind
Namasté. “New Growth with Nikki Walton” is a beautiful podcast I feel blessed to have found. Knowing now that Nikki is just as wonderful in real life is an added blessing! This morning, I listened to her episode with the great Byron Katie ( and was reminded that what we believe to be true creates our entire experience. Zen masters point to being of no-mind to shatter the whole illusion and that, too, is explored in this episode. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author and Instantly Zen
January 24, 2021
What Is Zen?
Asking “What is Zen?” is much the same as the masters who challenge us to ask, “Who Am I?” These questions are meant to dissolve the questioner. This talk is but an introduction, so I welcome you to join the “Introduction to Zen” event being held this Sunday, 17 Jan by registering at to explore together. // Recording note: Very strong winds in Cabo Verde presently. The winds blew some things over during this recording haha. // Namasté. // // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author and Instantly Zen
January 13, 2021
Zen Enlightenment Verse
After reading a note in a Zen text that masters were asked to write a verse after their awakening, I was inspired on my morning walk yesterday to rise to this challenge. The verse that I created was as follows, “Drop everything. Even you.” Then I added, “Bonus: What remains?” Noticing now this was a 7 word verse and feeling the smile! :) In this episode, I explore what I meant by these words and how you might use this pointing to discover what is timeless present...your Unborn nature as Presence itself! I will look forward to seeing you and sharing more about this in upcoming Instantly Zen sessions. Please subscribe at to be notified of the next events. Thank you. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author and InstantlyZen
January 09, 2021
Zen Perspectives
Zen is the path of direct transmission of the truth of our true nature. In addition to direct transmission from masters, the method of sparking this realization has ranged from a flower to a koan to a haiku. The inspiration to create “Instantly Zen” events and sessions was based upon the power of personal experience. In this episode, I share samples from three books, “The Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma,” Translated by Red Pine; “The Transparency of Things” by Rupert Spira; and my own book, “HAIKU to be free,” which is available for free when you subscribe at or at the bottom of any page. Through this brief exploration, I hope that you can see the common transmission of truth, and I look forward to creating future, “Introduction to Zen” sessions to explore this with you more completely. Please stay tuned at or Fb +IG: Instantly Zen. You can also email me at // Recording note: Unfortunately my former microphone here on the island is not working, so the recording is from a backup microphone which is not quite as clear. We work with what we can. Thank you for your understanding. Namasté.
December 18, 2020
Introducing Instantly Zen
Hello dear one! I am so excited to announce Instantly Zen — a live virtual experience with me to transcend stressful thoughts and recognize your true nature. Please visit for all of the details on events and 1:1 Zen Sessions, and you are welcome to register for the first event on Saturday, 5 December 2020 directly at // On Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the pages are named Instantly Zen (links are also on the website) and you’re welcome to follow and share these pages. Thank you. // If you have any questions, please feel free to send them to // I look forward to seeing you soon! Namasté, Selena Sage
November 25, 2020
Talk 50: Season 3 Finale - Contemplate YourSelf
My sincere thanks for your continued support of this podcast! There was uncertainty as to how to close out Season 3, but after deciding to disable my social media for a while, I didn’t want to leave without a trace! // in this episode, I share wisdom from “Writing on Water” by Sri Mooji, and I hope that you’ll take some time to contemplate your true Self and simply move as Awareness itself. This is the direct pointing from the masters. // I will use this podcast and my website, to share relevant updates going forward and you are welcome to connect with me via email at Namasté and thank you, Selena Sage
October 17, 2020
Talk 49: I Am
This talk explores the profound pointings shared by God, Jesus, and Advaita Vedanta masters Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and Sri Mooji. By exploring these pointings, we come to the essence of Consciousness and we can recognize that what we truly are as being aware of even that! // Recording note: I later learned that the knocking at my door was from a dear friend of mine looking for me haha Also, she called before I could finish the recording, so I created a closing clip to edit that out because I cannot imagine trying to re-record this episode haha It’s also fun to have this moment recorded to tease her with in the future haha ;) Hopefully the message is clear—You are THAT! Namasté and love. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
October 11, 2020
Talk 48: Just Breathe
Inspired today to just breathe with you. The inspiration also arose to read a verse from the “Hua Hu Ching: The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu” by Brian Walker. The message, selected at random, could not have been more perfect, and I am thankful. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
October 06, 2020
Talk 47: A Few Notes
Sometimes, even I find myself getting caught up in the energy of my environment when giving these talks! This talk is encouragement to make quiet space daily for calm contemplation, and to choose your own adventure through the choice of identification. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
October 03, 2020
Talk 46: Fear
Inspired by poem by the great Khalil Gibran, this talk uses the analogy of a river merging with the sea to explore transcendence. Namasté. // Episode notes: At times, there is recognition that sometimes the words “identify with Awareness” or “identify with person” are said during these talks. This is a natural reflex of the conditioned mind that is meant to mean “identify as the person” and “identify as Awareness.” There is no other ;) // // // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
October 03, 2020
Talk 45: Define Your Own Experience
Live from Pebble Beach in Sinagoga, I’m happy to share what is perhaps my shortest talk ever (my phone battery is low haha)! My encouragement is simply for you to disentangle from the mind’s flow, direct your attention, and define your own (wonderful!) experience. Namasté and love from here in Cabo Verde :) // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
October 02, 2020
Talk 44: Be Self-Sufficient
Sharing a story from my teenage years to illustrate a moment of self-sufficiency (with thanks to my parents and family for the strong foundation which helped me to be that way!) and encouragement to start where you are, with what you have, as you chart your own path. // Episode note: I forgot to mention that I arrived at Case Western on the weekend for the program. I remember going to a phone booth and finding the university in a phone book and calling the main number, but no one answered as it was the weekend. Recording here for my future memory haha. // Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 30, 2020
Talk 43: Awareness, Consciousness, and Personhood
In this talk, I share wisdom from Sri Mooji to help illuminate the levels of identification. “When Awareness touches mind, ‘I’ begins. When mind touches body, ‘me’ begins. When ‘me’ touches object, desire, attachment, and fear begin.” And also from his book “White Fire,” this quote: “In the absence of you personally is the presence of you universally.” // These pointers help is to understand our true nature and be forever free, as we are freedom itself. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 29, 2020
Talk 42: Water and Creation
Sharing thoughts on the nature of creation and our original nature, using the different forms of water as a mode of comparison to Formless Awareness. When Awareness touches Consciousness, we know we exist; In deep sleep, there is no Consciousness, only Stillness—our original nature. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 27, 2020
Talk 41: Count Your Blessings
Taking a moment to record a short talk from inside a cave on Sinagoga Beach, here on my island of Santo Antão (Cabo Verde, Africa) to encourage you to simply count your blessings. // My fourth book, “HAIKU to be free” is available for *free* when you subscribe at :) // Namasté and love. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 26, 2020
Talk 40: Build The New
This talk was inspired by a quote from Socrates: “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Reimagine a new world and then build it ;) Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 25, 2020
Talk 39: Don’t Give Up!
This episode is dedicated to all who feel that what they are currently facing is insurmountable, especially to a dear friend who reached out today to share these feelings. My hope is that you reach out to professionals, as needed, (as extreme as it might seem, Suicide or Mental Health Support Hotlines for your country can be a valuable tool to get you immediate support in a crisis) to help you deconstruct the challenge and alleviate feelings of isolation. // I also share a bit of wisdom I ran across this morning and I hope it is a source of encouragement for you. You are loved, you are valued, you will get through this. I believe in you. Namasté. // // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 22, 2020
Talk 38: We Cannot Eat Money
Happy to use this episode to share Indigenous wisdom, specifically from North America, and illustrate the overlap with wisdom from other spiritual paths. We are One. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 19, 2020
Talk 37: About Love
Inspired by wisdom from the great Sri Ramana Maharshi, this talk is centered around the nature and power of love, and our greatest opportunity to live in love. Sri Ramana says, “Love itself is the actual form of God,” and that resonates within me as the most beautiful truth. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 19, 2020
Talk 36: The End of All Desire
Inspired by a section from Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj’s masterful book, “I AM THAT,” I share a bit of one of his conversations with a questioner and provide additional commentary to delve more deeply into the nature of desires, fears, and emotions, and also how to be free of them. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 18, 2020
Talk 35: Imagine Living Free
With love from Cabo Verde, during a brief electricity outage haha (this happens every few months), I’m inspired to ask you what living free means to you. Everything is possible for you. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 18, 2020
Talk 34: Rest Inside Now
Inspired by a quote from Sri Mooji in his book “White Fire,” I share some of my early experiences with meditation and encourage you to rest inside the now and come to know your true Self as Presence itself. Also, my fourth book “HAIKU to be free” is available for free when you subscribe at :) Namasté. // // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 17, 2020
Talk 33: Drop Desires
From Taoist Sage Lao Tzu: “Without form, there is no desire. Without desire, there is tranquility.” Find out what you truly are, beyond form. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 17, 2020
Talk 32: What Is Enough?
