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Middle Nation E:1 Introduction

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By shahid bolsen
Not your typical Muslim podcast.
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Not your typical Muslim podcast.

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The danger of substituting ready-made opinions for independent thought
Too often we absorb and reflect arguments without thinking them through just because they are articulate.  It saves us the trouble of figuring out where we stand, but in reality, we still don't know where we stand, we just like the comfort of ready-made positions.  That is negligence and intellectual laziness, and we can't afford to do that
November 5, 2019
Liberal ideology will collapse from its own contradictions
What the Left is demanding of people is intellectual sadism: imposing cognitive dissonance through the acceptance of self-conflicting positions.  Traditional values are tried and true and consistent; progress comes from the broader application, not the destruction, of those values.  Hold on to what societies have held onto for millennia, and don't overreact to the radical Liberal trends
October 26, 2019
Middle Nation E:1 Introduction
Focusing on the conflict within the American Muslim community over the LGBT issue and appropriate approaches; The need to avoid hyperbole and sometimes agree to disagree; Plus brief discussion of a couple random headlines...
October 19, 2019
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