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Servant Warrior™ Radio

Servant Warrior™ Radio

By Jeff Searcy
The Real, Radical, Relentless, Relevant insights of me, Jeff Searcy. We’ll talk culture, music, sports, politics, Jesus, education, and more. Hey. It’s my podcast. Bottom Line: Somebody HAS to bring clarity to the madness. My heart burns for the soul and the souls of America. Me? Servant Warrior, Patriot, Husband, Dad, Political Philosopher, Decipherer of the Complex, Thought Provoker, Consultant, Strategist, Visionary, Biz Owner, Consultant, HS Baseball Coach, Writer, 4 Free Markets/Limited Gov/US Const, non active duty US Marine, quintessential preppy headbanger professor.
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The Burden: The Soul and Souls of a Nation
Hello and welcome to Servant Warrior™ Radio. Jeff Searcy, here. Your fired up, flawed, thankfully forgiven, and burdened host. Yes…you heard that right. Burdened. Yep, burdens. Now. Some will say they are the things that get you up in the morning, the things that drive you, motivate you. I’m talking about burdens. The thing that weighs on you. know, that thing that gnaws at you, won’t leave you alone or go away no matter how much we try to ignore it or put it aside. It is a huge void that cannot be filled and a voice that you can’t drown out. It’s a nagging, incessant, annoying, convicting, encouraging, motivating, and urging pain. You can try to run from it but it keeps coming back. Many of you know exactly what I am talking about. For those who don’t, I hope that one day you do. Yes…I hope you do. Open any social media app. Turn on any news outlet, news station, or broadcast…regardless of ideological spin…and you are inundated with negativity, violence, hatred, and story after story, report after report, that give us, in painstaking clarity, a picture showing the downward spiral our country is taking. I think it’s time…it’s way past time…to draw the line in the sand and say…enough. But, maybe not in the way you imagine. Over 13 years ago, God gave me a ridiculously huge dream and ministry vision. If you want to see it, visit It will take you a while to read through it. Accompanying that vision was a burden placed on my heart…a massive God-sized burden that can only be met and fulfilled by His power and strength. A burden flame that He has continue to stoke…never allowing it to burn out. But it was just a few days ago that He really punched me in the mouth, went straight to my core and my heart, reminding me of the burden He placed on my heart years ago. He then reminded me who He created, who & what He has called me to be and do. He reminded me of who I am…and more importantly, who He is. That burden He has placed in my heart - the soul of a Nation…more so, the SOULS of a nation…especially the guys. ******************************************************** Closing Music: Disciple; Song - Radical; Album: Attack 2014 Disciple Music ******************************************************** Servant Warrior™ Radio,  2020, Servant Warrior™, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
July 7, 2020
The Voice We Hear
So often we look for answers in the noise, through the ones who are the loudest, who scream the loudest, even who tears things up or brings the most destruction. Here's what I know: the One who can destroy things better than anyone, who can make the most noise, the One who has ability and power beyond all others...chooses not speak in the noise, but in the whisper. In today’s nonstop noise, what voice do you hear? What voice influences you? What voice is it that you hear above all others when you need direction, clarity, a reality check, etc… We a voice that has a significant impact on how we respond to circumstances, to other people, to our own feelings. We all have a voice that can cut through the noise, regardless of the volume, and reach us when we need it…and even when we don’t want it to. Now, more than ever, we need that voice. I’d love your comments, thoughts, and any questions…especially about the One that speaks not in the fire, wind, or earthquakes…but in the whisper. Email me at Closing Music: Disciple; Song - Radical; Album: Attack 2014 Disciple Music 
June 9, 2020
Freedom of Religion and Chief Justice Roberts' Prudent Vote
Late last week the SCOTUS, in a 5-4 vote with Chief Justice John Roberts casting the deciding blow, refused to hear an appeal from South Bay United Pentecostal Church and their case against the State of California and Governor Gavin Newsom. Chief Justice Roberts took some major heat for his support of restricting 1st Amendment freedoms...specifically the freedom of religion. But did he? I have a different take. Questions or comments? Email me at Closing Music: Disciple; Song - Radical; Album: Attack 2014 Disciple Music   
June 3, 2020
Reality, Truth, and Shades of Green
