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The Spinning Top - Inspiration marinated in Humor & Satire - A Life & Work Podcast by Shafali Anand

The Spinning Top - Inspiration marinated in Humor & Satire - A Life & Work Podcast by Shafali Anand

By Shafali Anand
Overcome your fears, wipe away your tears, and live life in top gear!

Listen to the Spinning Top Podcast hosted by Author and Artist Shafali Anand.

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The Spinning Top podcast is about self-analysis, self-help, self-confidence, inspiration and motivation so that we understand and manage our emotions to feel happy, energetic, and be more productive – It’s about accepting failures and moving beyond them by finding inner-strength and succeeding.
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Hit by Verbal Intolerance? Let it Slide!
Note from the Host: An Update for any listener who might've been wondering whether I've stopped podcasting.   No. I haven't. Just a quick break to review and renew the podcast to make it more me and you.  I shall be back on Friday, January 15, 2021. Have a Great New Year! Episode 17 :: Have you ever been trolled on social media for the unforgivable lapse of not being politically correct? Have you had your fill of intolerant jerks, who love to start feasting on your tiniest goof-ups? Do you, secretly of course, feel that being on social media is a pain-where-it-hurts-the-most, because what you say online could be misconstrued? If you’ve thought and re-thought whether you were treading upon toes, while making a simple social media post, then join me in this episode of The Spinning Top. In this episode, I talk about the importance of letting it slide. Join me on a slightly nostalgic and frightfully truthful podcast about the intolerance that’s growing unabated – fueled, of course, by the digital anonymity of Internet. If you like The Spinning Top, then subscribe or follow it on a podcasting app of your choice. You can leave a voice comment at or a comment to share your thoughts. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Thank you!
December 25, 2020
Stereotyping the Right Way!
Episode 16 :: Punjabis are aggressive… Artists are shabby… Professors are absent-minded… Bengalis are nerds… Women gossip… Wives…you know... Local brands? Don’t waste your money! Dark complexion....ummm...  The list can go on and on and on… And you know what? It’s all stereotyping. Why do we do it? Actually, we don’t. Our brain does it for us. Unfortunately, not all stereotyping is good, but to tell your brain to stop all stereotyping is not just impossible, it's also inadvisable. Stereotyping is born of generalization - and brain generalizes stuff to learn better - and to simplify future decision-making.  But we could do help our brain reduce the negative stereotyping.  In this episode, we will talk about age, gender, and community stereotypes and establish internal dialog as a way to keep ourselves from negative stereotyping. If you like The Spinning Top podcast, please like, subscribe, follow, rate, review, and share with your likeminded friends.  You can connect with Shafali through A Merry Christmas to you!
December 22, 2020
Kill Boredom, not Happiness!
Episode 15 :: Are you bored? Are you looking for a change? Or a transformation that gives you a new life? Have you been thinking of changing your job? Have you been contemplating a move to a new city? Have you been bored of your life…or parts of your life, at least? Worse still, are you becoming bored of your spouse of decades? Boredom is a killer that everyone wants to kill, but the methods that we employ to kill it, can sometimes feed on our happiness. If you too have been feeling stuck in a life that has been going on unchanged for a very long time, then this episode of The Spinning Top podcast could help you decide what you want to do. Remember that the sum of small changes is often bigger than one big change, and some judicious decision-making can help you avoid some head-on collisions! If you like this episode, do listen to other episodes, and subscribe to The Spinning Top or follow it. It is also available on YouTube although with a slight lag, which I hope to cover with the next few episodes. Thank you.
December 18, 2020
Krishna's Key for Success
Episode 14 :: Have you found it difficult to continue pouring effort into an endless pit without knowing if it would ever get filled? Have you experienced the high and the low tides of motivation – flooding your existence in one moment and leaving you with a feeling of hopelessness, the next? Have you found yourself questioning the rationale of working day after day, doing something that empirically has a very low chance of success? Entrepreneurs feel it all the time, so do writers, artists, singers, bloggers… in fact anyone who must toil for a fruit that may eventually turn out to be a mirage. And yet…because this is the only way to get where we aspire to reach, we must continuously fuel our motivation to toil – to put in the effort. This episode illustrates the three facets of Krishna’s advice through experiences and stories. If you too love Krishna and believe that his words from Bhagwad Geeta are timeless and forever contextual, you’ll enjoy listening to this episode just as I enjoyed creating it. If you like listening to The Spinning Top, inspire me by spreading the word. New episodes are published every Tuesday and Friday, so in order to get notified, please subscribe or follow it on a podcasting app of your choice. The Spinning Top is now also available on YouTube, so if it’s your favorite listening platform, you can also follow it at: And I’d love it if you left me a voice comment at: If you’d like to connect with me outside this little time-box, please visit
December 15, 2020
To-Do Lists and their 3 Must-Dos!
