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Self-Care for Performers

Self-Care for Performers

By Marissa Harumi Moses
Self-Care for Performers is a project born out of the emergent needs of Marissa's personal and community desires for safety + expansion in creative connections.

Self-Care for Performers encourages practices that support discernment and awareness of your own needs for safety and healthy connections within the arts.

If you are a performing artist struggling with feeling like you're not enough if you're not at the top of your craft - I want you to know, you are worth so much more than your performance training and technique. Your technique is not a reflection of your worth as a human being.

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Ep 4. Willingness & Boundaries with Alex Wright & Kodi Jackman
In this episode, I chat with Alex Wright and Kodi Jackman. Alex and Kodi are best friends who support one another (and myself) with encouragement, kindness, and a desire to lead from the heart. We chat about the challenges of slowing down in the fast-paced city of LA and industry expectations, the necessity of stretching one's capacity for growth through a willingness to be uncomfortable in safe (enough) spaces, and the challenges of navigating the potential overuse of the term "triggered" as a means of avoidance. _______ SELF-CARE FOR PERFORMERS LINKS 1:1 Coaching Commitment Inquiry/Application Self-Care Garden _______ ALEX & KODI'S PODCAST Shake Shake Shake Podcast ALEX'S LINKS:  website | personal IG | the delta community IG  KODI'S LINKS | personal IG | tarot readings | branding & photo shoots ------------ GROTOWSKI ARTICLE Historical barn and yurt at UC Irvine reflect local legacy of famed theater director Jerzy Grotowski
July 06, 2022
Ep 3. Warrior Goddess Energy with Kumu Michelle Manu
In this episode, I dive into a discussion about universal truths, creative energies, and the integration of masculine and feminine dynamics within our bodies with my guest, Kumu Michell Manu. Michelle is the first female Kumu (teacher) of the male-dominated Hawaiian Lua Warrior tradition in over 203 years. She shares with us aspects of embodied power and walking through adversity as a leader of her community.  ___  Michelle's links: |  Self-Care for Performers Links:  JOIN: Self-Care Garden (Patreon Online Community) | FOLLOW: Instagram | FOLLOW: Facebook | SUBSCRIBE: Youtube |  APPLY: 6 months 1:1 coaching 
June 22, 2022
Ep 2. Trusting Your Impulses with Roksana Zeinapur
Welcome back for a round two with Roksana Zeinapur. In this episode, I share with you some intended and unintended pieces from a second try at recording a podcast episode with Roksana. There was just too much juicy content to leave it all on the cutting room floor. There may be a bit repetitive from the last episode (which we recorded after having lost the meat of this conversation), and I'm still so excited to share all the tidbits that are unique and flowing through this particular chat!  Roksana's Links - check the show notes from Ep. 1 1:1 Coaching Inquiry -
June 04, 2022
Ep 1. Pandemic Pivot & Finding Recovery in Artistic Pursuits with Roksana Zeinapur
In this first episode, Marissa talks with performing artist and musical coach Roksana Zeinapur about mental health, embodiment, and intuition. Roksana shares her journey as an Eastern European classical pianist and opera singer who pivoted her all-encompassing classical practice during the pandemic to self-producing solo and collaborative projects in a more easeful and casual way. Releasing a sense of self-care into her craft and career.  ROKSANA'S LINKS Performer Website | Vocal Coaching Website | YouTube - Zeinapur | YouTube - Time Interior | Spotify - Zeinapur | Spotify - Time Interior | IG - Personal | IG - Zeinapur | IG - Time Interior  SELF-CARE FOR PERFORMERS LINKS IG | FB | 
May 27, 2022
Welcome to the Self-Care for Performers Podcast
Welcome to the Self-Care for Performers Podcast. I am Marissa Harumi Moses, your resident Artist/Guide through the waters of self-care, relational wellness, and creative callings for performing artists, the introspective audience, and our broader creative community. LET'S CONNECT: Self-Care for Performers Instagram Facebook YouTube Marissa's Personal Instagram ----- MUSIC CREDIT & Links: Music for the Self-Care for Performer's Podcast trailer is by my dear friend Roksana Zeinapur's project "Time Interior" - you can find out more about Roksana and her music on her website or listen to her songs on all online streaming platforms. Roksana's Website Instagram - Roksana's Personal Instagram - Time Interior YouTube - Time Interior Spotify - Time Interior Much love, Marissa
March 30, 2022