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The Stephen Faught Experience

The Stephen Faught Experience

By The Stephen Faught Experience
Come experience CEO and Founder of Faught Marketing Stephen Faught as he journeys through creating a multi-million dollar media empire from the ground up. You’ll experience his journey in real-time as he brings on the show clients and special guests, including his wife Brittany to get an inside look of what it takes to launch a fast growing marketing company while being a husband, father and follower of Christ. This is The Stephen Faught Experience.
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040 - Livi Makes Her Return
In this episode, Livi pops back into the studio during Spring Break to catch up on what's been going on with her as she is about to turn 6!
April 20, 2022
039: The Team Grows Again...Meet Grant!
Stephen and Drew introduce the newest member of the Faught Marketing team, our full-time in-house video editor Grant! Follow Stephen and Faught Marketing: IG @stephen_faught IG: @faughtmarketing TikTok: @faughtceo 
April 18, 2022
038 - Year End Wrap Up 2021
It's been a minute...but what a year...from our clients and new partnerships Stephen and Drew wrap up 2021 at Faught Marketing and plans for 2022. We are looking forward to a great year working with our clients and team members.  Follow Stephen and Faught Marketing: IG @stephen_faught IG: @faughtmarketing
December 30, 2021
037 - Cooking it up with High Performance Cookers
Ever had mushy crawfish and wondered why? In this episode Stephen welcomes in Jay and Todd from High-Performance Cookers and they explain why “Not all crawfish pots are created equal”. Visit to shop their products online...
March 12, 2021
036 - Goodbye 2020....on to 2021
In this episode, Stephen has Sean Murray, Faught Marketing's new content creator and videographer on to recap the interesting year of 2020, all the new social media marketing channels, and what to look forward to in 2021. We are ready for 2021, are you?? Follow Stephen and Faught Marketing: IG @stephen_faught IG: @faughtmarketing
December 30, 2020
035 - Are you Winning or Making Excuses?
In this episode, Stephen gets right to the point with a short 5-minute episode on what it takes to block out the distractions and win the day. Ready to start winning more? Take a quick listen and then start taking action.  Follow Stephen and Faught Marketing: IG @stephen_faught IG: @faughtmarketing
November 16, 2020
034-Company and Family Growth featuring Brittany Faught
The Stephen Faught Experience is BACK after a few months off and Stephen welcomes back Brittany to the show. This episode has a lot of laughs as Stephen and Brittany chat about the rapid growth of Faught Marketing and their new edition Leia Michelle to their family. Brittany talks about some of her maternity leave time spent in the Faught Marketing offices as she gets first-hand experience of the fun times as well as challenges of a fast-growing company.  Follow Stephen: IG @stephen_faught IG: @faughtmarketing
October 12, 2020
033 - Iron Sharpens Iron feat. Pastor Emil Gretarsson
In this episode, Stephen welcomes to the show the newly called pastor of Open Arms Church Emil Gretarsson. They talk about his journey from The Bronx to the Swamps, how Iron Sharpens Iron, and how to reach out on social media channels to connect and grow an audience.  Follow Stephen and Faught Marketing: IG @stephen_faught IG: @faughtmarketing
June 27, 2020
032 - Guess Who's Back...Livi!
