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Shades of ABA

Shades of ABA

By Shades of ABA
We need to have tough conversations to foster change and growth. Shades of ABA is all about Diversity & Inclusion within Applied Behavior Analysis, the communities & clients we serve, the scientists in the field, and truly understanding that diversity transcends color.
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Bridging the Gap Between Social Justice and Research Practices
On this episode we talk with Dr. Shahla Alai-Rosales, Dr. Traci Cihon, Dr. Alicia Cruz and Dr. Malika Pritchett about their article "Social Justice is the Spirit and Aim of an Applied Science of Human Behavior: Moving from Colonial to Participatory Research Practices"
November 05, 2021
Divided We Fall
On today's episode, Tyanna speaks with Anita Li. Dr. Anita Li and Tyanna dive into the need and incidental barriers of non-BIPOC individuals supporting groups outside of their own. We also begin a conversation on barriers in academia for those who are international and needing a visa.
October 11, 2021
Run Me My Money: Income Inequality
On today's episode we had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Dr. Mya Hernandez, Dr. Margo Uwayo, and Dr. Denise Ross (3 BIPOC PhD women). They are 3 published authors in thew new "Scientific Framework for Compassion and Social Justice: Lessons in Applied Behavior Analysis". Within their chapter they speak on income inequality and how behavior analyst and the science of behavior can remove the gaps that BIPOC employees experience.  Dr. Mya Hernandez: Dr. Margo Uwayo: Book:
September 03, 2021
Twice Consulting is DOING the work
Companies big and small have been looking for DEI trainings and resources for their staff in monumental numbers. In today's episode we welcome Twice Consulting founded and operated by Gabrielle Barrientos and Gemma Skuraton. We discuss their DEI services and how important it is for others to be doing the real work.  Website: Instagram: Twiceconsultingservicesllc
August 10, 2021
Tough as a Mother
In today's episode we honor all the BCBA Mothers in the world! We discuss the experience of 6 different mothers all in different stages of parenthood. A real and raw discussion on how the ABA field can be more inclusive to mothers and the motherhood experience during the Covid-19 Pandemic. 
May 11, 2021
Public Service Announcement for BACB Certificates
In this months episode we speak with the makers of the PSA Pledge ! For Autism acceptance month, we want to focus on how ABA can improve and doing it from within. This pledge was developed to encourage BACB certificates to engage in some reflexive practice and from others in the field for ABA reform! Thank you to Eric Zee, Samantha Storm, and Kerri Milyko for the forward vision.
April 19, 2021
Marcus Motivation
In today's episode we speak with Marcus Boyd. Marcus is an Autistic adult, motivational speaker, Autism advocate, and music creator! We speak with Marcus about his experience with Autism and being a black male. Marcus gets candid and real about having Autism in America and how he has used that has his super power. This episode will be great to understand the Autistic perspective and allow for critical thinking of how you are practicing as a practitioner and as a human.  Visit Marcus website:
February 01, 2021
The Journey through Teal Tuesday's
On today's episode we get to speak with the lovely Camille Morgan! Camille has graciously allowed us to hear her story and battle with mental health. We dive into how companies respond to when employees may be going through mental health concerns. Check her our on her own podcast Love, Sex, and Applied Behavior Analysis! 
January 25, 2021
Prioritizing Mental Health
On today's episode we tackle mental health and clinicians within our field. We have danyelle s. goitia beal on the show to discuss her experience with mental health and overcoming trauma. We speak on how ABA has helped her and how she would like to teach others that ABA can assist with overcoming trauma. danyelle s. goitia beal obtained her undergraduate degree at Long Beach State University. She went on to obtain her Masters of Art in Teaching (Deaf and Hard of Hearing Studies) with an emphasis in Applied Behavioral Analysis. danyelle is currently enrolled in the Clinical Psychology program at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. danyelle has 22 years of experience working with children and their families diagnosed with Autism and other developmental delays. She currently operates a Non-Public Agency named Loving Hands Family Support Services. She has worked with school districts, in the home and clinic settings. danyelle is happily married to her high school sweetheart, Trevor. They share 2 daughters, a 21-year old named, Alyxia and a 3-year old named Skylar Rose. danyelle is obsessed with her family, traveling with them and panda bears. danyelle has a passion for and a commitment to working with children and their families.
January 11, 2021
Ethical Code and Behavior Analysis
In todays episode we are excited to have a cross episode with #dobetter pod hosts Dr. Megan Miller and Joe Smith! We discuss how the ethics code has contributed to the reputation that behavior analysis has within our own community. We discuss to how as ABA practitioners we should look beyond the ethics code. We discuss how some practitioners use the ethics code to their advantage good or bad. Facebook: Do Better Pod Do better Pod can be found on all streaming platforms!
