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The Serenity Sister Show

The Serenity Sister Show

By Serenity Sister
Navigating the human condition with all kinds of topics related to Lifestyle, Wellbeing and conscious living.
Some episodes have ambient background music and spiritual guidance/themes. Others have interviews or are advice-based.
Hosted by a qualified and experienced Holistic Therapist.

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Dating & Relationships: Modern Obstacles & Avoiding Minefields

The Serenity Sister Show

Living A More Conscious, Simple Life with guests Snail & Slug (Helen & Sophia)
Podcast version of a Live Radio Show (songs & adverts omitted) Saffron is joined with Helen Jackson & Sophia Howard discussing: Their choice to take to the road in van & tent, for a more simple life. How we create our stories everyday Slowness used as a tool for conscious living  Ways to live life with less money or transactions Show concludes with 2 travel journal entries from Helen (at 44:44 mins) **Please note this is recorded in a busy drop-in Community Radio station.  All staff and hosts are volunteers so be kind with opinions and feedback :) Links to host Saffron & linked projects: Links to Sophia: & instagram profile: @beautyinabackpack  Links to Helen: 
July 19, 2022
Dating & Relationships: Modern Obstacles & Avoiding Minefields
Presented by Saffron with Guest Hannah Hill (The Ginger Empress) Exploring... Love Language Common Issues in Dating & Relationships Newer Dating Obstacles Keeping Relationships Thriving Masculine & Feminine Energy more content on instagram: @saffron_jennifer, Workshops, Coaching, Glaswegian themed wellbeing gift boxes: **please be aware this is recording within a community radio station and therefore may have background noise
July 07, 2022
Remembering Mary Barbour & Community Coming Together (with Sharon Thomas, Remembering Mary Barbour Association & Viv Sawers, Govan Help Community Initiative)
Sharing the story of the unsung Govan hero, Mary Barbour who led the rent strikes & community efforts in the early 1900s.   Sharon is behind the organising of a piece of art, a statue commemorating Mary's life.  Viv from 'Govan Help' joins us to discuss the many services and ways in which an organisation can come together to fill gaps within the local community.  Please note this was a live radio show and has been edited accordingly!  There may be some background noise from the community radio station studios/office. #community #cometogether #historicalfigures #stories #interviews 
June 29, 2022
Exploring Human Design Concepts, Aligning Ourselves in These Times, Moonology (with Guest Ailza Bourmad)
Saffron chats with Ailza Bourmad (Intuitive Life Coach, Human Design Practitioner, Hot Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher & Moonologist) Exploring: What Human Design encompasses  Energy/Vibration & Intuition Using prompts, rituals & perspectives on fear, victim mode, propaganda (first 10 mins) Using the moon cycles for your wellbeing (from 36 mins 40sec) Please note this was a live radio show and has been edited accordingly!  There may be some background noise from the community radio station studios/office. Links:    For Ailza: & instagram (@savehealelevate) For Saffron aka Serenity Sister:  All links in instagram bio (@saffron_jennifer) for website, podcasts, YouTube, Weegie Wellbeing giftboxes.
June 21, 2022
International Women's Week: Representing Women in Art (With Figurative Artist, Lecturer & Campaigner Sharon Thomas)
Sharon Thomas joins Saffron for discussion on: Figurative Art & it's meanings, it's influence Telling Stories, Representing historically influential women in Art. Her current project 'Entheos' representing the work of 8 Female Artists based in Scotland. Women sharing stories, experiences & working together You can find out more information on Sharon & her background, skills & events at (all of the women artists discussed in the show can be found here also) Sharon's media platforms:  sharonthomasart on Instagram  For more Health, Wellness, Lifestyle & Creative content from Saffron AKA Serenity Sister, follow @saffron_jennifer on Instagram 
March 14, 2022
Narcissism in Our Everyday Life - Identifying, Navigating, Exploring Cause (24th Feb 2022)