With my sincere thanks for your kind support, I decided to create another short talk today inspired by quotes from Oprah and Lao Tzu; and also from a question in my first book, “Meditative Questions” — available at : “How do you know when enough is enough?” :) Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 14, 2020
Talk 31: Contentment vs Comparison
Using a Taoist parable of the man with one eye, we explore what it means to derive happiness from a place of comparison rather than contentment. Contentment is the key as it multiples, comparison contracts and ultimately leads to unhappiness. Be grateful for what you have and you will find yourself with more. Reminded of one of my favorite quotes by Oprah, “Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more. If you focus on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 14, 2020
Talk 30: How To Win
Drawing inspiration from the great Taoist sage Chuang Tzu (with thanks to theself_ on IG for sharing) and Naomi Osaka’s recent, inspiring comeback win at the US Open, this talk centers on how to win, and how to be happy right now. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 14, 2020
Talk 29: A Message of Hope
With love and thanks to our beautiful Bella, Mrs. Quander, for sharing this message, and gratitude for the beauty and light of Godparents (especially my own! ;), I’m happy to share this lovely message of hope from the Catholic Pope Francis. May you seize the opportunity to be the author of your own destiny and write a wonderful story! Namasté. (And Happy Birthday Michea! ;) xoxo // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 13, 2020
Talk 28: Moving Abroad
In response to an inquiry from a high school classmate who plans to move abroad, I thought I’d record a short talk with 7 tips and tricks to simplify process. // A bonus tip: Use *social media* (especially Facebook) to join Expat groups with people from your home country living in your new planned country. // One day, I will get around to publishing the book I wrote about this (a seven step follow-up to “Get Free: 7 Simple Steps to Free Your Mind and Live Your Dreams” about moving/living abroad), but until then, I hope this info helps! Happy trails! ;) // // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 12, 2020
Talk 27: Body Image
Inspired to share a brief message to both honor our body temples, but also to not get too caught up in the changing forms of this body. Rather, recognize your true nature and be free always! :) Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 12, 2020
Talk 26: We Are One
In America, 9/11 is a day that we remember because of the tragedy in 2001 that took so many innocent lives. For me, it is also reminder of all who have been lost and treated differently because superficial differences imposed by society. It is an opportunity to elevate the collective consciousness to recognize Truth—We are One, and what we truly are is beyond body and mind. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 11, 2020
Talk 25: Hold Your Breath
Thankful that the storm has passed and the sun is once again shining here on the island :) Reading through my fourth book, “HAIKU to be free” — available *for free* when you subscribe at — and stumbled onto a haiku that caused me to reflect, so I thought I’d share those thoughts. Here is the haiku: One worry brings more // Hold your breath and it’s all gone // Why is it like that? // Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 09, 2020
Talk 24: Rest In The Storm
As Tropical Storm Rene rages around me here in Santo Antão, Cabo Verde, I wanted to take a few moments to share a Zen story and encourage you to rest, reflect, and recognize your own power to create your ideal life. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 08, 2020
Talk 23: No Past, No Future
While reading some pointers from the great Sri Maharaj, I stumbled on a question: “Think of yourself as momentary, without past or future, then where is the personality?” (from the book, “Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj” by Ramesh Balsekar) This prompted reflection and the inspiration to share these words with you, from here in my hammock on the island haha—hopefully you can hear the ocean waves!—to experience freedom here and now ;) Namasté. // // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 06, 2020
Talk 22: About Thoughts and Right Perception
When you have right perception, you are able to simply watch your thoughts come and go while remaining at peace—your true nature. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 04, 2020
Talk 21: What perceives perception?
After reading the quote, “The mind that perceives the limitation is the limitation,” some thoughts flowed about perception and that which perceives even perception. This short talk are those thoughts ;) Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 03, 2020
Talk 20: From my books!
With no planned topic for today, the inspiration arose to randomly open each of my books and share thoughts for what came up! :) Please know you are always welcome to download my fourth book, “HAIKU to be free” for *free* at :)! Namasté and love. (My thanks for ignoring the loud bass in the background from one of my neighbors.) // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
September 02, 2020
Talk 19: God’s will or Your will?
Thanks to Cory for reminding me of the importance of living in the present! (This episode is dedicated to you ;) // Added to this reminder, wise words from Sri Papaji (from his book “Wake up and Roar”) is a call to examine the nature of desire and how we might try to impose our desire on God. Papaji reminds us that we should only use our will to desire freedom, then everything is resolved. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 30, 2020
Talk 18: Ashtavakra Gita — The Clear Space of Awareness
Combining both the wisdom that you are not the body or the doer, this verse of the Ashtavakra Gita (taken from “The Heart of Awareness”, a translation by Thomas Byrom), illustrates the happiness and freedom of living as Awareness itself! I encourage you to absorb these words and embody them, and then live free! :) // I was also inspired to share a haiku I wrote after reading this verse early this morning a little after 4am: Waves are worlds rising / In the endless and formless / Awareness — I AM. // Namasté. // // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 29, 2020
Talk 17: You Are Not The Doer
As a followup to the discussion that you are not the body, recognizing that you are also not the doer is the next phase of recognition that truly renders one free. I share a conversation of Sri Ramana with a disciple to illustrate how the roles we assume create suffering. Namasté. // //Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 29, 2020
Talk 16: You Are Not The Body
Thankful for a beautiful week spent with my dear friends Marcus and Diane in a town on my island of Santo Antão (here in Cabo Verde) called Cha D’Igreja! They kindly welcomed me to a lovely bungalow at their beautiful hotel property, Haus Am Weg - Casa No Caminho (meaning “House on the Way,” please visit their website and plan a visit to stay and/or have a delicious meal when in Santo Antão! You’ll be glad you did :) // On the journey back home, the contemplation “you are not the body” kept arising, so I thought I’d share a talk on the topic! :) Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 28, 2020
Talk 15: Be The Buddha
Jesus Christ boldly stated, “I and the Father are one.” If you said this, would it sound like blasphemy in your ears? The encouragement presented in this talk is to discover what the sages and saints found out and recognize your true nature. Then, BE that answer ;) Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 23, 2020
Talk 14: Thoughts
This short talk pinpoints thoughts as the main driver of our unhappiness. Sri Ramana tells us, “Give up thoughts. You need not give up anything else,” and therein lies the secret to freedom. Namasté. // // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 22, 2020
Talk 13: Be Like Water
With quotes from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Taoist Master Lao Tzu, this talk explores the nature of water and how we might use this wisdom to flow through the changes of life with ease. // Note: The parting quote was said with a loving nod to the great Bruce Lee who said, “Empty your mind. Be formless. Shapeless. Like water. You put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, my friend.” // Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 21, 2020
Talk 12: No one wants to be free
What is your true desire? Sit with it, recognize the value it represents, question if it will be replaced with a new desire once acquired. Letting go is freedom. Contentment is freedom. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 20, 2020
Talk 11: Reflections
After seeing photos from past moments, the inspiration arose to reflect on those times with you and encourage you to do the same. Replay pivotal moments that you can now see were highlights on your path. Know that you are supported, and bravely step forward into living the future you can only imagine now. Namasté and love. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 16, 2020
Talk 10: When You Can Do Nothing
Today’s talk was inspired by a question in my first book, “Meditative Questions” (available at :): “When you can do nothing, what can you do?” Though storms may come, know that expressing your desires and asking for help is a way to make it through. I wish you peace. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 14, 2020
Talk 9: Life Takes Care of Life
