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By Seth Goldstein
Seth Goldstein is a recovering newspaper reporter turned digital journalist and commentator. He is a reporter, photographer, and Web editor for the progressive news site Raging Chicken Press (

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14 Episodes
Episode 12 - Socialism and Communism, CA vs. AG and more.
Mar 12, 201805:34
Episode 11 - Snow Can't Keep Me Away That Long
Mar 9, 201805:36
Episode 10 - Our Democracy Needs Saving
Mar 5, 201805:13
Episode 9 - We Need Common Sense Gun Laws and other stories
Mar 2, 201808:59
Episode 8 - New Cold War? Mueller v. Trump? Georgia v. Delta
Mar 1, 201804:59
Episode 7 - Privately bookmark tweets, Trump v. Sessions...
Feb 28, 201804:28
Episode 6 - Unarmed Rambo Trump vs. Armed Gunman and more
Feb 27, 201804:37
Episode 5 - Some Big Brands Are Sticking By The NRA and more.
Feb 26, 201804:39
Episode 3 - Marijuana and Net Neutrality
Feb 24, 201805:42
Episode 4 - The Janus case is at the Supreme Court and more.
Feb 26, 201805:37
Episode 2 - NE PA Church Blessing Assault Rifles and more.
Feb 24, 201804:55
Episode 1 - Rick Gates pleads guilty and more guns?!
Feb 24, 201804:35
Out d’Coup Extra | Seth Goldstein Interviews Ben Yagoda about Journalists and the Press in the Trump Era
Feb 24, 201823:18
Out d’Coup Xtra | Seth Goldstein Interviews with Jarrett Smith of NexGen PA; Jeff Dempsey of CeaseFirePA; Arno Vosk of Healthcare for All PA; and, John Heaps of Fair Districts PA
Feb 23, 201808:11
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