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Shalisa Marie Radio with Patrice-Deanna

Shalisa Marie Radio with Patrice-Deanna

By Shalisa Marie
Shalisa Marie is the host of Shalisa Marie Radio and is passionate about creating safe spaces, where individuals are able to openly heal through conversation. Shalisa Marie is joined by her Co-Host(s) Patrice Deanna, Brittany Miller, and Shae Sienna. The SMR girls, get together on a weekly basis and and hold space for conversations that many may see as uncomfortable or unethical. They focus on examining, confronting, and discussing not only their own realities, experiences, and struggles but their guests too. From time to time, they explore educational topics such as sexual health, credit &
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How to Succeed As An Influencer in 2021 with Annesha Adams
Hey SMR family ,  First off, hit that subscribe buttton!   Second, this week the beautiful Annesha Adams came to pay us a visit and was more than happy to share her blueprint on how she became an influencer and succeeded in todays age.    Enjoy and make sure to follow her on her socials!     Annesha Adams YouTube: Annesha Adams Instagram:   TUNE INTO OUR PODCAST ON VARIOUS PLATFORMS!  FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM! SMR: Patrice-Deanna: Shalisa Marie: Brittany (ImaBadBee) : Shae:
October 31, 2021
Never Give Up On Yourself with Amaya Channy
& class has resumed.. the beautiful Amaya Channy came through to the studio and taught us a lot about staying true to ourselves, silencing the noise, remaining HMBLE & reminding us all to never quit on yourself! guys .. I’m so excited for you guys to watch or listen to this episode, you will be extremely inspired & REMINDED that you are that BITCH! episode is out tonight at 6’ o clock on the dot. spend your self care tonight with us on YouTube and all other platforms you listen to your podcast on. love you sooo much & thank you again Amaya for coming over and sharing your wisdom with us 🌞🌞  Never Give Up On Yourself with Amaya Channy!    FOLLOW AMAYA CHANNY Instagram:  FOLLOW AMAYA ON TIK TOK Tik Tok:   TUNE INTO OUR PODCAST ON VARIOUS PLATFORMS!  FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM!  SMR: Patrice-Deanna: Shalisa Marie: Brittany (ImaBadBee) : Shae:
September 27, 2021
Is You Down For The Come Up Or Nah?
Featuring DJ Natural Wav
August 26, 2021
Melanin Is The New Black!
FOLLOW US ON ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS:    Apple Podcast:    Spotify:    Anchor:    FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM:   Instagram:    HMBLE Productions  Instagram:    Shalisa Maries Instagram:    Patrice-Deannas Instagram:    Ima Bade Bees Instagram:    Shaes Instagram:    ASK US YOUR ANONYMOUS QUESTIONS AND WE WILL ANSWER THEM ON OUR SHOWS!     Website:    FOLLOW OUR VERY OWN SPOTIFY PLAYLIST:
July 23, 2021
Food For Thought with Chef Jah!
All we can say is, fried chicken, calamari, cornbread, garlic mash potato, are you drooling yet?
July 09, 2021
Know Your Worth & Charge +TAX!
Bonjour et bienvenu à tous!    SMR family, this week Mohtohsoh a hardworking videographer, joined us to talk about his drive through the oppressive and sometimes discouraging industry of film. Mo really inspired us throughout this episode as he explained his why, the trials, and the big moves he made plus some he even rejected.    Thank you for coming and leaving a part of yourself at our table.    Go tune into this episode for some amazing motivation!!!   BECOME A PATREON:  Mohtohsoh Instagram:  FOLLOW US ON ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS:    Apple Podcast:    Spotify:    Anchor:    FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM:   SMRS Instagram:     Shalisa Maries Instagram:    Patrice-Deannas Instagram:    Ima Bade Bees Instagram:    Shaes Instagram:      ASK US YOUR ANONYMOUS QUESTIONS AND WE WILL ANSWER THEM ON OUR SHOWS!     Website:    FOLLOW OUR VERY OWN SPOTIFY PLAYLIST:
June 24, 2021
If We Were To Meet Now, Would We Be Bestfriends?
Welcomeeeeee back to a new week on SMR. This week it was just the fam.    Our two hosts Patrice-Deeana & Shae Sienna got honest, deep, and might have over shared in their long overdue drink or drink best friend tag!    Brittany & Shalisa threw a lot of questions at them, so get your popcorn or tea cups and go tune in to their responses...