“Your urge to control life controls you,” is one of the pieces of wisdom from Sri Mooji (from the book, “White Fire”) shared in this talk. The encouragement is to take this wisdom and confirm for yourself with your own experience. Peace and freedom are your true nature. As you confirm this, and BE this, you will find there is no need to worry. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 13, 2020
Talk 8: How To Deal With Loss
All in the changing, phenomenal world is temporary, but that does not mean we don’t feel. Taking from wisdom from Zen Buddhist Master Thay, my encouragement is to embrace difficult emotions, watch where they are arising from, and use any suffering to help you recognize your true nature. All my love to you . Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 10, 2020
Talk 7: Special Edition: You are THAT
While reading verses I copied from the Katha Upanishad today, the inspiration arose to make this seventh talk a special edition and go beyond the normal time limits to share those verses. This wisdom is profound and points to your truest nature. Believing that this ultimate freedom is a possibility is the first step, then you must confirm with your own experience—achieved by dropping everything (even your idea of who you think you are!) and being of no-mind. From there, our great opportunity is to embody this truth and live in the perfect peace, joy, and love that is our true nature. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 10, 2020
Talk 6: The Seen and Unseen
Connecting wisdom from the Holy Bible to that of Sufism, Advaita, and the Upanishads by means of recognizing that all that we see with our senses is temporary, while the Eternal—of which all is appearing in and as — is unseen. Knowing the true reality and Being That is freedom. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 10, 2020
Talk 5: Have Faith
In the words of Jesus (Matthew 17:20), if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, nothing will be impossible for you. My encouragement is to believe, confirm with experience, and then trust in the Higher Power, the formless Source, taking care of all. By connecting and merging with this limitless force, nothing can be impossible for you. Namasté. // Talk included a quote from my first book, “Meditation Questions: Zen + Tao Inspired” available at :) Thank you. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 08, 2020
Talk 4: Chop Wood, Carry Water, Cut Stone
I listened to a recording of Sri Mooji very early this morning, and I woke up remembering only one thing he shared, “Before Enlightenment: Chop Wood, Carry Water; After Enlightenment: Chop Wood, Carry Water but no Wood Chopper, No Water-Carrier.” In this talk, I explore that lesson and share the Zen story of The Stone Cutter to explore the journey to enlightenment. Namasté :) // // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 04, 2020
Talk 3: Be of No-Mind
So many masters speak of being of “no-mind.” What does that mean? How can you be without your mind? This short talk explores that concept and contains a few short pointers to put you in touch with your truest Self. Sri Mooji’s website is :) In the infinite space of now, you can accomplish all that you need to accomplish and be free always. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 03, 2020
Talk 2: Be Free for Just One Moment
Inspired by the beautiful day I’ve just had, filled with mindful moments, the feeling arose to share this message of encouragement to experiment with just being free for a moment...exactly where you are :) Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
August 01, 2020
Season 3 Intro + Talk 1: You Are The Witness
Namasté Dear One and Welcome to Season 3! The inspiration has arisen to make Season 3 a series of short, spontaneous talks. These talks may not always be daily, so I encourage you to subscribe to be notified of new episodes. This first talk explores the concept of witnessing presence and how this leads to peace and ultimate liberation. Thank you for your ongoing love and support! Namasté. // As always you are welcome to send spiritually based questions or thoughts via email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
July 31, 2020
Selena Sage Sunday: Season 2 Finale — Science + Spirituality
I’m in awe that this is episode 100 of the podcast! Wow! Thank you for your continued support of me, my books, and this show! As always, you are welcome to subscribe at for a *free ebook* of my fourth book, “HAIKU to be free.” // In this episode, I touch on the link between Quantum Physics and Spirituality to explore the concept of “Nothingness.” // Note: I would clarify in the example of pictures and light that Existence is light and the world is a picture arising within that. And all things are pictures with the light of Awareness shining within. // Quotes from the book “Song of the Avadhut” and “I Am That: Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj” // I will take a break before starting up Season 3, but you are welcome to reach out to me in the meantime with your thoughts and questions. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
July 13, 2020
Satsang Saturday 14: Is Freedom a Luxury?
My deep thanks to the anonymous (by request) questioner who submitted six questions in one (haha!) that inspired me to truly reflect and reference spiritual texts and masters to expand on the essential message: You are already free! You are freedom itself. // Through exploring the questions presented (starting with “What if one does not have the freedom to get free?”), it became clear to me that it is truly a change of identification (from person to Presence) that would resolve every concern. But first, one has to recognize oneself as Presence, and that can only come from experience. It is my hope that my response and this podcast provide the necessary encouragement and support to have that very experience. Namasté. // My thanks also to the questioner for the kind words about my third book, “Get Free: 7 Simple Steps to Free Your Mind & Live Your Dreams”! It is available in ebook form at and paperback at Thank you for your kind support of me and my books! :) // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
July 11, 2020
Freedom Friday 14: Let Go and Be Free
In this final Freedom Friday of Season 2, I decided to do a bit of a remix and share excerpts from ALL (four) of my published books! :)! I welcome you to get my fourth book, “HAIKU to be free” for *free* when you subscribe to :) A coupon code to download the ebook will be emailed to you! Also, other ebooks are on sale for $4.99 USD. As I am living abroad on the island, fulfills delivery of physical books, and the official ZENTAO BOOKS versions all have free Amazon Prime Shipping. Thank you for your kind support of me through supporting the books! // The message today is that you are already free! My encouragement is to walk away from people and situations that do not serve you and make space to discover your true nature, which is freedom itself! Namasté. // Recording note: Though I started the recording a little before 7am, at some point loud construction equipment was heard, so you’ll hear me walking around closing doors in my home here on the island haha All of my episodes are unedited and I was too far in to re-record! Haha! Thank you for your understanding. Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
July 10, 2020
Travel Thursday 14: Thailand
Recounting memories from three past trips to Thailand: two times on the island of Koh Samui at the Lamai Muay Thai Camp, and once in Bangkok and the Hua Hin / Pranburi area. These trips to Thailand have always proved to be transformational and inspirational for me—encouraging me to get my Ducati and also to write four different books! Thailand has a special place in my heart, and so, too, do all of the wonderful people I’ve met there. I’m very thankful. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
July 09, 2020
Wisdom Wednesday 14: Thich Nhat Hanh
I am so excited to share wisdom from the great Zen Buddhism monk and master Thich Nhat Hanh (lovingly called Thay, or teacher)! Born in 1926, his life has been a reflection of loving-kindness and mindful living. In preparing for this talk, I watched several YouTube videos he’s shared and used my notes to communicate some of the wisdom I found most potent. I hope you will be inspired to practice an exercise or two, and/or investigate his teachings further—they are transformational! Namasté. //Quick notes: Near the end of the recording, I noticed the time and rushed a little haha About collective consciousness, Thay teaches that an environment or fear or anger are forms of “nutrients” that we take in. So he encourages seeking peaceful places and communities to cultivate more love and peace. Second note: Just after that, I said that “humans don’t die,” and while that was a quote I’d heard from Thay, I meant to say, “The Being does not die” which is more true to me. Though these forms pass away, what we truly are cannot die because it is Unborn. Namasté. // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
July 08, 2020
Timeout Tuesday 14: Guided Meditation: Mindfulness
Living fully in the present moment, with your mind only full of the moment of now, is mindfulness. In the present moment, we find tremendous peace and freedom from the worries and depressions of the past and anxieties about the future. Sharing two poems from Thich Nhat Hanh, we explore how some Zen Buddhist monks stay present through blessing others and living in gratitude. May we not postpone our happiness or freedom until some future imagined time or state. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
July 07, 2020
Motivation Monday 14: Be Free NOW!
