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Seniors Chatting With Seniors

Seniors Chatting With Seniors

By Judy & Michael Yublosky
Are you a senior who’s not quite ready to just play golf, lounge on the beach or watch TV all day? Are you tired of sheltering in place, Zoom meetings that are boring and non-age appropriate? Virtual tours of another museum? We discuss topics that are important to our guests. We share memories of people and events from years gone by. Our goal is for you to realize you are not alone, you matter. And, as seniors we have similar thoughts and feelings. So, join us for a little inspired conversation from fellow 'Sages'. You can also be a guest on a future podcast.
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Ron Joined Judy and Michael on January 17th
Our friend Ron grew up in Milwaukee, WI. He recalls some of his personal memories of 1968 as well as memories of his sister the following year. Ron is definitely an avid Green Bay Packers fan. He remembers events in that time period including the first two super bowls and Vince Lombardi's exit from the coaching ranks.  He also tells us about the Chicago White Sox playing up in Milwaukee during the season.
January 18, 2021
Looking Back On The Making of '1968 - Those Were The Days'
In this inaugural podcast, Judy and Michael chat about planning and putting together their presentation of '1968 - Those Were The Days'. That interactive Zoom event was first presented to a group of 28 seniors from SAGESofBG (Senior Adults Growing & Exploring of Buffalo Grove) on December 24, 2020.  The couple shared notable events, headlines, music and film clips, personalities, pictures, interesting statistics and more. It featured monthly highlights and seldom seen videos from each quarter of the year. They even tossed in some trivia to test attendees' memories! The goal was to spark memories as well as to get attendees to talk and share their memories. It worked well and encore events are planned. Groups interested should contact Judy or Michael by clicking on either website below. Visit the SAGESofBG website of A-BnC Parties and More, Inc. for more information. SAGESofBG was formed in 2017.  Its purpose is to discuss issues and share information and knowledge about retirement, listen to interesting speakers, plan social and volunteer events, etc. Members met twice a month from 2018 until the COVID-19 pandemic stopped in-person meetings in the middle of March, 2020. The group started meeting weekly on Zoom the following month. They still meet as of the date this podcast was published.
January 5, 2021