June 17, 2021
Let's Talk Skin with Nilufer Esthetics
Another week of SMR brings the talented and well educated Rayanne, owner of Nilufer Esthetics to talk everything skin care!   This episode was filled with an immense amount of gems for all skin types! We got into detail about products and routines that work and don’t. Not to mention, we emphasized her thriving brand that caters specifically to each skin type.   Her story is one of a kind and a real message to anyone that thinks they can’t make it, you can, regardless of the setbacks.   Enjoy this episode as much as we did! Rayannes Instagram:  FOLLOW US ON ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS:    Apple Podcast:    Spotify:    Anchor:    FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM:   Instagram:    HMBLE Productions Instagram:    Shalisa Maries Instagram:   Patrice-Deannas Instagram:    Ima Bade Bees Instagram:    Shaes Instagram:  ASK US YOUR ANONYMOUS QUESTIONS AND WE WILL ANSWER THEM ON OUR SHOWS!     Website:    FOLLOW OUR VERY OWN SPOTIFY PLAYLIST:
June 10, 2021
Turn Your Lemons Into Lemonade!
Hey SMR Family! Another week calls for another episode. This week we sat down with @salesbybk to really take a look at the process of becoming who are and want to be. Brandon had the opportunity to reflect and take us on his journey to finding himself. A lot of lessons were learnt and the progression to do and become better continues. Thank you Brandon for taking the time to be selfless and we’re proud of where you are now! looking for a vehicle? Hit your boy up! FOLLOW US ON ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS:   Apple Podcast:  Spotify:  Anchor:  FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM:  Instagram:  HMBLE Productions Instagram:  Shalisa Maries Instagram:  Patrice-Deannas Instagram:  Ima Bade Bees Instagram:  Shaes Instagram:    MUSIC BY: QJ QJ's Instagram:  ASK US YOUR ANONYMOUS QUESTIONS AND WE WILL ANSWER THEM ON OUR SHOWS!   Website:  FOLLOW OUR VERY OWN SPOTIFY PLAYLIST:
June 03, 2021
Switching Positions with Kush
Welcomeeeeee back SMR family,   This week we welcomed back a familiar face that is Kush! this conversation got pretty intense around the topic of being on the other side of cheating. Have you ever crossed a boundary with someone you knew had a significant other? Have you ever done it and found out after they had a significant other? It happens more often than you think in our society today. who is in the wrong though? So many stories, questions, and opinions shared on this episode. so go tune in! & give us your feedback in the comments!! Kush thank you so much for making another appearance. OOK YOUR HAIRCUT WITH KUT KAPABILITIES TODAY!  Kush Instagram: Kut Kapabilities:
May 29, 2021
Gene-Racial Wealth with Financial Philosopher Janelle
SMR family we are back again with some money talks! investing can be a difficult concept for most, as it is not heavily focused on in school and/or by parental figures. We welcomed our guest Janelle the Financial Philosopher and allowed her to break down steps and share tips for those looking to start investing and saving for the future. As well as, talking about the importance of saving, investing, and building credit for our future generations especially as black people. We deserve generational wealth too! It starts with you, so enjoy this episode and break the cycle.    THE FINANCIAL PHILOSOPHER  SOCIAL MEDIA:   Instagram: Telegram:
May 21, 2021
Let's Talk About Sex Baaabbyyyy!
Salutations SMR family! this was an exciting week on Shalisa Marie Radio as we were honoured to have the one and only Donna Savage with us. Donna is a sex educator, so you best believe we got  into some very spicy topics about everything sex. Thank you Donna for really getting us to look within and emphasizing the need to know your own body before being able to present yourself sexually with others! wanna know the secrets? tune in right now only on SMR! DONNA SAVAGE SOCIAL MEDIA:  Donna Savage Instagram: Get You Some Toys or Lube!
May 14, 2021
All Things Work Together For Your Good!
Excited for this. What a spiritual journey we went on within this conversation. Thank you so much to Pastor Daniel for visiting us once again.   PRESERVE YOUR LOVES ONES TIME CAPSULE TODAY! People die everyday,  ​.. don't wait until it's too late!  Share Your Story Website: Share Your Story Instagram:   FOLLOW PASTOR DANIEL WYTNER  Instagram:  Facebook:  G.A.M.E:   TUNE INTO OUR PODCAST ON VARIOUS PLATFORMS!   FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM! SMR:  Patrice-Deanna:  Shalisa Marie:  Brittany (ImaBadBee) :  Xania:  Shae:    ASK US ANONYMOUS QUESTIONS:
May 07, 2021
SEAONS 3.  This shit is going to be fun. Stay with us! 
April 28, 2021
The Storm Passes When You Choose To Be The Sun!
SEASON FINALE, hold onto your seats because it's going to be good!
March 12, 2021
We're Taking You Back!!
Hi SMR Family,    Today we are taking you all the way back to 2018, when we just started... crazy i know.. we've been doing this for two years now and also don't plan on stopping any time soon. We also want to show you that you don't have to have everything in order to make your best work. Use what you can, create quality content, and do your best! You got it!  But anyways, enjoy this episode of compilations of old videos from our first season, have some laughs, and BE INSPIRED!    MWAH, WE LOVE YOU!
March 05, 2021
Is Emotional Cheating, Really Cheating?
Welcome Bacccccck!
