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Talks w/ Maria | Business & Spirituality

Talks w/ Maria | Business & Spirituality

By Maria Henderson
Welcome to Talks with Maria Podcast, a Spiritual & Business Podcast for Spiritual Entrepreneurs. Author: The Boss Mom Mentality: 📬
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151: Why Business Fails!

Talks w/ Maria | Business & Spirituality

201: 4 Pillars of Health with Jane Wenning!
We talked about so many amazing topics around health, how important it is it get sleep, nutrition & she shares with you her story of body shaming. Listen to this amazing episode! @jane.wenning ➡️ to do a free health survey, assess out of which 4 pillars needs the most attention!
September 09, 2022
200: 🥳 Omg F$#king 200!!!
200 episodes on my podcast is probably the craziest thing ever for Talks with Maria! Thank you so much for everyone who has been on this journey with me! My heart is full! Also, I make a huge announcement 🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️
September 08, 2022
199: 7 Things People Buy! Business Marketing
Sharing the psychology behind the consumer, how to identify the 7 things people BUY! And use it towards your marketing efforts!
August 10, 2022
198: Perfection is the Killer of Progress!
Perfectionism the stopper of success!
August 10, 2022
197: 6 Months Down, 6 Months Left in 2022!!
Mid-year check in, reflection on what works and what doesn't!
August 06, 2022
196: 5 Sales No No's!! Business Coaching!!
Sharing some real life Mistakes I made, and made Cardinal rules for sales... things To not do on Sales Calls!
August 04, 2022
195: Comfortable? You're Not Playing BIG Enough!!
Sharing insight on how you may be playing a small game, not pushing yourself enough to achieve success!
July 27, 2022
194: Your Body Holds Memories with Hypnotherapist Elia Bean
Deep diving Elia Beans journey of self healing & her gifts of helping others heal through Hypnotherapy & Energy work. She shares her work with clients, how she gets them to breakthrough in 4 weeks & the tremendous results they receive! Tune in! ➡️Follow Elia Bean on Instagram: @eliabean
July 04, 2022
193: Spiritual Stomach Flu!
I am sharing a candid conversation about my stomach flu from Cabo! And all things Spiritual & Business...enjoy!
July 04, 2022
192: Interview with Client Lupita V! Profound Growth in her Business & Spirituality
We are speaking with client Lupita V, Confidence Coach, Licensed Psychotherapist, Speaker & Coach! We chatting about her Business Growth & Spiritual Growth while working together! Follow her: IG: YT: ‎@Lupita Valencia  ‎@Lupita Valencia 
June 28, 2022
191: Overnight Success & Income Claims as Marketing
The truth about overnight success, income claims as a form of marketing.
June 27, 2022
190: John C. Maxwell's 5 Levels of Leadership for Business!
5 Levels of Leadership for Coaches! Sharing John C. Maxwell's book on 5 Levels of Leadership! Listen & Learn... what level
June 07, 2022
189: Money Beliefs & Religion
Beliefs About God & Money! Diving into a very deep convo about God & Money! Going into energetic patterns of anger & needing people to listen to you. So much gems here to start your week! Lots of love!
June 06, 2022
188: Taking Action even thru Failure!!
Take Action even through Failure! Sharing 5 things to do this week, even though you've experienced failure... 2 books to listen/read: Manifest Your Destiny by @drwaynedyer 10x Your Results by @grantcardone Listen, Learn & Dive in♥️♥️
June 02, 2022
187: 5 Ways to Maintain Manifestations in Business!
For life & business. Sharing ways to Maintain your Manifestations, 🔮🧘‍♀️ It's easy to manifest, But are you able to maintain the success in your life? Need help with building your coaching business? ☎️Let's connect ♥️ Maria #spiritualbusinesscoach #spiritualcoach #spiritualgrowth #spiritualgrowthjourney #femaleentrepreneur #makeyourmoney #businesscoachforwomen #growthmindset #femalesalescoach #femalebusinesscoach #femalespiritualcoach #successmindset #spiritualbusiness #followyourpassion #lawofattraction #spiritualentrepreneurs #womensbusinesscoach
June 01, 2022
186: Increase Your Vibration 🧘‍♀️ Meditation
Drop a ♥️♥️ if you'll try this Meditation Infuse Your Day with High Vibrations! Today's live is on how to harness energy to have the best day of your life. I show you how to connect to light, Awaken your chakras, Connect to earth, Expand out into the world, Sending love & healing into the world, And infuse your day with all the qualities you want in your day, It could be money, Clients, Healing, Supportive people, Love, Whatever it is .. Share with me If you tried this & how it worked for you! Love & light🧘‍♀️🌟 ♥️ Maria #spiritualbusinesscoach #spiritualcoach #spiritualgrowth #spiritualgrowthjourney #femaleentrepreneur #makeyourmoney #businesscoachforwomen #growthmindset #femalesalescoach #femalebusinesscoach #femalespiritualcoach #successmindset #spiritualbusiness #followyourpassion #lawofattraction #spiritualentrepreneurs #womensbusinesscoach #spiritualmentor
April 22, 2022
185: Finding Safety in Your New Levels of Business & Life
How growing into each chapter of phase in life & business requires you to feel saefty, sturdy, & comfortable before going to the next level.
April 19, 2022
184: Lead Generation that Keeps Generators
How to Grow Your Lead base, email list.. without doing much! Super valuable for coaches and service based business!
April 15, 2022
183: Coaches May Be Lying About Their Success!!!
Ahhhh such a touchy subject... we're going in in!!! Fact checkt before buying your next program or hire a coach.
