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Sex Travel Sports Food

Sex Travel Sports Food

By CousinCornbread
Talk Radio Podcast about Sex, Relationships, Life Hacks, Mental Health Therapy, Travel Therapy, Sports Commentary, and Food Critiques.
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EP 43 Surviving Coronavirus, Birria Tacos, Hedonism 2 Jamaica
Coronavirus Pandemic Is Over: Cornbread and Rowdy Ru BOTH caught and survived The Coronavirus, and are here to discuss it. Taco Tuesday eating Birria tacos from Little Miner Food Truck. Cornbread Does Hedonism II in Negril. People were smashing everywhere! Should women wear bikini thong bathing suits to family-friendly parks and pools?
June 10, 2021
EP 42- RULationship Dating Women Over 30 Yrs Old
Are women over the age of 30 even dateable? How is dating life as a single-parent?  How important are co-parenting rules?
February 17, 2021
EP 41 RULationship Keep That Same Energy
Why are people so bad at communication when dating? Ru had time to run down on all the lazy suitors that be in her inbox. Why are people so inconsistent when dating and courting?  Men need consistency from women when dating too! What else do women offer besides the WAP? #DatingGoals #DatingWoes #MarriageGoals #DatingTips #Consistency #Courting #WAPchallenge #WAP #BussItChallenge #SilhouetteChallenge #Tinder #Bumble #Hinge 
February 11, 2021
EP 40- RULationships- Virtual Dating Adventures and Valentines Day
Ru’s newfound dating app prowess. Sex is not a gift for Valentine’s Day. Virtual Dating during a pandemic. Valentines Day treats/ideas for both men and women.
February 5, 2021
EP 39 Bluetooth Vibrator Toys and COVID Cards
Bluetooth Vibrators & Bottomless Panties Sell Out COVID Test Results May Be Required To Travel Tom Brady Is Protected By The Blood Of Jesus Condiments Will Be Served In Shaped Slices Instead Of Bottles
January 27, 2021
EP 38 Unrealistic Adult Film Scenarios, Tulum and The McRib Is Back
Unrealistic Adult Film Scenarios, like Mom-on-daughter fantasies.  Why was Tulum so popular with Black Folks in 2020?  The McRib Is Back and Cornbread’s has friends that love it.
January 17, 2021
EP 37 Cornyonce State of The Podcast Update
New Episodes Coming Subscribe on Youtube Catch Up On Past Episodes
November 11, 2020
EP 36 God Gotchu Coronavirus Quarantine Survival
Does surviving the Coronavirus (Covid-19) only require faith in God? Does The Rona bring back the old flames of past relationships? The US Census Claims Egyptian-Americans count as "White" people. Whet?!  Domestic Violence has increased during the quarantine of 2020!
April 5, 2020
EP 35 Hey Bighead, Grey Sweatpants Season, and Guys vs Girls Trips Activities
Grey Sweatpants Season: Ru is watching and prefers guys in Polo sweatpants. Cousin Cornbread stands up for Growers vs. Show-ers Guys vs Girls Trips Activities: Ru believes guys just go on trips to be whores, while women go to empower each other. Cousin Cornbread is appalled by these allegations.
September 27, 2019
EP 34 - Courtesy Sex and Tipping Etiquette
Cousin Cornbread discusses Courtesy Sex, Offering Free Head, and why hyping your sex game is always a bad idea.  Also, tipping etiquette during travel is discussed as your favorite cousin finds it to be a stressful game or guessing and assuming.
September 23, 2019
EP 33 Cost of Dating and Expecting Sex Costco Pizza and NFL Antonio Brown Saga
EP 33 Cost of Dating and Expecting Sex Costco Pizza and NFL Antonio Brown Saga
September 8, 2019
EP 32 Jay-Z NFL Deal, Sex Tapes and Second Chance Relationships
Ru shows up with curly girl magic hair and we discuss Jay-Z's new Roc Nation Deal with the NFL; giving second chances in relationships; and how to treat personal sex tapes after the relationship has ended.
August 21, 2019
EP 31 Leo Season Travel Tips, Charlize Theron Kids Transgender Identity, Tyler Perry Acrimony
Cornbread and Ru discuss: *Leo Season and travel tips for Leos; *Kids under the age of 5 choosing Gender and Sexual Identity; *Guy Codes vs. Girl Codes for dating exes; *Tyler Perry's movie Acrimony and how it is a lesson in preparing men for future relationships. Warning, we don't agree on who was "wrong" in the movie. Yes, we know this is a year late, but Ru is adamant about it! LMAO.
