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Self-Accepted: College Admissions & Big Transitions

Self-Accepted: College Admissions & Big Transitions

By Bright Futures Consulting
The college admission process can be seriously overwhelming. We, as parents and counselors, are here to help our teens make sense of it all and empower them to make good decisions.

If you want to launch your child successfully into adulthood (which we all do), it starts with knowing and accepting who they are. We created “Self Accepted" to guide families through the college admissions process while igniting the flame for self-discovery.

This bi-monthly podcast will answer the questions we hear parents asking all the time so you’ll be prepared to launch your child into their future.
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008. Part 1 Why Goal Setting Should Start in High School

Self-Accepted: College Admissions & Big Transitions

012. Find Yourself Through Conversation: Informational Interviewing 101
This episode is all about the importance of finding yourself through conversation with informational interviews. Dr. Beth Dennard is joined by Co-Founder & CEO of FocusCopy, Lauren Jefferson for a mock interview. By the end of the episode, you’ll know the 8 questions students need to ask to get the most out of their informational interview. Access the complete show notes at Resources: Take a look at these statistics from the Anxiety and Depression Association of America on the impact of work-related stress to individuals’ social, mental, and physical wellbeing. For your student to really know if a certain career will be a good fit for them, they need to be honest with knowing themselves first. Bright Futures Consulting offers Birkman Signature Reports to help students articulate their strengths and identify career paths they will thrive in. For more information, schedule a free consultation here.
September 16, 2020
011. The 6 College Admissions Rules of Engagement: Why You Need to Learn The Rules For Your Admission Plan
Dr. Beth Dennard is joined by Certified Educational Planner and Bright Futures Consulting’s Director of Operations, Elana Guerra, M.Ed.. Together, they explain the rules of engagement for 6 different types of college admissions plans – from early decision to rolling admissions. Access the complete show notes at Resources: When hiring an independent educational consultant (like your counselors at Bright Futures Consulting), make sure they are part of one of the following 3 professional organizations. These organizations govern all legitimate Independent Educational Consultants: Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA) National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Elana Guerra was also a guest on Self-Accepted Podcast Episode 8, “Why Your Teen Should Start Setting Goals Now”. Listen to Episode 2 of Self-Accepted Podcast for tips on having the “money talk” with your teen, or read the blog here.
September 2, 2020
010. An Ivy League Education on a Public University Budget
If your student has always dreamed of attending an Ivy League university, then this episode is for you! Dr. Beth Dennard discusses the pros and cons of highly selective brand-name schools, the realities of finances and fit, and the value of honors programs as an excellent and affordable option for bright students to thrive. Access show notes at Self-Accepted Homework Ask your student, “What are your goals? What do you really want out of your college education?”. For help, listen to episode 1 on self-acceptance and episodes 8 and 9 on goal setting. Encourage your student to start investigating honors programs at public schools. And reach out to us if you have any questions of where to start. Talk with your teenager about finances, social setting and belonging, competition, academics, class sizes, and mentorship. Help them figure out what will be the best fit for them in each of these areas. Related Articles, Resources, & Content John Willingham’s Website on Honors Colleges and Programs Jay Matthew’s Book, Harvard Schmarvard: Getting Beyond the Ivy League to the College That is Best for You
August 19, 2020
009. Part 2: How To Set SMART Goals
This episode is part 2 of the Self-Accepted goal setting series. Dr. Beth Dennard walks parents through a practical guide to helping teens start goal setting – even during difficult times. By the end of the episode, you’ll learn what makes goals actually last, the 5 different areas of goal setting, and how to use the SMART Goal Setting Framework with your high schooler. Access show notes at Listen to part 1 of this goal setting series here. 
August 5, 2020
008. Part 1 Why Goal Setting Should Start in High School
Dr. Beth Dennard is joined by Certified Educational Planner and Bright Futures Consulting’s Director of Operations, Elana Guerra, M.Ed. Together, they discuss the importance of focusing on the finish line, the difference between goal-setting and living strategically, and why your teen should start setting goals now. Plus, Elana shares a recipe for success. Access show notes at
July 22, 2020
007. 10 Insider Tips on Applying to Military Service Academies
In this episode, you’ll get candid insider tips about how to apply and be admitted into military service academies from Dr. Beth Dennard – a US Air Force veteran and the owner and director of Bright Futures Consulting. She’ll cover it all from the pre-candidate questionnaire and nomination process to fitness requirements, scholarships, and prep schools. Access more detailed show notes at
July 3, 2020
006. The 5-Way Test to Writing an Unforgettable College Essay
Writing the college essay can be one of the most intimidating parts of the college application process. In this episode, I’m joined by my friend and former college admission counselor Robyn Munn to talk about the proven 5-way test to ensure your college application essay is unforgettable.
June 24, 2020
005. 8 Pandemic-Safe Activities Your Teenager Can Do This Summer To Get Ahead
Many parents wonder how to best support their college-bound teenagers over the summer to ensure they make the most out of the season. This exciting episode is full of tips to help your college-bound teenager navigate a successful summer. I’m joined by Bright Futures College Counselor, Jigisha Doshi, to reveal some fun ways your teen to can use this summer to get ahead on their path to a bright future.
May 27, 2020
004. Rising Seniors... Start Your Engines for College Application Season!
Preparation can be boring. Adrenaline does not pump during practice or prep, but this preparation is necessary to win the actual race. In this episode, Dr. Dennard shares 6 steps to start that college engine, helping you prepare your rising senior as they begin their path to college. Rising seniors, it’s time to start your engines! Access show notes at
May 12, 2020
003. A Framework For Affording College with Scholarships and Financial Aid
Paying for college is a patchwork quilt – you have to cover the costs by sewing several sources of financial support together. Learn about what options are available for your family to help your college-bound teenager afford a path to their brightest future. Financial Expert Raymond VanBuskirk talks with Dr. Beth Dennard about affording college with scholarships and financial aid. Access show notes at
April 29, 2020
002. Tips for Having the Money Talk with Your Teen
Many parents avoid having the hard financial talks about college until it’s almost too late. If you’re thinking about sending your teenager to college, then the time to talk about your financials and financial aid is NOW. Financial Expert Raymond VanBuskirk talks with Dr. Beth Dennard about tips for parents having the college money talk with each other and their teenager. Access show notes at  |  |  281-486-0023
April 15, 2020
001. The Secret Weapon to College Admissions & Big Transitions? Self-Acceptance.
Howdy! Welcome to Self Accepted, the bi-monthly podcast guiding families through college admissions and transitions. I’m Dr. Beth Dennard, Owner & Director at Bright Futures Consulting – a whole-hearted, forward-thinking, company that ignites the flame of self-discovery and creative growth in each student we meet. We bring together a strong community of families, keeping them well-informed with the best resources for their children’s success. In this episode we’ll talk about… what self acceptance looks like, why it’s important to establish before you and your student start the college admissions process, and what pitfalls to look out for. We’ll also reveal your child’s secret weapon that will help them succeed every single day for the rest of their lives.  |  |  281-486-0023 
April 1, 2020