February 27, 2021
It Takes Two To Be Toxic
Welcome back SMR family!   We hope everyone is having a great week. this week we had the one & only sos drop some facts, facts, and more facts. We touched on our thoughts about Netflix’s original Malcolm & Marie and how that type of relationship is so related to many of us, which led to conversation about toxic cycles, soul ties, forms of communication and more! we hope you can all take away something from this and enjoy it as much as we did!
February 19, 2021
Should You Date If You're Broke?
Hey SMR family!   We hope everyone’s having a great Thursday... it’s almost the weekend, you got this!  this week us girls decided to get together and switch it up a bit. slumber party!!! enjoy this cozy episode where we talk about a viewers choice. Thank you everyone for the continuous love and appreciation. Enjoy!
February 12, 2021
A Relationship Should Be 100/100!
WHATS UP SMR FAMILY!  This week Kush brought a lot of wisdom and humility to the show.   We talked about what we think is important in a relationship like understanding and spontaneity etc, cat-fishing, the cycle of unfaithfulness, gender roles which led into female bread winners, forms of communication over text, and more!   Thank you Kush for bringing reflection and not being afraid to let us women have it!  Always a pleasure with Shae and the rest of the crew Britt Xania.   Tune in, right now. don't forget to like/comment/subscribe and add in your two cents because we love and acknowledge all of your opinions.
February 05, 2021
If It Doesn't Work Out, Love Again!
WHUDDUP SMR GANG!   This week our guest, music artist, and business man Pheonix came thru to the Hmble Productions Studio with some roses and a bottle of 1800. To say we had a good time was an understatement!  Tune in to our conversations on dating apps, falling for the wrong one, body types, how many rounds should be going down? and much more! Thank you again to the team britt & shae for always spicing things up!  Enjoy SMR Family & CHEERS TO EPISODE 11!!!!!
January 29, 2021
Breakups During Quarantine
WELCOME BACK SMR FAMILY!   This week we sat down with the high school clan to get to the nitty gritty of breaking up in quarantine. We talked about our relationships/situationships through this pandemic, rebounds, toxic cycles & knowing when to call it quits, our love languages, and more! This episode made us laugh, cry inside, and laugh some more. Thank you maia, shae, aliyah, and tequila for being apart of this discussion. enjoy!   TUNE INTO OUR PODCAST ON VARIOUS PLATFORMS!    FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM!  SMR:  Patrice-Deanna:  Shalisa Marie:  Maia:  Shae :  Aliyah:   ASK US ANONYMOUS QUESTIONS:
January 22, 2021
Will You Be Taking The Vaccine?
WELCOME BACK SMR FAMILY,    On todays episode, we sat down with Shevaun Jones, to discuss health, wellness, yoga, meditation, discipline, and consistency.   I hope you all really enjoy this and thank you so much for always supporting!   Love.   TUNE INTO OUR PODCAST ON VARIOUS PLATFORMS!  FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM! SMR: Patrice-Deanna: Shalisa Marie: Brittany Miller:  Shevaun Jones: ASK US ANONYMOUS QUESTIONS:
January 15, 2021
A Limited Mindset Can Detain You From Your Destiny!
WELCOME BACK SMR FAMILY,   On todays episode, we sat down with the beautifully talented Bernice Kerlita Johnson, to discuss mental health, the key to making money, pushing past your threshold to reach your destiny, and so much more man.   I hope you all really enjoy this and thank you so much for always supporting!   Love. TUNE INTO OUR PODCAST ON VARIOUS PLATFORMS!  FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM!  SMR: hmbleproductions Patrice-Deanna: xtrixxsx Shalisa Marie: shalisashaaw Kerlita Johnson: kerlitajohnson Brittany Miller: imabadbee
January 08, 2021
WELCOME BACK SMR FAMILY!   HAPPY NEW YEARS, oh my goodness.... this year has been a really long and challenging year, but if you're reading this just know you are BLESSED to be alive and reading this message right now! Take a moment to give God thanks, his mercy endures forever man!   Anyways, the squad got together to reflect on the new year and talk some shittttt. Forgive the intoxication .... we were celebrating LIFE!   LOVE,  SHALISA MARIE & PATRICE DEANNA   TUNE INTO OUR PODCAST ON VARIOUS PLATFORMS!   FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM!  SMR:  Patrice-Deanna:  Shalisa Marie:   ASK US ANONYMOUS QUESTIONS:
January 01, 2021
We're in Our 20s, There's No Rush!
HAPPY HOLIDAYS SMR FAMILY,   On todays episode, we got the chance to play the Flamingo Drinking Game! We played the Wine & Chill pack, drank, and got deep, all at the same damn time!  If you want to play Flamingo with your friends over the holidays, this is an amazing drinking game to partake in!   Download Flamingo: Flamingo: Party Game Follow Flamingo on Instagram: TUNE INTO OUR PODCAST ON VARIOUS PLATFORMS! FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM! SMR: hmbleproductions Patrice-Deanna: xtrixxss Shalisa Marie: shalisashaaw Shaee: shaeesienna ASK US ANONYMOUS QUESTIONS: Sponsorships: off for this episode
December 25, 2020
God Loves You Unconditionally!