August 7, 2019
EP 30 Clout Chasing Hot Girl Summer Camping and Da Baby
Ice cream licking girl faces jail time Burnt Hot Dogs and Glizzy Hennessy is overrated  Megan Thee Stallion vs Megan The Mare Secure the bag sis Long Distance Dating Black People Hike And Camp Tuck Your Chain in Buffalo Mercury Retrograde  Makeup Artist and Wigs
July 15, 2019
EP 29 Men Violating Know Your Worth Queen
Men Aren't Worthy Men Violate Relationship Commitments Open Communication Is Key Don't Hold Back When Dating Ru Reviews The Cucumber Challenge Cornbread Thinks Everybody Is Cute
July 3, 2019
EP 28 Dating Scorecard Masturbation and Mental Health Awareness
Ru's Tinder Dating Draft Dating Scorecard  National Masturbation Month National Mental Health Awareness Month #StopTheStigma
May 24, 2019
EP 27 The L in Salmon and Bad and Boujee Romaine Lettuce
Friends don't let friends pronounce the "L" in salmon!
April 21, 2019
EP 26 Online Dating Struggles Ghosting with Special Guest Ru
Online Dating Struggles and Successes Ru Naming Her Different Looks on Tinder Dating a Pimp from Tinder Man Bashing Ghosting Gentrification  Bald Eagle Polyandry Love Triangle Chubby Chaser
April 15, 2019
EP 25 Valentines Day Doggystyle and Guns On The Plane
 • Sex – Doggystyle. People don’t like.  Why it's an essential position! • Travel – Airline Traveling With a Gun  • Sports – NBA Allstar Weekend Pregnancy Tips • Food – Speakeasy and Ax Steak vs Tomahawk Steak
February 17, 2019
EP 24 Part 2 Karnak Luxor Bigen Beards
Cousin Cornbread recounts his trip to Egypt to celebrate the 2019 New Year on the River Nile. Obama Dollars, fake essential oils, Beigen Beards in BC Times, King Tut and The Valley of Kings, Karnak, and Caucasity Abroad.
January 23, 2019
EP 24 Part 1 Egypt Pyramids River Boats Obama Dollars and Bigen Beards
EP 24 Egypt Pyramids River Boats Obama Dollars and Bigen Beards Cousin Cornbread recounts his trip to Egypt to celebrate the 2019 New Year on the River Nile. Obama Dollars, fake essential oils, Beigen Beards in BC Times, King Tut and The Valley of Kings, Karnak, and Caucasity Abroad.
January 23, 2019
EP 23 Sexual Body Count, Travel Endurance, Pumpkin Spice
Sex – Importance of the number of previous sexual partners when dating/marrying. The term “Body Count” Travel – Travel Endurance. Packing Tips. Carry-On Only Snobs Sports – NBA Carmelo Anthony Released by Houston Rockets Food – Blacks For Pumpkin Spice
November 20, 2018
EP 22- Bullying, Toxic Masculinity, Fuk Girls, etc - Cornbread Cliques Up with Krown360 with Jo Maf
This Episode I'm sitting in on the Krown360 Online Radio Show *Note: Please Excuse the heavy usage of the word "b!tch" by the main host. Sheesh! The discussion is good tho!* Topics Discussed: Child Abandonment Toxic Masculinity Fuck Girls Young Buck Loves Ladyboys TransGender/TransSexual/TransRacial Gun Ownership "Florida Man" Responsible Black Men
October 27, 2018
EP 21 Mile High Club Airport Food HBCU QBs Dirty Pans
EP 21 Sex – Mile High Club Travel – Airport Food Price Gouging Sports – White QB at HBCU Food – Frying Grease and Not Washing Frying Pans
October 19, 2018
EP 20 Anal Sex Bali Tiger Woods Group Dinner Etiquette
EP 20 Sex: Anal Sex - Taking the D!CK D!ck Travel: Living Your Best Life in Bali, Indonesia and Tsunamis Sports: Tiger Woods Food: Cooking From Scratch
October 3, 2018
EP 19 Orgy On South Beach
EP 19 Miami and Vacation Flings American Tourists Being Weird Vegan Food Naming Convention NFL Protest - Taking A Knee Continues
September 13, 2018
EP 18 Boudoir Photography Sex and Intimacy ft Olesha Haskett
Latest episode of Sex Travel Sports Food
August 23, 2018