April 11, 2022
182: Sobriety & Spirituality with Jennifer Rae
Chatting it up with Jenn about her growth & healing through spirituality, toxic positivety, her journey in being sober & channeling while talking to clients! 🎙182. Spirituality & Sobriety. Jennifer Rae. Brand Design & Business Coach, shares with us her story of Spirituality & Sobriety journey. Inspiring to keep going even when it's hard! We talk about Tarot Cards since high-school, being spiritually connected for awhile & her journey of being alcohol free! Listen 🎧 Follow Jennifer: @jennifer.rae04 #newpodcastepisode #podcastepisode #podcasterscommunity #podcastersofig #instagrampodcasters #sobrietyjourney #spiritualityjourney #interviewonpodcast #spiritualcommunity
April 06, 2022
181: 6 Thangs in Business!
I share what to remember, 6 things in business! Dropping gems!
March 30, 2022
180: 2 Profitable Activities for Coaching Business
I am deep diving my post earlier today, covering two things to Focus on in your coaching business! Stop trying to copy these Seasoned coaches because you are not in the same phase of business as they are. Focus on the ground work to grow your business! need help? let's connect
March 17, 2022
179: 5 Ways You're Cutting Corners in Your Coaching Biz!
Sharing ways you could be cutting corners in your coaching biz!!
March 16, 2022
178: Sabotaging Your Manifestations!
Sabotaging Your Manifestations! How are you doing this?? I share the term automatization that the brain does, How this Sabotages our Manifestations if it goes unmanaged. I share examples of what to do when you Sabotage your Manifestations! Need help? Lets connect
March 14, 2022
177: 5 Things To Do In Your Biz this Week!
5 Things To Do this Week, Explained! So I touch on my 5 things to do this week... Let me know what you think, will you incorporate it in your business & life? And my Flowers game!
March 02, 2022
176: Feeling Stuck? Here's why
Feeling Stuck? Here's what to do, I share perspective on the origin of where feeling stuck comes from.. And share insight on what to do if you are!
February 22, 2022
175: 36 Years Wise🎂 & Showing Up Unapologetically in Your Coaching Business
Yasss it's my Birthday!! And I am the happiest to turn 36... so fulfilled, so meaningful, so aligned. I also share insight on coaching, showing up Unapologetically in your business and on SM! 📬
February 13, 2022
174: Are You Rejecting Abundance in Life & Business
You may not know this, but your actions may be blocking the flow of money and love to flow into your business and life, listen to learn more! 📬
February 10, 2022
173: Wealth & Making Millions in Your Business
We are talking about Money! Stop making just enough in your business. Creating wealth, making millions, is more inspiring than just making enough! 💛
January 31, 2022
172: Daily Laws by Robert Greene
How to navigate your clients, prospects and people in your coaching business⤵️ The Law of 48 powers The Art of Seduction The Laws of Human Nature
January 29, 2022
171: 1:1 vs. Group Coaching
Going over my experience either group coaching vs 1:1 coaching... which is better and what is eh.. so. so. 🌟
January 27, 2022
170: 6 Thangz To Do to Start & Grow Your Biz!!
Spilling the tea on what I did to grow my business. This is important to watch if you are starring off and need clients hast, I share with you what to do to get paying clients!! ♥️
January 23, 2022
169: Speak to the Silent Content Consumers that are Your High Ticket Clients
Sharing insight on how to speak to your high ticket clients who you know are there but rarely engage with your content!! 💛
January 20, 2022
168: 4 Types of Personalities for Business Building
I share 4 types of Personalities for growing a business, how to manage clients, attract prospects & identify what type of personality type you are 💚... 💌
January 08, 2022
167: Reoccurring Revenue & Unshakable Confidence
Growing my business taught me different things. One of which, how to create Reoccurring revenue month per month. & I share a little on unshakable confidence! 💌
January 05, 2022
166: NYE 🥂🥳 Rant, Love Note to My Clients & 4 Things!
Going in on my 2021 Recap! Tootin' my clients horn, their amazing WINs, owning the confidence behind our magic & a love note to my clients. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2022 GOING TO VE LIT. 📬
December 31, 2021
165: End of Year Reflection & Being the Cause of Your Life in 2022🥂
1.5 Weeks Left in 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣. This is a perfect time to reflect on how your year went for you. 📬
December 20, 2021
164: Holidays 🎁 for Your Spiritual Community
Sharing some amazing gift ideas for your Spiritual Community! If you have a spiritual community and aren't sure on what to give them for the holidays... Here are some ideas! Oracle Cards by @rebeccacampbell_author Goddess Cards Witch The Legend Planner 10x Your Results by @grantcardone Let me know which one was your favorite!! and which you will pass on lol. 📬
December 14, 2021
163: 3 Spiritual Activities to do for Business in December
I share divine activities that get you aligned this month, balance your energy, learn to be in gratitude.. In this, grace will fill in who is divinely supposed to be in your business and life. 📬
December 11, 2021
162: Being Inward & Selfishness in Our Business
How we make our business about ourselves is the problem. What you need to do to stop this tumultuous pattern & who to make it about instead! Being Emotionally Stable is the biggest success key in growing your business and not making it about you is the way to do this! 📬
December 06, 2021
161: Anxiety During the Holidays!!
How the Holidays creates for so many inner stress on people, all due to one thing. This one thing causes people turmoil not only during the holidays, but also in their business. I share how business is effected in this anxiety caused season! ♥️ Maria Open Enrollment for EXPAND 💫 Link in BIO or Book a Call⤵️
December 01, 2021
160: 3 Major Money Blocks that Get in the way of Abundance
Sharing how these 3 blocks get in the way of money, landing clients and having healthy and successful relationships around you. 📬
November 29, 2021
159: 3 Entrepreneurship Lessons!
The Journey is never a straight path, be honest with yourself and learn from the phase of business you are in. 📬
November 15, 2021
158: In 4 Months She Did What??
Wow, my client turned her entire life around working with me in 4 months! New place, New car, New found power and her family she has full control over! 📬
November 08, 2021
157: Whats stopping your from $100k?
What's the block from your first $100k, Energetically speaking? 📬
November 01, 2021
156: Strategy is Not the Problem...this is.