Welcome back SMR Family!   Get ready for an episode that will change your life for the better.  On Todays episode, we sat down with Daniel Wynter and had the most life changing conversation. We spoke on how to forgive yourself for past mistakes and walk into your new story. We covered why God says, "no sex before marriage", why we must me built up before entering a relationship. Honestly, THERE WERE MULTIPLE GEMS DROPPED THIS ENTIRE EPISODE.   TUNE INTO OUR PODCAST ON VARIOUS PLATFORMS!  FOLLOW DANIEL WYNTER:  Daniel Wynters Instagram: @pastordanielwynter  Daniel Wynters YouTube: Church: Open Arms of Jesus Christ -  813 Brock Road, Unit 7    FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM!  SMR: https:hmbleproductions Patrice-Deanna: xtrixxss Shalisa Marie: shalisashaaw ASK US ANONYMOUS QUESTIONS:
December 18, 2020
Stimulate a Womans' Mind, Before Her Body!
Welcome back SMR Family!   On Todays episode, we sat down with ROTM Podcast to dig deeper into exploring a mans mind on behalf of the ladies. I think we found out what we've been searching for lol ....  stay tune and find out!   ROTM Podcast Instagram: rotmpodcastt Dukes Instagram: duuke.m Kotis Instagram: kotiiande Pili Pili Spices Instagram: pilipilispices/ TUNE INTO OUR PODCAST ON VARIOUS PLATFORMS!  FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM!  SMR: hmbleproductions Patrice-Deanna: xtrixxsx Shalisa Marie: shalisashaaw ASK US ANONYMOUS QUESTIONS:
December 11, 2020
Watch the Company You Keep!
HEY SMR FAMILY, This week on SMR we are talking about friendships.  There are three different types of friendships we focus on this episode - a confidant, constituent, and comrade. Please take the time to reflect on the company you keep while also laughing your ass of because we had so much fun with this. Thank you so much to our guests Brittany (IMABADBEE) and Shae for keeping it real, always a pleasure with you ladies.  Always remember, anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.   MUSIC BY: QJ   FOLLOW US ON ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS:  Apple Podcast: Spotify:  FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: hmbleproductions HMBLE Productions Instagram:  Shalisa Maries Instagram: shalisashaaw  Patrice-Deannas Instagram: xtrixxsx Ima Bad Bees Instagram: imabadbee Shaes Instagram: shaeesienna  ASK US YOUR ANONYMOUS QUESTIONS AND WE WILL ANSWER THEM ON OUR SHOWS!   Website:  FOLLOW OUR VERY OWN SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: SMR VIBES
December 04, 2020
Are You Lying to Yourself About Anything?
HI SMR Family, thank you for coming back to join us on this second episode!  On this episode, we continued to explore fun topics such as marriage from a 23-25 year olds perspective, do opposites attract, period talk (sorry men), and so much more.   So sit back, grab you a drink if desired, and just listen.    We love and appreciate you all, thank you!   FOLLOW US ON ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS:  Spotify: Shalisa Marie Radio Apple Podcast: Shalisa Marie Radio Anchor:  FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM:  HMBLEs Instagram: hmbleproductions Shalisa Maries Instagram: shalisashaaw Patrice-Deannas Instagram: xtrixxsx  FOLLOW OUR VERY OWN SPOTIFY PLAYLIST: SMR VIBES
November 27, 2020
But What Do You Want For Yourself?
