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Ep.003 Adding Up - The Ugly Side Of Debt

An episode of Adding Up

By Serena Dot Ryan
Serena Dorothy 'Dot' Ryan is an award winning Entrepreneur, Marathon Runner and Digital Marketing Strategist.

After spending most of her adult life in debt, it wasn’t until Serena started working with Accountants and Cloud Accounting Service Providers that she saw how important it was for her to take control of her finances.

October 2018 she decided to re-write her future, get financial education and become debt free.

Consistent small changes are adding up.

Listen as Serena shares her personal finance journey.
Ep.020 Adding Up - What I Learned Buying Property At 20 Years Old
What I learned buying property at 20 years old. This is one if the hardest episodes I've recorded in a little while. It's pretty raw. Knowing that it was so easy for me to buy property and realising that I didn't make the most of it is still hard to come to terms with. This episode is about sharing my story. The incredible opportunity I had and what I learned from the experience.  Mentioned in this episode: - The Barefoot Investor - Effie Zahos
October 11, 2019
Ep.019 Adding Up - Having Holidays Without The Budget Hangover
Having Holidays Without The Budget Hangover Challenges with my routine changes continue as I come home from nearly a month of travel to the school holidays commencing for 2 weeks.  October 2018 I made the commitment to have 4 family holidays a year. This episode of Adding Up I share: - What an ideal family holiday looks like - What has helped me to plan and prepare for each family holiday - How I have broken the habit of holidays on credit - How I stretch the budget even further to have longer and more frequent holidays Mentioned in this Episode: The Barefoot Investor 
October 3, 2019
Ep. 018 Adding Up - Coping With Routine Changes
Coping With Routine Changes I've discovered budgets are easy when you have a routine. So what happens when your routine is thrown in the air? This episode I discuss what strategies are my go to when my routine becomes a distant memory. After almost a month on the road, I share what habit I stick to no matter what and stay on track with my budgeting and continuing to reduce debt as a result.
September 27, 2019
Ep.017 Adding Up - Conscious Spending
Conscious Spending This is the 2nd episode of Adding Up on the Road. Currently in Toronto, Canada. I recap the challenges for planning and doing an unbudgeted trip to USA and Canada. Specifically I focus on, once you are away from home what things can you do to maximise your money to enable it to go further.  What would you be willing to go without to enable a business and personal development trip?
September 20, 2019
Ep.016 Adding Up - When Creativity Helps Budgeting
When Creativity Helps Budgeting In this episode of Adding Up with Serena Dot Ryan we are on the road in Franklin, Tennessee.  I recap on the power of creativity and give tips on how I use creativity to be better at budgeting and to grow my income. I also reveal how I almost didn't go to Franklin Tennessee and the steps I took to make the trip happen. Mentioned in this episode: Free The Dream Conference Cliff Ravenscraft Stephanie Ravenscraft Tim Ferriss - Tools of Titans James Altucher 
September 13, 2019
Ep.015 Adding Up - Overcoming Credit Card Addiction
Overcoming Credit Card Addiction In this episode I talk about my challenges with credit cards. How I realise the moment of being reliant on them and then the steps I have gone through to release myself from this pattern of behaviour. This episode is raw, real and cathartic.  I also share the number one tip my Accountant gave me to change my behaviour. Mentioned in this episode: - James Altucher - Tools of Titans - Tim Ferriss
September 6, 2019
Ep.014 - Adding Up - Taking Stock of Progress
Taking Stock Of Progress. Welcome to another episode of Adding Up The Podcast. I’m the host, Serena ‘Dot’ Ryan and I’m dedicated to sharing my journey as I become debt free. In this episode I talk about the consequences of having a credit card and what happens when you want to close it. I also reflect on the journey to have paid and closed 2 credit cards within 10 months. 2 down, 1 credit card to go! I’m also getting ready for travel for the month of September. In this episode I talk about the challenges and opportunities travel presents when sticking to a budget. Mentioned in this episode: Ausmumpreneur Conference Cliff Ravenscraft Stephanie Ravenscraft Free The Dream Conference
August 30, 2019
Ep.013 Adding Up - Predicting The Future
Predicting The Future In this episode of Adding Up with Serena Dot Ryan the focus is on the impact of not planning out spending and learning from the consequences of this. There can be immense value in taking the time to budget and forecast for events planned and Serena shares how she has learned from her mistakes and what process she now goes through to budget and literally predict the future to enable her to get closer to her goal of becoming debt free. Mentioned in this episode: Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss "Discipline equals Freedom." - Jocko Willink
August 23, 2019
Ep.012 Adding Up - Are You A People Pleaser?