Sharing wisdom from the great master Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, the encouragement is to end all suffering by going beyond NOW! This is your opportunity...the doors are self-inquiry, remaining in the Present as Presence itself, and full devotion to the Supreme. Don’t delay—Pick your door and walk through. You will be free, because what you truly are is already free. :) Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
July 06, 2020
Selena Sage Sunday 14: Motion Arises from Stillness
In this final week of Season 2, I will shine a light on many of the lessons and pointings that I feel get to the heart of the matter. This talk today is based on a Zen story called “Moving Mind” and two passages from “White Fire” by Sri Mooji. The encouragement is to reach the ultimate by truly recognizing ourselves as that Stillness from which Motion arises from. If you should have any thoughts or spiritually based questions for this last week of Season 2, I encourage you to email me at Namasté. :) // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
July 05, 2020
Satsang Saturday 13: Free Yourself from Desire
Starting with a reading from the Ashtavakra Gita (“The Heart of Awareness” by Thomas Byrom) we explore how desire binds us. When answering a visitor, Sri Papaji (from the book “Wake Up and Roar!”) explains that the demon Buddha faced under the Bodhi tree was his own mind. And Sri Mooji reminds us that when we don’t want anything, that’s freedom! Identifying our true nature as that which is beyond the mind truly removes us from the endless desires, as what we truly are is changeless and perfect and without want or need. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
July 04, 2020
Freedom Friday 13: Accept people as they are
Today I share poetry and insights from my second book, entitled “unbreakable” (available at and ). My encouragement is to live authentically, speak your truth, be honest with yourself and others, and trust your instincts. Accept people as they are and courageously walk away from toxic situations that drain you. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage — Author
July 03, 2020
Travel Thursday 13: Paris + The South of France
I had originally intended to stick to memories of Paris, but ended up drifting to Toulouse, La Dune du Pyla, Bordeaux, and other areas I loved in the South of France! haha France is a beautiful and diverse country and I’m thankful for the wonderful times and great people I’m fortunate to know there. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
July 02, 2020
Wisdom Wednesday 13: Maya Angelou
Trying to capture the incredible life and profound wisdom of modern-day sage Maya Angelou (1928-2014) is a near-impossible task! But, with courage, I tried ;) Quoting extensively from her book, “Letter to My Daughter” and interviews and talks she’s given, I hope that you are able to glean a little wisdom from this master. I end the talk with her beautiful poem “A Brave and Startling Truth” which she read in front of the United Nations assembly in 1995. Mama Maya was a phenomenal woman beyond even her own definition and I am thankful for her wisdom. Her profound reaction upon reading, and re-reading, the sentence, “God loves me,” is both beautiful and inspiring. May we all come to know and live the truth behind these words. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
July 01, 2020
Timeout Tuesday 13: Guided Meditation: The Moment of Now
Following a Qigong breathing exercise, we explore the moment of now and feel its freedom and spaciousness, aided by a story and teachings from Sri Papaji (from the book “Wake Up and Roar”). Namasté. // Recording note: On enhanced speakers, the background noise is from a fan as the day was hot. Thank you. // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 30, 2020
Motivation Monday 13: Live Your Best Life
What does it mean to YOU when you hear the phrase, “Live your best life”? Is your definition based on things that change or that which is enduring? My encouragement is to focus on that which is enduring and meditate on the phrase — “Where there is no I, You are Free. Where there is I, You are bound.” (from “The Heart of Awareness” A translation of the Ashtavakra Gita by Thomas Byrom) // Here is the Papaji video I referenced: // Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 29, 2020
Selena Sage Sunday 13: Transient Nature of Life
The one thing we know for sure about life is that it will one day end. Allow this to inspire you, rather than scare you, and encourage you to live your best life...right now! :) Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 28, 2020
Satsang Saturday 12: How to overcome a mistake?
Thank you to my beautiful sister Iris (Texas, USA) for this wonderful question: “How do you overcome when you realize you made a mistake?” This question inspired me to reflect on our true nature, doership, and the nature of Awareness. Thank you. Namasté. // I welcome you to send me your spiritually based question too at or Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 27, 2020
Freedom Friday 12: Live life on your terms
In discussing my third book, “Get Free: 7 Simple Steps to Free Your Mind & Live Your Dreams” (available at and ), I recall congratulations from my phenomenal grandmother for living life on my own terms and encourage you to do the same. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 26, 2020
Travel Thursday 12: Barcelona
Before sharing memories from one of my favorite cities in the world, I’m inspired to share my thanks to YOU for your kind support and love! You inspire me to continue forward and I always encourage you to reach out to me via email: for any questions, requests for clarifications, or comments as I would be glad to enhance your experience of this podcast. Memories of Barcelona are filled with great food, wonderful music, the art of Gaudí, and the beauty of the sea right next to the vibrant city. I am so thankful for all of my wonderful trips to this great city in Spain! Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 25, 2020
Wisdom Wednesday 12: Matsuo Bashō
In learning more about the remarkable life of the Japanese poet Bashō (1644-1694), I felt so connected to his journey and indeed his writing! Bashō is known as the father of the haiku and popularized the “hokku” (later known as haiku) as an art form independent of the “renku.” In Bashō’s haiku, undertones of Taoism and Zen are evident and I’ve included references to two books that highlight these connections further: “A Zen Wave: Basho’s Haiku and Zen” by Robert Aitken and “Matsuo Basho” by Makoto Ueda. (Both books can be checked out for free at I end the talk with Bashō’s final haiku for your contemplation: On a journey, ailing — /My dreams roam about / Over a withered moor. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author // I dedicate this episode to my dear friend, teacher, and mentor Dr. General Marshall who shared his wisdom and kindness with the world so freely and whose light will be missed in this world, but now seen in the sky. Namasté.
June 24, 2020
Timeout Tuesday 12: Guided Meditation: I am not the body
Starting with a Qigong breathing exercise, we explore the meaning of the statement, “I am not the body.” I also share a story from the book, “Before I Am” by Mooji. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 23, 2020
Motivation Monday 12: Keep Going!
In support of today’s message, I share a story from “Tales from the Tao” by Solala Towler. It is a reminder to me that the best teacher always sends you back to yourself. As you discover your truest Self, the encouragement is to keep going and not settle for half-peace or half-freedom. :) Namasté. // email:
June 22, 2020
Selena Sage Sunday 12: Happy Father’s Day!
Happy Father’s Day to all fathers...and especially my own. Thank you, Dad, for being such a light in my life! I love you! // This episode is in celebration of the love and direction from fathers—both actual and spiritual—to believe in yourself and know that you are free. Jesus tells us that, “Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be given to you.” Sri Mooji advises us, “Pray to be free of troubles...and then pray to be free of the one who is troubled.” I am so thankful for this love and guidance and I hope that you will also use it to be free. Namasté. // Email:
June 21, 2020
Satsang Saturday 11: Kena Upanishad + Beautiful Memories
Thank you to dear Cathy in the USA for the lovely question about holding onto beautiful memories! In this episode, I first read the Kena Upanishad and explore its teachings about the true Source, and then share a teaching from Sri Ramana Maharshi to a disciple to recognize our Self as the Light of Lights, before addressing Cathy’s question. When we recognize our true nature, we investigate the Source of our memories, thoughts, and emotions and gain true freedom and communion with all. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 20, 2020
Freedom Friday 11: Be Free from the Person
Starting with a discussion of a recent article that unhappiness is at record highs, I share wisdom from Sri Mooji to be free from the person. Added to the talk is a sharing of three haiku from my fourth book, “HAIKU to be free” which is available for *free!* with your subscription at (a coupon code will be automatically emailed to you). My encouragement to creatives is to refrain from harsh judgements and simply allow your creativity to flow. Your authenticity is itself inspiring! Namasté. // You are welcome to email your spiritually based questions to me at or via message on Fb+IG at Selena Sage - Author. Thank you.
June 19, 2020
Travel Thursday 11: Singapore
Today, I was inspired to go beyond a discussion of landmarks in Singapore to discuss a bit of the country’s history, which was greatly influenced by Lee Kuan Yew (also known as LKY). I think of LKY as the father of Singapore and the architect of the country as it today. He was the first Prime Minister and served the longest term of any PM in history (from 1959-1990). Singapore’s road to independence and then as a major financial and business center for Asia is incredibly interesting and inspiring. I think there’s a lot to learn from it’s history. Namasté. // Correction: It’s actually “John” Oliver of Last Week Tonight. The towers in Singapore is called “Gardens by the Bay.” I would also clarify that we are living as the dream/movie with personal identification. // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 18, 2020
Wisdom Wednesday 11: Sri Ramana Maharshi
Sri Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950) is a Self-realized Master who is the teacher of both Sri Papaji and Sri Mooji (thereby making him my direct teacher as well). Sri Ramana’s encouragement is to pursue self-enquiry persistently and remain with the question, “Who Am I?” until it leads to the Silence that is the Self. // Correction: I mistakenly said he was born in 1979, but meant to say 1879. During this segment, I quoted extensively from the book “Who Am I” that was compiled from written wisdom of Sri Ramana, and you can send me an email for a pdf of these teachings or find it by searching on where persons have generously transcribed it. Sri Ramana encourages a sattvic diet to aid the process of Self-enquiry. // Also, there are tremendous winds on the islands and children playing which might be heard in this recording. Thank you. // Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 17, 2020
Timeout Tuesday 11: Pure Awareness - I Am chant
This episode is in complete tribute to Sri Mooji with my encouragement for you to investigate for a free month trial of content from Sahaja Express. Investing in teachers and creators of uplifting content is so important, as they must eat too! I know of no greater investment than your freedom (from the person!). I know of no living master whose pointings are more direct or more potent than Sri Mooji, which is why I make this loving endorsement. But it is only an invitation. I hope you will find this chant as beautiful as I did. Thank you Sri Mooji. Namasté. // Recording note: It was a bit hot, so I did this recording with a small fan on. My perfectionist tendencies wanted to re-record, but I decided that it is actually ok :) Thank you. // // Email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 16, 2020
Motivation Monday 11: Believe in yourself!
