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Sex Talk Cafe

Sex Talk Cafe

By Susan Morgan Taylor
Juicy conversations on the transformative power of sex, pleasure, and embodied sexuality. Hosted by Susan Morgan Taylor, MA specialist in women's sexuality and feminine spirituality and the founder of the Pathway to Pleasure Collective. Featuring special guest interviews with experts in the field of somatic sex education, sex therapy, and sacred sexuality.
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S2 E#4 Ladies Let's Rock the Bedroom! With Special Guest Lee Jagger
In today's episode of the Sex Talk Cafe I interview special guest Lee Jagger. Lee is the CEO and founder of Rock The Bedroom — the only sex education community of its kind. She helps women be more confident, creative, and playful in the bedroom. Specializing in erotic massage, she makes it easy for women to embrace their power and take charge between the sheets, knowing exactly where and how to touch a man to drive him wild. Lee has taught in-person and online workshops internationally and helped women move from a stale, same ol' sex routine to the next level of passionate playtime. It's her mission to normalize conversations around sexuality and make obligatory sex become a thing of the past. Website: Facebook: IG: YouTube:
October 10, 2021
S2 E#3 The Wheel of Consent with Dr. Betty Martin
Today's guest on the Sex Talk Cafe is Dr. Betty Martin, the developer of  the Wheel of Consent. She has had her hands on people professionally for over 30 years and conceived of the Wheel through these touch interactions. She is a former Chiropractor, and is currently a sex and touch coach, and certified Cuddle Party facilitator in Seattle, WA.   Betty also mentors and coaches other hands-on professionals in assessment tools, boundary and communication skills and how to make their sessions safe, effective and satisfying.  As the author of the The Art of Receiving and Giving: The Wheel of Consent and the founder of the School of Consent, Betty’s desire is to bring the concepts of consent and personal empowerment to as many humans as possible, using the framework of the Wheel of Consent®.  During today's episode we'll explore why receiving is the key to giving, what consent really means, and how this incredible tool can change your life and impact all of your relationships positively 
September 02, 2021
S2 E#2 Reversing PCOS: An Interview with registered dietician and women's wellness expert Eleni Ottalagana
In this episode of Sex Talk Cafe I interview Eleni Ottalagana who shares her incredible story of how she reversed her own PCOS and how this led her to become passionate about sharing this wisdom with other women through her work in the field of women's holistic health and nutrition.  Eleni’s passion in life is to help people heal by guiding them on their healing journey and providing them the tools they need to bring their body back into balance on a physical, mental and soul level.  She is a Registered Dietitian specializing in women's health and PCOS. Her business is Healing Roots LLC where she helps women identify the root cause of imbalances through individualized nutrition and lifestyle change through nutritional counseling, holistic health coaching and lab testing.
March 04, 2021
S2 E#1 Loving the Body You're In: An interview with the Confident Feminine Body founder Elizabeth Marberry
Today's episode features special guest Elizabeth Marberry- a certified yoga teacher, retired professional dancer, and body confidence coach extraordinaire. Join us as we explore body image, body confidence, and the inner work of learning to LOVE the body you're in! Elizabeth Marberry is a certified yoga instructor and body confidence coach, who has been teaching people how to reconnect with their bodies through joyful movement and self-love practices for over 15 years. As a retired professional dancer Elizabeth has overcome her own struggles with disordered eating and viewing her body as the enemy. Passionate about helping others to do the same. She launched The 12-week Confident Feminine Body Program to help women reclaim their body confidence, discover joy-filled movement practices and heal their relationship with food, so they can have an abundance of energy and feel comfortable in their own skin.
February 01, 2021
S1 E#13 The Sovereign Womb: Breaking Free from Sexual Shame with Shaunna Williams
This weeks episode features Shaunna Williams aka The Mystical Minister! Shaunna is a spiritual leader and author of book “The Spiritual Magic of a Queer POC: Inspirations and Practices To Empower The Queer and People of Color Communities to Live in Their Spiritual Truth.  She is an expert in helping her clients to clear shame and unworthiness, heal sexual trauma and ancestral wounds and repattern family relationships. She is passionate about helping each individual to remember their divine perfection so that they can live a joyful life.
