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Sensitive Soul Talks: Inspiration for your Life, Business and Spirit

Sensitive Soul Talks: Inspiration for your Life, Business and Spirit

By Sheila Kadeer
Sensitive Soul Talks is for those women who feel the world and their surroundings deeply. Often called empaths, highly sensitive people, you are here to make a difference. You may have been through trauma in the past but you are ready to put that behind you and become the highest version of yourself. Your hosts are Sheila and Yasmin Kadeer, a mother and daughter team who after overcoming their own trauma have made it their mission to help other women rise. This podcast will inspire you to step up and into your power and lead a life with love. Facebook Group
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014: All about angels

Sensitive Soul Talks: Inspiration for your Life, Business and Spirit

014: All about angels

Sensitive Soul Talks: Inspiration for your Life, Business and Spirit

016: Empaths And Boundaries
In this episode we talk about setting boundaries when you are an empath.  Empaths are natural people pleasers, and don’t like letting people down, so it may be harder for an empath to set boundaries. As an empath it can be overwhelming, and you may feel like you’re constantly drowning in other peoples energy.  If you are an empath it is essential that you master boundary setting. Join our free Facebook community here:
July 12, 2020
015: Bullying In The Workplace
In this episode we talk about bullying in the workplace and what actions you could take if you find yourself in this situation.  We share our own experiences of how bullying in the workplace can affect you.   For further help in the UK contact ACAS or Citizens Advice. Join our free Facebook community here:
June 29, 2020
014: All about angels
In this episode we talk about angels, what they are, how you can connect with them and the signs that they give you to let you know that they are around.  Have you ever wondered if you have a guardian angel?  We have included a mini meditation to connect with your guardian angel.  Angels love to help us in all aspects of our life.  Let's talk angels. Join our free Facebook community here:
June 22, 2020
013: Crystals For Mental Health
In this episode we look at our favourite crystals for supporting your mental health.  We look at how you can use crystals and our top 11 crystals that have healing energies that can support you with things like anxiety and grief and emotions.  We have been using crystals for many years and carry them around or keep them on our desks.  Crystals have many properties and many books have been written detailing how they can support you psychologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  You can purchase crystals from specialist stores or online. Join our free Facebook community here:
June 15, 2020
012: Why Meditation Is Important
In this episode Sheila and Yasmin discuss meditation and why it is the go to tool for relaxation and stress management.  Both have been practising daily for years and is it now non-negotiable.  We discuss the benefits of meditation and a few different types of meditation that you may have heard of.  You can try out a perfect nights sleep meditation here: Join the free Facebook community
June 05, 2020
011: Future Life Progression
In this episode Sheila looks at a therapeutic process called Future Life Progression where under hypnosis you can travel into the future to look at how things are going to develop for you in this lifetime or in a future lifetime.  This can help with business decisions and life decisions.  You can look at possible business ideas, where you will be living, your relationships and so much more.  It works in the same way as Past Life Regression except you go forward in time instead of back.  Sheila is one of the first certified Advanced Future Life Progression Therapists in the world.  You can contact her directly to find out more at  Join the free Facebook community
May 29, 2020
010: Mental Health Awareness Week - Let's focus on kindness
This week is Mental Health Awareness week in the UK hosted by the Mental Health Foundation.  The theme for this year is kindness.  In this episode we share how kindness can help our mental health and ways to be kind to ourselves and others.  In Lockdown it is even more important to be looking after our mental health.  Kindness can reduced stress and improve emotional wellbeing.  It is not wonder that it was picked for this years theme.
May 22, 2020
009: The Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children
In this weeks episode we talk about the wave of children that have been coming through since the 1950's called Indigos.  Indigos are the rebels who are here to shake things up.  After the Indigos come the Crystal Children.  These are beautiful compassionate children who love nature and are highly empathic.  A lot of Crystals are born to Indigo parents.  The new wave of children coming to Earth are the Rainbow children.  These children are normally born to a Crystal adult and are new souls and are here to teach humanity about unconditional love.  
