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How to: Self-therapize

How to: Self-therapize

By Rebeca & Dr. Patricia Miller
Join us as we discuss relatable struggles regarding current events that exist in everyone's lives, as we help our listeners to identify daily stressors and provide new insights and perspectives on how to navigate hardships. Light-hearted conversations with a registered psychologist, where you are encouraged to take all the information you can use, and leave the rest.
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How to: Find Your New Normal Post-COVID

How to: Self-therapize

How to: Navigate Relationships
In this episode, we discuss how to define and identify healthy relationship tendencies, how to set proper boundaries, and, more importantly, how to self-determine our needs within relationships. Learning to be in touch with oneself can open more opportunities to better connect with those around us in meaningful ways, whether in romantic, platonic, or familial relationships.
August 09, 2022
How to: Recharge your Social Battery
In this episode the discussion surrounds tuning into where you fall on the introversion/extraversion spectrum and how that relates to your capacity to be social. Instead of striving to be more extraverted in a fast paced world, a better approach may be to practice balancing introverted and extraverted qualities.
August 02, 2022
How to: Turn Imposter Syndrome into Self-Confidence
This week's episode involves a discussion surrounding "imposter syndrome," a phenomenon influenced by self-doubt where you may feel as though you are underqualified or incompetent in a role or position. By delving into the five types of imposter syndrome and how to identify the signs of each, we may begin the process of breaking down barriers and being kinder to ourselves and feeling more confident in our abilities. Above all, this discussion aims to promote inclusion and an open conversation where it is safe to be vulnerable and know that you are not alone.
July 26, 2022
How to: Find Your New Normal Post-COVID
Although this recording took place before signs of a looming 7th COVID wave for Canada, join us in reflecting on how to promote your mental wellbeing by finding a "new normal" way of living both as individuals and as a collective while navigating the mental strain of a global pandemic. 
July 19, 2022
In this short welcome episode, the moderator of the podcast (Rebeca) discusses why "How to: Self-Therapize" can be a great listen for anyone, as well as discusses the goal of the podcast. You will also get a brief introduction, of both Rebeca's background as a moderator as she learns alongside the listeners, and a look into the vast education and expertise of Dr. Patricia Miller, the expert speaker of the podcast.
July 11, 2022