Sharing how strategy is usually never the problem, what is & what to do instead.📬
October 25, 2021
155: Are You a Serial Certificate Taker?
How taking certificates and degrees is a societal expectation, but not needed when you are naturally talented and gifted! 📬
October 18, 2021
154: Are You Dimming Your Light for Others to Like You?
A little on seeking approval from others, dimming your light, for acceptance. 📬
October 11, 2021
153: Are You Avoiding the Inner Work Req to Grow Your Business?
We are discussing the required tough inner work to grow your business and how some, most avoid it. Also covering the 80/20 rule! 📬
October 04, 2021
152: Craving Community but Lack Showing Up for Yours?
If you want community, you get to show up for them, and in that, people will show up for you... they will either buy into your services or support you in your challenge or experience. What number do you fall under? 1) I rarely show up for my community 2) I sometimes show up for my community 3) I always show up for my community!! 📬
October 01, 2021
151: Why Business Fails!
It is the most simple thing to do, yet the most overlooked. When we grow our business, Focus is required. How strong is your ability to go deep in one strategy for a long period of time? People suffer from the shiny object syndrome! Stay grounded, stay focused and keep at one strategy 🧘‍♀️💫 Need support? Lets chat☎️
September 10, 2021
150: Go from $200 to charging $5k per Client
I share 2 things to learn, so you can get comfortable with charging more for your services! Ready to raise your rates? Lets chat☎️
September 08, 2021
149: Zero Clients to having a Full Schedule
Are you ready to go from 0 clients to having a full schedule of paying clients? I share the 1 question you need answered to have everything else align in your business! Ready to up level your current business?
September 03, 2021
148: Tired of Not Making Sales in Your Business?
If you are tired of Not Making Sales! I go over reasons why you aren't, what you are doing to distract yourself, and what you need to do to shift in your business. ☎️
September 01, 2021
147: You Are 1 Decision Away from a Successful Business
How to use decision making skills to grow your business. going over powerful questions that aligns your business with your current needs & wants. ☎️
August 27, 2021
145: Tarot Cards & Spirituality for Business
Spirituality & Business Growth goes hand in hand.. inner healing, healing energetic blocks and patterns are important to growing your Soul Aligned Business! ☎️
August 24, 2021
146: 3 Types of Clients in Your Programs
Identifying 3 Types of Clients to look out for and how to qualify your prospects to ensure you get Clients that are vibrationally aligned with you! There are systems to put in place with signing on ideal clients into your business. I share 3 types and go into detail with what types that could get in the way of producing results. ☎️
August 23, 2021
144: Change Your Rates & Your Business Model for Alignment.
As a Coach or Entrepreneur, we go through a phase of no longer being happy with the current state of our business. I go over 2 reasons why you feel unfulfilled in your biz and what do to! ☎️ ♥️ Maria
August 16, 2021
143: Stop Solving Problems that Aren't There!
Sharing some insight on to stay present, be in the moment & take massive action. How to create unshakeable confidence (the real kind)! 📬
July 29, 2021
142: Manifested 4 Amazing Things in My Life!
Sharing with you how I manifested 4 HUGE things in my life!! Using Law of Attraction ⭐
July 12, 2021
141: 3 Money Blocks & Manifesting Powers
How to Manifest Quickly in your business and life! Remove these 3 Money Blocks now! 📬
July 05, 2021
140: How Life Prepares Your For Your Dream Business!
Recalling all my past employments, business endeavors, failures, and summing it all up with my coaching business! 📬
July 01, 2021
139: The Truth About Your Follower Counts on Social Media
Gurus tell you numbers don't matter, Gurus yell you the do matter, what is the truth? I share insight on the truth!
June 29, 2021
138: How Often do You Judge Yourself & Others?
Judgement is a huge energetic block from manifesting in your life business. This seems to be a topic this month that I'm needing to go into, so I share some insights on Judgement and how to recognize when you do it♥️ 📬
June 26, 2021
137: 💫My Experience with a Psychic Reader
I received a Reading from a Psychic Medium. Sharing my experiences, what she told me about my past life and the successes of my business!!
April 25, 2021
136: Intuition & 80/20 Rule for Business & Life
Following your intuition for Business & Life is how you become successful. Life becomes easier for you and everything starts aligning! 📬
April 05, 2021
135: Inner Landscape & Emotional Mastery for Business Building
My husband won on Black Jack & I got super jealous lol. I am a roulette player, and have had no luck 😅🤦‍♂️. How mastering your Emotional landscape can help you execute your business successfully & profitably! 📬
March 30, 2021
134: Vibrate High & Master Emotional State while Growing Your Online Business
Want to learn about how to master your emotional state, use the law of attraction, meditation, manipulating energy and vibration, Spirtuality while growing your business?? Listen to this delicious episode! 📬
February 28, 2021
133: Energy Doesn't Lie💫
Energy doesn't lie, your energy is what the Universe gives to you. Your belief in yourself, in your ideas, your biz, your ability your have wealth and love is what will fruition in your life.
February 02, 2021
132: How I Blame Others for My Failures 😩 The Truth.
Sharing my first failed endeavor what came with it, the challenges and how I blamed others for all of my failed results. How to vibrate so high, so people just can't help themselves that they must work with you!! 💌
January 31, 2021
131: 10x Your Results - Happy Sunday 2021
Sharing how my first weeks of January, 10xing my activities, 10xing my results, how to increase results! 🔮
January 30, 2021
130: New Year 🥂 2021! Spiritual & Manifesting Goal Setting!
Sharing my delicious Visualizing Manifestation exercise to support you in achieving your 2021 goals in life and business! Spiritually Healing, accepting Change, letting go of all the Negative Energy to create a dreamy 2021! 📬
December 31, 2020
129: Outreach for Business Growth & the BS💩 that comes with it!