November 28, 2020
[Episode #12] Beyond 50 Shades: Conscious Kink and the REAL world of BDSM with guest Kimi Inch aka Mistress Nina Payne
The hit cheesy romance novel 50 Shades of Grey made an opening for the mainstream in to the subculture underworld of Kink and BDSM.  But any experienced kinkster or BDSM lifestylist will tell you that what's in that book is not quite the complete picture. In today's podcast interview our special guest  Ms. Kimi Inch aka Mistress Nina Payne and the founder of  DomiDollz will set the record straight as we explore what the world of kink and BDSM is REALLY all about, and how the growing trend towards "Conscious Kink" is a profound pathway for personal healing, empowerment, and improved relationships.  
February 11, 2020
[Episode #11] American Circumcision: An interview with filmmaker Brendon Marotta
The routine practice of circumcision on baby boys in the United States has become a cultural norm whose benefit and purpose is seldom questioned. Citing sanitation and health benefits to the upholding of ancient religious beliefs, proponents of the practice defend it's necessity. But for those who oppose the practice, a different story emerges. Through their eyes we are shown a practice that is not supported by scientific fact but rather held up by outdated and often misinformed moral and cultural beliefs, raising questions about human rights, the right to pleasure, and the role of consent.  Join me today as I interview documentary filmmaker Brendon Marotta about his groundbreaking documentary American Circumcision where you will hear the shocking facts about this practice, what female circumcision has to do with male circumcision, and the path towards individual and collective healing. Then decide for yourself where you stand on this important issue. 
January 28, 2020
[S1 Episode #10] Sex, Soul Wounds, and The Business Of Pleasure with special guest Colette Davenport
Today's podcast episode features special guest Colette Davenport who shares her fascinating journey through the realm of sex, intimacy and relationships to her recent transition into the world of business coaching where Colette has become the go to business coach for empathic business owners.  Learn about the soul wound and what it has to do with your sex life, why confronting this part of yourself is essential for a truly fulfilled life in the bedroom and beyond, and how keeping pleasure as a central focus in your life is a proven strategy for more more abundance, intimacy and joy. 
December 23, 2019
[BONUS Episode 3] The Intimacy Keys Day 4: Overcoming Obstacles to Pleasure
Why does it seem to happen that he things he's giving her everything she wants, but she just feels like he's being selfish? And why is it so important to understand the connection between the voice and accessing desire?  In today's bonus episode of the Sex Talk Cafe you will learn about the obstacles to pleasure that we all have to some degree, how they show up in relationships (frustration, confusion, resentment!) and what how to navigate through them so that you can experience more pleasure, depth and freedom in sex without having to shut down, reject, coerce or convince your partner.
December 13, 2019
[BONUS EPISODE 2] The Toxic Feminine: Overcoming The Three Fears of the Feminine
What is the toxic feminine? In a nutshell, the toxic feminine is the use of COVERT manipulation through the emotions. It is the killer of connection and the executioner of love itself.  At the root of this are the Three Fears of the Feminine that are subtly controlling your choice and behaviors and unconsciously ruining the love and connection you most long for.  In today's bonus episode of the Sex Talk Cafe learn what the toxic feminine looks like in your relationship and how to resolve the three fears that are feeding it. This is Day 2 of The Intimacy Keys 5 Part Training.  
December 10, 2019
[BONUS EPISODE 1] Reviving Eros: Redefining Sex, Love and Intimacy
Eros is the erotic life force energy, the innate impulse towards creation, connection and love.  But we have largely disconnected from this powerful force of creativity and expression due to three major influences that lead us to a misunderstanding of sex, love, and intimacy.  In today's podcast Morgan reveals why why we need a new understanding of sex, intimacy and love if we are to truly be fulfilled in relationship. This bonus episode reveals day 1 of a 5 part series called The Intimacy Keys. 
