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Set Apart with Naysha

Set Apart with Naysha

By Naysha

Welcome to the Set Apart podcast where we will talk about our walk with the Lord, how to build a strong relationship with Him, answer questions and more!
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Jesus didn’t die for you to be ASHAMED of Him
Jesus didn’t die for you to be ASHAMED of Him
As we are starting a new school season, young adults are usually ashamed about their faith. They go to college or high school and they hide the fact that they are a christian. Are you bold about your faith? Are you passionate about Jesus? In today’s episode we talk about our purpose, how we should live, why should we be bold about our faith, and why it’s not okay to want to fit in and be different. We are called to be Set apart!
August 12, 2020
Ephesians 2 Bible study (Saved by grace)
Ephesians 2 Bible study (Saved by grace)
On this episode of the Set Apart podcast we study chapter 2 of Ephesians where we learn about how Paul told the Ephesians all about the Christian life and salvation by grace through faith and how what he said applies to us as well. We talk about how we were once dead and living in sin but thanks to God’s love and mercy we are now made alive in Christ Jesus!!
August 05, 2020
Excuses Vs being willing
Excuses Vs being willing
As humans we give God so many excuses instead of being able and willing to do God’s will. A heart that’s not willing cannot be used. Are you willing today to do God’s will for your life? Are you willing to trust Him with your whole life?
July 27, 2020
Welcome to the Set Apart podcast! I love sharing the gospel through social media platforms. Being able to talk about faith related topics and encourage people. I’ll be talking about obedience, faith, Jesus, how to build a strong relationship with the Lord and answer some questions. I will also have some guest over (aka christian creators) and ask them some questions about their own walk with God. Now this is just a trailer but subscribe to get the notifications when a new episode is released.
July 25, 2020