Episode 13 :: If you are a working professional, there’s a good chance that you know about the oh-so-seductive to-do lists already! A daily to-do list helps us stay on track with our tasks and ensures that we don’t slip. It helps us manage our time judiciously and also ensures that we don’t forget anything! But there’s a catch. A to-do list must be created right – only then it stays effective. Just jotting down a few points and ticking them off isn’t sufficient. A great to-do list helps us improve our skills, allows us to prioritize, and enables us to carry forward tasks that slip through the cracks. In this episode, I talk to you about to-do lists. I’ve been using them for the last two-decades and I think they’ve been my companion, mentor, and guide. I share three must-dos for the to-do lists – and I think you must check this episode out – regardless of whether you use to-do lists or not. If you enjoy The Spinning Top podcast, please follow it on a podcasting app of your choice. It’s available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Radio Public, Overcast, Google Podcasts; and on Youtube too. If you’d like to connect with me, please find me at Thank you for listening. If you enjoyed the episode, please like, share, and comment. The Spinning Top is available on: YouTube: Spotify: Apple Podcasts:
December 11, 2020
A Personal Note
Episode 12 :: My dear listener, if you know me from life and if The Spinning Top makes you uncomfortable – either because of its choice of topics or because of its edgy and satirical nature, or even because it shows me as a goofball…I want to ask you to hang on and keep spinning – with me or without me. In this personal note, I talk to you about making and breaking images – about learning to accept who we are, and about spinning the best we can. You are welcome to connect with me and send me your thoughts on life and work through If you listen to your podcasts on Spotify or Apple Podcast or Google Podcasts…please follow it there or at, where you can also leave a voice-comment. If you’d like your voice comment to remain personal and if you won’t want me to use it – please let me know in the comment and I promise that I won’t include it in any of the future episodes. You can also listen to The Spinning Top on: YouTube: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Thank you.
December 8, 2020
Lefties, you are Right!
Episode 11 :: If you are a lefty, rejoice, because people around you envy the fact that to look different, all you need to do is be yourself. In this episode marinated in irony and satire, a lefty-ambi shares her feelings on being a lefty and talks about the challenges of existing as a lefty in a world that’s designed for the right-handed majority. Lefties are about 10% of the world population – and many have grown up in societies where the left has symbolized evil, and where the left hand is never used for anything pious or good…and in these societies, lefties are a silent but brilliant minority continuously adapting and mastering their right-leaning environments. If you are a lefty or you know a lefty, listen to this episode and share it with the lefties you know. The Spinning Top is available on: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: And if your favorite podcasting app isn’t here, you should check it out at YouTube: You can reach out to Shafali at:
December 4, 2020
Oh No! It’s the Micro-manager Again!
Episode 10 :: Do you know what being micro-managed is like? When your manager lingers about your work-desk or pulls a chair next to you, and tells you what should be done, critically examines every little thing you do, and essentially robs you of all the happiness that you could’ve gotten from your work, you are being micro-managed. In this episode, join me on a trip into my past to meet my micro-manager, let off your steam by talking about micro-managers of all sorts, and then leave with a four-step tried and tested process to manage and survive your micro-manager. If you enjoyed the episode, don’t forget to subscribe or follow, and do whatever your podcasting app allows to you do, so that we may stay connected. New fun-filled yet soul-connecting episodes of The Spinning Top are published every Wednesday and Friday. The Spinning Top is available on: YouTube: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: And if your favorite podcasting app isn’t here, you should check it out at
December 1, 2020
Be the Early Bird (or How to Wake up Early)
Episode 9 :: Do you want to wake up early? Do you want to savor those peaceful and serene moments of the morning, when night embraces the day? And for achieving this...are you ready to sacrifice the most beautiful part of your sleep? And if you are…there must be a reason – a good enough reason, that will keep you from falling back into your old late rising habit. I rise early - and these days, I am up really early - at  3 AM...and I know that it isn't easy - and there are days when I'd rather not leave the comfort o my bed - but on most days, I'm at my desk by 3:30 AM.  In this episode, I share my three-pronged strategy to not just wake up early, but to do it on a sustained basis. If you’ve been struggling to get the waking-up-early-bit right – then let Shafali talk you into it. And yes, keep a piece of paper and a pen handy. You’d like to note down the three important steps. You are, of course, welcome to write to me about your personal successes and failures with waking up early. I’d love to share your thoughts in my future podcasts. Please find me at If you listen to your podcasts on Spotify or Apple Podcast or Google Podcasts…please follow it there or at You can also listen to The Spinning Top on: YouTube: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: Thank you :)
November 27, 2020
The Boss Monster - Part 2