Starting with a simple message to believe in yourself, I reference questions from my first book, “Meditative Questions” (available at ) to explore our true nature as Pure Awareness. You got this! :) Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 15, 2020
Selena Sage Sunday 11: Regarding evil in the world
How do we reconcile with the evil that exists in the world? The masters all encourage us to go beyond, within. This talk elaborates on that. // Book quote from “Wake Up and Roar” by Papaji. // Namasté. // Email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 14, 2020
Satsang Saturday 10: Key problems
I share the true story of getting locked out of my house this morning at 5:30am and my efforts to get a spare key from my closest friend in town—while in pajamas! haha I was reminded that the power of our attention has the ability to greatly impact our life experience and how we create+resolve problems for ourselves. I’m thankful to have resolved the key problem (with special thanks to my friends!) and I was in tune with the ways I observed the situation—both internally and externally. This Observer remained calm. I am grateful. Namasté. // Email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 13, 2020
Freedom Friday 10: Let go of you
Discussion of poetry from my second book, “unbreakable” (on sale at ) led to a discussion of ultimate freedom, inspired by a talk from Sri Mooji (link: ). Let go of you and recognize what you truly are to achieve endless peace and freedom. Namasté. // Shoutout to my Mom for always being amazing and MistaGoodBar for our awesome talk on The Remedy! You can hear that chat here: // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 12, 2020
Travel Thursday 10: Big Sur, California
Recalling three different drives up the California coast from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and my love for Big Sur, National Park. Finding the beauty around you and taking time to enjoy it is the best. :) Namasté. // Email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 11, 2020
Wisdom Wednesday 10: Rabi’a of Basra
Rabi’a (717-801) is a Sufi Saint from the city of Basra in Southern Iraq. Trying to describe her remarkable life took me way beyond my usual time constraints! Haha There are many different accounts for her life and different poetry that is attributed to her. To me, this reflects Rabi’a’s profound influence of a great variety of people. To all, she embodies Love and that is enough. Her devotion to God shines through the poetry attributed to her and I remain inspired by the beauty of her devotion and strength. Namasté. // During this episode, I quote excerpts from two books: “Rabi’a from Narrative to Myth” by Rkia Cornell, and “Love Poems from God” by Daniel Ladinsky. // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 10, 2020
Timeout Tuesday 10: Guided Meditation: Ease Your Anxiety
In this episode, we raise the level of our consciousness to watch the space where our thoughts, feelings, and emotions are arising within. We recognize our true powers of Attention, Identification, and Belief...and we use them to calm ourselves and create a world of peace and beauty. Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 09, 2020
Motivation Monday 10: Create space for change
During this talk, I use the analogy of a full closet to discuss letting go. I wish I’d gone further to say that while we can push aside old clothes to make room for new ones, at some point the weight on the bar becomes too much and everything collapses. When we become too full of attachments, thoughts, and emotions, it can be too much. To make space for meaningful change, we have to let go. Becoming completely empty is the way to radical change. (Talk includes excerpt from “White Fire” by Mooji). Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 08, 2020
Selena Sage Sunday 10: Let things come to you
Starting with a quote from a tea bag, I share my spontaneous journey to create this podcast episode to illustrate the Taoist principle of “wu wei”—effortless action. I share readings from the books “Hua Hu Ching” by Brian Walker; “Tales from the Tao” by Solala Towler; and “White Fire” by Mooji during this talk. I also quote a parable from the NYTimes article, “A Meditation on the Art of Not Trying” by John Teirney (link: ). Namasté. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 07, 2020
Satsang Saturday 9: Do away with man-made separations
Today, I read from from the incredible book, “I Am That: Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj” and discussed the Timeless in relation to a questioner’s concern about violence happening in the world. As true masters do, Sri Maharaj encourages us to look beyond the crumbling building at the untouched space and recognize our true Self as Awareness. Namasté. // You are welcome to send your spiritually based questions to me for future Saturday sessions via email: or Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author //
June 06, 2020
Freedom Friday 9: What do you value?
I discuss three questions from my first book, “Meditative Questions: Zen + Tao Inspired” (On sale at: ) and provide inspiration to re-imagine situations to find opportunities, and then take small steps to achieve change. Namasté. // You are welcome to send your spiritually based question via email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 05, 2020
Travel Thursday 9: London
Inspired this morning by a recording shared by a dear friend in London (link below), I reflect on shared experiences of People of Color around the world; recall my past visits to London; and share my hopes that all will recognize our Oneness and come to celebrate perceived differences as beauty. Link to radio interview: Namasté. // Email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 04, 2020
Wisdom Wednesday 9: Sister Thea Bowman
I am so happy to honor modern mystic, Sister Thea Bowman (1937-1990) who actually had an impact on my life in a way I didn’t know—she was the pivotal force behind the “Lead Me, Guide Me” hymnal used in African-American Catholic Churches, like the one I was raised in! The granddaughter of an enslaved person, Sister Thea earned advanced degrees (B.A., M.A., and PhD) and became an educator before becoming an evangelist focused on uplifting others, especially through song. A case for Sainthood has been opened for Sister Thea and she has been designated a “Servant of God.” How thankful I am for her contributions and wisdom! Namasté. // Email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 03, 2020
Timeout Tuesday 9: Discussion of Peace + Breathing Exercise
While this day is typically devoted to guided meditations, I bent the rules and instead discussed peace and why I decided to temporarily disconnect from social media and spend more time in nature. I also shared a passage from a book I love entitled, “The Unborn: The Life and Teachings of Zen Master Bankei, 1622-1693” by Norman Waddell. Bankei points to the Unborn with a simple and beautiful style that is accessible to all, and I highly recommend this book. After the discussion, we end the talk with a simple breathing exercise to center us in the moment. Namasté. // // email:
June 02, 2020
Motivation Monday 9: Fix Inequality by Taking Action
In this episode, I speak as a concerned citizen of America. I have been very privileged in so many ways, but living as a Black woman in America has given me a unique window at different inequalities that still exist. I share those insights and some ideas, and I hope that I’ve done the changemakers in my family proud with this message. They paved the way for me and I owe them for the path to freedom I’ve been blessed to walk. May we all see ourselves in others and work to create positive change that benefits the people. Namasté. // Episode notes: I wish that I would have emphasized the Indigenous population of America more and that the USA was, in fact, stolen from them. Also — Here is a link to an article to support the comment I made about Black women being the most educated group in America: Thank you for your efforts to fix broken systems around the world. America is just an example of what is still happening globally. // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
June 01, 2020
Selena Sage Sunday 9: Spirituality and Activism
Like so many others, I have been deeply affected by the tragic murder of George Floyd. Examples like this shine a light on racism and injustice in society, and it is a call to action to stand against these forces of darkness with our own Light. The episode is dedicated to George Floyd, his family and friends, and all who have been affected by this tragedy—particularly those who have been called to action. I stand with you and I will continue to use this small platform to promote positivity and freedom to help you to recharge when you need it, and call others to support you, too. May we all awaken to truth and recognize ourselves in others. Namasté. // I highly recommend this 17 minute video from enlightened master Mooji about the tragic killing of George Floyd: // Love to all. // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 31, 2020
Satsang Saturday 8: How do you overcome fear to get free?
Thank you to my dear friend Lelita here in Santo Antão, Cabo Verde for submitting the wonderful question that I address today. Overcoming fear to get free is discussed in terms of (1) Career, (2) Relationships, (3) Situations, (4) Society, and (5) Spirituality. // As mentioned in the talk, I would like to share information for the National Domestic Abuse Hotline: and 1-800-799-7233 (USA) for support with leaving abusive situations. I send you blessings, love, and peace. You are beautiful and deserving of peace and freedom. I send my blessings, love and light. Namasté. // Note on recording: Unfortunately someone started playing loud music outside just after I started recording, but I continued on anyway haha I hope that you are still able to enjoy the episode. (The sound is noticeable on external speakers but seems okay on the phone. Thank you for your understanding.) // I welcome you to submit your spiritually based question for a future Saturday via email: or social media via Facebook or Instagram: Selena Sage - Author // Thank you!
