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Shady Banks

Shady Banks

By Shady Banks
Welcome to Shady Banks! Your favourite spot to listen to topics that everyone tends to avoid discussing. In this podcast we shame no one but we can shade shady topics.
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Today's episode discusses the drama between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the OSCARS. Comment who do you take sides with on this issue?
March 28, 2022
Starting The New Year with Rona.
Happy New Year lovelies!🥳 This episode I talked about how Rona caught up with me in the merriment of the holiday season and celebrations. Please don’t hesitate to tell me how you spent your NYE. In my next podcast I will be reading them out anonymously, so send in the juicy stories🥤
January 06, 2022
What Really Grows The Muscle?!
On today's episode, Olivia who is an elite bodybuilder, athlete and a personal trainer talks about the exponential aspects of growing the muscles.  This episode gives a clearer gaze into understanding the scientific knowledge stance of the human-body system and how it functions in order to build the muscles. As well as, laying emphasis on understanding the healthy food-chain that supports muscle growth. I hope this episode really inspires y'all.  This is a series of living a healthy lifestyle that will be discussed throughout the month of February and I will be hosting other athletes like me on this podcast series. Contact Info: Email: Blog: Instagram: Chiomabanks Snapchat: Chi_eva
February 02, 2021
New Year, New Who? Bye Felicia 2020!!!
In today’s episode, being the first day of the year 2021, Olivia brings some flashbacks moments of 2020 and she talks about things we all should aim for and things we to toss in 2020. Our personal experiences of 2020 should make us know what we want as individuals. She jokes about IG crazy stuff and realities. Stay tuned!
January 01, 2021