:Episode 8:: Previously, in Episode 2 – The Boss-Monster Part-1, we talked about taming the Boss-Monster by figuring out the skills that you have or haven’t in common with your boss. In this Episode, we once again return to meet the Boss-Monster and talk about the boss’s behavioral traits. We discuss the two top traits and how we can maintain our sanity while working with bosses who love to take credit for the work we do – or who are nasty and abusive and make our existence at work a misery. But I leave the micro-managing boss for another episode – because I feel that among all kinds of bosses that God has placed in our path, the one who tests our patience to hell and back, is the micro-manager. So if you have a monster of a boss – this episode is for you. You can listen to The Boss-Monster Part-1 at: Or just scroll back to Episode 1 of The Spinning Top in your current podcasting app. This podcast by Shafali Anand is her teatime conversation with an imaginary you, in which she talks about her own experiences with life and talks about falling down and then getting up to get going. In the times of the pandemic, work-from-home causes a bit of tension and stress, but provides a safety net too. As our normal lives stay halted and we remain in animated suspension – it’s important to talk – to inspire and motivate ourselves and others, to handle conflict that we didn’t know existed, experience failures and successes of a different sort – and try to fill our own lives and lives of our loved ones, with positivity, confidence, self-respect, and happiness. Have fun with it and I’d love to hear from you on boss-monsters. As I said before – even anonymous venting helps. Find me at If you listen to your podcasts on Spotify or Apple Podcast or Google Podcasts…please follow it there or at You can listen to The Spinning Top on: YouTube: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: I hope you enjoy this podcast and find it helpful, and yes, be a gem and share with your other boss-trodden friends. Reach me at Thank you :)
November 24, 2020
Overcome Overanalysis – Embrace Happiness
Are you intelligent? Then you aren’t as happy as you could be if only you were a fool. I’ve heard that happiness loves the company of fools – and there’s a reason behind it. A fool doesn’t have the cranial machinery to analyze or overanalyze, and over analysis is a monster that feasts on our happiness! While our wellwishers often speak to us about Analysis Paralysis and tell us not to over-analyze…we seldom talk about why over analysis happens and how we can stop ourselves from overanalyzing. In this podcast, I talk about how we can be intelligent yet be happy. First, we’ll talk about why we over-analyze, then we take four sample situations in which we over-analyze, and finally we look at a three-step method to stop ourselves from getting onboard the over-analysis train that goes to infinity. A little about the Spinning Top podcast… This podcast isn’t a quick pill that promises to take you our of your personal little hell – instead, it’s a 8-10 minute reflection on why we feel and think and behave the way we do. It’s a heart-to-heart conversation with Shafali Anand, who tries to reach beyond the time-window of the podcast and help you pin down your life issues, understand them, figure out why they exist, and leave you with methods that work. This podcast is about holding yourself up and staying safe as you maneuver through success and failure, through boredom, internal- and external conflict, negativity and negative people, to achieve happiness and contentment – so that you feel better and sleep better. This podcast is for the intelligent, deep thinking, reflective you – you who want to spin happy and be free of stress and anxiety. The Spinning Top is available on: YouTube: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: And if your favorite podcasting app isn’t here, you should check it out at If you listen to your podcasts on Spotify or Apple Podcast or Google Podcasts…please follow it there or at If you’d like to connect with me, find me at or follow me on Instagram at:
November 20, 2020
Brilliant Jerks
::Episode 6:: Recently, Mr. Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix said, “Don’t tolerate brilliant jerks. The cost to team work is too high.” Sometimes you come across words that make you do a double take…and when the person who uttered those words is the famous Mr. Hastings, those words come alive and grow wings…and then you see them everything. In this episode I talk about the brilliant jerks and the faux brilliant jerks who are actually plain jerks, and why it’s a good idea to not sand the jaggy-edges of the brilliant jerks. The Spinning Top podcast talks about inspirational and not so inspirational topics such as inner conflict management, organizational behavior, emotional intelligence etc. It’s not about inspirational speeches and step-by-step how-to-dos but about building self-confidence, self-respect, and managing, even eliminating issues such as anxiety, sleeplessness, depression and so on. This episode “Brilliant Jerks” focuses on organizational behavior, creativity and brilliance, teamwork, team-motivation, and how to manage creative minds and addresses the dangers of the not tolerating and getting rid of Brilliant Jerks. Please follow and like, and don’t forget to click the bell icon for notifications…and do visit The Spinning Top is available at: Spotify: Apple Podcasts: And if your favorite podcasting app isn’t here, you should check it out at
November 17, 2020
Cut the Rut
::Episode 5:: Are you getting into a rut? If you got up in the morning without a desire to rush into the arms of your day and explore its mysteries, you are getting into a rut. The rut is unchanging and results in boredom. It is a killer of creativity, inspiration, and happiness – and yet, the rut is necessary too. It’s made of things that you need to do – that you must do, but does it have to be devoid of passion, energy, and optimism? In this episode, I speak about the rut and how without our consent, the rut cannot overpower us. I also share how we can beat the rut and its evil designs, and spin with happiness and energy. Tomorrow is Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, and there cannot be a better time to cut the rut and find something that you want to do – something that will help you break the debilitating spell of the rut. My dear listener, I wish you a beautiful and safe Diwali. May the year bring your happiness and prosperity! If you’d like to connect with me, find me at or follow me on Instagram at: Thank you.
