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Punk Rock 101

Punk Rock 101

By Shakeout
A podcast where our band Shakeout discusses the journey and ins and outs of being in an independent DIY rock band. Subscribe for tips, tricks, stories, guests, and so much more!
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Social Media For Your Rock Band
In this episode we talk about how we use social media as a band and what we think anyone in a band should focus on. We're no experts, but we are definitely a working band with a lot of experience. Punk rock baby. Cheers!!! Check out our music and more.
April 14, 2021
5 Minutes To Give You Some Motivation To Start Your First Band
This is a clip from one of our live streams where we discuss how to start your first band and getting into DIY music! Get out to a local show. Follow our bands Shakeout on all socials: @ShakeoutNY
April 7, 2021
How We Got Into DIY Music
Welcome to the Punk Rock 101 podcast!!!! We're are going to be posting weekly episodes of our journey as an independent punk band. We'll talk about everything from how-tos, what we could have done better, special guests and so much more!  This first episode we discuss how we got into this whole thing in the first place. Stoked for this next adventure. Cheers.
March 10, 2021