Are you a people pleaser?  In this episode I share one of my biggest challenges to date. Being a people pleaser. I talk about the consequences of it and what has compelled me to change this long held habit. I share the steps I have taken to change it and the positive outcomes as a result. Mentioned in this Episode: Stephanie Ravenscraft Tony Robbins
August 16, 2019
Ep.011 Adding Up - The Dividend of Discipline
The Dividend of Discipline.  In this episode of Adding Up The Podcast, I give a financial update. It's time to celebrate no longer having 2 credit cards, but also acknowledge that there is still one more credit card to go.  I also take you through step by step, the new habits I have created to save money and pay down debt. The challenges that have also come from creating new habits. The challenge of getting uncomfortable and the power of challenging myself to the game of mastering the weekly grocery shop that has led to unexpected benefits. Personally the power of this episode is to remind myself of how far I have come, and to remind myself it's not easy but it is worth it. Having discipline with my finances is paying dividends.
August 9, 2019
Ep.010 Adding Up - Back To The Future With Sally Hams
Welcome to episode 10 of Adding Up with Serena Dot Ryan. This episode is unique in more than one way.  Sally Hams is an award winning Bookkeeper and the founder of Balance Books. I interviewed Sally in January 2018 for my first podcast See Digital Clearly with Serena Dot Ryan. I'd spread myself too thinly and after just 8 episodes of See Digital Clearly with Serena Dot Ryan, I retired the podcast so I could consolidate my efforts on a rapidly growing digital marketing business. The interview with Sally Hams sat in my archive until recently when I considered publishing the episode as a "Bonus" episode. Then something special happened. I started editing the podcast. I was in awe as Sally shared the moment where she developed a passion for numbers. She then shares incredible insights and such a passion for numbers I couldn't resist sharing this interview as episode 10 of the Adding Up Podcast. More than once I felt this episode was like going back to the future. Listening to this episode I have laughed and even cried. It brings me so much joy and re-affirms the path I am on.  Whilst this episode focuses on being on the entrepreneurial path, Sally also shares her personal finance journey. It was because of this I decided to make this interview a part of the Adding Up Podcast. Mentioned in this episode: Sally Hams - Balance Books  Balance Books on Facebook Xero Cloud Accounting Platform Ausmumpreneur Scott Pape - The Barefoot Investor Craig Rispin - Business Futurist John Kapos 'aka' Chocolate Johnny - Live Streaming Expert Social Media Marketing World
August 2, 2019
Ep.009 Adding Up - The Doors Debt Opens
The Doors Debt Opens. Welcome to another episode of Adding Up, the podcast. I'm your host Serena 'Dot' Ryan. I'm in awe of the opportunities that continue to happen as a point of being open and vulnerable to share my story. In this episode I share the sequence of events that led me to have Cliff Ravenscraft, The Mindset Answerman as the very first guest on the show. I also share the sequence of events that led me to share my story with the largest Newspaper and significant Media Outlet in Australia, the Sydney Morning Herald. Mentioned in this episode: - Cliff Ravenscraft, the Mindset Answerman - Stephanie Ravenscraft - The Free The Dream Conference - Stacey Copas - The Source Bottle - The Sydney Morning Herald and How Different Generations Plan To Spend Their Tax Refunds
July 25, 2019
Ep.008 Adding Up - Cliff Ravenscraft His Debt Journey
Welcome to a very special episode of Adding Up with Serena Dot Ryan. Yes, that’s me and I’m dedicated to sharing my debt free journey with the hope of helping people like me. Especially if you’ve wanted to become better educated about financial education and haven’t known where to start. I’m using my financial failures and learnings to help you see you’re not alone and demonstrate there are incredibly positive things you can do about it. And if you’re an Accountant or Bookkeeper tuning in, my aim is that you gain insight into the financial challenges  In this special episode is extra special because it’s my very first interview and it’s with one of my mentors and dear friends, Cliff Ravenscraft. If you don’t already know, Cliff is the Mindset Answerman and he also happens to be a very successful Online Entrepreneur. I’m a regular listener of his podcast, The Cliff Ravenscraft Show. As I’ve discovered from listening to his content, he is also very successful in clearing debt from his life. In fact $80,000 of unsecured debt. I love how he shares insight into his learning about clearing debt and how he challenges me on my beliefs holding me back. Mentioned in this episode: Cliff Ravenscraft Free The Dream Conference Thou Shall Prosper by Rabbi Daniel Laplin Debt The first 5,000 years by David Graeber Stephanie Ravenscraft 
July 19, 2019
Ep.007 Adding Up - How Do You Become Interested?
How conscious are you when it comes to paying money for things? Especially when it comes to loans? Is there a better way and you don't know it... These questions and more are addressed in this episode as I tackle head on the loans I have and the interest I'm paying. Being informed is one of the best super powers you can have. I'm sharing what I'm doing to become informed and most importantly save money. None of what I'm sharing is professional advice and in fact I strongly recommend getting your own professional advice for your circumstances. If anything I'm sharing the importance of taking a proactive approach to the meeting you are having with professionals and doing your homework before the meetings you are having.