What is up SMR family?! We are so delighted to be back on screen all GLO'D up in our new space!!! We have a lot of content coming your way so stay tuned!! Thank you so much again to everyone who has continuously supported SMR on this journey. On this come back episode we are joined by our best friends - Xania, Shae, and Aliyah, as we play We're Not  Really Strangers and Convo and Chill (which we do not own the rights to). We explored topics like, lessons from our past relationships, deal breakers in relationships, period talk (so gross lmao), can a woman and a man just be friends, opposites: do they attract, are we lying to ourselves about anything and so much more! Soooooo grab your tequila because we downed ours and enjoy the entertainment ;)   FOLLOW US ON ALL PODCAST PLATFORMS:  Apple Podcast:  Spotify:  Anchor: FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM:  Instagram:
November 20, 2020
SMR VIBES: Jazzy Monika
JAZZY MONIKAS NEW ALBUM, MIXED EMOTIONS CHAPTER 2 IS OUT NOW; AVAILABLE ON ALL PLATFORMS. . . . Stream Mixed Emotions Chapter 2: . . Jazzy Monika is the definition of consistency and chasing your dreams. She has a voice that makes you feel a VIBE immediately. You know those singers who just make you screwup your face throughout their entire song because their just THAT SO GOOD? Ya, Jazzy Monika. She began her music career in Toronto, merged to Atlanta to work on some more music, which resulted in her first EP Mixed Emotions Chapter 1. Now, she is living her best life and chasing her dreams in the city of Los Angeles! PAY CLOSE ATTENTION! I INTRODUCE TO YOU, JAZZY MONIKA. . . . Follow Jazzy Monika: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube: Soundcloud:
May 15, 2020
RODNEYS NEWEST TAPE "IS THIS REAL" IS OUT NOW ON SOUNDCLOUD! IS THIS REAL: I'll let his greatness speak for itself. Just, WOW.  Follow him on all socials: Instagram: Facebook: Apple Music: Spotify:
May 09, 2020
SMR Vibes: Kibra
KIBRAS NEW SINGLE "DON'T WAIT" IS OUT NOW, ON ALL PLATFORMS! Kibra got that R&B sound, mixed with those jazz vocals. Sit back, vibe, and tell me if you agree.  Follow her on her socials: Instagram: Facebook:
May 02, 2020
SMR VIBES: Ash Leone
Honest,  authentic, creative, vulnerable, soulful, and did i mention that she can sanng .. I introduce to you Ash Leone. Follow her on her socials to keep up with her new music Instagram:  Facebook: BLUE PHASE OUT NOW:  . . I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO ANY MUSIC PLAYED ON SHALISA MARIE RADIO SHALISA MARIE RADIO AVAILABLE ON ALL PLATFORMS:
April 17, 2020
where words leave off, music begins. I introduce to you, Srae. Follow her on Instagram - @channelsrae SONG LIST: 1. Modern 2. Leisure ft. TWN 3.  Bath
April 09, 2020
SMR VIBES: Wave Montega
 I introduce to you, Wave Montega. Welcome to the 6ix.  Follow him on his socials: Instagram: @wavemontega Apple Music: Wave Montega Spotify: Wave Montega Soundcloud: Wave Montega
April 02, 2020
SMR VIBES: Joéllen
I introduce to you, Joéllen. A Canadian Singer/Songwriter whose raw sound gives you that sense of soul and brings you back to the 90's. Enjoy and just vibe.  . . . Follow Joellen on all of her social media platforms:
March 27, 2020
Toronto-based songwriter Joël, let him vent for a minute  . . Song List:  1. I'm Really Tryna Hear You Out  2. Vent  3. Everything's Cool . .   Follow him on Instagram: @blamejoel to follow his musical journey.
March 17, 2020
From the east end of Toronto, brings the independent alternative-R&B artist, Eadie. The talented 24-year-old presents smooth R&B flows, with an alternative-pop twist. Keep up with Eadie on Instagram: @eadiee & find her on all music platforms by typing in Eadie . ENJOY, SIT BACK, and JUST VIBE.
February 20, 2020
Lord, How Do I Let Go?
On this episode, I sat down with Charlyn Archer (CEO and Founder of the Key 2 Be) to figure of my life. I've struggled with letting go of many life incidents from my past that have shifted EVERYTHING within me. Since then, I've never known how to LET GO... I've carried a lot of baggage with me that have effected many new relationships I have stepped in. Everyone always tells me, "Shalisa you just have to let go and move forward" but no one can ever tell me HOW.. what is involved in letting go? What is included in the process of letting go? LORD, WHAT DO I DO? HELP ME, GUID ME. Welp yallll, all the answers i've been trying to find, are right here. Enjoy, Like, Share, Subscribe. Love ALWAYS. 
December 19, 2019
EPISODE 34: Are Women More Trifling Then Men?
Leave your comments below .. 
November 28, 2019
EPISODE 33: If You Love Me, Let Me Know!
Our favorite day of the week stopped by 👀📅 . . 😬💓 FRIDAEE (@thisisfridaee ) !!!!! She will be dropping her newest track, How We Used To. . . She came on the show to discuss her newest project called Pages, the trials of being an independent artists, and a little about how to conquer heartbreak... 💔 . . I especially from a young age have always had a love for housemusic. I can listen to it when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m angry, and especially when I’m LIT🤷🏽‍♀️☺️. . . I was recently introduced to @thisisfridaee ‘s music. As an artist with a Jamaican- Ghana decent, I was surprised to hear a thumping beat in my ears as the music began to play. I think Fridae is a trendsetter. She’s different. I think she has a great image where not everything is so black and white. This interview was FULL OF GOOD VIBES! Take some time out of your day/night and go check her music. If you love EDM and Rave Music, this is the girl for you. 🥳💓✨☺️
November 22, 2019
EPISODE 31: OH, Trifling Men.