I share some experiences of how it's like to DM for business growth. How to truly grow and build resilience in business & how some people are just liars lol! I love it. Merry Christmas! 📬
December 26, 2020
128: Grow Profits & Community on Instagram with Coach Sarah!
Talking with Social Media & Content Coach Sarah Negron about her amazing & highly performing Content Marketing Strategy Cycle. If you are looking for converting prospects into clients, this episode is for you. She also shares her insight on mistakes made on Instagram that are debilitating for your brand and business growth. We cover Reels and Hashtags, what to do and what not to do. Super insightful & filled with Instagram Juice!! Find Sarah below⤵️ IG: FB: Email:
December 18, 2020
127: Getting Out of Your Own Way for Business Success
How to get out of your own way for Business Success. The truth of the Ego and how it makes you believe your limiting beliefs are true, but over time and with work you will discover innee growth is the only way towards success. 📬
December 18, 2020
126: Mindset Talk with Banker turned Life Coach Jas Gill!
Talking today with Transformational Coach & Speaker about her journey of burn out, overwhelm after securing a very lucrative career in Finance as a Banker. She shares her experiences that required her to look within and found that becoming a Life Coach was the key to her passions.  Coach Jas also shares advice on how to improve your mindset, to make inner shifts that work and invites you to join her FREE Community where she educates people on how to do just that, along side with meditation and spiritual work. JOIN FB Community: Instagram: LinkedIn: Book a FREE Strategy Call:
November 29, 2020
125: What is Holding You Back?
What is holding you back from creating the kind of life & business that you truly desire? Sharing how to overcome this and tools to start using now!! 📬
November 10, 2020
124: Personal & Business Boundaries
Learn the importance of placing firm personal and business Boundaries to prevent burnout and unhappiness! 📬
October 29, 2020
123: Follow Your 🤍 Intuition
How NOT following your intuition makes you unhappy!!
October 13, 2020
122: Charging High Ticket is Not a Crime!
Charging High Ticket is Not a Crime! Dealing with Money Mindset Trauma & Blocks, how this gets in the way of your business growth! 💌
September 18, 2020
121: Being in Stuckness sends a sign to the Universe
Being stuck sends a sign to the Universe that you don't trust the universes ability to deliver to you, all your wants & needs. 💌
September 14, 2020
120: How to Attract More Clients & Wealth!
Learn how to attract Clients, Money and A Wealthy Lifestyle in your life by asking the right questions! 💌 ☎️
September 07, 2020
119: Cherry Picking Clients to Work With
Why is it important to work with your ideal clients? How to avoid the drama clients and calling the shots as a business owner.
September 03, 2020
118: Client Worries & Wins
The truth about client wins and worries. Want to work together ⤵️
August 24, 2020
117: Client Results & Coaching
Dear Coach, release yourself of the pressure of getting your clie ts results. This could be a subconscious block that you place on your energetic flow connecting you to the divine energy to manifest and attract in your business and life. Need my support? Lets chat:
July 22, 2020
116: Confident Business Women FB Group!
Join my new group for women to bridge the gap of purpose and passion to profit and confidence! Join group: 💌
July 18, 2020
115: Email Autoresponder & Convertkit
Sharing my insight as a Coach, Mentor, Guide or Strategist. I also share my journey of beefing up my Email Autoresponder & Convertkit signature line lol. 📧
July 03, 2020
114: Decisions vs. Excuses We Make
Sharing some insights on client excuses I've been getting, from why people can't do things or feel like they are stuck in a rut. 📬
May 30, 2020
113: Happy Mothers Day!!
Celebrating Mothers Day during quarantine, stepping into your power and a little chat with my 5 yr old about why Podcasting is a passion of mine🥰 📬
May 10, 2020
112: Biz Coach Aurea is Sharing her Insight on What Mistakes New Entrepreneur Make.
Today we are talking with my Fav, Business Coach & Podcast Host of Brand Boss Podcast! We are chatting about her journey of Entrepreneurship, the ups and downs and her thriving business school➡️
April 28, 2020
111: Be of Service during the COVID-19
How to be of service during COVID-19 and join my new group for women to bridge the gap of purpose and passion to profit and confidence! Join group: 💌
April 25, 2020
110: Grocery Store Alternatives to Prevent Spreading COVID-19
109: Grocery Store Alternatives to Prevent Spreading COVID-19. Grocery store pick up and delivery options for those who are serious about social distancing. 📬
April 11, 2020
109: The Not so Typical Easter Show on Easter Weekend🐰🔮💙
Finding your truth through religion & not following religion but through spirituality and self discovery. HAPPY Easter and stay yo ass home🏠
April 11, 2020
108: Ain't No Rona💉
Coronavirus, the new world, how to deal and becoming more self aware in these times. 📬
March 26, 2020
107: Powerhouse Podcasting Sales System
4 Systems to learn how to turn your Podcasting into Entrepreneurship into monetary equivalent. 📬
March 12, 2020
106: Corona Virus & Pre-Apocalyptic Feels 🦠
Scary feels, getting over the flu & seeing people buying cases of water just in case... is this virus a legitimate threat? 📬
March 03, 2020
105: Relieve the False Pressure
Learning how to relieve yourself of the false pressure can actually help you with accomplishing your goals.. 5 tips to learning how to release the false pressure you place in your life. 📬
February 19, 2020
104: Valentine's & Self Love
Happy Valentine's Day!! Practicing Self Love and letting go of the dependency that we need from other people. Sharing some tips for practicing self love🥰🌹 📬
February 14, 2020
103: 3️⃣3️⃣rd Year of My Life Recap! 😂♥️🥰💯
I share my story of learning to become independent from others opinions and who I should be in their eyes! 33 was a powerful year! 📬
February 13, 2020
102: Passion, Power, Purpose & Pressure
When you are dealing with internal negativity, lead with passion, exercise your secret power, get clear on your purpose and remove the false pressure. 📧
January 31, 2020
101: Imposter Syndrome & Advice from my 5yr. old 🥰
Little convo with my kindergartener, and info on a training I am making 😊. 📬
January 26, 2020
100: Podcasting for Women in Business + Lessons Learned during My Podcast Journey
Sharing some insight on my lessons learned for the past 100 episodes, info on the Podcasting journal that is soon to be available, FB group Podcasting for Women in Business. 📬
January 17, 2020
January 10, 2020
January 10, 2020
99: The Universe✨ has Your Back by Gabriel Bernstein
The Universe has Your Back by Gabriel Bernstein.. 📬
January 08, 2020
98: Happy New Year 2020\uD83C\uDF8A\uD83E\uDD42- Share Your Story in the New Decade!