In a special double-take episode, Stephen welcomes back in the studio...Livi! Come laugh a little on her birthday-eve as Stephen and Livi talk about all her adventures from being out of school and time in the office at Faught Marketing during the COVID-19 quarantine.  Follow Stephen: IG @stephen_faught IG: @faughtmarketing
April 21, 2020
031 - Now More than Ever
It's Monday, April 20th and Stephen is back with a short episode on what's been going on with Faught Marketing during COVID-19 as well as the importance "Now More than Ever" of staying active and relevant with your marketing.  Follow Stephen: IG @stephen_faught IG: @faughtmarketing
April 21, 2020
030 - Blocking Out the Noise
In this episode, Stephen talks about how to block out the noise and media surrounding COVID-19 and how to take care of your customers in time of need. Follow Stephen: IG @stephen_faught IG: @faughtmarketing
March 16, 2020
029 - Playing Offense Against COVID-19
In this episode, Stephen talks about how Faught Marketing and their clients are playing offense against COVID-19 and the attention it has created.  Follow Stephen: IG @stephen_faught IG: @faughtmarketing
March 12, 2020
028 - Friday Fire - The Truth About the Choices You Make
In this episode Stephen drops some Friday Fire on the impact on the choices you make in life. He discusses the importance in choices we make and relives a recent choice that impacted  his life and how he turned a bad choice into a good one.  Follow Stephen: IG @stephen_faught IG: @faughtmarketing
March 07, 2020
027 - How to Break Through the Noise
It's an extremely noisy marketplace. So how do you reach your customers and grow your business? In this episode, Stephen gives some tips on how to increase your visibility and create content to break through the noise. Follow Stephen: IG: @stephen_faught @faughtmarketing
February 26, 2020
026 - Livi Faught - All You Need is Love
In this episode, a very special guest stopped by the studio...Livi! Stephen and his daughter Olivia talked about her excitement about becoming a big sister and much more...don't miss this special episode.  Follow Stephen: @stephen_faught @faughtmarketing
February 14, 2020
025 -James Lauga - History and Hospitality
In this episode, Stephen welcomes James Lauga General Manager of Royal Carriages. Stephen and James discuss the 80-year history of Royal Carriages and the importance of customer service.  Learn more about Royal Carriages Here: Follow Stephen: IG:@stephen_faught IG:@faughtmarketing
February 12, 2020
024 - Friday Fire - Burn All the Fuel
It's Friday Jan 31st and on this episode of Friday Fire, Stephen talks about the importance of burning all the fuel in your tank.  Connect with Stephen: IG: @stephen_faught IG: @faughtmarketing 
January 31, 2020
023 - Pastor Rod Pasch - Building Relationships
In this episode Stephen welcomes Pastor Rod Pasch to the show to discuss the importance of building relationships. We also discuss the passing of Kobe Bryant and how everyday is a special gift. This is an episode you don't want to miss.  Connect with Stephen: IG: @stephen_faught IG: @faughtmarketing 
January 27, 2020
022- Friday Fire - What Level of Action are You Taking?
It's Friday, January 24 and on this episode of Friday Fire Stephen talks about the results of taking action and how to overcome fear.  Connect with Stephen: IG: @stephen_faught IG: @faughtmarketing
January 24, 2020
021 - Fire Friday - Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing
In this episode of Friday Fire, Stephen talks about the importance of keeping the focus on what brings you success in life.  Follow Stephen here: @stephen_faught @faughtmarketing
January 17, 2020
020 - Shawn Torres - Navigating Business and Life
On this episode, Shawn Torres (CEO of In-Telecom) stops by to talk about how he built In-Telecom and what it takes to run a successful company. Shawn also drops some serious knowledge on the importance of health, family, customer service and company culture.  Follow Shawn Torres here: @shawntorres838 @_intelecom_ Follow Stephen Faught: @stephen_faught @faughtmarketing
January 16, 2020
019 - Live Life with No Regrets, Going to the Natty
