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An episode of SellerSPEAK With Successful Amazon Sellers

By Ankitha Nagaraj
We are starting a weekly special show called #SellerSPEAK, where we talk to different types of Amazon sellers, listen to the stories of how they started selling on Amazon and understand the struggles and challenges they faced while setting up an Amazon FBA business.

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We are starting a weekly special show called #SellerSPEAK, where we talk to different types of Amazon sellers, listen to the stories of how they started selling on Amazon and understand the struggles and challenges they faced while setting up an Amazon FBA business.

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Amazon Product Compliance & Quality Testing | SellerSPEAK With Rachel Johnson Greer
Rachel Johnson Greer, former Amazonian, joined us for this week's SellerSPEAK podcast. She is a highly-experienced Product Development & Marketing consultant who runs the show at Cascadia Seller Solution. We have covered everything from product compliance on Amazon, to launch strategy and safety testing.
May 23, 2019
Importing and Sourcing from India by Meghala Bhardwaj | SellerSPEAK
When sellers think of sourcing goods from overseas, the first thing that pops into their head is sourcing from China. However now, India is also emerging as a huge player in the export market space. Meghla Bhardwaj joins Ankitha for the second time on SellerSPEAK, this time to discuss the potential of the Indian market, differences between sourcing from China/India, and some of the products that India specializes in. 
March 25, 2019
Amazon FBA Fees Reimbursement & Inventory Tracking
There have been cases where Amazon sellers end up paying overcharged #FBA fees. Another issue is the complicated compensation process for lost or damaged products. So for this week's edition on SellerSPEAK, we're going to join the think-tank of Seller Locker to discuss the whole refund system on Amazon. SellerLocker has great solutions to manage Amazon fees, track inventory, and handle reimbursements.
February 25, 2019
Amazon FBA Shipping Challenges From China - Tim Jordan
For this edition of SellerSPEAK, we have Tim Jordan, an expert on importing from China. He heads Hickory Flats, a U.S. based company with teams in 4 countries that specializes in Private Label Sourcing and Training through various services. In the procurement business, Tim realised how low cost his items were compared to what they sold on Amazon. He hit 7 figures in his first year on Amazon and learned to specialize in launching new Private Label products. Listen in as Ram and Tim discuss the various shipping challenges and intricate strategies that go into sourcing items from China and Asia.
February 25, 2019
Amazon Messenger Chatbots & Facebook Ads Marketing | SellerSPEAK - Michelle Barnum Smith
We have Michelle Barnum Smith with us on SellerSPEAK this week. Michelle has over 18 years of experience in Marketing. At Amazon Messenger Bot Club, Michelle focuses on teaching Amazon sellers how to use a Messenger chatbot to build lists, launch products, improve rankings & harvest reviews on Amazon. Join us as Michelle & Ankitha discuss innovative chatbot strategies that can be used in 2019.
January 21, 2019
Amazon Listing Translation & Foreign Language Keyword Research
We’re joined by @Jana Krekic for this week's #SellerSPEAK.  Jana is the Founder & CEO at YLT Translations, an agency which offers professional Amazon listing translations in 5 languages for all international markets. They offer translations for European markets, and are also one of the few who offer translations for Mexican and Japanese markets. Jana has 9 years of experience working in the online language industry, She’s a foreign language business trainer & multi-language eCommerce expert. Jana now focuses on developing the area of language integration to its full potential. Jana will answer all your questions on keywords research & listing optimization for foreign markets. Stay tuned! website: SellerApp
January 10, 2019
Amazon PPC & Sponsored Ad Tips & Tricks by Brian R.JOHNSON | SellerSPEAK
We're excited to have Brian R Johnson for Ep. 15 of #SellerSPEAK. Brian is a PPC expert who has provided consultancy services to quite a lot of well-known brands over the years. In 2015, he started PPC Scope, a PPC analytics tool. He is also the founder of a training course called Sponsored Products Academy and an ad management firm called Canopy Management. Join us as Brian & Ankitha discuss advanced topics under Amazon sponsored ads.