Happy New Year 2020!Sharing your story, making an impact in the new decade is the way,for self healing and connection 📬
December 31, 2019
97: Christmas 🎄🎁 Self Respect & My New Alma BB👜
Christmas pushes us to want to belong, testing your ability to see what you really want.. belonging or self respect? and I got my 🎁👜Alma BB yay! 📬
December 26, 2019
96: Your Congressional System & The Frequency by Linda West
The Fequency, Your Congressional System (mind, body & soul) how aligning your goals to this system helps manifesting it sooner into your life. 📬
December 12, 2019
95: Robert Greene's Laws ⚖ of Human Nature
Robert Greene's Laws of Human Nature 🌱⚖ 📬
December 10, 2019
94: Podcasting for Women in Business FB Group 🎊
Join the FB Group Podcasting for Women in Business 💛 📬
December 07, 2019
93: Recap of \uD83C\uDF41\uD83E\uDDE1Thanksgiving, Kansas City Trip
We flew put out to KC for Thanksgiving and watching the Chiefs vs. Raiders game in Arrowhead 📬
December 02, 2019
92: Boss Lady Black Friday Special
Boss Lady Black Friday Special 🦃🍁🧡 📬
November 30, 2019
91: Happy 🦃🍁 Thanksgiving 2019!
91: Happy 🦃🍁 Thanksgiving 2019! 📬
November 28, 2019
90: Seeds of Greatness with Michelle Prince 🌎💟
Author, Speaker, Coach and Owner of Book Bound Publishing Company Michelle Prince, we are chatting about Seeds of Greatness, how to cultivate our story and passion! 📬 link for FREE copy of Michelle's Power of Authority: 📬
November 25, 2019
89: G.A.I.N.S. Method to Follow Your Passion
Talking about the G.A.I.N.S. Method, this helps with understanding your passion and what's your story.. 📬
November 25, 2019
88: Sri Arkarshna's 3 Signs Your Manifestations Are Coming Your Way
Sri Arkarshna's 3 Signs that Your Manifestations are on it's way to you!! 📬
November 22, 2019
87: Balancing Mom&Career Life w/ Candice B.
Chatting with Business Travel Manager and Mom of 3, in Balancing Motherhood and Career. 📬
November 21, 2019
86: Thanksgiving & Holiday Plans!
Sharing our family Thanksgiving Plans, holiday plans and getting over this whole bad energy from The Boss Mom Mentality. 📬
November 19, 2019
85: Book 2-Self Image & Weightloss
Learn about book 2 of The Boss Mom Mentality, self image and weightloss.. 📬
November 19, 2019
84: My 3yr. old shares her thoughts & laughter
my daughter is on the episode today and we dont talk much bout nothing, just her laughing 🤦‍♂️ enjoy! 📬
November 18, 2019
83: Ruffeling Up Some Feathers
How being a creative will always offend some folks and to not allow that to stop you from continuing to do what you love! 📬
November 18, 2019
82: Update on self Published Book & Leaving My Day Job
update on the SelfnPublished book, The Boss Mom Mentality & leaving my day job!! Blessings galore!! 📬
November 07, 2019
81: 10 Day Course - Turn Your Blog to a Book
Course 10 day series...Turn your blog into a book... if you're interested email me 📬
October 30, 2019
80: 10 Steps to Turn Your Blog into a Book
Sharing the 10 steps and my method of turning a blog into a book, gain respect and authority in your niche and expand your products and services. 📬
October 30, 2019
79: Second Chance at SAHM Life \uD83C\uDF1E\uD83C\uDF1E
Talking about how I get to have a second chance at being a stay at home mom!! super excited. 📬
October 30, 2019
78: Leverage Your Talent vs. Time
90% of America leverages their time, 10% leverages their talents... who is most happiest??? Relinguishing my corporate job to focus on family and my passion.... yass!! 📬📩
October 26, 2019
77: Turn Your Blog Into a Book
Learn how to quickly create your book, the outline and the meat of your book by combining your blog posts!! Sharing my tried and true method of how I created The Boss Mom Mentality! the 📬📩
October 25, 2019
76: Soul& Energy
Soul & Energy!. 📩📬
October 21, 2019
75: Feedback & Email Marketing
75: Feedback and Email Marketing 📬
October 16, 2019
74: Keep a Strong Positive Mindset
October 15, 2019
73: Dr. David Hawkin's Power vs. Force
73: Dr. David Hawkin's Power vs. Force Learn about your energy.. 
October 07, 2019
71: Dr. Susan David's Emotional Agility ❤🌜
71: Dr. Susan David's Emotional Agility ❤🌜
October 05, 2019
72: Dr. Wayne Dyer's Manifesting Meditation
Dr. Wayne Dyers Manifesting Meditation how I accumulated a large sum of money!!