The LSU Tigers are National Champions! How many people are waking up this morning regretting not going to the National Championship?  Stephen talks about his experience going to see the LSU Tigers win the Natty in the Superdome and why it's important to live life with no regrets.  Follow Stephen here: @stephen_faught @faughtmarketing Twittter: @FaughtCEO
January 14, 2020
018 - Friday Fire - Be Known or Be Forgotten
It's January 10, 2020, and Stephen just dropped his second "Friday Fire in 5" episode. In this episode, Stephen talks about why it's important to be KNOWN in the marketplace so you won't be Forgotten.   Follow Stephen and Faught Marketing Here:  IG: @faughtmarketing  IG: @stephen_faught  Twitter: @FaughtCEO
January 10, 2020
017 - Friday Fire - Importance of Making Decisions
It's January 3, 2020, and Stephen just dropped his first "Friday Fire in 5" episode. In this episode, Stephen talks about what takes to achieve success in 2020 and how decision making has allowed him to scale his business globally.  Follow Stephen and Faught Marketing Here: IG: @faughtmarketing IG: @stephen_faught Twitter: @FaughtCEO
January 03, 2020
016 - Rion Battistella - Overcoming Change and Stepping Up When It's Your Turn
In this episode, Stephen welcomes on Rion Battistella of Pabst Cooling Solutions (Client of Faught Marketing) to chat about handling change and how to prepare your home for the change in weather. They also chat about the recent changes in the Saints quarterbacks, a quick flashback to the last time the Saints played the Jaguars and also take a look ahead at the Saints upcoming challenge in Jacksonville.  Here is the Highlight of the John Carney Missed Extra Point: Connect with Pabst Cooling Solutions for all your AC/Heating Needs:
October 13, 2019
015 - Brandon Abbott - Who's Holding YOU Accountable? Transform YOUR Health, Fitness and Mind
In this episode, Stephen welcomes his personal trainer Brandon Abbott on the show. They discuss accountability, mindset, discipline and how to get started living a healthier lifestyle. Stephen began training with Brandon in February 2019 and has seen major transformation in not only his physical appearance but also a shift in his mindset to think even bigger. Follow Brandon on Facebook and Instagram: IG: @brandonabbott_ Facebook: Brandon Abbott
October 04, 2019
014- Wayne Turner - What it Takes to Be Successful and How to Deliver Value to your Clients
Kicking off Season 4 Stephen welcomes Real Estate Expert Wayne Turner. Wayne is the CEO of Wayne Turner Real Estate Group, sells over 200 homes every year and is ranked in the top 1/2% of 1.4 Million agents nationwide. In this episode, Wayne and Stephen discuss what it takes to be successful in growing a business, staying relevant in marketing and delivering value to clients. In the market to buy or sell your home? Connect today with Wayne Turner and the Turner Real Estate Group: More information on Wayne Turner and the Turner Real Estate Group: Wayne helped write the book on home sales. Recognized as a leader for residential home sales and ranked among the top 1/2% of all Realtors in the nation, Wayne consistently lists and sells over 250 homes every year, placing he and his team among the foremost elite for home sales. Recognized in RIS Medias' "Top 50 Realtors on the Rise", honored as a Star Power Systems "Star" and endorsed in the newest "Dummies" book series - "Foreclosure Investing for Dummies". Embracing technology, Wayne understands and teaches the meaning of Leads, Listings and Leverage. Knowing that time is one of his most valued commodities, Wayne re-defines the meaning of using systems, techniques and having an exceptional team. "The faster the sale the more money you net and the less stress in the transaction." Wayne's Credentials Include: Licensed Realtor since 1996 Licensed Broker since 2004 CEO of Wayne Turner Real Estate Group Sells over 200 homes every year. Ranked in the top 1/2% of 1.4 Million agents nationwide. Certified Residential Specialist Star Power Systems "Star" Member Book Contributor - "Foreclosure Investing for Dummies" Panel Speaker at the 2007 RIS Media Conference Honorary Speaker at the 2007 National Association of Realtors Convention
September 27, 2019
013 - Entrenched in Marketing, Millennials and Madness
The show returns with Stephen and Brandon Chapman from Tampa, FL as they discuss nonsense regarding social media today, what's wrong with millennials and the rapid growth of Faught  Marketing. 