December 19, 2018
Amazon Seller Lending & Payability Financing | SellerSpeak with Victoria Sulliva
We have Experiesed Amazon Seller Vicky Sullivan for this week's #SellerSPEAK! Vicky is the Marketing Manager at Payability, a fast-growing NYC-based financing company that provides Amazon and other eCom sellers with daily & advance cash flow. In just 2 years time, Payability has helped thousands of sellers. Vicky & Ankitha discuss the various intricacies of Amazon seller finance lending market. Check out Payability and the many lending plans that they offer! Follow this link to instantly get a bonus of a $200 on sign up and 25% on normal instant access fee -
December 6, 2018
How to Recover Suspended Amazon Account with Reinstatement & Intellectual Property | SellerSPEAK
We're joined by Jeff Schick for this week's #SellerSPEAK. Jeff is an attorney for #AmazonSellers and a 7-figure seller himself. Jeff’s Amazon journey when he was still enrolled in law school. As a student, he ran an Amazon business that grew to over $2 million per year in sales. As a lawyer, Jeff specializes in recovering Amazon suspended account & Marketplace Dispute Resolution and Marketplace Strategy Jeff will share his expertise on all the legalities of #selling-on-Amazon.
November 28, 2018
How To Source Products From China & Asia with Ash Monga | SellerSpeak
For this week's SellerSPEAK, we’re joined by a master of sourcing. Ash Monga is the founder of IMEX Sourcing Services, a company which helps Amazon sellers with the procurement of materials from Asia. Over the last 7 years, Ash has been focused on creating solutions which allow importers to minimize time investment when sourcing products from China. Ash will discuss everything sourcing, including the Do's-and-Dont's sellers must keep in mind to avoid costly mistakes when importing from Asia.
November 14, 2018
How To Optimize you Amazon Product Listing ? Tips & Tricks
As a seller, you'd already have an idea of how important Amazon SEO is. We’re going to have a chat with someone who can give you deep, personal insights into optimizing your SEO on Amazon! Christian Otto Kelm is a German-based global SEO expert who has worked with large clients over his career. Christian has handled operations at Factor-a, an Amazon vendor management company and built its SEO to make it one of biggest Amazon agencies in Europe. He has also worked for KW-Commerce, which is one of the biggest sellers on Amazon. Christian and Ankitha will figure out ways with which you can perfect your Amazon SEO.
October 31, 2018
Amazon Retail Arbitrage & Private Labeling Tips with Anthony Bui-Tran (Ep10)
#Anthony_Bui_Tran joins us on #SellerSPEAK podcast today. Anthony first started selling online as a college student with not more than 5k in hand. Today, at the age of 26, he has built a million-dollar ecommerce business. His YouTube page and Facebook group called Seller Tradecraft has built a very strong community of Amazon sellers. Join us as Ankitha and Anthony cover a variety of topics ranging from private labeling and retail arbitrage.
October 18, 2018
Amazon SEO and Keyword Optimization | SellerSPEAK with Michael Jackness
Hey everybody! We have Michael Jackness on SellerSPEAK today. Mike is an expert on Amazon SEO and keyword domains. Mike is also a master entrepreneur and runs 7-figure eCommerce businesses. He runs Terran that has established several successful brands like Tactical, Wildbaby, ColorIt and others. Along with building these brands, he documents and shares useful tips, success stories and provides actionable advice for eComm sellers on EcomCrew through blog posts and podcasts.
September 26, 2018
How to do Amazon FBA and Sourcing for Beginners? | with Luke Wechselberger
We're hosting Luke Wechselberger on today’s #SellerSPEAK. Luke started selling on #Amazon soon after he got his degree in communication. Luke has been an #AmazonFBA seller for more than a year and a half now, and he is already pulling 6-figure incomes. He swears by the FBA business blueprint and considers it the single best model to make money online. Luke also has a fast-growing YouTube channel where he documents his FBA journey and regularly put ups relevant video content to help beginner sellers find their way on Amazon. He is very passionate about helping people succeed in #eCommerce. Difference between selling on amazon vs ebay, things you need to take care while selling on amazon FBA
September 18, 2018
Amazon Q4 2018 Strategies & FBA Courses With Kevin King|SellerSpeak
We're excited to have a Live session with Kevin King on today’s SellerSPEAK. Kevin has been in the eCommerce industry since 1995, and has been running his own product-based sites and selling on Amazon since 1999. Since then, he has created and developed hundreds of products. In 2015, he started five private label brands on Amazon, and the 9 products he has created since then have grossed millions of dollars collectively. Kevin and Ankitha talk about strategies to crack the critical Q4 season, and try to find out how to differentiate between good and bad Amazon FBA courses.