Presented by Saffron with guest Sarah Meikle  We discuss identifying traits, possible causes for the rise in narc traits in our culture and our experience & research into navigating narcissistic personalities in all areas of our lives, our personal insights. You can follow more content from Sarah at @sarahcmeikle on Instagram Follow @saffron_jennifer (AKA Serenity Sister) for Lifestyle & Wellbeing Content.   All previous shows available at  #narcissism #mentalhealth #narcawareness #mindset #lifelessons #emotionalabuse #parenting #relationships #lifeadvice #wellbeing 
March 01, 2022
Energy Loss & Manipulation PART 1 - Protecting Your Energy Everyday, Happy Hormone Sources (With Chery Johnson & George The Medium)
1st part of a series focused on how we lose our energy in everyday life...through habits, imprints, energy predators & manipulators. Discussing how to be conscious, reflect & shield yourself. Cheryl Johnson will be sharing her experience from being part of multilevel marketing/network marketing companies & pyramid schemes. The effects on her triggers, dopamine addiction & energy. George The Medium shares his recent experience of going viral on Tiktok & previous trolling experiences . These affecting his emotional state & stealing his focus. He shares his ways of adapting & moving forward for better state of mind. Host Saffron discusses the differences between Dopamine & Serotonin.  Oxytocin's effects and it's links to pornography addiction.  Being aware of where you are sourcing your feel-good hormones. #wellbeingpodcast #holisticlife #mentalhealthawareness #energyvampires #tiktok #trolls #networkmarketing #lifeadvice #energyiseverything Guest info: Cheryl Johnson instagram @cheryl.johnz      George The Medium:  @georgethemedium on insta & fb. Follow @saffron_jennifer on insta, Serenity Sister You Tube Channel for more content
January 29, 2022
Self M.O.T & Service (Part 1)
Saffron discusses our modern approach to thinking/treating wellness & how to look more at the 'whole'. With some exerts from books, medical journals, healthcare professionals. Part 1 focuses on our mental, energetic approach and our frequency. Describes why the other physical, external or physiological elements can affect/mimic an emotional response. Ended with a recording on working more with soul guides, messages and signs/synchronicity.
November 28, 2021
Endometriosis Focus (Personal Diagnosis Journeys, Insight, Holistic Advice)
Saffron & Guest Cheryl discuss... Long Diagnosis Journeys Toxins, Liver Function, Endocrine Disruption Epstein Barr Virus Hormonal Contraception Everyday Advice & Personal Stories You can follow Cheryl on instagram @cheryl.johnz or her beauty orientated YouTube channel Beauty With Cheryl. Please see Serenity Sister website or Instagram content with Saffron (@saffron_jennifer) for more content on Health, Wellbeing & Higher Conciousness.
October 31, 2021
Interview with Scottish Screenwriter & Director James Price (12th Oct 2021 Live on SunnyG Radio)
Saffron AKA Serenity Sister with Guest James Price discussing... Overcoming social and limiting obstacles Scottish film industry perceptions Personal Stories Acting/Directing advice & tips (Tunes removed for copyright reasons)
October 15, 2021
Serenity Sister Meets That Vegan Show - The Journey To a Plant Based Diet: Dispelling Myths & Sharing Personal Stories
Interview with guests Debz & Aqeel from 'That Vegan Show'.  *Conscious Eating & Our own journey to realisation  *Plant based health related topics, chronic illness, weight issues, reversing disease *Answering Common Questions, Assumptions, Worries *How we contribute to our world *The ripple effect & how everything connects  (Listen to more of That Vegan Show episodes on Mixcloud) #vegan #plantbased #holistic #environment #weightloss #disease #illness #diet #consumerism #inequality #westernworld #lifestyle #wellbeing #spirituality 
October 06, 2021
Welcoming Winter & Turning of the Season
How to approach winter with a better attitude... Bringing light, fire, human bonding, oxygen, serotonin, essential oils, immune boosting methods, food groups, weight & metabolism management into our everyday. What nature meant to our ancestors & how to re-attune ourselves to the benefits of winter.
September 28, 2021
Fibromyalgia & Invisible Illness Awareness with Ms Great Britain Finalist Sarah