May 15, 2020
008: What is a Starseed?
In this episode we discuss the term Starseed.  What are Starseeds?  Why are they here?  What are the characteristics of a Starseed?  Starseeds are those that have had lives on other stars and galaxies.  They have come to Earth now to assist humanity in raising consciousness.  You may not know that yet but you will be given clues to "wake up" such as seeing number like 11:11 22:22 444 regularly.  You may have heard of many different stars of origin such as Pleides, Sirius, Arcturius and Orion.  It is useful to know your star of origin and Sheila does Starseed Readings to look at where your soul originates from plus creates a guided meditation to connect with your home star. You can order your reading here:
May 11, 2020
007: Let's Talk About Anxiety
In this episode Yasmin talks about her struggles with anxiety and how it has impacted her life.  We discuss what anxiety is and what the most common symptoms are.  We also look at how she has coped with having anxiety in her life and what she does to help herself now.  This is Yasmin's take on what anxiety looks like for her.  She tells us about how CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Talking Therapies have helped her over the years and how avoidance became the biggest challenge for her. If you would like our Perfect Nights Sleep Meditation you can sign up for it for FREE here: Reach out to us here:
May 02, 2020
006: Being an Introvert
In this episode we talk about being an Introvert.  What does it actually mean to be one?  What are the characteristics of this personality trait?  How being an introvert can be your superpower and key things all introverts need to do. Both Sheila and Yasmin Kadeer are introverts and now have the lifestyle that supports their quiet nature.
April 24, 2020
005: Are You An Empath?
In this episode we talk about what an empath actually is.  How this is your superpower.  Ways to manage your energy and the the importance of this so that you don't burn out.  Sheila and Yasmin are both empaths and talk about their experiences in the workplace and in relationships.  Empaths can often feel overwhelmed by their environment and we look at why this is. If you think you may be an empath then this podcast will help you understand yourself a little better and step into your uniqueness and embrace it.
April 17, 2020
004: Hormones, Pre diabetes and Women's Wellness with Kathy McCarthy
In this episode we are joined by Kathy McCarthy and we talk about the menopause, pre diabetes and the effects of stress on our bodies as we get older.  Kathy has worked in the health and fitness industry for nearly 30 years. Starting as an Exercise to Music instructor aged 20, she went on to do a Sports Science degree and has worked in the industry ever since as a Personal Trainer, Pilates teacher and nutrition coach. Kathy is a Qualified Women's Wellness specialist ( includes Menopause, Osteoporosis, pelvic floor health and Breast cancer rehab) , 3rd Age woman instructor ( peri to post menopause) and an expert in Women's Health and Hormonal issues as she started to suffer from them herself due to over exercising and under-eating during her 20s and 30s. As a Women’s Health Coach she is passionate about supporting women to make both life and lifestyle changes that enable them to thrive in their 40s and beyond.  Her aim is to arm her clients with the tools, skills and resources to find the solutions that are right for them as an individual to ensure results that last. Kathy has a weakness for drinking wine and champagne, likes to have fun and adventure and loves her family, travel, horses and dogs. Struggling with hormonal havoc? Can’t sleep? Hot flushes? Book a free 30 minute call and she will help you get clear on an action plan . Connect with Kathy here:
April 10, 2020
003: Self Care - Why it is so important right now?
In this episode we are talking about self-care.  Why is self care so important right now amid the COVID 19 crisis?  We give you some tips to fully embrace self care in your own life from our own examples.
April 03, 2020
002: Past Life Regression and How Past Lives Can Hold You Back
In this episode we talk about Past Life Regression and how it can help with unblocking our lives now. Sheila talks about her own experiences as both a therapist and client.  She talks about the benefits of Past Life Regression and healing the witch wound which so many of us have in this lifetime.  
March 27, 2020
001: Let's talk about Law of Attraction and Manifestation
In the first podcast from Sensitive Soul Talks we are taking a deep dive into Law of Attraction. Have you ever wondered what all the hype is with Law of Attraction and Manifestation?  Listen as Sheila and Yasmin talk about the mechanics of LOA, their own personal experiences and why sometimes it just does not work.  We discuss mainstream and non mainstream methods and some resources to get you started.  We discuss universal laws and a simple process that you can use right now.
March 18, 2020