As you can tell, we're tired of trifling men.  SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, LIKE, SHARE! Connect With Us. Youtube: Shalisa Marie Radio Instagram: @shalisamarieradio
November 15, 2019
SMR VIBES: Bibi Bourelly
Don’t forget to use @shazam to find your favourite SMR artist!  . . Artist: Bibi Bourelly  Location: Berlin, Germany & Washington, DC  Instagram: @bibibourelly  Apple Music: Bibi Bourelly  Spotify: Bibi Bourelly  SoundCloud: Bibi Bourelly .  . . SONG LIST:  1. Material Things  2. Ballin  3. Wet .  . . Don’t be afraid to use @SHAZAM to find Bibi Bourellys music!  . . CONNECT WITH US!  IHeartRadio: Shalisa Marie Radio  Instagram: @shalisamarieradio  Apple Podcast: Shalisa Marie Radio  Spotify: Shalisa Marie Radio  Anchor: Shalisa Marie Radio  YouTube: Shalisa Marie Radio . . . Welcome to SMR VIBES!  This will be a new project under Shalisa Marie Radio, representing the best underground artists all over the world. Our intentions are set on providing support to all independent artists, to help keep them driven and drive as many future fans to their page (just through a click of a button: SHARE)”. Each episode will highlight ONE artist and three to four of their songs. This will instantly create future fans for the artist and will overall help promote their brand. @wav . . . .  #music #undergroundmusic #independentartists #toronto #6ix #canada #rap #singer #podcasts #torontopodcasts #artist #musicians #bibibourelly #shalisamarieradio #rnb #newyork #atlanta #losangeles #supportandshare
November 08, 2019
EPISODE 30: Can Black People Be Racist?
Can Black People Be Racist? 
October 24, 2019
SMR VIBES: Raahiem
SMR VIBES : Raahiem SMR Episode Produced By: Stephen Jones ---------------------------------------------------------------- Artist: Raahiem Location: Brampton Instagram: @Raahiem Apple Music: Raahiem Spotify: Raahiem SoundCloud: Raahiem  ----------------------------------- SONG LIST: 1. Peak (Fed Up) 2. Dive 3. Breathe (Interlude) 4. Paradise (Tonight) Don’t be afraid to use SHAZAM to find Raahiems music! ---------------------------------- FOLLOW SHALISA MARIE RADIO ! IHeartRadio: Shalisa Marie Radio Instagram: @shalisamarieradio Apple Podcast: Shalisa Marie Radio Spotify: Shalisa Marie Radio Anchor: Shalisa Marie Radio YouTube: Shalisa Marie Radio
October 04, 2019
Y Shaws is a Hip-Hop artist from Toronto, who has been in the music scene for many years now. He created this amazing piece of work a decade ago and we really wanted to shed light on how CLEAN this album STILL sounds. Stay tuned and VIBE. Y Shaws Instagram : @potentialfilmsinc Apple Music: Y Shaws Spotify: Y Shaws
August 30, 2019
Oseko is a Hip-Hop firehouse. This episode contains songs off of his newest album Sankofa. GO BUMP THAT! #SMRVIBES Instagram: @Iamnotoseko Apple Music: Oseko Spotify: Oseko 
August 15, 2019
Jords is a singer / songwriter from Croydon, South London, England who transcends the genres of Hip-Hop, RnB, and Poetry all together through his music.  Follow him on his socials :  Instagram: @Jordsonline  Apple Music: Jords  Spotify: Jords
August 08, 2019
Vacs is a Ghanian singer, producer, and engineer who gives off a lot of Afro Beats energy. This episode is in honour of Caribana Weekend in Toronto.  GET READY TO WUK UP YUH WAISTLINE!! Instagram: @Vacsonit Soundcloud: Vacs Apple Music: Vacs Spotify: Vacs
August 01, 2019
 J KAZ is musical artist from London, UK.  His artistry withholds a mixture of Afro Beats and Dancehall.   As it is summer, we precisely selected three songs that we thought matched the years mood. We need all of you to sit back, smoke di herb, sip your wine, or even remain sober and just VIBE.  Instagram: @iamjkaz Spotify: J KAZ  Apple Music: J KAZ  Soundcloud: iamjkaz  YouTube: iamjkaz #ukmusic #ukartists #londonmusic #afrobeats #dancehall #london #toronto #undergroundmusic #shalisamarieradio #newyork #atlanta #miami #losangeles #musicmarketing #music #6ix #6ixside #podcasts #upcomingpodcasts #radio #issavibe
July 26, 2019
SMR VIBES: Derin Falana
On today's episode on SMR VIBES, we shed light on Hip- Hop / RnB artist Derin Falana. | He comes from Brampton, Ontario and demonstrates his natural talent through the art of versatility. Let's VIBE.  Derin Falana Instagram: Derin Falana on Spotify : Derin Falana on Apple Music: Derin Falana on Soundcloud:
June 07, 2019
SMR VIBES: Mileena
Welcome to the first episode of SMR VIBES!  This will be a new adventure  for Shalisa Marie Radio, where we play the best underground artists all over the world.  We want to emphasize and demonstrate how important it is to support upcoming artists and how FAR THEY CAN GO BECAUSE OF IT.   Each episode will focus on specifically on ONE artist, therefore they are given EVERYONES attention and you may just discover your new favourite artist. That is the goal.  Anyways, enough with the talking...  Artist: Mileena | Hometown: MISSISSAUGA | Instagram: | Apple Music: | Spotify: 1st Song: EVE 2nd Song: Yesterdays Breakdown 3rd Song: Seasonal Lovin' SUPPORT MILEENA AND FOLLOW HER JOURNEY. 