May 30, 2020
Freedom Friday 8: “HAIKU to be free”
Get my fourth book, “HAIKU to be free” for *FREE!* when you subscribe at :)! (A coupon code will be automatically emailed to you for a free download of this ebook.) // In this episode, I share the inspiration behind the creation of the book; a reading from “The Heart of Awareness” — a translation of The Ashtavakra Gita by Thomas Byron; and a reading+discussion of three haiku from “HAIKU to be free” :)! // A couple of updates: I meant to mention that Basho is largely thought of as the most famous haiku poet. Also, the “Enlightenment is always free” subtitle of my the book was also meant to signify that awakening does not cost is only an understanding of what you truly are, found by dropping all ideas of what you think you are. :) // As always, thank you for your kind support of me and my books! All purchase prices are based on costs of producing and publishing and are kept as low as possible for all. Please feel free to contact me with your questions about my books and/or any spiritual question you’d like to hear me discuss. Namasté. // // email: // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 29, 2020
Travel Thursday 8: Australia
Memories of my wonderful trip down under to Sydney and Katoomba in Australia! My most sincere thanks to my dear mate Lorraine for making the trip even more incredible! I have so much love for the country of Australia and all of the beautiful people! I highly recommend visiting Aus! :)! Namasté. // // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 28, 2020
Wisdom Wednesday 8: Selena Sage
Since today, May 27th, is my birthday, I was emboldened to put myself in the holy company of the sages I usually feature on this day to share three pieces of wisdom, starting with loving yourself exactly as you are ;) This morning, I recorded from my balcony to try to limit the construction noises around me, so thank you for forgiving the wind and other background noises haha // Also, a minor correction: The story of the woodcutter was from Monday’s episode (Ask for help, Change your life). // Thanks to you for sharing in my birthday with the gift of your attention. I sincerely appreciate you! Love, Selena // email: // // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 27, 2020
Timeout Tuesday 8: Guided Meditation: Gratitude
In the wise words of the German mystic Meister Eckhart, “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” This guided meditation begins with a Qi Gong breathing exercise before simply saying thank you. As we empty ourselves of all things, we become full. Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 26, 2020
Motivation Monday 8: Ask for help, Change your life
Starting with a Taoist story called “A Point of View” (I realize I was a little too close to the mic and some of the “p’s” are plosive haha I will try to watch that next time ;) from “Tales from the Tao” by Solala Towler, we discuss the role perception plays in how we see the world. How might you shift your perception to recognize the areas in your life where you’re making adjustments to try to be comfortable? How might you ask for help to get assistance? We discuss how this can result in positive life changes. Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
May 25, 2020
Selena Sage Sunday 8: Season 2 Introduction
Thank you so very much for your kind support for Season 1 on the show! I’m delighted to kick off a new season! In this episode, I share what I’ve been up-to—including building the new website for and releasing my fourth book, “HAIKU to be free” — available for FREE when you subscribe at :)! // I also share a bit of wisdom from “White Fire” by Mooji to center us in spiritual vibes for the new season! I will continue the daily format and welcome you to send me your thoughts and questions via email: // You can also find me via Facebook+Instagram: Selena Sage - Author. // Namasté.
May 24, 2020
Selena Sage Sunday: Season 1 Finale—Thank you!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful support of Season 1 of Live Free with Selena Sage! Your kind notes, questions, and plays powered me to the incredible feat of recording 50 episodes in a matter of weeks! Wow! I am amazed that this podcast has reached you in over 15 countries and I’m thankful for the many hundreds of plays the episodes have received!! As a thank you gift, I am putting together a FREE ebook full of haiku poetry that I’ve written this year! Please visit and scroll down to the bottom of the home page to SUBSCRIBE. You only need to enter your name and email and you’ll be sent confirmation right away! When the eBook is ready, I will send you a code to download it for free!! Also, I will send an email to notify you when we pick back up with Season 2! :) I look forward to continuing this journey with you! // The readings from today’s episode were from, “Hua Hu Ching: The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu” by Brian Walker and “White Fire” by Mooji. // If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to email me at or you’re welcome to leave a 5 star rating and review on your podcast platform of choice haha! ;) Thank you!! Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 22, 2020
Satsang Saturday 7: Katha Upanishad pt3 of 3
This episodes concludes the beautiful story as told in the Katha Upanishad. We are given the wisdom and encouragement needed to recognize our truest Self that is within us and all around. I hope that my commentary of this beautiful story encourages you to read and study it further! It contains all wisdom needed to discover and be the Self. Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 21, 2020
Freedom Friday 7: Learn a new skill!
Encouragement to maintain your gratitude practice during these changing times, and use new free time to teach yourself a new skill! Learning, sharing, and perhaps even teaching others this new skill is a great way to make great use of additional time you might have in your life. Wishing you health, wellness, peace, and love. Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 20, 2020
Travel Thursday 7: China
Memories from travels in Shanghai, Kunshan, and Shenzhen areas in China. Every visit I’ve had to China has been memorable and educational! Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 19, 2020
Wisdom Wednesday 7: Zen
In the exploration of the beauty and magic of Zen, I am so happy to be able to share stories and koans directly from known female Zen masters! Taken from the book “Zen Echoes” by Beata Grant, the encounter of 12th Century nun Miaozhang with a male master who challenged her belonging is legendary! She immediately responded, “Is the Buddhadharma divided into male and female forms?” which, to me, closed the argument before it could begin! Five hundred years later (17th Century), two other nuns, Baochi and Zukui made their own splashes and were also recognized as enlightened. Their teachings are beautiful and inspiring! // The talk also features a Zen parable from “The Zen Book” by Daniel Levin. Oh and the quote I was trying to remember is, “Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to suffer.” So it’s best to avoid anger ;) // Though it is impossible to put the Self (or Buddha nature) or enlightenment (the recognition of that Self) into words, it’s still fun to try! ;) Please feel free to send me your favorite Zen stories! Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 18, 2020
Timeout Tuesday 7: Guided Meditation: Energy Alchemy
Through our breath alone, we transform fear to love and darkness to light. Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 17, 2020
Motivation Monday 7: Focus On Positive
Especially in uncertain times, focusing our attention on gratitude is the best way to reshape our reality. Sri Mooji tells us our three powers are Belief, Attention, and Identification. When we turn our attention to the positive, believe it, and identify with it, we remake our entire world! I encourage you to have a daily gratitude practice and train yourself to think of something positive of a negative though tries to arise. Two thoughts cannot occupy the same space, so choose the higher! Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 16, 2020
Selena Sage Sunday 7: Attachment
A discussion of attachment, and the ability to trace one’s attachments to whatever is causing suffering. Release yourself from toxic thoughts, memories, and situations and recognize yourself as the unchanging, beyond even the Observer of all of that—which will automatically release you from a state of suffering. By “dying before you die” you can become united with the eternally real—your truest Self. Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 15, 2020
Satsang Saturday 6: Katha Upanishad pt2
Continuing with reading and commentary of the Katha Upanishad—a beautiful story full of pointings of the eternal and unchanging. In this part, we go deeper into the discussion of Atman (Self). We learn the subtly of this position and what it takes to recognize it. From there, we recognize the Purusha (the Cosmic Soul) and ultimately the nothingness that is beyond even that state, which is the final goal. // Please feel free to send me your spiritually based questions for future weeks via email at: or via social media. Thank you! :) // Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 14, 2020
Freedom Friday 6: Superhero
Sharing poems from my second book, “unbreakable” along with commentary and discussion about some of the inspiration behind the poems. Embracing your power and free beauty of independence is a superpower. YOU are a Superhero ;) “unbreakable” is available at or as an ebook on Namaste. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 13, 2020
Travel Thursday 6: Iceland
Recalling memories of my wonderful trip to Iceland, with special thanks to my dear friends, owners of Iceland Luxury Tours — — which is a fantastic way to see the country! I highly recommend their company for your visit to Iceland! (Their website also has beautiful pictures of the country!) With their Super Jeeps, we drove through rivers, up glaciers, and visited lakes in dormant volcanoes—so cool! Iceland is at the forefront of gender equality and I love that the country has passed laws for equal pay for equal work, which should be standard everywhere! Iceland is also green, and 100% of energy comes from renewable sources—wonderful! I’m thankful to Stella for also introducing me to Li-Fi, and you can learn more about this exciting technology here: // One small correction: I was totally off in my memory of the population of Iceland haha The population is actually around 365,000 with around 2 million tourists per year. Oh, and also, my friend camped in a tent that was on top of the car, she didn’t camp inside the car. haha :) // Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 12, 2020
Wisdom Wednesday 6: Sri Ananadamayi Ma
The wisdom of contemporary Indian Saint and Goddess Sri Anandamayi Ma (1896-1982–lovingly known as Sri Ma), a self-realized master of no particular path. She shared Truth and spread joy and love through her very presence. Her beauty shines through so clearly in every picture and it is clearly a reflection of her divine spirit. Her lessons of love, equality, and the importance of service to others are wonderful. May she be an example to us all! Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 11, 2020
Timeout Tuesday 6: Guided Meditation: Beginner’s Mind
A guided meditation to connect you with the prana (life force), free of thoughts, feelings, an emotion...a space of joy, light, and love. Freedom is recognizing yourself as this state and loving the manifold manifestations of that state. Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 10, 2020
Motivation Monday 6: One thing, small pieces
Starting with a story called “The Man Who Wanted to Forget” (Lieh Tzu) from the book, “Tales from the Tao: The Wisdom of the Taoist Masters” by Solala Towler, we establish the peace that comes from being of no-mind, and from having nothing on your mind. I share encouragement to accomplish needed tasks in parts to reach completion. Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 09, 2020
Selena Sage Sunday 6: The Gift of AUM
A discussion of how an earnest seeker like Nachiketas (from the Katha Upanishad story), with only the desire for Truth is ultimately rewarded with the gift of the ultimate (AUM). A discussion of the meaning of AUM is also included (website reference: ) Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 08, 2020
Satsang Saturday 5: Katha Upanishad pt1
This episode is a reading, including my commentary, of the Katha Upanishad—my favorite! Since I do not speak Hindi (nor Sanskrit), please forgive any mispronunciations or stumbles haha However, the essence of the story is most important, as it illuminates true faith and commitment to discover the Truth, and the key to external life. In Advaita (“not two” or non-dual), Atman (One’s Soul or Self) is equal to Brahman (The Absolute, Ultimate Reality underlying all phenomena). Knowing that this ultimate reality exists within us all, and then operating from that position is the key to liberation. Young Nachiketas’ commitment to learning the Truth of existence so impressed Yama (God of Death) that Yama reveals that AUM is the secret to eternal life. (AUM is the cosmic power behind all creation, and it is the vibration by which God/The Absolute/The Ultimate brings all things into being.) Future episodes will continue this beautiful story. // You are welcome to send your spiritually based questions to me via email: or Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author // Thank you. Namasté.