October 26, 2020
Generational perspective taking
In this month episode of Shades of ABA, we interview Dr. Nasiah Crincione-Ulezi! A BCBA from Chicago, working in the areas of ACT, leadership, mentorship, and more! Nasiah has had 30 years of ABA experience and we speak about what she has seen change within the field of ABA from her generations perspective. We discuss what advice she would provide to both herself and future BCBAs coming in on how to navigate the ABA field, provide better mentorship, and creating their own spaces. Dr. Nasiah is also the proud owner of Ulezi LLC and co-own of Pivot to Inclusion! Linkedin: Nasiah Cirincione Ulezi Website: Youtube: ULEZI the Advocate
September 23, 2020
Relation Frame Theory and Discrimination
On Today's episode we got to sit down with Karla Zabala, Cary Trump (no relation), and Kadijah Quinland to discuss a much needed project. These 3 ladies take a step up to provide behavior analytic context around discriminate in the workplace and/or behavior analytic community. We discuss how may discrimination be formed using RFT and what are some take aways for practitioners in the field. Take a listen to their presentation named "A Gender non-conforming Queer and Two Women of Color Walk into a Bar: Identifying Stimuli Signaling Safe Work Environments" Kadijah Quinland: Karla Zabala: Cary Trump:
August 13, 2020
The Journey of Supervision
In today's episode we get to talk with 3 great ladies! Linda LeBlanc, Tyra Sellers, and Shahla Alai speak with us about the journey of supervision. Quality supervision is at the forefront of our field to have a duty to provide adequate practicum experiences. In their new book, Building and Sustaining Meaningful and Effective Relationships as a Supervisor and Mentor, They discuss in-depth strategies of how we, as BCBAs, can become better mentors, sponsors, and supervisors. Listen for a wonderful conversation on how we can do better to build up other BCBA's in the field. Book Order Link:
July 20, 2020
Legacy Book: Multiculturalism and Diversity in the ABA field
In today’s episode we got to catch up with Brian Conners and Shawn Capell! They recently came out with a new book, “Multiculturalism and Diversity in Applied Behavior Analysis: Bridging Theory and Application. We dive into the starting points and solutions the book has provided the ABA field. Their legacy book provides a theoretical and clinical framework to address multiculturalism and diversity for practitioners, agencies, and universities. Website: Website: Facebook: Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter: @BConnersBCBALLC Instagram: @brianconnersbcballc
July 07, 2020
How do we feel about representation in the work place?
In today's episode we had a pleasure to sit with Nicole and Portia from Two Brown Behavior Girls! We talk about why representation matters within the workplace and other avenues within the field of ABA!
June 23, 2020
Tell me how you really feel.
In this episode Adrienne and Tyanna have a candid conversation about the currently social climate of the ABA field. The two discuss solutions to the ABA field and their perspective of how they have felt in relations to diversity and inclusion. 
June 08, 2020
We would like to re-introduce ourselves
In this episode we introduce our new host Tyanna Moore and get to know her. The questions we ask our audience is how can we promote ABA in new innovative ways and keeping up with the times!
April 19, 2020
The Color of Autism
In our second half of the conversation on under-served and at-risk communities, Antonio speaks with Camille Proctor. Camille is the founder of the non-profit The Color of Autism, whose mission is to empower families to help their kids within the African American communities, across the globe. If you are a parent with a child with Autism, you need to hear this. If you are a practitioner who serves the communities of color or individuals with Autism, you especially need to hear this.
March 11, 2020
Under-served Communities Part 1
Adrienne & Antonio discuss the issues parents face in under-served communities and share their opinions on the foundational problems those communities struggle with, as well as posing the question of accountability. It is a two way street and hearing cultural insights may give the practitioners something to think about while mentioning appropriate responses may give the communities something to chew on. This episode is the prelude to an interview with Camille Proctor, founder of the non-profit The Color of Autism Foundation. Listen closely before you react. You may hear something that is needed and unknown. 
February 26, 2020
Allow Us to Introduce Ourselves
Shades of ABA is a podcast devoted to diversity and inclusion within Applied Behavior Analysis. Our hope is to bring people together and conversations to the forefront. Sometimes it will be difficult but we will always learn from our experiences. This is the first episode of many and we wanted to introduce ourselves. The hosts of Shades of ABA are Adrienne Bradley, BCBA & Dr. Antonio M. Harrison, BCBA-D. Let's have a little fun before we dive into the heavier issues. 
February 12, 2020