October 02, 2019
70: Dr. Wayne Dyers Power of Intention 🧠🌎
Talking about Dr. Wayne Dyers Power of Intention.. 📩 information
September 25, 2019
69: Work from Home Mom Life
Working from home and challenges that come up with during momlife and working from home/being an entrepreneur. 📩
September 24, 2019
68: Use Your Time Wisely for Momprenuers
Answering the most common challenge from an answer I'd asked my audience, Time and how to use it effectively... 📬
September 13, 2019
67: Fuck the Haters, Follow Your Heart ❤
67: Fuck the Haters, Follow Your Heart ❤ coming out as a closet writer and getting some haters. 📬
September 04, 2019
66: Principle#6 Personal Growth & Have a Realistic Sense of Reality
Reviewing 2 principle today in The Boss Mom Mentality, Principle #6 & Principle #4... 📬
August 30, 2019
65: Value of Unbalance - The Boss Mom Mentality Book
The Value of Unbalance, from my Book, The Boss Mom Mentality. 📬
August 30, 2019
64: Principle #2 Prepare for Challenges - The Boss Mom Mentality Book
The Boss Mom Mentality, Principle #2 Prepare for Challenges!! 💌
August 22, 2019
63: Principle #15 Value of Time - The Boss Mom Mentality Book
Discussing the Value of Time from The Boss Mom Mentality!! 📬
August 19, 2019
62: Principle #1 Dont Let Your Past Dictate Your Future - The Boss Mom Mentality Book
The Boss Mom Mentality Principle #1 Dont Let Your Past Dictate Your Future!! 💟
August 03, 2019
61: How I Became an Indie Writer
How I became an Indie Writer/Author on Amazon Kdp, my experience with writing a book and self publishing, the fears & securities I go through with revealing my self published book. buy The Boss Mom Mentality now: 💌 | 🌎 |
July 20, 2019
60: Become a Boss Mom 📖🦄
Become a Boss Mom Vol. 1 is out!! Yours FREE! Send me a message at or visit me at You can purchase at:
June 27, 2019
59: Improve Your 🥰 Self Image
understand the importance of your self Image! how to improve this and achieve your goals.
May 29, 2019
58: Empowered woman, empower women!
empowering other women allows us to create connection and creates relationship with others!
May 16, 2019
57: Change Your Emotions, Get Results
How changing your emotions changes your behavior and creates action giving you better results.
April 30, 2019
56: Self Doubt & Common Sense
experience some self doubt and how businesses may take advantage of peoples lack of common sense. 📬
April 16, 2019
55: 5 Habits of Highly Successful People 🙌🌞
Sharing 5 Habits of Highly Successful People! Understand how to maintain your achievements by these great practices from those who are succesful themselves! 📬
April 09, 2019
54: Become Unapologetically Yourself
Become Unapologetically yourself!! Love what you do and be confident enough to share with others!! 📬
March 29, 2019
53: Content Creation- Journey Update
Update on my blogging and podcasting☺️ my 1 year anniversary journey of my content creation and I’ve learned so much... transferring my site and blog to Wordpress from blogger. How juggling motherhood, full time job and online business is tricky.. but super exciting!
March 28, 2019
52: Be, Do, Have Method - Goal Setting
Goal Setting: Understanding the Be, Do, Have Method (from Tony Robbins) with workings towards your goals!!
March 18, 2019
51: Visualizing Your Goals
How to use visualization for goal achievement
March 12, 2019
50: Dont Judge Yourself, during Negative Moments
How to let Being in a Funk, pass sooner than later, by Acceptance, Counting Your Blessings and No Judgment.
March 05, 2019
49: 10x Your Results by Grant Cardone
One of my most favorite success books by Grant Cardone!! 😉
February 26, 2019
48: Interviewing👩‍💻 & Resume Tips
Career Advice on Interviewing Skills and Resume Tips. Prepare yourself to become a perfect candidate for employers to hire!
February 19, 2019
47: Feeling Stuck? Here's why!
I share my insight on why people feel stuck. Talking lots on intuition, Spirituality and growth. Having a real honest convo with yourself and what you really want. 🍊
February 18, 2019
46: Moral Compass ⚓🖖 - Parenthood
The importance of learning who you are, gaining self awareness, core values and knowing your moral compass to be better parents. ⚓
February 16, 2019
45: Dealing with Rejection \uD83D\uDC94 for Mom-Entrepreneurs
Dealing with rejection as a Entrepreneur is hard, but the most difficult is when you're a mommy and entrepreneur at the same time. I share lessons on how to deal with rejection for Momprenuers!! enjoy 🌺😍😘 📬
February 12, 2019
44: Monday Funday- Snow 🌨 on My Windshield..Loving Thru Thick & Thin
Las Vegas Snow is uncommon and I had to learn how to use my windshield defroster...loving someone though their worst, understanding the value of commitment.. strength of marriage.
February 11, 2019
43: Sunday Rant - The Joy's of reoccurring UTI's
Anyone struggling with reoccurring UTI's, my fears and insecurities due to this... and womanhood fun on a Sunday 😎😊
February 11, 2019
42: Imperfectly Perfect Mama \uD83C\uDFE1 - Guest Post! Become a Mindful Mama
How to be a Mindful Mommy - My Guest Post on a community of mommys that share their insight on how to be the best parent to our children and everything under motherhood 🤸‍♀️🧚‍♀️💚 ⚓
February 10, 2019
41: Thoughts About the Anchor App📫
Is the Anchor App really beneficial? I Discuss my experience on Anchor😍😍
February 08, 2019
40: Health & Wellness -\uD83E\uDD38\u200D\u2640\uFE0F Be, Do, Have Mindset
Discussing how you treat yourself, how you talk to yourself, your inner Dialogue with your health and physical wellness. Be, Do, Have mindset that can help transform your results... enjoy!
February 06, 2019
39: Happy 33rd Birthday to Me! Lessons Learned
One Year Wiser, lessons learned, importance of mastering a skill, succumbing to your passion and living within your means. 🌷
February 05, 2019
38: Skill Stacking - Career Advice\uD83C\uDF0D\uD83D\uDC99\uD83D\uDC9A
How to evaluate your work experience and how to skill stack your experiences to make you an ideal candidate for employers!! Career advice for your job search! 👑
February 03, 2019
37: Blogging & Podcasting Rant🎈
Sharing my Blogging & Podcasting Journey. How regret of giving up in the past has lighted a fire for living my passion through my blog & podcast!