EP 17 Men Talk Dating Equally Yoked with Love Guru Dr Spade
Dating Someone Who Is Equally Yoked What Does Equally Yoked Even Mean? Communication Is Key Comparing Resumes or Comparing Connections
August 10, 2018
Ep 16 Men Fake It Too Sorry Ladies
EP 16 Topics: Mercury Retrograde Men Faking It All Pu$$y is NOT Created Equal Small Dick Shaming Travel Rewards Points and Credit Cards The NFL and Dallas Cowboys Drama with Taking a Knee Crabs Are Overrated
August 1, 2018
EP 15 Men Talk Love Languages and Communication in Relationships featuring Brian Jackson and Branden Doughty
Run Time: 85 minutes of Awesomeness Love Languages Listening to Your Woman Naked and Afraid Sex for Fish Sticks Versus Steak King Moment Men are like an 8-Count Box of Crayons
July 16, 2018
EP 14 Vagina Care and Stealing Spouses
EP 14 Vaginas are Self-Cleaning Cool Dads Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Mixed Family Homewreckers Be Winning Instagram Models Setting Expectations Protect This House! Leave your comment on this episode in the comments section or leave a voicemail at (352) 577-2676 [CORN]
June 24, 2018
EP 13 Suicide and Mental Health (Guest Therapist Neena)
EP 13 Suicide Mental Health Awareness Stigma of Seeking Therapy Self-Love Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Princess Lebron Wine Varietals
June 11, 2018
Ep 12 Where Is My Invite Cookouts Gemini Season Lebron FUPA
EP 12 Where's My Invite? Where's My Plate? Must Be Nice! Cookout Season and Travel Season Gemini Season Geminis Are Crazy People Fiji Water is The Best Bottled Water Passive Aggressiveness Bullying Lebron James Boring Sports on TV Stop F.U.P.A.
June 2, 2018
EP 11 The Royal Wedding Phat African Booties Black Women Marrying Up Double Standard Nice Guys Have Little Dicks
The Royal Wedding The Real First Black Queen of England Phat African Booties Black Women Marrying Up Interracial Dating Double Standard Black Men Are Trash vs Worthy Nice Guys Have Little Dicks Laugh and Spirits Summer Comedy Series
May 20, 2018
EP 10 DJ Khaled, Women Dont Like Head, Redskins Prostitution, United Airlines, Hawaii Volcanos
DJ Khaled and Not Giving Head Head Makes Your Beard Grow Some Women Don't Like Head Eating The Box Causes Cancer The Box vs. The Snatch Washington Redskins Cheerleader Prostitution Guilty Until Proven Innocent Rape & Sexual Misconduct Do you blindly believe all sexual assault accusations? Chris Brown & Home Owner's Insurance Is Man Drunk Different that Woman Drunk? Drunk United Airlines Flight Attendant Volcano erupts in Hawaii Medieval Peasants and Slaves Had Great Vacations Kanye Has The Answers! Slavery WAS a Choice Eat The City, Chilean Sea Bass vs. Steak Laugh and Spirits Summer Comedy Series
May 14, 2018
EP 9 Bill Cosby, Rape, Prostitution, Hawaii, Starbucks
EPISODE 9 TOPICS Bill Cosby Sexual Consent & Sex Apps The Casting Couch When Cousin Cornbread Got Drugged For The D The Gay Hollywood Illuminati Theory Rape & Power Fighting Crazy Legs During Sex Janelle Monae Pan Sexuality Curacao Legal Prostitution Southwest Airlines Hawaiian THOT Olympics NFL Draft vs Academic Scholarship and Baker Mayfield Philadelphia Eagles Troll Dallas Cowboys Starbucks Frappuccino Foolery and Chilling While Black Laugh and Spirits Summer Comedy Series
April 30, 2018
EP 8 Unpopular Opinions Trump Is Untouchable and Khloe Kardashian Cheating Is The Norm Get Over It
Trump is an Untouchable and Untamed Bully. Governor Christie's FUPA. Khloe Kardashian vs Tristan Thompson Everybody Cheats. Even Women! Surprise! Don't Be Shocked by Dating or Marrying a Cheater. Cheating IS The Norm. Expect it. Accept it. Move on.