September 11, 2018
Live Q and A Session on Amazon FBA Basics & Policy Changes | SellerSPEAK (EP. 6)
Bashar J Katou is a thriving entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, and above all, a master business mentor. Bashar has risen from humble origins to transform himself into a respected online selling guru. Bashar hosts an online platform with interactive training sessions to help budding entrepreneurs achieve success through #eCommerce channels. His Amazon FBA Seller courses get hundreds of new subscriptions every month. So today we’re hoping to exploit the expansive experience and knowledge Bashar has, and take a super deep dive into Amazon FBA.
September 3, 2018
Live Q and A Session On Sourcing From China & Asia | Meghla Bhardwaj
Hello people! We are delighted to host Meghla Bhardwaj on today's SellerSPEAK. Meghla is a wizard when it comes to #eCommerce, and she has been working with manufacturers and importers for more than 15 years now. She has a deep understanding of sourcing and manufacturing industries, and expert knowledge about selling on Amazon. Meghla is also the Head of Content Marketing at Global Sources. She organizes the Global Sources Summit, a 3-day conference twice every year in Hong Kong for intermediate and advanced online sellers. Apart from the summit, she hosts regular meetups for eCommerce sellers in Hong Kong and Singapore
August 27, 2018
Live Session on Amazon Product Marketing & Data Analytics| SellerSPEAK
We are eager to interview Myron Brandwine on today’s #SellerSPEAK. Myron is an experienced seller and expert on all matters related to #eCommerce. He uses SellerApp mainly for niche product research and data analysis. Myron was 16 years old and fresh out of college when he started selling books on Amazon. He over 15 years of eCommerce experience. He also possesses immense expertise in marketing and finance management. Ankitha Nagaraj, Customer Success Head at SellerApp, joins Myron to understand how to start selling via Amazon FBA as a beginner and construct strategies to manage accounts and promote products.
August 21, 2018
Live Q and A with 7 Digit Amazon Seller Chris Davey | SellerSPEAK
Hello fellow sellers. For this week's edition of #SellerSPEAK, we are excited to be joined by Chris Davey, a UK-based sourcing expert, and entrepreneur who has set-up two e-commerce firms ‘FBA4U’, and 'Source From Asia' in Shenzhen, China Chris is a 7-figure Amazon seller who designs, engineers and sources his own private label brands of products, sold worldwide via Amazon. Over the past three years, he has built up two unique brands of products, going from zero to $1m in the first year of selling. He is the founder and director of ‘FBA4U’, which advises multiple companies on how to expand their online sales. FBA4U conducts the biggest networking events in China for western e-commerce sellers, attracting 500+ power sellers, the event is held every six months during Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China. He has also founded "Source From Asia", which provides solutions to sourcing, logistics and quality control in Asia.
August 21, 2018
SellerSPEAK - Stories Of New Amazon Sellers | SellerApp
In today’s edition of SellerSPEAK, Ankitha Nagaraj, the Customer Success Head at SellerApp, is joined by Blanka Stefanescu. Blanka has just launched a product successfully under the 'Toys & Games' category on Amazon and is already seeing good sales. She is also in the process of launching another product very soon. Also, we would like to thank all our viewers for the immense support you have given for our new show, SellerSPEAK. We’ll be bringing in more quality content for you guys every week. For people tuning in for the first time, SellerSPEAK is a talk show where we interact with different types of Amazon sellers, as they share their stories and struggles and also give us useful tips and tricks.
August 7, 2018
SellerSPEAK: Successful Amazon Seller Journey | SellerApp
SellerSPEAK will be live every Monday at 5pm EST. Successful Amazon sellers will share their experiences and also give valuables tips and tricks to maneuver through to a profitable_e-commerce venture. #SellerApp Today we are joined by Amy Wees, who owns a retailer called Clean Litter Club, which sells products focused on home and pets. Amy also has a consulting business where she helps businesses maximize their e-commerce sales and launch their own private label products. Amy is a prime example of mothers out there who evenly balance out their family life with business.
August 3, 2018
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