January 30, 2019
36: Gary Vaynerchuk's Advice
Happy Friday! Sharing my excitement for my youngest daughters 3rd birthday celebration at Legoland this weekend, our first family airport trip, my fat knuckles, driving in the fast line and driving slow af. Gary Vaynerchuk advice for launching a podcast and how we put false pressure ..
January 25, 2019
35: Wk 4 Successful Morning Routine \u2600\uFE0F\uD83D\uDC99 Goal Setting
Successful Morning Routine to guarantee a productive and efficient day!
January 24, 2019
34: Wednesday Rant - Love Yours \uD83D\uDC9A\uD83C\uDF0E\uD83D\uDE4F
Appreciating 😍🌎 & Loving Yours, Don't take things for granted, understand that all the choices we've made has caused the results in our lives. If we are unhappy with the results, make better decisions that yield benefit results.
January 17, 2019
33: Wk 3-What is Your Passion \uD83D\uDC9C\uD83C\uDF88
Understanding what your passion is so important in cultivating a meaningful career and doing meaningful work. Knowing your passion and delving into doing what you love is key to self healing and manifesting the life you want!
January 15, 2019
32: Wk 2💚 Uncover the Career For You 💪💙💲
Understand what career can help you achieve your end goal.. looking for a career that gives you more money, more time, more status, more recognition? Understand your end goal to determine what your next career path should be for 2019!! Remember, Connect & Share!📫💙 IG: iselfimprovedaily
January 09, 2019
31: Wk 1 - The Frequency by Linda West - Affirmations for 2019
Affirmations for 2019 I discuss Linda West's audio book titled The to raise our vibrational frequency to manifest in the life we want to live.
January 04, 2019
30: Make 2019 the Most Successful Year! Happy New Year \uD83E\uDD42\uD83C\uDF7E\uD83C\uDF86
Amazing Possibilities to come in the new year and sending you high energy, positivity, love, joy and peace and... success and wealth in 2019!!! Super excited for you! remember, connect & share!
December 31, 2018
29: Personal & Business Boundaries
How to create Personal & Business boundaries in business, why it's important and what holds people back from doing it. 🌱
December 26, 2018
28: Finance Mistakes 💵 🔥😩 in Your Twenties
Finance Mistakes 💵 🔥😩 as a young adult is inevitable, welcome the lessons that come with these mistakes, as this determines the rest of your life. Finance Mistake (auto repossession, evictions, traffic tickets, bench warrants, failed business investments, bad loans) in Your Twenties & Why this is ok to do as long you learn the lessons that come with these financial mistakes👍🏼. I share my 4 financial lessons learned in my twenties that can help you thrive and become proud of your financial circumstances🦋🙌🏼 🌹Remember, Connect & Share! Instagram iselfimprovedaily
December 22, 2018
27: Week 49 of 2018 - Journal 📓 & Create Your Future💫🔮
Week 49 of 2018: What are you excited about in 2019? Become excited about the possibilities that’s ahead by Journaling, write down your life goals, be aware of what you need to improve on by having honest inward reflection and to become a master co-creator of your life and create a meaningful and rewarding 2019!! Take Inventory of Where Your Life is and Take Charge of Your Life in 2019 by Journaling & Goal Setting! 🌹Remember, Connect & Share! Instagram iselfimprovedaily
December 19, 2018
26: You Get What You Think of the Most ✅🦋
Become aware of what your constantly think about, this is what you perpetuate, the universe will conspire towards giving you want you perpetuate! Become a powerful manifested by being aware of your thoughts. 🌹Remember, Connect & Share! Instagram iselfimprovedaily
December 14, 2018
25: Intentional Parenting - Stop Seeking Outside Approval
Intentional Parenting How our society is negligent when it comes to parenting our children, we are not intentional when comes to parenting and raising our children. How we are approval seeking and it trickles into our children’s life and teaching them these same empty life lessons. Become intentional by self reflection, know your values, your identity, your boundaries and determine self confidence & respect. Remember, Connect & Share! 🌹 IG: iselfimprovedaily
December 11, 2018
24: Goal Setting - Cultivate Effective Relationships in 2019 ✅🤝
Goal Setting ✅ for Relationships🦋 in 2019 How do you show up in your relationships? Understanding the Personality Styles so that you can communicate effectively and cultivate meaningful relationships for 2019. Be intentional in how we 🗣 communicate with the different people in our lives. Remember, Connect & Share! 🌹 IG: iselfimprovedaily
December 11, 2018
23: Goal Setting - Career! Get a Raise💰or Promotion in 2019!
Goal Setting for Career - ✅📊💰 Looking to get your career in line? A Promotion or a Raise within the upcoming year? This is for your! Becoming Intentional with your Career life, Learn to be Intentional with your interactions and what you do on a daily basis. Know what you want to achieve with your career or work life, exact goal, how to get a raise or a promotion! Know what you want, write it down, commemorate it into your mind and lastly, Visualize and repeat until your dream job, raise or promotion comes to reality! Remember, Connect & Share! IG: iselfimprovedaily
December 09, 2018
22: Goal Setting - Romance! 🌹❤️💃🏻 Find Your Man in 2019!
Goal Setting for Romance Life! 🌹❤️💃🏻 Becoming Intentional with your dating life, learn how to know what you want in a man and your relationship, become aware of the energy you put out when your dating, learn how to achieve the relationship you deserve! Know what you want, write it down, commemorate it into your mind and lastly, Visualize and repeat until your dream relationship comes to reality! Remember, Connect & Share! IG: iselfimprovedaily
December 07, 2018
21: Goal Setting Series - Manifest Destiny! - Intentional Living 🌎🦋
Goal Setting Series - Intentionally Living! Is about goal setting, knowing what we want, writing it down and consistently visualize what that goal is. Being aware of our personal power and how we can manifest the life we truly want is available to us! Let’s begin!