Hello, and welcome to the reality, truth, and shades of green edition of Servant Warrior Radio. Jeff Searcy, here. So much going on in our country today. But if you’re listening to this podcast, you’re expecting to think a little deeper, going beneath the superficial surface of so much that we see, and see things a bit differently. We’re going to hit it hard. Yep…I’m, going to make a comment or two about the protests going on as result of the incredibly tragic and unnecessary death of George Floyd. But first, we have get this out of the way…do you have your big boy or girl pants on? Not all police officers are bad, not all blacks are racist thugs, not all whites are racist rednecks, not all republicans want to kill grandmothers and not all democrats are socialists. We have to get that out of the way or we will never go anywhere. In my beloved Marine Corps...there is no white, black, or yellow. In the Corps...we are all green. Some lighter some darker. At the end of the day, it's about respect. However, we seem to want respect given as opposed to earning it.  Yep. Reality...Truth...and Shades of Green. And, I'm just getting started... Questions or comments...send them to me at  Closing Music: Disciple; Song - Radical; Album: Attack 2014 Disciple Music
May 30, 2020
Can't See the Forest for the Trees, Political Economics, and the Perils of Comfort Food and Messaging
100% true to Servant Warrior™ Radio form. On no other podcast are you going to get deep insight about not seeing the forest for the trees, political economics, and the perils of comfort food and comfort messaging...all in the same podcast.  Comments? Questions? Email me at Closing Music: Disciple; Song - Radical; Album: Attack 2014 Disciple Music Forest -
May 28, 2020
Memorial Day Edition 2020
This weekend, we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our great nation. This Memorial Day, every Memorial Day, and every single day, we should acknowledge, remember, honor, thank, and be grateful for those who stood in the gap and gave their lives for us so that we can live free, in a free country.  May we never diminish or taint their sacrifice by allowing our country to veer from it’s founding principles and the Constitution they all swore to defend. They did their part and it cost them everything. It cost their families and loved ones a father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter, or a friend. We owe them a debt we can never repay. We owe it to those who gave it all to do our part and ensure their sacrifice will not be in vain. If you have a comment or question, shoot it to me at This Memorial Day, and every day, May God bless you and your family. May God bless the families of those who gave their lives in defense of our country. And, may God bless the United States of America. Image credit - Taps credit - Closing Music: Disciple; Song - Radical; Album: Attack 2014 Disciple Music 
May 24, 2020
The 1st Amendment & the Costco Dilemma
Today I am scratching the surface on Costco's "mandatory mask policy". Bottom Line: I think it's ridiculous. However, trust me when I tell that what you think you're going to hear in this episode just may not be what you expect. Curious? Take a listen. It won't disappoint! Oh yes, we’re talking 1st Amendment freedom of speech...something that so many love to try and stand behind but don’t realize there is a back side to every 1st Amendment front side defense and argument. By the way, if you haven't read the US Constitution, shoot me an email - and I can send you a link or, if you give me your address, I'll mail you your very own pocket-sized copy!  Stay tuned for more passionate, thought provoking, and just plain educational and entertaining stuff right here on Servant Warrior™ Radio!  Closing Music: Disciple; Song - Radical; Album: Attack 2014 Disciple Music
May 23, 2020
Control the message & you control...everything.
Welcome to a rather thought provoking and proverbial reality baseball bat edition of Servant Warrior™ Radio. Jeff Searcy, here, your host and guide to dissemination in the informational abyss and occasional rabbit hole. This episode is about the power of the message. TRUTH: Control the message...and you control everything.  Our perspectives. opinions, choices, and decisions are impacted by the information we take in. Again...control the message and you control everything. I mentioned on the last episode of Servant Warrior Radio that information is not in short supply. We are inundated with it…from all sides. And, we can get access to information that 100% fits into our own narrative, perspective, ideology. It’s exactly why virtually none of the news outlets today provide un-biased, non-agenda driven, un-spun facts of what is happening in the world. How we take in information is well as having intellectual courage. Oh boy! This episode is going to challenge you! Below are some source links I reference in the podcast.  - Closing Music: Disciple;  Song - Radical; Album: Attack 2014 Disciple Music 
May 20, 2020
Servant Warrior™ Radio…RELAUNCH
Hello, boys...I'm back! Yes, Jeff Searcy and Servant Warrior™ Radio are back! It's so great to be back on the mic., this time with a little different format. Let’s talk about the podcast. I will tell you…I really struggled finding a classification for my podcast. I'm going to be talking about music, sports, business, politics, government, Jesus, military, education, religion, my hatred for squirrels, bourbon, news of the day, history, being a dad, being a husband, movies, and whatever else I want to talk about or that has my attention. In other words, life. Hey, it's my podcast. Get ready. It's on! Closing Music: Disciple;  Song - Radical; Album: Attack 2014 Disciple Music
May 20, 2020