May 15, 2019
EPISODE 29: Where Do We Go When We Die?
MUSIC BY: Majo - Ready to Let / Hallow  Sideline 4 EP  - On this episode of SMR, I sat down with some friends to discuss spirituality versus religion, where the soul goes when we die, do you believe in reincarnation, is there a heaven or hell, is God real, and sooooo many more great sub-topics. Tune in and share your opinions with us in the comments below! -------  SUBSCRIBE & CONNECT WITH US !       Majo's Instagram:  Shalisa Marie's Instagram : http:/       Patrice Deeanna's Instagram:   E-mail:      LOVE YOU ALL!     LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE :)
March 21, 2019
Reminder to Self: Sincerely, Storm Toronto ⚡️
These past two weeks have been extremely challenging for me. I have gone back and forth with myself trying to figure out what exactly my role on this earth is and if i'm truly living in my truth and purpose. I have undervalued the amount of hard work i have put into this platform and other projects I'm involved in, because I haven't received the outcome i have been desiring as of yet. Being an entrepreneur is very hard and very challenging and can easily result into a mental health issue. So in these times, it is always AMAZING and HELPFUL to have friends like Storm who can remind me how much substance i hold and how my voice and platform can seriously change the game. It's important to have people in your life who can hold you up when you're feeling down, because I honestly don't know how else I  would stay sane. This is a just a reminder to all of you, to keep going even when the road gets rough and the water gets deep, stay afloat, breathe in moderation, and some day you will reap all that you deserve. Love you all always. Mwah.   -------  SUBSCRIBE & CONNECT WITH US !       Storm. Toronto's Instagram:  Shalisa Marie's Instagram : http:/       Patrice Deeanna's Instagram:   E-mail:      LOVE YOU ALL!     LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE :)
March 16, 2019
EPISODE 28: No Apologies, Only New Discoveries!
MUSIC BY: Jazzy Monika - Too Late  Jazzy Monika Instagram: EPISODE 28: No Apologies, Only New Discoveries    Life is a never ending journey. We take chances, and we make mistakes. This episode we wanted to express how we are not perfect and show that we are still growing as young individuals. Pain comes naturally with life, but if you do not sit back and think about what you learned from the situation... how can you grow from it? Pain nourishes your courage and this is a quote we can both relate to in various ways. In light of this, we also through in some long term relationship tricks that even we, took some notes on! Please enjoy EPISODE 28: No Apologies, Only New Discoveries  Thank you to our production team @vrplanet   --------  SUBSCRIBE & CONNECT WITH US !     Shalisa Marie's Instagram : http:/     Patrice Deeanna's Instagram: E-mail:   LOVE YOU ALL!    LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE :)
March 01, 2019
MUSIC BY: Benita - Anything  Benita's Instagram: EPISODE 27: ISSA RED FLAG 🚩 For this episode we decided to get a small group of intelligent individuals to express themselves around red flags. We argued, we laughed, we vocalized our thoughts, and we even stayed quiet at some points. We were all able to come together and respect each other’s experiences and learn a little something while we were at it. Thank you to everyone who were apart of this episode to make it happen! And a special thank you to @rydotwill @johnkokkoros @imabadbee & @anthonyjhade ✊🏾 for keeping it 100% real throughout this whole episode. SMR FAMILY ... you guys are going to LOVE this segment. S/O to production @vrplanet @cascray @vrcam Enjoy! EPISODE IS OUT NOW! CHECK OUT THE KICKBACK PODCAST WITH RYAN & JOHN : CHECK OUT WOAH MAN PODCAST -  --------  SUBSCRIBE & CONNECT WITH US !     Shalisa Marie's Instagram : http:/     Patrice Deeanna's Instagram: E-mail:   VR Planet Productions LOVE YOU ALL!    LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE :)
February 22, 2019
EPISODE 26: Practicing Mindfulness
MUSIC BY: Cheyenne Lavene - Runaway Cheyenne Lavene's  Instagram: --------  This episode comes at the right time. Life comes and goes and sometimes losing someone is very hard for people to grasp and understand. It is also a time right now where love is in the air and people are celebrating and being joyful. Mindfulness is for everyone. Mindfulness is a practice but also a lifestyle. Mindfulness is like a reset button to every new moment, every new situation, every new conversation! Enjoy this episode and take something away to bring into your everyday life! SUBSCRIBE !    -------  CONNECT WITH US !   Shalisa Marie's Instagram : http:/   Patrice Deeanna's Instagram:    E-mail Us At -   LOVE YOU ALL!   LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE :)
February 13, 2019
EPISODE 25: Damn, He Did It Again..