December 09, 2019
[S1 Episode #9] Low Desire in Long Term Relationships: Why hormones and pills are NOT the answer (and what to do instead)
Is it really "normal" for a woman to NOT have a sex drive? The short answer is NO! But...some professionals are still spreading this MYTH!  And why is it that the go to treatments for this EPIDEMIC of low sex drive in women in the medical world--pills, shots and hormones-so often fail to be the salvation they promise to be? Join me in today's podcast episode where I share with you three REAL LIFE case studies about women who were told that low sex drive was "normal" and to just live with it, or for whom the go to "treatments" of hormones and pills completely failed.  Learn WHY this is the case for so many women and why the problem of low libido in women cannot just be medicated away with shots, pills or hormones.  In this informative conversation I'll share with you what actually works instead. 
November 26, 2019
[S1 Episode #8] Beyond #MeToo: Exploring The Missing Piece to Consent with guest Corinne Diachuck
With the rise of the #metoo movement the topic of consent has become paramount. Yet our current understanding of consent is insufficient and incomplete.  Today's special guest Corinne Diachuck explains: "It is important that we recognize that its not enough to just be calling out sexual predators.  We absolutely need a new language for negotiating desire that is nuanced, sensitive to embodied oppressions,  is trauma sensitive and is simple enough to teach to children. I believe that is what we have here with the Wheel of Consent.  In this interview with somatic sex educator and yoga therapist Corinne Diachuk,  we explore the role of accountability, responsibility, desire, and touch through the lens of a powerful tool called the Wheel of Consent.
November 12, 2019
[S1 Episode #7] The Magic of "NO": Resolving Resentment in Intimate Relationships
Have you ever considered that the same reason you hate sales people may be the same reason you are feeling resentful in your relationship right now?  Wait. What???? In this episode Morgan S. Taylor walks you through the anatomy resentment, how and why it's there in the first place, why being an over giver may be causing you more harm than good, and how to bring down The Wall of Resentment so you can get back YES and back to LOVE.
October 29, 2019
[S1 Episode #6] Orgasm, Birth, and The Sacred Womb with Special Guest Katie Spataro
Though we all come from sex, seldom do we connect the journey of conception, pregnancy and birth with it's ertoic--dare we say orgasmic?- origins.  Join me in today's interview with Katie Spataro of Sacred Womb Services where we will be exploring how birth and orgasm are in fact the same process, what birth work has to do with sex work, and what it means to enter the sacred womb.  
October 15, 2019
[S1 Episode #5] The Art of Seduction: Awakening Pleasure Through Presence with guest Peter Craig
When you hear the word “seduction” you may immediately get images of some suave guy at a bar trying out his latest pickup lines on the nearest female or an image of some scantily clad woman playing strip tease to the hot guy across the room with her eyes. Seduction, in other words, is often synonymous with sexual “manipulation”. But what if there were an entirely new way understanding of seduction? One that has nothing to do with pickup artists or master sexual manipulators (or bars!) What if we understood seduction as our innate capacity to access desire and pleasure within our very own bodies and as a pathway to navigating erotic connection with another? (And nothing at all to do with fake pickup lines or false eyelashes?) When we come to understand seduction by this definition, we gain greater access to our ability to: Create deeper intimacy in our relationships Create emotional safety Understand how our past lives on in our bodies and what to do to resolve negative memories and emotions for good. Share our sexual fantasies with our partners in a way that feels safe for us to do so. From this perspective, seduction becomes an ongoing practice of learning to slow down, of learning how to re-connect deeply with our own bodies, of becoming radically present to exactly what is happening in in the here and now. It is an art of becoming more and more present. And in becoming more present we gain access to greater and greater amounts of pleasure, connection, intimacy and love. Seduction is ultimately the art of knowing ourselves more deeply and learning to share ourselves more authentically with another (this is a far cry from manipulation!) In this weeks episode of the Sex Talk Cafe I have the pleasure to introduce you to my dear friend and colleague Peter Craig, MA, LPC. Peter will be sharing with us more about this erotic art of seduction and how you can gain access to more pleasure in your own life when you learn the skillful art of presence and awareness.
