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Self-Care Communion

Self-Care Communion

By Stacy Cordova
Communion is an act or instance of sharing and receiving. It is an intimate fellowship or rapport. THIS IS NOT ABOUT RELIGION, but about building a community of like minded people ready to raise the vibrations all around us. . That is what this is all about sharing what makes us happy, brings us peace and sharing joy with others. Come visit for update to date information and @selfcarecommune on instagram and our private Facebook group at Self-Care Commune.. Let's make it a communal experience!
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Self-Care with a Soul Coach

Self-Care Communion

Self-Care with a Soul Coach

Self-Care Communion

Tarot as a Self-Care Tool
WOO WOO WARNING! We will be talking about The Tarot on this episode. Join Maddie Cartwright and I as we deep dive into our journeys into tarot and how we have made it a part of our self-care practice.  Maddie Cartwright is the founder and creator of A Wild Life Tarot. Her work is rooted in her own values and focuses on collective liberation. Through tarot, she teaches empathy-driven folks how to trust their intuition and take bold action steps in order to serve the world in a powerful way and live a life full of freedom and purpose. Her business also funds her animal rescue work. Maddie does grassroots rescue operations all across the country, providing emergency care and forever homes to farmed animals who have been abused and exploited within our food system and other violent industries. To get a reading, take a tarot class, support her rescue work, or join her community, you can find her here: on IG online at And coming soon! On Patreon at ~ launching on Monday, March 15th! Join the Patreon Launch Party Pop Up event by purchasing a ticket through the shop on her website or via the link in her IG bio.
March 7, 2021
The Importance of Finding Balance and Using our Breath
On this episode, Susan shares her journey from trainer in the biotechnology world to breathwork coach. How completing The Wheel of Life at a Tony Robbins event allowed her to see a new way of being.  Susan shares all of her luxurious self-care tips with us.  Susan Giddens is a Breathwork Facilitator, Personal Growth Coach, Podcast Host, Author, Speaker, Adventure Seeker. Many years ago, as a leader in biotechnology, Susan found her passion in coaching. Today, she melds coaching and breathwork together to help people expand and grow; to help them dig deep within to live fulfilling passionate purpose-driven lives. Susan can be found at
January 16, 2021
Self-Care with a Soul Coach
Bree-Anna Vincent is a soul coach and healer from Australia. She has been instrumental in my journey. Bree-Anna can be found at all the places, use this LinkTree I mentioned in the intro that I read "Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself" by Dr. Joe Dispenza. This book was full of thought provoking strategies to form new habits and get rid of negative thought patterns that no longer serve us. 
January 8, 2021
The Magic of Self-Care
Kelly White is a VP at Disney.  Kelly  uses her technology skills to make magic for The Happiest Place on Earth. Kelly shares her journey of finding a solid self-care routine during a global pandemic. She shares the power of creating rituals throughout the day to keep her feeling inspired and magical.  Self-Care Strategies from this episode:  Create a morning ritual that helps inspire you to deal with what the day brings you Be open to the magic that is all around us when we stay present Consistent journaling can help bring more calm and flow to your day Your rituals or routines do not have to be an hour long, make them short so you will be more apt to do them READ The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron  If you would like to learn more about Kelly and how she stays consistent in her journaling ritual find her on Instagram @rediscoveringmechallenge and on her Facebook group Rediscovering Me.  If you would like to learn more about Self-Care strategies, ideas or join our community you can find us at @selfcarecommune on Instagram and Self-Care Commune on Facebook and always at our website
December 30, 2020
The Why behind Self-Care Communion
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Today's episode is my WHY and how this whole journey got started. Self-Care Communion is all about like minded people coming together to learn and grow from one another. Come get inspired to practice random and radical acts of self-care.
December 22, 2020