March 07, 2020
Freedom Friday 5: Choose the Higher
Discussion of three questions from my first book, “Meditative Questions: Zen+Tao Inspired” related to misery, focusing too much on others, and eradicating violence—even that which we may inflict on ourselves. I’m happy to know your thoughts on these questions too! “Meditative Questions” is available in full-color hardback at or in eBook form at Thank you for your kind support! Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 06, 2020
Travel Thursday 5: Hong Kong
Sharing memories of good times in Hong Kong—one of my favorite cities in the world! Sights in Kowloon, Lantau Island, and Lamma Island are also shared. My special thanks to Harbour Plaza Hotels (both in HK and Kowloon! I looked online and it seems that the hotels have now been renamed “Harbour Grand” since my last visit ) for always taking such good care of me :) Thankful also to Regal Printing and owner Maurice (and the team, including Juanita!) in HK for such a great partnership to bring my first book, “Meditative Questions” to life so beautifully! I am so lucky to have found them. Hong Kong will always have a special place in my heart. Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 05, 2020
Wisdom Wednesday 5: The Buddha
The Buddha (meaning The Enlightened or Awakened One) is a pivotal figure in history who achieved Enlightenment after dedicated search, and he ultimately reached Nirvana after meditating for 7 weeks straight (unmoving!) under a Bodhi tree. This talk explores a brief history of the man (Siddhartha Gautama 480-400BC) who became the Buddha; wisdom he shared, taken from the book “Teachings of The Buddha” by Jack Kornfield that I first bought at age ten(!); and a brief discussion of the disciplined path of the Buddha (that is meant to purify one to enable Awakening) and how that contrasts with Zen Buddhism (starting with the marriage of Buddhism and Taoism in China, which became “Chán” in China and “Zen” in Japan) and the mystical path of Zen which is a relaxed way that takes away all rules/formality and allows for instant enlightenment through direct pointing and experiencing of the Buddha nature. Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 04, 2020
Timeout Tuesday 5: Guided Meditation: The Observer Consciousness
The Observer Consciousness is explored through a guided meditation featuring coin and bird analogies. Our ultimate place as the Awareness behind which the Doer and Observer is ultimately seen is revealed. These observations alone bring immediate peace as we understand our true position. Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 03, 2020
Motivation Monday 5: Don’t Wait for Others
Inspiration to start on the path of creativity and/or freedom without waiting for others. Know that help will come. My special thanks to awesome designer Chip Kidd for providing me with great wisdom five years ago that helped me design my first book cover (and other covers after that!); and to Sri Mooji who continues to light my spiritual path. (Minor correction: When I discussed the Katha Upanishads, the key figure of the story is Nachiketas. I accidentally swapped the “k” and “t” in my excitement haha) Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
March 02, 2020
Selena Sage Sunday 5: The Unpredictability of Creativity
A discussion of the unpredictability of creativity jumps to the spontaneous nature of life and our freedom as the observer of it all. This talk was heavily inspired by a quote of Sri Ramana and this talk by Sri Mooji: // Namasté. // Fb+Instagram: Selena Sage - Author
March 01, 2020
Satsang Saturday 4: How to live with no concepts?
While addressing a beautiful question from Julie (of North Carolina, USA), we explore the idea of what life can be like beyond concepts. Thanks Julie! :) Please feel free to send your spiritually based question via email: or social media: Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author to be featured on a future episode. Your question can also be discussed anonymously if you prefer. Thank you! Namasté.
February 29, 2020
Freedom Friday 4: Let Go of Stuff
After reviewing a page from my third book, “Get Free: 7 Simple Steps to Free Your Mind & Live Your Dreams” I discuss the importance of letting go of (physical) stuff to give you *space* to breathe and to explore the path to ultimate freedom. // “Get Free” is available in paperback at and also as an ebook at Thank you for your support! Namasté. // Fb+Instagram: Selena Sage - Author
February 28, 2020
Travel Thursday 4: Portugal
This talk explores a bit of Portugal’s history and connection with Cabo Verde, along with my experiences in the regions of Lisbon (including Cascais), Sintra (castles), and Alentejo (the location of Mooji’s ashram, Monte Sahaja). I also include some travel tips/tricks I’ve learned the hard way related to going through airport security. Happy travels! :) Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
February 27, 2020
Wisdom Wednesday 4: Rumi
Excited to share wisdom from the great Persian poet and Sufi Saint, Rumi! His poetry is timeless, beautiful, and inspired by both his Muslim faith and his great teacher, Shams (coincidently, or not, the Arabic word for “Sun”). Shams lit up Rumi’s life and inspired so much beautiful poetry that speaks of the unification with God and the Supreme Source beyond existence. Seekers on all paths can benefit from the beauty of his poetry and I hope that you do, too! Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
February 26, 2020
Timeout Tuesday 4: Guided Meditation: I Am
Dear ones, it is the week of Carnaval here in Cabo Verde. Despite my best efforts at sound-proofing, background noise is unavoidable during this time as music and partying continues around the clock. Please embrace this spirit of celebration as you can, and perhaps add background music to this meditation as you listen. Thank you. // This guided meditation is on the I Am Consciousness. // Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
February 25, 2020
Motivation Monday 4: The Urge to be Free
I was so moved by a Satsang shared by Sri Mooji today from India (link: ) that I discuss the deep urge to be free that surpasses all else, and ways that freedom can be obtained. Sharing a quote from Sri Papaji, the meaning of “presence” is also discussed. (In my excitement, I forgot to close my windows, so thank you for forgiving a little road noise and children at play outside :) Namasté. // Fb+Instagram: Selena Sage - Author
February 24, 2020
Selena Sage Sunday 4: Being versus Becoming
This talk explores the process of “becoming” in relation to the state of “being.” The beautiful quote from St. Francis of Assisi, “The place you are looking for is already the place you are looking from” is discussed as we recognize the difference in perception when we operate from the place of the person and the place of the observer—while recognizing that we are both. Freedom is our nature, and the process of becoming free is simultaneously observed from that place of freedom—all within the Self. Namasté. // // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
February 23, 2020
Satsang Saturday 3: How does one become empty?
My response to a very thoughtful letter exploring different religious paths and addressing the ultimate question of how one can become empty. Thank you to John (of Michigan, USA) for your kind letter and lovely support! :)! // If you have a spiritually based question for a future episode, please send to me directly via email: or through social media: Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author // Thank you. Namasté.
