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A New Leadership Narrative

A New Leadership Narrative

By Serenity in Leadership
Lip service, ego, bottlenecks, bias - the list of bad leadership behaviour is long and we’re not waiting in line. In our quest to understand key characteristics of future leaders, we interview some of the world’s most esteemed business owners and influencers. From Nobel Peace Prize nominees to United Nations activists - their stories range from the good, the bad to the transformative. Listen in and learn from the changemakers themselves, how they are single-handedly changing the vocabulary of what it means to be a leader of the future.
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Jo Montgomery: If tech is the answer, then what was the question?
An inspiring talk with Jo Montgomery, Founder of Little Riot and creator of Pillow Talk, a wearable technology that brings people closer together. According to Jo, “We've become so hyper-connected with each other that we've become disconnected from the true core of our being.” Discover why Jo is challenging the way the world currently uses technology.
October 30, 2019
Understanding the challenges of a migrant entrepreneur with Rafael dos Santos
Rafael dos Santos, a migrant in the UK, takes us on a journey from his days washing dishes in Notting Hill to later becoming a multi-award winning entrepreneur and CEO. According to Rafael, the road to success is paved with hard work, many setbacks and driving a sense of community wherever you go. 
October 3, 2019
The future of work is sustainable
Will Richardson - forward thinking founder and proud B Corp owner - is taking the business world by storm with Green Element, his Environmental Management Consultancy. In his interview, Will demonstrates why going green does more good for the bottom line than not, why change must come from the top and why creating a positive organisational culture is easy when you lead from the heart.
August 26, 2019
Peace-building through dialogue with Dr Scilla Elworthy
In a breath-taking conversation with peace-builder and CEO, Dr Scilla Elworthy, she establishes that for any resolution or prevention of conflict to be effective, it requires a combination of deep listening and self-inspection. From policy-makers to organisational leaders, Scilla believes that “those who have done this inner work are the ones who are most effective in their outer work.”
July 24, 2019
Why Honesty is the best policy for change with Meredith Leston
In this refreshingly honest call to action, Meredith Leston, former Oxford student, current consultant and passionate feminist, speaks out about a more meaningful leadership, one that requires men to question how they view gender and express themselves in the workplace. Meredith explains why this is crucial if we are ever going to change the status quo. 
July 8, 2019
Challenging the cultural narrative of power with Nanine McCool
A profound conversation with Nanine McCool, CFO, former lawyer and an empowered leader in her own right. Nanine is famous for confronting Tony Robbins at his self-help seminar in California, in 2018. Thanks to a clip of the interaction going viral, Nanine can be seen calling out Tony Robbins for dismissing the goals of the #MeToo movement. A year later, we sat down with Nanine to talk about all things right and just, the impact of invisible bias in our culture and the responsibility of humans to keep power in check.
June 12, 2019
Exploring the Softer Side of Leadership with Lex Showunmi
A heartfelt conversation with Director of 3S Partnerships, Lex Showunmi, who explores why Leadership needs a compassionate makeover. Lex takes us on a journey of his gruelling former life as a security guard, what it means to be a true leader and why the Security industry is in desperate need of empathy.
May 27, 2019
Embracing Serenity in the Workplace with Thom Dennis and Jessica Ball
Thom Dennis and Jessica Ball take a deep-dive into today’s most talked about – and uncomfortable – topics in the workplace. From gender equality and male-dominated boardrooms to embracing our female qualities – hear their plea for a more tolerant, collaborative and inclusive world of work.
May 9, 2019