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The Serenity Sister Show

The Serenity Sister Show

By Serenity Sister
Navigating the human condition with all kinds of topics related to Lifestyle, Wellbeing and conscious living.
Some episodes have ambient background music and spiritual guidance/themes. Others have interviews or are advice-based.
Hosted by a qualified and experienced Holistic Therapist.

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Attracting A More Positive Life (Part 1)

The Serenity Sister Show

Attracting A More Positive Life (Part 3) FOCUS ON HEADSPACE
This episode in the 'Attracting a More Positive Life' series focuses on HEADSPACE. - everyday ways we can take more control over our mind - what can clutter our headspace - how to deal with a mind that constantly thinks 'negative' thoughts - Dealing with things that do not serve you real purpose
April 28, 2021
Attracting A More Positive Life (Part 2)
This episode explores... Your environment and making changes that can benefit Empaths and how to shield from other's toxic energy Distractions that are being projected to us during Covid19 and how to not fall victim to them Victim mode, the need for explaining, speaking with intent The power of your energy Tuning into a more conscious energy & wholeness With section from Sadhguru Speech "We Are All The One Existence" 2014
March 27, 2021
Attracting A More Positive Life (Part 1)
The Serenity Sister Show with 'Attracting A More Positive Life' (with ambient background music) Part 1 in the series of radio shows/podcasts Tune in to hear more with an exploratory, fresh slant to approaching life & awareness - Dealing with acceptance - When we feel constricted - Dopamine versus Serotonin - The company you keep & the words you speak - Mindset & Frequency - Protecting our minds - Are you distracted within the distraction? PLEASE SHARE to keep the community spirit and mission burning #wellbeing #selfcare #lifestyle #mindset #conciousness #awareness #vibration #meditationmusic #mentalhealth #holistic
March 2, 2021
Attuning our Body, Mind, Soul & Inner Child during these times
With ambient tunes, guidance and inspiration/evaluation of the human condition. This episode features focus on our unique circumstances after 2020 and how to re-attune ourselves for the transition we are going through during the pandemic. more info 
February 3, 2021
Root Issues Lurking Behind Covid19 & Immune System Self Care
1 hour chat with some ambient background meditation music and advice from Holistic Therapist on what is being overlooked, what is distracting us during Covid19 from true growth. Self care tips for yourself and family to boost immunity during winter or to lessen the chances of chronic disease manifestation. Positive change for 2021. 
November 29, 2020
Working With The Full Moon & Different Energies (Halloween Special)
An ambient, advice based podcast with atmospheric music and a short guided meditation. Look at why things feel overwhelming in the lead up to a full moon, what it means for us and how we can use it for growth.   Various ideas on what things you can do within yourself, your home and your relationships.
November 1, 2020