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Sexy Secrets

Sexy Secrets

By Marion Chloé Theis
This is the "How To Be Sexy" class you dreamed of having, coming from your new French best friend. Expect real talks on sex + love + life from someone who doesn’t believe in the concept of Too Much Information.

Body confidence, BDSM, tantra, orgasms, relationship magic… Marion Chloé Theis, French Love Coach, covers what you need to know about having more empowered sex and relationships.
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Enough Is Enough
When do you know enough to make a decision? In this episode I go over the balance we need to find between information gathering and just *doing the thing*. Because being overwhelmed and postponing a decision often doesn't have anything with knowing enough or not to make the right choice... and everything to do with how we feel about ourselves. I share what works with me to put my mind at ease (which is also a cool social sciences concept) and what is really needed when we feel like an impostor. If you want us to explore that together, info about 1:1 sessions can be found here
July 22, 2021
My Self-Love Routine: 5 Things I Do Every Day
We have a list! In this episode I share 5 things I do every day to cultivate my relationship with myself. I almost didn't share #4 as it's the most intimate... but you know me, I like debunking taboos! I also go on several tangents about Love Languages, positive thinking, illnesses and hypnosis. It's a fun episode where you can pick up some inspiration for yourself, or just have a peek at what goes on in my day-to-day. Tune in and listen now! Hypnosis 1:1 (+ free hypnosis when you scroll down): ----  Hypnosis Workshop for Biz Owners:
June 04, 2021
Who Are You When You're Not Overthinking?
A quickie! I talk about a wisdom nugget I got while driving last week, because the best realisations happen when you're doing something totally unrelated! Somehow I linked that to life and the question of: who are we when we stop to monitor ourselves so carefully? I also talk about how we're *really* scared of how powerful we are, letting go of our safe but unhelpful self-image and (of course) hypnosis. Free hypnosis & info about 1:1 sessions are here:
May 27, 2021
Labels Aren't (Always) Serving You
Today we're talking about labels! I see this a lot in the self-help & spiritual communities. For instance I love to use Human Design, astrology, and other tools to expand my self-awareness. AND labels don't always serve us. When you keep repeating (to yourself or someone else) a limitation, it's disempowering. So there is a balance to find between: using labels for self-awareness and validation & as an excuse to not change or do anything different. A tough line to walk on with Cancel Culture. And yet we all benefit from taking a step back and looking at the psychological effects of what labels do. Our own confidence in our abilities has usually more to do with our success than what we think. In this episode, I invite you to take a look at one sentence that you keep repeating to yourself as an excuse not to change/do the thing and decide what to do about it. What you do then is up to you ;) I invite you to Sexy Hypnosis: a workshop to feel confident and sexy being you *for real*. We'll talk about personal power, why common solutions to confidence building don't work and talk more about hypnosis & hypnotherapy. I'll lead a hypnosis session for us and answer your questions. You'll also get the replay to listen to it over and over and notice changes in your behaviour day after day! More info here
March 16, 2021
The Wall Of Doubts
What would you do if you didn't doubt yourself? In this episode I talk about the need we have for validation that cuts us from our Power. I cover what validation is, where it comes from and more importantly, what to do about it! With the need for validation comes what I called The Wall Of Doubts, which is a mechanism your mind sets up so you don't actually go after what you want. You'll hear about clearing co-dependency, healing your childhood wounds and 2 types of boundaries to set up to step into your power. Ultimately, we cover how YOU can validate yourself but also how validation from others is still important in relationships. I mention my recent Theta Healing Session with Sara Thompson which I highly recommend, you can find her at Celestial Awakenings. Alternatively if you want to get rid of unhelpful beliefs, I'd love to help you with hypnosis, get in touch! The books mentioned are Recovering from Emotionally Immature Parents by Lindsay C. Gibson and Big Magic from Elizabeth Gilbert. Happy listening!
February 01, 2021
I Always Choose Myself
If you don't choose yourself, who will? In this episode I get over why we need to choose & love ourselves FIRST, even and especially in the midst of challenges. I share a personal example of choosing myself over a friend recently and also I talk about our need for validation in relationships. There are a couple of dramatic pauses too. Listen now if you need a pick me up after a break up of any kind, or after having a tough conversation about boundaries, or if you just want to be comforted about being a human! At the end I mention 1:1 sessions with me that you can book here > and Treat Your Soul Candles that you can order here until December 7th 2020 before they disappear into the ether >
December 02, 2020
Feel Your Feelings Like It's Your Job
Going against the mainstream business advice here to talk about how feeling your feelings IS a part of your job. No pushing through, no hustling. That's not how we do things. That not how I do things. Perfect listen if you need some permission to rest / be / feel. I also talk about my newest offer Treat Your Soul that you can find here:
November 02, 2020
Slow the F*ck Down
Cozy up! In this episode I'm talking about how my holidays in Crete changed my daily routine and how (+why) to slow down in our lives. I talk about how social media steals our energy & power + how to reclaim it. Listen now to bring in more intentionality into your life! The documentary I mention is called the Social Dilemma. 
October 14, 2020
You're Not Needy You Have Needs
What does it mean to be needy? How can you explore your needs? How can we let go of what people (our partner) might think of us?  Being strong is being soft - we have to go past the « strong woman » archetype and to accept that we have FEELINGS and that they’re o-kay. It is safe to address your needs. We actually have to address them (ourselves) in order to help others. If you need help to find out what your needs are exactly - I can help. This is part of what I do in Relationship Readings: feeling into your and your partner's energy and give you ways to come closer, so both of your needs are satisfied. Check the info here:
August 04, 2020
The Pre-Sex Chat You Really Need To Have
Ever wondered why you get attached to someone after you’ve had sex with them? This episode goes into details about why this happens and talks about the chat you should have with someone before you get into sex. I also talk about the forced casualness in sex, the importance of clarifying your expectations and why sometimes it’s best NOT to have sex
July 21, 2020
My Story
During this 1st episode, I tell you more about me: my childhood, my romances in Barcelona, what living in Argentina brought me, how I came to Love Coaching, etc. Find more about working together on my website:
July 06, 2020