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SENNA Lessons

SENNA Lessons

By Kathy Donchak
In this podcast I share about my journaling practice rooted in Ecopsychology that helps you build a reciprocal relationship with a natural space to reorient and reimagine your life to one in harmony with your true nature. Leave the distractions of everyday life, and enter a process of creative expectation, ecoimagination, contemplation, and reflection grounded in an understanding of human development and your place on the wheel of life.
Why do we need a new language of our experience in connection with the natural world?
In this episode, I will explore why we need a new language to describe the experience of ourselves in connection with the natural world, and how it can illuminate our thoughts just below the surface. We need to become aware of our relationship with nature, not the one when we are simply in nature, but of our interconnected dependence. We need to capture our experiences as a form of personal research, to understand what we have experienced if we are to get beyond the surface of things. Books mentioned: Upstream by Mary Oliver Anam Cara by John O'Donohue The Situation and the Story: The Art of Personal Narrative, by Vivian Gornick
September 01, 2022
What is Ecopsychology?
In this episode, I share my thoughts on Robert Greenway’s essay, The Wilderness Effect and Ecopsychology, and how we can rebalance our relationship with the earth by taking action on projects that call upon the delivery of our gifts into culture. The Carbon Almanac Project is one such example of one person’s bond with the earth, Seth Godin, and his friend army of volunteers that came together to share their gifts with the world in an amazing way that changed them all forever. SENNA Lessons is a project by Kathy Donchak to share her growing understanding of Ecopsychology for the preservation of nature and self. Kathy guides a writing circle that is exploring personal narrative as a path of creative and personal development at
August 26, 2022