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Series G Podcast

By Series G - Gaming Podcast
Series G - A Podcast that explores the business and craft of game creation. Interviewing gaming entrepreneurs, investors, and industry veterans about the dynamic nature of interactive media & entertainment.
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How to Build a Flat Organization that Works For You (Kalle Kaivola - Lightheart Entertainment)

Series G Podcast

Importance of Having a Support Circle as a Founder, Process of Team Construction, and Listening to Community Feedback (Ian Proulx - 1047 Games)
Ian Proulx is the Co-Founder and CEO of 1047 Games, the creators of Splitgate - an FPS that combines satisfying gunplay with a portal mechanic for endless gameplay possibilities. Ian had the idea of Splitgate for many years before it came to materialization while studying at Standford. To date, the company has raised multiple rounds of venture financing to fuel an ambitious vision toward building a new-age AAA FPS studio.  Episode Highlights: We unpack the importance of having a support circle as a founder. It's often very lonely running an organization, so pick the right co-founder(s) who can go through the inevitable highs and lows with you, and more importantly provide complementary skillsets you can trust.  Talent acquisition and team construction are everything. Achieving synergies between teammates wins out over having raw talent that does not organically connect with each other. Community feedback is important but must be taken in stride with data insights and intuition.  Links: Company Twitter: Company Website: Splitgate Discord:
August 04, 2022
Why a Deep Understanding of Player Empathy is Core to Modern Game Design (Matt Schembari - Lightforge Games)
Matt Schembari is a 15+ year industry veteran who has previously worked at Blizzard ( and Epic Games (Fortnite Platform Team). Throughout his tenure, he has developed immense expertise as a platform and UI specialist - and truly honed his skills in the 'art' of creating a game. Now he has launched his new games studio, Lightforge Games. In this episode, Matt shares his insights on how his technical experience has shaped the way he builds games and how player empathy is the central design pillar through which any virtual experience should be created.   Guest Twitter: @MattSchembari Company Twitter: @LightforgeGames Company Website:
May 13, 2021
How to Build a Flat Organization that Works For You (Kalle Kaivola - Lightheart Entertainment)
In this episode of Series G, we catch up with Kalle Kaivola, the CEO and Co-Founder of Lightheart Entertainment, a mobile free-to-play studio based out of Finland. Kalle has built a wealth of experience within the Finnish games community as an investor at Sisu Game Ventures, an operator at Rovio, and now an entrepreneur at Lightheart. We discuss the nuances of flat organizations and how modern gaming teams today can accomplish great things by implementing processes that work for them, not against them. Information on Kalle and Lightheart Studios: Kalle Kaivola - LinkedIn: Lightheart Studios: Mr. AutoFire: Books/Games Mentioned in this Episode: (Book) Reinventing Organizations: (Game) Satisfactory:
April 14, 2021
Advice for First Time Founders on how to Sell Your Vision, Raise Venture Capital, and Manage Investor Expectations
In this week's Series G episode we catch up with Shib Hussain, the Founder and CEO of UNRD (pronounced "Unread"). In this episode, we cover how to, as a first-time founder, learn about venture capital, the importance of controlling your fundraising narrative, and how to manage investor expectations after successfully raising money.
June 18, 2020
Series G 012 | How Brands Can Engage With Gamers Through Advertising, The Challenges with Traditional Mobile Ads, and How Spatial Computing Will Impact Advertising
In this week's Series G episode, we catch up with Samuel Huber, founder and CEO of Admix - an ad-based monetization platform for games that has raised over $9M in venture funding. Sam shares his insights into the world of games advertising, how brands can effectively engage with gamers, the challenges with current mobile ad structures, and why spatial computing will be the next big wave for advertising.
May 07, 2020
Series G - Ep. 011 | The Problem with Esports and Streaming Monetization Channels, Evolution of Game Launches, and Unlocking Diverse Audiences
In this week's Series G episode we catch up with Jake Perlman-Garr, the Founder and CEO of Kanga. In this episode, we discuss the ever-evolving challenge of game discoverability, why current esports and streaming engagement is shallow, how we can expect game launches to mature over time, and the core drivers behind the massively diverse audience of gamers we have in the world today.
April 28, 2020
Series G - Ep. 010 | How to Build Products for Gen Z and The Future of AR Content and Adoption
In this episode, we catch up with Tara Reddy, Co-Founder and CEO of LoveShark. Previously, as a product manager at Blippar (one of the original frontier AR tech companies), Tara developed and shipped tons of AR applications. Now having founded her own AR company, Tara shares her insights into how to build products for Gen-Z, why developers and investors should be bullish on AR, and what obstacles need to be overcome for the next wave of AR development and adoption.
April 15, 2020
Series G - Ep. 009 | How Founders Can Efficiently Set Up Their Capital Structure And The Future Of UA Games Financing with Matt Frenchman
In this episode, we catch up with Matt Frenchman, Co-Founder and CEO of Sugar. An ex-investment banker turned venture debt/UA financing specialist, Matt shares his insights into how founders should consider striking a balance within their equity vs. debt capital structure, what steps to take in order to set up your new game for success, and how the venture ecosystem can evolve to better embrace the venture debt/UA financing channels.
April 07, 2020
Series G - Ep. 008 | Women in Tech, How to Build Acquirer Relationships, and The Future of Interactive Media in India
In this week's Series G episode we have Salone Sehgal. An ex-investment banker, entrepreneur, and most recently, a General Partner at Lumikai - an India-based interactive media and entertainment. In the episode, we cover topics such as how the tech space can evolve for increased diversity, how founders can build symbiotic relationships with VCs and cultivate valuable acquirer relationships, and the future of the interactive media and entertainment space in a fast-growing market such as India.
April 01, 2020
Series G - Ep. 007 | Roblox Series G and Embracer Group's Acquisition of Saber Interactive
In this week's Series G episode we cover some very interesting M&A and fundraising transactions that occurred in the games industry over the last couple of weeks, and the long-term impact it may have on venture financing for the games industry.
March 05, 2020
Series G - Ep. 005 | GaaS, M&A, and Succeeding as a Mobile Games Startup with Jon Bellamy (Director, Strategy & Planning at Huuuge Games)
Series G episode 5 welcomes our first guest onto the podcast. Joining the show is Jon Bellamy, a good friend, and ex-colleague who is currently the Director of Strategy & Planning at Huuuge Games in Berlin. In this episode, we discuss the journey of the Games-as-a-Service (Gaas) business model and its impact on games M&A. We also cover what it takes for a startup to succeed in today's highly competitive mobile gaming marketplace.
January 07, 2020
Series G - Ep. 004 | The Next Big Shift In Gaming Is Here
Welcome back to Series G! - The business-focused gaming podcast. In this episode, we talk about the incredible shift occurring right now within the games ecosystem. As gaming has become more mainstream, the tech giants of the world (Google, Apple, etc.) have taken notice and want a piece of the action. How does this increased attention and capital flow benefit developers (and games venture investors)? Tune in to find out!
September 21, 2019
Series G - Ep. 003 | How Epic Games Became Epic
In Episode 3 of Series G, the business-focused gaming podcast, we examine a profile of Epic Games - its history, pivots, Fortnite's success, and industry-changing moves.
June 27, 2019
Series G - Ep. 002 | 2018 M&A Activity and Fundraising Year-In-Review
In Episode 2 we review 5 of the largest exits and 9 of the largest fundraisings for 2018 within the gaming & interactive entertainment ecosystem.
January 05, 2019