February 22, 2020
Freedom Friday 3: Back to Now
I share stories of how my second book, “unbreakable” was created in 2016; and I cite sources sources of inspiration for the book: the poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, and Rupi Kaur; and the bold artistry and messaging of the Beyoncé Lemonade album/visual album. Art inspires artists. I also read and discuss several of the published poems from “unbreakable” and include an unpublished poem I discovered today in the original notebook I wrote the poems in back in 2016! “unbreakable” is available in full-color paperback at or as an eBook on Thank you. Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
February 21, 2020
Travel Thursday 3: Bali
Bali is one of my favorite places in the world! In this brief chat, I touch on some of my favorite places and memories, including the resort I love there called Jamahal: I stumbled onto this beautiful 12 villa resort during an internet search and loved it so much that it’s the only place I’ve stayed during my visits to Bali! It’s hidden, quiet, and peaceful and though it’s not near the water, I personally found many of the beaches in Bali to be underwhelming. Though I did enjoy my private surfing lesson on one of the beaches, I love the temples, rice terraces and nature in Bali the most. Wishing you happy travels! Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
February 20, 2020
Wisdom Wednesday 3: Jesus Christ
This episode features the profound wisdom of Jesus, The Anointed One (Christ). Through direct Bible quotes and parables from the Bible, Jesus is clear in his message of embodying the Light of God through total devotion, and then using that light to love and forgive others. To honor the teachings, I share readings from the Bible and then add some supporting commentary. I also describe parallels to the Advaita Zen and Taoist wisdom shared on previous Wisdom Wednesdays. I go a little beyond my normal time limits because there is no rushing lessons of such great import! :) The Kingdom of Heaven is within. Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
February 19, 2020
Timeout Tuesday 3: Guided Meditation: Release Toxic Thoughts
Today, we take time to release ourselves from toxic thoughts, worries, and anxieties. This guided meditation is to re-center us and bring us into peace—which is our birthright. Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
February 18, 2020
Motivation Monday 3: Live Your Dream Life
Full motivation and encouragement to envision your dream life and take steps to do the things you love to bring more joy into your life! :) You are the creator of your own reality...I hope that you make it great ;) Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
February 17, 2020
Selena Sage Sunday 3: Family
An exploration of the concept of existence and how our families play a part in our conditioning. Overcoming all experiences through understanding our true position as the witnessing presence is a direct path to peace. Perhaps it is appropriate that one part of the recording picked up the sound of children playing outside! haha Hopefully we, too, will be inspired to enjoy this phenomenal experience, despite any challenging situations we have faced. Life is but a dream ;) Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
February 16, 2020
Satsang Saturday 2: My Spiritual Journey
It may surprise you to learn that I was raised in the Catholic Church! On this episode, I discuss how my study of different religions influenced my path and ultimately led me to Advaita Zen. // You are welcome to send me your spiritually based questions for future Satsang Saturday’s at or via social media. Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author // Namasté. :)
February 15, 2020
Freedom Friday 2: What Is Real?
I share three questions from my first book, “Meditative Questions: Zen + Tao Inspired.” Included is the Zen story that inspired one question and my personal perspectives on the other two questions. There are no wrong answers and attempting to describe the indescribable is always risky! But I hope you enjoy the talk and share your thoughts too! :) Namasté. // Fb+Instagram: Selena Sage - Author
February 14, 2020
Travel Thursday 2: Japan
I love Japan! On this episode, I talk about my time in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Yokohama—-along with tips and tricks for the journey. The best tool I discovered for getting around the country is the Japan Transit Planner! It is phenomenal and available in many different languages, including English. Here is the link: // Also, I have a couple of corrections to make from this episode haha So the fastest bullet train is called the Nozomi, but the temple in Kyoto I was trying to remember is called Kiyomizu Temple. Additionally, from Mt. Inari, where the thousands of torii go up the mountain at Fushimi Inari, I said there were great views of Tokyo, but I meant Kyoto. Haha I don’t know if it’s possible to see Tokyo from Kyoto as they are hours away from each other. // In Kyoto, I rented my bike from the “Rental Bicycle Fuune” shop and I highly recommend it! // My travels to Japan are always inspiring and I highly recommend visiting this beautiful country!! :) Namasté. // Fb+Instagram: Selena Sage - Author
February 13, 2020
Wisdom Wednesday 2: Lao Tzu
The wisdom of Lao Tzu is timeless. I share some of his wisdom from the “Tao te Ching” (Stephen Mitchell translation) and “Hua Hu Ching: The Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu” by Brian Walker. Also, I would like to make one small correction from the recording: I characterized Lao Tzu’s teachings as parables and stories which I would revise to say that they are “simple lessons.” I had been reading Taoist parables before taping the podcast, so I accidentally mixed the two (slight blush). The Tao means “The Way” and Lao Tzu’s wisdom is such wonderful, direct guidance to the absolute. Lao Tzu’s way was silence, but I hope this brief talk still guides you to him ;) Namasté. This episode is dedicated in loving memory to my Marilyn. I see her dancing in the Tao right now :) // Fb+Instagram: Selena Sage - Author
February 12, 2020
Timeout Tuesday 2: Guided Meditation: No-Mind
“The Invitation” by Sri Mooji is like a sword that cuts through the distraction of the mind to have a direct experience of the Absolute—what you truly are. This guided meditation is my own interpretation of The Invitation, and I highly recommend experiencing it directly from Sri Mooji here: // Please let me know of your experience :) Namasté. // Fb+Instagram: Selena Sage - Author
February 11, 2020
Motivation Monday 2: Passion Projects
This episode is for YOU! Starting with an informal meditation, I guide you through some simple questions to unlock your inspired passions and interests. From there, I introduce the concept of “Passion Projects” and discuss how you can use them to make your dream a reality! ;) Namasté. // Fb+Instagram: Selena Sage - Author
February 10, 2020
Selena Sage Sunday 2: Energy Healing
A discussion of my amazing experiences with Sound Healing, Reiki, and Acupuncture, and the way in which each of these sessions was unexpectedly spiritual. What is your favorite type of energy healing? :) Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
February 09, 2020
Satsang Saturday 1: Spirituality and Reality
Satsang simply means a spiritual discourse, and these Saturday episodes are dedicated to discussing deep spiritual principles. Satsang sessions are usually facilitated by an enlightened master and I am *not* claiming that distinction! I am merely a student of The Way and I will use these sessions to simply explore deep principles. You are welcome to share your spiritually based questions with me via email: or via social media: Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author. I will select a new question each week and answer on-air! Thanks to Nick from Gibraltar for the excellent question featured this week! ;) Namasté.
February 08, 2020
Freedom Friday 1: Question Your Thoughts
Brief discussion of the creation process for my third book, “Get Free: 7 Simple Steps to Free Your Mind and Live Your Dreams” followed by encouragement to question your limiting thoughts and move forward with what you feel really inspired to do...or to be (e.g. free!) ;) “Get Free” is currently available in paperback on Amazon at: or in eBook form at ZENTAO // uses PayPal checkout with a download link sent via email...and all eBooks are currently on sale at a discounted price in honor of this podcast! ;) Namasté. // Facebook + Instagram: Selena Sage - Author
February 07, 2020
Travel Thursday 1: Cabo Verde
Discussion of my decision and journey to move abroad to Cabo Verde, answering the Why/How/When/Where questions of the choice. Special thanks and gratitude to Joli and A Vontade Tours ( for the incredible assistance with my first visit and relocation to the island of Santo Antão! :)! Also: In my off-the-cuff overview of the islands, I somehow forgot to mention the beautiful island of Maio and said “São Luzia” instead of “Santa Luzia”...please blame my head not my heart! Haha While doing this uncut-live show, this kind of thing will probably happen again, so I will endeavor to use the episode description for corrections. Thank you for your understanding. Namasté. // Fb+IG: Selena Sage - Author
February 06, 2020
Wisdom Wednesday 1: Sri Mooji
Sri Mooji has had a profound impact on my own spiritual journey and this episode is dedicated to him, with tremendous gratitude for his teachings. In this episode, I provide insight into how I came to meet Mooji and I share 3 quotes from him, along with my take on the profound wisdom. (Keyword here is profound! Haha) The contains quotes from the books, “White Fire” and “Writing on Water” by Mooji. I encourage you to learn more about Sri Mooji at his website: or on his YouTube Channel: :) I also welcome your comments and questions! Thank you. Namasté. // Facebook + Instagram: Selena Sage - Author
February 05, 2020
Timeout Tuesday 1: Guided Meditation: Watch Your Thoughts
Your mind is simply a collection of thoughts. During this guided meditation, we start with a simple Qigong breathing exercise and then move into the fullness of our being by recognizing our power to simply observe our thoughts. Namasté. // Facebook + Instagram: Selena Sage - Author
February 04, 2020
Motivation Monday 1: Serving Others
In our pursuit of purpose, sometimes we get stuck in our own passion projects. It is especially during these times that it is important to look beyond ourselves and find ways to help others—especially those that are most vulnerable. Though it is possible to contribute to worthy causes around the world, how might you start locally? I share my story of working with the wonderful School on Wheels Organization ( in California—as a volunteer tutor to homeless children—and how it had a profoundly positive impact on my life. How might you serve others in need for a small amount of time every week? What philanthropic need speaks to you most? I’d love to hear from you on this! :) This episode is dedicated to My Sky ;) Namasté. // Facebook + IG: Selena Sage - Author
February 04, 2020
Selena Sage Sunday: Introduction
Namasté. This episode features a brief introduction to me and the podcast Live Free with Selena Sage. Thank you for joining the discussion as we explore life, freedom, and adventure! ;) // Facebook + Instagram: Selena Sage - Author
February 03, 2020