July 11, 2019
Ep.006 Adding Up - What Getting Sick Taught Me
Raw, real and very personal. Getting sick is never easy and there is never a good time for it to happen. The vulnerability especially as an entrepreneur and mother is definitely present in this episode. In this episode: - What happens when you force things - The value of setting boundaries - The value of having a team - Asking for help - Ways I am resourceful - How I diversify my income - Who helps me understand finance Mentioned in this episode: - The Cliff Ravenscraft Show Ep. 605
July 8, 2019
Ep.005 Adding Up - Bonus - Interview with Peace Mitchell
This episode of Adding Up is listed as bonus content as it is a little different and takes a detour from focusing on Numbers. Who do you meet in your life that impacts you so profoundly with their vision that you find yourself inspired to connect and take action? It is however important when it comes to adding up the life experience that gets you to where you are. Peace Mitchell, little did I know, was one of those key people that has come into my life. Peace Mitchell Co-founded Ausmumpreneur and The Women's Business School. I met Peace in 2016 at the 2016 AusMumpreneur National Conference in Melbourne. To say this was a pivotal moment in my life is an understatement. This is an interview done in January 2018 for a different podcast, 'See Digital Clearly' with Serena Dot Ryan. It is a little different, but however instrumental in where I am today. I also find it a fascinating listen. In this episode Peace Mitchell shares: - What she wanted to be when she grew up. - What her 10 year vision is. - How she overcome her obstacles to be where she is today. Connect with Peace Mitchell: LinkedIn Instagram The Women's Business School Ausmumpreneur
July 5, 2019
Ep.004 Adding Up - Am I Successful?
In this episode of Adding Up, I question what success looks like. The catalyst for this debate was of all things being nominated for a national award. It's easy to judge ourselves let alone willingly putting ourselves out there for everyone else to judge us. In this episode of Adding Up the Podcast, I share: -  The debate I have had with myself regarding success. - Why I am skeptical about awards. - What happened when I reviewed my business performance. - The learnings I have received from reviewing my business numbers. Mentioned in this episode: The Ausmumpreneur Awards Rochelle Courtenay, Founder of Share The Dignity Julia Christie, Founder and CEO, Christie and Christie Pty Ltd and the Nail Snail
June 28, 2019
Ep.003 Adding Up - The Ugly Side Of Debt
Just when I thought I couldn't get any more personal, I did. Becoming debt free is a series of adding up experiences and knowledge and taking action for a better result. In this episode of Adding Up the Podcast, I share: - What it was like buying property at 20 years old.  - Why I lost 2 properties. - My pitfall that caused my failure with money. - What I'm now doing to change my financial future. Mentioned in this episode: Debt, the first 5,000 years by David Graeber Melissa Browne, Uncensored Money  Quick Books Connect XeroCon
June 21, 2019
Ep.002 Adding Up - How Do You Know You Have The Right Accountant?
Do you realise how important your Accountant is in your life? Little did I know that when I started in business how important it would be to have an Accountant (and Bookkeeper!) I could work alongside with.  In this episode I share: The moment my Accountant laughed at me (and what I did about it) My challenges with understanding my Accountant (and the consequences) I acknowledge I didn’t know what I Bookkeeper was. (Yes I am embarrassed, and yes I do know what they are now). Numbers go far beyond the spreadsheet. And when we discover this it is life changing. I know this as I'm living it! Join me as I start documenting my financial education journey, warts and all, and discover a passion for numbers I never knew I had. Mentioned in this episode: Cliff Ravenscraft Stephanie Ravenscraft Free The Dream Xero Cloud Accounting Solution
June 14, 2019
Ep.001 Adding Up - What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Change Someone's Life?
You never really know what you will do until you are presented with a situation for the first time. In this, the first episode of Adding Up, I share the moment I discover talking about my financial disasters actually helps someone. This episode is very raw and very real when it comes to personal finance, and the importance of numbers in our life. Numbers go far beyond the spreadsheet. And when we discover this it is life changing. I know this as I'm living it! This episode touches on the many aspects of where numbers can and do affect my life.  Join me as I start documenting my financial education journey, warts and all, and discover a passion for numbers I never knew I had. Mentioned in this episode: A real Girl’s Guide To Money by Effie Zahos -- Who is Paul Clitheroe -- Pocket Money podcast: ‘A Real Girl’s Guide to Money’ with Effie Zahos --
May 23, 2019
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