October 08, 2019
[S1 Episode #4] The Bush is Back: 8 Reasons to Keep the Fluff and Love Your Muff!
Over the past two decades the removal of pubic hair has turned into a national craze, with Brazilian waxing studios cropping up on every street corner like weeds.  Women are by far the biggest consumers of this hair removal trend but men have also increasingly started to partake in the fun, with  84% of women and 50% of men in the United States reporting some sort of pubic hair grooming ritual ranging from minor pruning to complete deforestation.  But when did we begin relating to our pubic hair as though it were weeds to be plucked, pulled, eradicated and annihilated from the human body?And what if there are some very good reasons to stop the deforestation and keep the bush? In this podcast episode I will share with you the history of the women's hair removal fad including its associations with capitalism and the patriarchy, and share with you 8 compelling reasons why you might just want to keep that fluffy muffy intact. 
October 01, 2019
S1 Episode #3 Sacred Root Massage with Somatic Sex Educator Melissa Davison
What is the  Sacred Root? And why is connecting with this part of our body through healing touch so important to our overall health? Find out in today's interview with Melissa Davison (formerly Melissa Mango).  Melissa is a somatic sex educator and certified clinical hypnotherapist who is on a mission to help others experience a healthy, passionate and shame free sex life, free of mental blockages, fear and religious or cultural stigma and programs.  Get in on our juicy conversation on what the field of somatic sex education has to offer us in moving beyond just talking about a problem by entering the realm of pleasure and consensual touch. 
September 24, 2019
S1 Episode #2 The Pleasure Date: Filling Your Erotic Bank Account
One of the practices I recommend for nearly all of my clients across the board is the self-pleasure practice.  Also referred to as mindful erotic practice, the art of skillful self-pleasure is one of the most valuable and effective tools for awakening and expanding our sensual capacity (that is the ability to feel more and more sensation in the body) as well as the path to igniting our sexual arousal and activating desire. In this podcast you will learn: · WHY you should care about self-pleasure! · Why NOT being in a relationship makes it easier and even more important to have a regular practice. · What does neuroplasticity have to do with pleasure and arousal? · Why our brains are not trained to automatically notice pleasure. · How to use self- pleasure to release negative emotions, increase orgasmic capacity and re-wire the body and brain. · Self-pleasure tips and a simple structure to help you get started with your own practice. How to overcome the common obstacles to cultivating your own self-pleasure practice. 
September 17, 2019
S1 Episode #1 The Myth of the Mood: Overcoming Desire Discrepancy in Sexual Relationships
Think you have low sexual desire or low libido? Or do your think your partner's sex drive is too high (or too low)?  Does this cause all kinds of challenges in your relationship?  Desire discrepancy is one of the most common challenges I work with in my sex therapy practice.  More often than not it is women who have been labeled as not being as sexual as men, or as having the "lower desire".  And women have been labeled as sexually dysfunctional because of it.  But the truth is that there is more than one way to get the flames of desire going . In this episode I share with you the two forms of desire and how they are different.  When you understand how your desire actually works you will learn you are not dysfunctional at all, and that the idea of "low desire" is merely another myth of women's sexuality.  Now you can stop just waiting for "the mood" to strike and take control over your libido once and for all.
September 10, 2019
Introduction to The Sex Talk Cafe Podcast Series
Welcome to the Sex Talk Café. A podcast about the transformative and healing power of sex, pleasure and embodied sexuality. I am your host Morgan Susan. Taylor. I am a sex therapist and specialist in women’s sexuality and the founder of the Pathway to Pleasure Collective where I am passionate about normalizing the conversation on sexuality while building a bridge between the sexual and spiritual. I created the Sex Talk Café as place for you to learn from myself and other experts in the field of somatic sex education, sex therapy, and sacred sexuality so that you can remove the mystery from sex, release guilt and shame, and learn to live a sexually empowered life filled with more confidence, connection, intimacy and love.
August 21, 2019