November 13, 2020
Offer a Smile :-)
::Episode 4:: A smile beats words in its ability to communicate, lift moods, form bonds, establish and repair relationships…and yet most of us never use it the way we should – to make lives better and brighter, to keep and mend relationships, to feel better and make people around us feel better. Join me in this fun episode as I recount my experience with a smile, and talk about how and why a smile changes things. If you enjoy The Spinning Top, subscribe to it or follow on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or If your podcasting app doesn’t carry it, let me know through a comment and I will try to get it there for you. If you’d like to connect with me, please find me at PS: I also talk about Emotional Intelligence, Organization Behavior, and other things…and the next episode is going to be about something that’s been making some brilliant but jerky waves in the corporate world.  The Spinning Top episodes are published every Tuesday and Friday. Stay tuned, my friend.
November 10, 2020
Win the War Within
::Episode 3:: Do you cringe when you see lazy, dissolute, and dishonest creeps succeed and get ahead in life? Do you wonder sometimes whether the only way to get ahead is by killing your conscience? Have you ever tried to do things that you didn’t want to…and since then, lost your sleep and peace? Do you want to sleep better, once again? In this episode, we will talk about the war within. This war is made of battles small and big – battles that we must fight with our value-system. Some of these battles are won, some are lost – but the question that we must ask ourselves is whether the price that we pay for these battles is too high. It's called by many different names - morality, spirituality, psychology, self-improvement, emotional intelligence - I just think that it's knowing your own self and learning to live with it...happily. If you enjoy listening to my podcast, please subscribe or follow The Spinning Top. You are also welcome to connect with me through
November 6, 2020
The Boss Monster - Part 1
::Episode 2:: Did you know that it is possible to tame your fire-breathing Boss Monster? Did I hear you say that your Boss isn’t a Monster? Oh yeah? Right, I get it. This episode is for those bleeding hearts that know what I am talking about – and you don’t have to say a word. In this episode, I talk about your boss’s knowledge and skills, and how you may leverage them to tame your particular fire-breathing Boss Dragon. This isn’t about organizational behavior or leadership skills or even about teamwork and team-management! It isn’t about anger-management or self-improvement. It’s simply about ironing out your relationship with your boss and increasing your happiness quotient at work by leaps and bounds. Have fun with it and I’d love to hear from you on boss-monsters. No names, just some delightful venting! Find me at
November 3, 2020
When Things Go Wrong...
::Episode 1:: Have you ever had a day when nothing went right, and when everything that you did, happened to turn sour? Did you then wonder whether fate was against you – and whether your day was jinxed? In this episode, I talk about a day when nothing went right for me - when I began wondering if fate was conspiring against me. I then take you through my analysis of why my mind was making me spiral into negativity, and leave you with a logical argument that will help you pull yourself out of your own self-defeating spins. I hope you enjoy this podcast and find it helpful. If you do, tell your friends and family about it. Do follow or subscribe and if your podcast app allows it, please leave a comment/rating or review.  Reach me at Thank you :)
October 30, 2020
Calling all Spinning Tops :: The Trailer
Meet the host - the dented, painted, and slightly cracked spinning top called Shafali. The first episode of this podcast will be published at 6 PM on Friday, October 30th, 2020. Tune in each Tuesday and Friday evening for the new episodes.  Follow or Subscribe to The Spinning Top on a podcasting app of your choice to reboot yourself and redesign your life - not by trying out tips that may or may not work - but by analyzing your life-events and your reactions to them, and synthesizing your own custom-solutions.  You think you can't?  Think again.  You know yourself the best - you know what has worked for you in the past and what hasn't - so shouldn't you trust yourself to create your own plan to motivate and inspire yourself? Shouldn't you be the one deciding your methods of reducing anxiety and stress? And shouldn't your emotionally intelligent self be the one in dialog with your agitated self?  You just need to know where to look and what to find. Remember, self-development and self-improvement doesn't happen without self-analysis. This is why you need to stop spinning for a moment, check the terrain and audit your capabilities. Who knows, you might want to spin your life in a completely new direction. Connect with your host at a deeper and more emotional level through The Spinning Top podcast. Find this nutty spinning top Shafali Anand, on Instagram at: or visit
October 27, 2020