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Senior Summit Podcast

Senior Summit Podcast

By Senior Summit
The Senior Summit Podcast focuses on providing education and insight in regards to the longevity market. Each episode will feature a new professional that serves within the market, to discuss only the most crucial of issues.
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U.S. Congressional Candidate Danny Niederberger Discusses His Stances on Alzheimer's Research, the Elder Abuse Issue, and Much More!

Senior Summit Podcast

Master Pass Teaser: Overcoming Overwhelm to Reach Your Goals
On this episode of the Senior Summit podcast, host Maria Page gets deep with Possibilities Coach, Andrea Liebross.  Looking to move forward with confidence and clarity to accelerate your success? This episode is for you! At this year's Senior Summit Professional Day, Andrea will be presenting on strategic planning and how to effectively reach your business goals in 2020. Want to dive deeper with Andrea? Register for Senior Summit Professional Day Master Pass at! Make sure to like, share, and subscribe to the Senior Summit Podcast! Register for the Senior Summit Professional Day: Book a session with Andrea:  Follow Andrea's social media: LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook:
March 03, 2020
The Story of a Startup: CarebyChristie
Christie Freeze joins Maria Page to discuss how she manages, how she created her startup, and much more! Thank you for your support, make sure to like, share and subscribe!  Christie's Facebook: Christie's Email: Register for the Senior Summit Professional Day Conference:
February 18, 2020
Master Pass Teaser: Coaching Those You Lead with Halle Simpson
Senior Summit returns from the holiday break with Halle Simpson, a Business Life Coach and solopreneur. In this episode, Halle shares her experiences working with business owners and executives, and explains what it means to coach those you lead.  Halle will be a Master Pass speaker at this year's Senior Summit Professional Day 2020. Be sure to register for the conference if you want the opportunity to hear from her, US congressional candidates, and other leaders in the Indianapolis longevity market!  Register here: Checkout Halle's website here:
January 28, 2020
Senior Real Estate Expert Shares the Importance of Compassion and the Power of Education when Serving the Senior Market
On this episode of the Senior Summit Podcast, Lisa Treadwell joins Maria Page to discuss why she specialized in senior services, how her business has grown and changed over the years, and why it's important to have compassion when working with the aging population. Make sure to follow and share!  Contact Lisa Treadwell at: 317-731-2289 Lisa's recommended article:
December 17, 2019
U.S. Congressional Candidate Danny Niederberger Discusses His Stances on Alzheimer's Research, the Elder Abuse Issue, and Much More!
On this episode of the Senior Summit Podcast, Maria is joined by Danny Niederberger, a Republican candidate for Indiana's 5th Congressional District. Candidate Niederberger discusses his stances on elder issues such as Alzheimer's research, elder abuse, and much more! Make sure to share, like, and follow for more episodes!  Learn more about his campaign at:
December 10, 2019
Halo Senior Solutions' Owners On Launching a Startup, Working With Your Spouse, And Coping During Times of Transition
On this episode of the Senior Summit Podcast, Todd and Kristen Howard join host Maria Page as they discuss the journey in building their business, Halo Senior Solutions. They share what it means to launch a startup alongside your spouse, and how to cope during the hard times of transition. You won't want to miss this fun episode! Contact Halo Senior Solutions at:  Email: Phone: 833-284-4256 (HALO)  Website: Visit the Senior Summit website and register for Professional Day 2020:
December 03, 2019
Dr. Palmer on Integrative Healthcare, Pain Management, and Food as Medicine
On this episode of the Senior Summit Podcast, Maria is joined by Dr. Palmer MacKie, a plantrician and Founder and Director of the Integrative Pain Program at Eskenazi for nineteen years. Dr. Palmer shares his experience with preventative medicine and chronic pain management through lifestyle changes, and provides anecdotes of patients he has helped in the past. He also warns Maria about the dangers lurking in our everyday food products. You don't want to miss this episode! Share and follow!  Dr. Palmer's Suggested Websites:  American College of Lifestyle Medicine: Forks Over Knives: The Plantrician Project: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: Register for the Senior Summit Professional Day 2020 Conference:
November 19, 2019
Business Specialist Talks Succession Planning, Systematic Value Extraction, and Choosing Next-Gen Leaders