December 07, 2018
20: Goal Setting Overview for 2019 💯🌎✅
Discussing Goal Setting for 2019! Super excited when it comes to co-creating our reality and knowing what we want to have happen for us in the upcoming year and being open to the magical possibilities when we are intentional what we want in our lives. Writing down our goals, reflecting, becoming aware of our personal power and the universe’s amazing way to conspire towards what we think most about!! Covering topics on Relationships, Romance, Career, Finance, Spirituality & Parenthood! Connect with me!
December 06, 2018
19: Improve Communication 🗣 by Understanding the 4 Personality Styles
Discussing the 4 Personality Styles by Dr. William Marston a Harvard Psychology Educator and Researcher. Uncovering the difference between the 4 personality styles: Driver, Analyzer, Amiable and Expressive. Develop our communication styles by accessing the different ways that they receive information. Remember, Connect & Share, ig: iselfimprovedaily
November 29, 2018
18: Being Thankful 🙏 Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁🥧
Happy Thanksgiving!! Check out my post on Teaching Your Toddler the Attitude of Gratitude:
November 21, 2018
17: Pt. 2 EQ - Social Awareness
Pt. 2 EQ 2.0 by Travis Bradbery & Jean Greaves . Covering Social Competence and Strategies to practice in life.
November 15, 2018
16: Increase Self Awareness in One Step Dr. Tasha Eurich
Discussing One Impactful Tactic to increase Self Awareness, Giving us more clear actions and positive results by Dr. Tasha Eurich. Also discussing how to follow your passion, believe in yourself and turn your passion into a profitable business with believing in yourself. Remember, Connect & Share- Instagram: iselfimprovedaily
October 26, 2018
15: Pt. 1 EQ Personal Competence
Emotional Intelligence by Bradberry & Greaves part 1 - Deep Dive. Uncovering Personal Competence - one of the two segments that make up your Emotional Intelligence. Discussing Self Awareness & Self Management, that define your level of Personal Competence, sharing strategies to exercise this from the book. Remember, Connect & Share! Instagram: iselfimprovedaily
October 26, 2018
14: What is Emotional Intelligence?
Deep Dive in Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry & Greaves. Understanding the four phases and how to become aware of our emotions for healing and to better our personal and professional relationships in our lives. Remember, Connect & Share! Instagram: iselfimprovedaily
October 26, 2018
13: Week Before Halloween 👻 🎃 + Increase Your Audience
Sharing our Halloween plans and activities, 10 Days of Halloween, How to increase your audience on your blog/site. The Poppy Foundation - Trunk or Treat Halloween Event 2018 🎃👻 Remember, Connect & Share
October 25, 2018
12: - Fear of Criticism w/ Content Creating
My Guest post on “How to Practice Self Care for Mums" went live on — Discussing the journey of increasing my audience on my blog, my excitment for the guest post live on a UK based blog, my mixed feelings of excitement, nervousness & managing my insecurities, fears of ridicule when sharing my content to my personal network, discussing vulnerability & how content creating is a doorway to our truest selves. Remember, Connect & Share! Instagram: iselfimprovedaily
October 17, 2018
11: Autosuggestion, Napoleon Hill’s Think & Grow Rich
A deep dive on Napoleon Hills Think & Grow Rich, Autosuggestion..become masters of creating the life we want by taking power of our minds! Remember, Connect & Share! Instagram: iselfimprovedaily
October 11, 2018
10: Law of Attraction & Autosuggestion
Becoming aware of your personal power to get what you want, law of Attraction, Napoleon Hills concept of Autosuggestion and how I manifested a large sum of money! Remember, Connect & Share! Instagram: iselfimprovedaily
October 06, 2018
9: An Epiphany on Parenting My Youngest
Sharing my mini epiphany of my youngest Fia (2.5 yrs), who she is and who she is becoming, learning as a mommy that she knows more than I give her credit. Being a mommy of two or more requires getting to know each one, their differences and embracing their personality styles as they grow into who they are. This means we must also parent our children differently according to whom each one are... being flexible and realizing that they are forever changing and evolving beings is key to raising multiple little ones. Remember, Connect & Share!
October 03, 2018
8: Using Wisdom & Intuition for Business Building
Do you use wisdom and intuition for business building? Creating fulfillment and having a balance business and life! 🌱
October 02, 2018
7: Why People Avoid Self Awareness
The real truth behind avoiding self awareness and what to do instead. 📬
September 27, 2018
6: Masculine & Feminine Energy for Business & Life!
Chatting about Masculine Energy & feminine Energy! How we have tendency to go heavy on one and what is the trick for harmony.. ♥️
September 26, 2018
5: Increase Balance.Peace.Be Mindful for the Busy Moms!
Become a more peaceful, mindful, balanced Mom within the chaos of work, babies, life, husbands and mortgages!! I review some cheap and easy alternatives to increase being more at peace and being a mindful mommy! Share, Remember & Connect!
September 26, 2018
4: Therapy - Postpartum Depression
Talking to a professional is important for your mental health, spiritual growth and self development to be a better woman and mommy! Remember, Share & Connect!
September 24, 2018
3: Developing Self Awareness to Become Better Parents
Developing Self-Awareness is a gift that keeps giving, not only is it great for our souls, but translates into our parenting, our children and their growth, our partners and our relationships with them. I share tips on developing self awareness! Remember, Connect & Share! Instagram: iselfimprovedaily
September 21, 2018
2: Follow Your Intuition
Following your intuition makes you the happiest person in life and business! Listen and learn! 📬
September 15, 2018
1: Welcome to Talks w/ Maria Podcast
First episode of my motherhood podcast to connect and inspire Mommys all over the world to be the best Woman and Mommy they can be! Remember, Connect & Share! Instagram: iselfimprovedaily
September 14, 2018