June 06, 2019
012 - Season 2 Starts Today.....featuring Stephen Faught (CEO/Founder of Faught Marketing)
On this episode Stephen returns to the mic after being gone since the 10X Growth Conference to discuss his 1 year business anniversary, his new health journey and advice for NOW being the time to go all in on what you are passionate about.  IG:@stephen_faught IG:@faughtmarketing 
April 03, 2019
011 - 10X Growth Con Live from Miami
In this episode, Stephen recaps his 10X experience Live from Miami with Brandon Chapman his Dir of Client Services.  From the speakers, to the networking and takeaways this episode is one you don't want to miss... #10X Stephen and Elena Cardone at 10X via Instagram Let's Connect:
February 04, 2019
010 - Tyler Boyer
This episode was recorded the day after the Saints vs. Rams NFC Championship "No Call" game and Stephen welcomed 18 year old music-producer Tyler Boyer to the show. They discuss how teenagers are using social media and which platforms they spend most their time consuming content. Also spoke about Tyler's music projects and even took a trip down memory lane when Stephen was producing music post-Katrina. Take a listen!
January 28, 2019
009 - Jacquelyn Lindsey
In this episode Jacquelyn of JL Studio stopped by the studio to talk about new design trends in 2019, how to stay motivated after the New Year and how to make the best of your home.  Follow Jacquelyn at: IG: jl_studi0 Web: FB:
January 10, 2019
008 - Stephanie Weeks
On this episode Stephen welcomes Loan Officer Stephanie Weeks of The Weeks Team. Looking to buy or refinance a home in 2019? Have a lot of credit card debt? If so, this is an episode you don't want to miss! Stephanie also discusses her International Best Selling Book "Mortgage Peace" as well as and how she is changing the game helping consumers obtain mortgages. Follow Stephanie here: IG: _therealstephanieweeks FB: Buy Stephanie's Book on Amazon
January 09, 2019
007 - How to Make 2019 a Massive Year
It's New Year's Eve and Stephen is back with an episode to close out 2018. On this episode he drops some fire advice for a massive 2019. If you are ready to make 2019 the best year of your life take a listen and jumpstart 2019 today....
December 31, 2018
006 - My Cousin Vinny
Stephen's Cousin Vinny (Vincent Monnin, founder of AVL Installations) stops by for a podcast episode you don't want to miss! They talk about everything from scaling a business, staying organized, how to handle problems in business and how Cousin Vinny made it onto President Donald Trump's Facebook Page.
December 19, 2018
005 - Back By Popular Demand (**Not Safe for Kids due to Elf Content**)
***(Parents: This Episode is Not Safe for Kids, due to Elf Content)**** On this episode Stephen's wife Brittany returns to revisit her first trip to NYC, planning for the Faught Family Christmas Party, and managing "April" Olivia's Elf.
December 12, 2018
004 - Partnerships and Expansion
On this episode Stephen welcomes on Jacob Fail as they discuss marketing on social media platforms, why client's Facebook ads aren't working and the massive action it took to launch their new business partnership.
December 05, 2018
003 - One Day at a Time
On this episode Stephen welcomes long time friend Chris Boyer as they dive into the new world of marketing and how technology has transitioned over generations. They also discuss business and life lessons learned from the record 7 over-time LSU vs Texas A&M game, questions from a psychology project Chris's teenage son is working on and the future plans for Faught Marketing.
November 28, 2018
002 - Focus on the Target, Not the Work
On Episode 002, Stephen sits down with Denver’s Weight-Loss Expert Dr. Angela Tran to discuss what it takes to grow a business in this new world of social media, weight-loss tips for the holidays, her new best selling book Fat Girl Funeral, and the fastest growing group on Facebook Dr. Transformers! To purchase Fat Girl Funeral on Amazon To join Dr. Transformers View Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss
November 21, 2018
001 - Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Premiere Episode!! On Episode 001, Stephen kicks off his new podcast series with his wife Brittany. They relive their experience taking their 2-year old daughter to Disney World, Brittany’s upcoming first trip to NYC and how important it is to be a team in family, life and business.
November 13, 2018