On this episode of the Senior Summit Podcast, Scott Eckart, a Certified Family Business Specialist from WestPoint Private Client Group, discusses business succession planning, losing employees, going from owner to investor, estate equalization, business evaluation, and much more. Throughout the interview, Scott emphasizes focusing on the big picture, a method he calls 'Vision Casting'.  Make sure to like, share, and follow! Join our mailing list at: Contact Scott Eckart: LinkedIn: Email: Website: Checkout the Senior Summit website and register for our 2020 Conference!
October 29, 2019
Indiana Department of Health Employee Discusses Brief Action Planning and Motivational Interviewing
On this episode, Maria sits down with Brent Anderson, a practice coach for the Indiana Department of Health. Brent talks about his experiences with brief action planning and motivational interviewing! Are you a professional? Register for Senior Summit Professional Day: Centre for Collaboration, Motivation, and Innovation: Follow Senior Summit on Twitter:
October 15, 2019
Reverse Mortgage Specialist Explains How to Gain Business Referrals, Plan for Tragedy, and the Differences in Mortgages!
On this episode of the Senior Summit Podcast, Maria and Anna sit down with Reverse Mortgage Specialist, Marcia Honz. Marcia talks about how to gain referrals for your business, how to plan for unforeseen tragedies, and the differences in various types of reverse mortgages. Like, listen, follow, and share!  Visit our website to register for our Senior Summit Professional Day Conference in Indianapolis, IN, on April 30, 2020: Contact Marcia Honz: Phone: 317-696-9787 Email:
October 01, 2019
Building Partnerships with Professionals and the Art of Customer Service with Colleen Page
Maria and Anna sit down with Colleen Page, a Benefits Advisor, to hear about her advice on working with fellow professionals and serving her many clients. From networking to genuine client visits, Colleen goes into detail about her career and why she enjoys it so much. Make sure to follow, share, and like!  Visit Senior Summit's website and register for our Professional Day 2020 Conference: Contact Colleen Page: Email: Phone: (317)590-8040 Thanks for listening! 
September 17, 2019
Understanding the Continuum of Care and How to Identify At-Risk Clients - Senior Summit Podcast
In this episode, Maria and Anna sit down with Julia Lowe of CarDon & Associates to discuss the continuum of care, identifying at-risk clients, and the services of CarDon & Associates! Make sure to like, share, and subscribe!  Visit our website: Contact Julia Lowe/CarDon & Associates: Website:  Social Media: Facebook & Twitter: CarDon Senior Living  Email:
September 10, 2019
HIV in the Aging Population and Medically Tailored Nutrition for Seniors - Senior Summit Podcast
Listen in as Maria and Anna sit down with Brandi Sasore and Nick Fennig of Meals on Wheels of Central Indiana to discuss HIV in the aging population and medically tailored meals for seniors. Brandi and Nick describe the benefits of medically tailored meals, home delivery services, the mission of Meals on Wheels, how to get involved, and more! Subscribe, share, and follow!  To contact Meals on Wheels of Central Indiana use the contacts below:  Meals on Wheels of Central Indiana Phone #: 317-252-5558 Website: Twitter/Instagram: @mowindy Facebook: Meals on Wheels Inc. Indiana
August 13, 2019
What is the Longevity Market? - Senior Summit Podcast
What is the longevity market? Listen in as Anna, Maria, and Attorney Dillman discuss what the term 'longevity market' means to them. From living to 1000 years old to natural human behavior, the Senior Summit Podcast explains why longevity is a booming industry! If you're an industry professional, a senior, or a caregiver, then this podcast is for you! Follow and share us with your friends and coworkers!  Questions we have on the longevity industry! Comment or email us your answers!  1. In what ways do we need to consider what we know about this market? 2. How does the aging workforce affect the longevity market?  3. Do Boomers truly have wealth worth chasing, and does that trigger a new market landscape - being the longevity market? 4. If the longevity market is so rich/plentiful, why are those in the industry experiencing things like staff turnover and record low sales? 5. Will human behavior prevent growth longevity movement? Is the human behavior a rate limiting factor in the growth of the longevity market? 6. How can organizations not currently in the longevity market begin to look at the opportunities available to their business in this economy?  Learn more about the Senior Summit organization on our website: (leave us feedback!)  Where our podcast can be found! Subscribe on YouTube!  YouTube Anchor Pocket Casts Spotify Google Podcasts
July 30, 2019
Prologue Episode - What is the Senior Summit Podcast?
Listen to the prologue episode of the Senior Summit Podcast, hosted by Anna and Maria! The podcast will be a continuous series of longevity market education and discussion with various professionals as guests on the show. Learn from physicians, alternative therapists, government employees, CEOs, and more throughout this series. Subscribe/like/follow/share! 
July 18, 2019