April 14, 2018
EP 7 Makeup For Men Living Abroad Gentrification Beer Tiger Woods Tim Tebow
• Can Men Wear Makeup? • Are Men Allowed to Feel Good Inside? • Beard Gang OGs and “Teen Wolf” • Living Abroad as an Expatriate • Andre 3000 • The University of Dope • Make New York Great Again • Gentrification in New York and Washington, DC • All Black People Drink Hennessey • Beer and Liquor Pricing in Pubs versus Clubs • National Beer Day • Donald Twitter Fingers Trump • Gang Gang Gang and Wakanda • Lebron Is the MVP of the NBA and Best Lead Actress in SAG • The Master’s Golf Tournament • Tiger Woods’ Vibranium Clubs
April 8, 2018
EP 6 Fabolous, Domestic Violence, Dick Size, Deal Breakers, Pillow Fights, and Chipotle
Fabolous Domestic Violence Dick Size Threesomes and Running a Train DC Word of the Day- "Yeah" Deal Breakers and Deal Makers Pillow Fights Duke Sucks Chipotle The Porcelain Throne
March 31, 2018
EP 5 Cancun Black Love Hypertension - Sex Travel Sports Food
• Radio Apologies WKYS Danni Star, The Breakfast Club DJ Envy, Desus and Mero • Black Women and Marriage Rates • $25 Marriages, Failed Marriages • Fetish: Dressing Up Like Sponge Bob and Unicorns for Sex • “I’m not going to give up parking lot sex unless I’m fully vested in a large alimony.” • “If you’re over 30 years old, your body can’t process plastic bottle liquor.” • “At your own house you only use one towel per week, but on vacation you use 6 towels per day.. get your life together.” • Black Men Do Not Scoff at Black Women • White Superiority Complex Affects Everyone • F*cked Up on Mango Madness, Miami Vice and Hyper-tension #BlenderGate • Quarantine Farting People on planes. It’s disrespectful! • Duffle Bags at the NFL Draft • I’m not Jerome Bettis • “If I need to be a scribe out this muthafucka it’s gonna be lit!” • Kirk Cousins is a “Clean Cut Caucasian Christian” and those are the 4Cs that make you beyond reproach. • Tailgating and eating fil-et mignons. • Donald Trump and
March 24, 2018
Ep 4 Cuba Libre - Cousin Cornbread Sex Travel Sport Food
Cuba (Havana) is lit! Everything that you heard was wrong! Melanin Infused vs. Melanin-Deficient Experience $5 Prostitution Sex and Triceps Extensions Condom Sex is the most irritating sex… You gotta think about what the pussy PROBABLY feels like.. AIRBNB and Shopping at the Gas Station Pisces Care-Free Existence Travel by Faith, Not by Itinerary Co-Workers That Don’t Back You Up Properly Airport Security, TSAPre and Instagram Models “For Booking” ESL Class, Small Seats, Why do planes fly so damn high? White Jesus and Biscotti Cookies “Deplaning” and standing in the aisle is a psychological condition Male Pattern Baldness Traveling Endurance should be an Olympic Sport Do you need to have a wife to travel? Best Cheese Steak Ever Ocean View Dinner for Under $30 Professional iPhone Photography Don’t kill yourself at work!
March 14, 2018
Ep 2 Cardi B, Slut Shaming, Black Panther, Wakanda, Steak - Cousin Cornbread Sex Travel Sport Food
Episode 2 Topics: Sex: Side-Chicks Day, Cardi B, Slut Shaming, and Virgins Travel: Black Panther, Wakanda Tourism, South Africa, Vineyards Sports: Philadelphia Eagles and Nick Foles, NBA All Star Dunk Contest, Bubba Wallace in NASCAR Food: How to eat great STEAK!
February 23, 2018
EP 3 Safaree Cuba Chicken Wings - Cousin Cornbread Sex Travel Sport Food
Sex: Safaree, Dick Pics, Blowjobs, Steak and BJ Day, Lustful Ladies, #HimToo, Guns, Flowers, Man Gifts. Travel: Cuba, Cash Only, WiFi Signal, Black Privilege, Caucasity Sports: NFL Draft, Quarterbacks, Position Switch, Black Quarterbacks, Athleticism, Johnny Manziel, Tim Tebow Food: Chicken, Chicken Wings, Boneless Wings, Black Card Revoked, Man Law Violation, The Difference Between Boneless Wings and Nuggets
February 23, 2018
EP 1 Valentines Day, Pu$$y Gifting, Tom Brady, and Vegans - Cousin Cornbread Sex Travel Sport Food
Sex: Why pu$$y is NOT a valid gift, Sex dolls, Pick-Me, STDS, Nasty Women, Dirty Dick Travel: Get a passport to escape the shithole Sports: Tom Brady, The New England Patriots and their arrogant assholes fans and all the Gates Philadelphia Eagles’ dominance of the NFC East for years Kirk Cousins Food: Vegans, Chk’n, Endorphins, Diabeetus, family history, diet, cake, and why Cinnamon rolls are actually okay for diabetics.
February 2, 2018