Interview with Ms  Sarah-Victoria Bayley for Fibromyalgia Awareness Week at Fibromyalgia Action UK We discuss... Dispelling some myths about Beauty Pageants Turning negative health experiences into positive adaption How to embrace who you are in all forms Her personal experience of navigating life with Fibromyalgia, Agoraphobia, Anxiety & many more conditions which affect pain levels, energy, sleep, mobility, mental health & everyday life. Handling judgement, disability barriers & inspiring change
September 08, 2021
Navigating Life with Fibromyalgia & Other Invisible Illnesses
As part of Fibromyalgia Action UK - FMAUK awareness week.  I had 2 extremely lovely guests join me to discuss their personal journey living with this invisible illness.  This show is my 1st guest, Amanda Mckinlay from The Butterfly Room in Paisley.   1 hour show discussing: 💜Personal journey experience from Amanda & a bit of chat about the road to diagnosis of a chronic condition (from both our accounts with invisible illnesses) 💜Turning negative health into a more positive experience 💜How to embrace yourself 💜'Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway' approach to public & social media 💜How best to navigate life from our personal viewpoints/experiences 💜How to be a support to someone you care about who is presently struggling or undiagnosed 💫 💜Holistic approach highlighted throughout ❤
September 04, 2021
Get Out of Your Own Way
Recognising the inner voice (Louise Hay) Past Imprints (shamanic) The modern day promotion of self care & it's implications (Geshe Kelsang Gyatso) Resistance (Teal Swan) A more helpful & pure approach to Law of Attraction
August 03, 2021
Finding More Peace With Covid & Vaccine Debate, Mental Health Tips from Guest Neil & His Personal Journey
Finding peace with Covid19/Vaccine Debate Self Cherishing, Releasing delusions Alcohols affects on male mental health Tips & Techniques on Mental Health improvement Geshe Kelsang, Wim Hof, Thich Nhat Hanh 
June 29, 2021
Attracting A More Positive Life (Part 3) FOCUS ON HEADSPACE
This episode in the 'Attracting a More Positive Life' series focuses on HEADSPACE. - everyday ways we can take more control over our mind - what can clutter our headspace - how to deal with a mind that constantly thinks 'negative' thoughts - Dealing with things that do not serve you real purpose
April 28, 2021
Attracting A More Positive Life (Part 2)
This episode explores... Your environment and making changes that can benefit Empaths and how to shield from other's toxic energy Distractions that are being projected to us during Covid19 and how to not fall victim to them Victim mode, the need for explaining, speaking with intent The power of your energy Tuning into a more conscious energy & wholeness With section from Sadhguru Speech "We Are All The One Existence" 2014
March 27, 2021
Attracting A More Positive Life (Part 1)
The Serenity Sister Show with 'Attracting A More Positive Life' (with ambient background music) Part 1 in the series of radio shows/podcasts Tune in to hear more with an exploratory, fresh slant to approaching life & awareness - Dealing with acceptance - When we feel constricted - Dopamine versus Serotonin - The company you keep & the words you speak - Mindset & Frequency - Protecting our minds - Are you distracted within the distraction? PLEASE SHARE to keep the community spirit and mission burning #wellbeing #selfcare #lifestyle #mindset #conciousness #awareness #vibration #meditationmusic #mentalhealth #holistic
March 02, 2021
Attuning our Body, Mind, Soul & Inner Child during these times
With ambient tunes, guidance and inspiration/evaluation of the human condition. This episode features focus on our unique circumstances after 2020 and how to re-attune ourselves for the transition we are going through during the pandemic. more info 
February 03, 2021
Root Issues Lurking Behind Covid19 & Immune System Self Care
1 hour chat with some ambient background meditation music and advice from Holistic Therapist on what is being overlooked, what is distracting us during Covid19 from true growth. Self care tips for yourself and family to boost immunity during winter or to lessen the chances of chronic disease manifestation. Positive change for 2021. 
November 29, 2020
Working With The Full Moon & Different Energies (Halloween Special)
An ambient, advice based podcast with atmospheric music and a short guided meditation. Look at why things feel overwhelming in the lead up to a full moon, what it means for us and how we can use it for growth.   Various ideas on what things you can do within yourself, your home and your relationships.
November 01, 2020