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Sermons By James R. Normil

Sermons By James R. Normil

By James R. Normil
Here you will find expository preaching from the infallible word of God, as Evangelist James R. Normil brings you biblically sound teachings from pulpits all around greater Boston. Come and listen to a passionate speaker extract deeply practical lessons from the Holy Bible for our ordinary-everyday lives, as well as our eternal future. These sermons are here to produce spiritual regeneration for the lost and edifying spiritual development for the body of Christ.

Let us listen, learn, and grow together in Christ... with a new downloadable sermon every other Sunday morning.
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Do the right thing -1Peter 2:11-23
We have all heard the saying that, "two wrongs don't make a right", and If someone wrongs you in some way, "take the high road" or "kill them with kindness". However, how realistic is it to always repay evil with good? At what point do we draw the line and fight back? Does God really expect me to be nice to mean people, submit to an evil and oppressive government, and love my enemies? What is impossible for man is possible with God. Listen to this message and hear how we can learn to always, "do the right thing."
July 30, 2018
Serving God or Money? -Matt 6:24-25
Let's face it, we all need money! Do we really have to choose between God and money? The Bible is clear that the love of money is a route to all kinds of evil, and some will be lead away from the faith by its enticing lure(1Tim 6:10). The sin of greed tends to find its way in and out of the hearts and minds of some of the most devout men and women of God. If we're honest, we all get greedy from time to time so... How do we know if our Pastors, Deacons and or other spiritual leaders are not compromising their calling for some extra side money? More importantly, how do you know if you are prioritizing your money over God? Does your life display God as your top priority? If you are interested in Biblical answers to these questions, you won't want to miss this episode. Be ready to view Judas in a whole new light after this one. Please subscribe! Grace and Peace
July 18, 2018
Viewing the world through God's eyes - Psalm 73
How can an all-powerful and all-loving God allow so much evil in this world? If God is so powerful why doesn't he put an end to evil and just destroy the devil already? Why are all the evildoers prosperous while the do-gooders live isolated lives full of sorrows? Why do those who reject God seem to be the most blessed by Him? Like most people, you must have quietly uttered these questions to yourself or discussed them among friends and family at some point in your life. if you are anything like Asaph, the psalmist who wrote Psalm 73, you've shouted them at God as you've witnessed how much evil and injustice appears to reign over this broken world. Join me as we go through the 73rd Psalm, and explore the mind of a man of God who almost lost his faith.
July 15, 2018