MUSIC BY: Jaden Muniz - I Need You  Jaden Muniz's Instagram: Ever felt like you tried your hardest in a relationship? Really believed in that person? Did all the good things you thought this person would appreciate? ...Only to feel pain, guilt, stupidity, betrayal. Not even a “thank you.”  We have all been there, for some of us, more than once.  Do not live your life with the feelings of anger, pain, and hatred.  CONTINUOUSLY put good in the world for it will come back to you 10x greater. Never consider these situations a waste of time but instead, reflect on what lesson came from this? How can I not make these same mistakes again?  and hey, one day that person might look back and absorb all the good you did for them.  So we are telling you “thank you!”  Thank you for being you! Keep radiating. --------------- SUBSCRIBE ! ------- CONNECT WITH US! Shalisa Marie's Instagram : http:/   Patrice Deeanna's Instagram:  Shalisa Marie's SnapChat - @shalisamariee  Patrice Deeanna's Snapchat - @xoxdeannaa  E-mail Us At -  LOVE YOU ALL!
February 01, 2019
EPISODE 24: How To Gain Self Control
MUSIC BY: Mathias Haze - Not Me / Mathias Haze - Far Too Long Mathias Haze's Instagram: NUFF RHETORIC EP OUT NOW 🤫🏅 || Co-Hosts Patrice Deeannas First SOLO Episode! We all come from different walks of life and our individuality, uniqueness shape us into the human beings we are. Hug your struggles as tight as you hold your success. Reflect on your highs and lows & choose the actions you want to repeat and the actions you want to extinguish. Dive deep into your heart to radiate an atmosphere of understanding, strength, and acceptance. Feel young, feel fierce, feel free.  SUBSCRIBE !     -------  CONNECT WITH US!   Shalisa Marie's Instagram : http:/   Patrice Deeanna's Instagram:    Shalisa Marie's SnapChat - @shalisamariee  Patrice Deeanna's Snapchat  - @xoxdeannaa    E-mail Us At -   LOVE YOU ALL!
January 28, 2019
EPISODE 23: Special Manifestation Session ✨
 MUSIC BY: Pvrx - Make it / Pvrx - 94 Pvrx Instagram:  This week we decided to focus on the future. Not only was this exercise uplifting but, also motivating. If you are feeling lost, planning for the future can give you a sense of direction, and allows you to set the bar you are striving to meet. SMR family encourages you to try this out. Relax in solitude, take a pen and paper and write “My Future Is Full Of...” write out this list, general or specific and make it happen! The future does not have to be 10 years from now. The future is tomorrow and all you have is you!  SUBSCRIBE !   -------  SUBSCRIBE !    -------  CONNECT WITH US!   Shalisa Marie's Instagram : http:/  Patrice Deeanna's Instagram:  Shalisa Marie's SnapChat - @shalisamariee  Patrice Deeanna's Snapchat  - @xoxdeannaa    E-mail Us At -   LOVE YOU ALL!
January 18, 2019
EPISODE 22: Why Do Black Women Have Such A Huge Problem With Black Men Dating White Women?
MUSIC BY: Jayd Ink - Darkskin // Jayd Ink - In Many Ways Jayd Ink's Instagram: ---------------------- Although many grow up in a society where everyone looks the same, acts the same, and follows the same customs, other parts of the world are fortunate to have many walks of races, beliefs, and cultures that differ from each own to live amongst each other cordially. Ultimately, this leads to relationships between two people, two cultures, two races, that would have been taboo 50 years ago and still likely to exist as taboos today. This episode focuses on ideas that some individuals do have a type and would like to stick to what they know. Whereas, others would like to explore and not limit themselves to someone just to preserve the line they grew up on and are encouraged to continue from people around them. SUBSCRIBE !   -------  SUBSCRIBE !    -------  CONNECT WITH US!   Shalisa Marie's Instagram : http:/  Patrice Deeanna's Instagram:  Shalisa Marie's SnapChat - @shalisamariee  Patrice Deeanna's Snapchat  - @xoxdeannaa    E-mail Us At -   LOVE YOU ALL!
January 11, 2019
EPISODE 21: We're All Ignorant AF.
MUSIC BY: Romeyo Wilson - Distraction / Romeyo Wilson - Birthday  Romeyo Wilson's Instagram: ---------------------- In today's episode, Patrice and I discuss old taboos that used to be a no no in past society but are now accepted or over looked.  A lot of taboo's still float in the world that many of us in the western world wouldn't even think of. We aimed for this podcast to teach you guys about some things we see as "normal" in today's society. Suicide is a topic that has grown drastically in our generation today. Please show the ones you love affection, tell them every day. Someone around you may be smiling on the outside but screaming for help within. If you are someone who is suffering TALK TO SOMEONE!!! You trust, you respect, you love!  SUBSCRIBE !   -------  SUBSCRIBE !    -------  CONNECT WITH US!   Shalisa Marie's Instagram : http:/  Patrice Deeanna's Instagram:  Shalisa Marie's SnapChat - @shalisamariee  Patrice Deeanna's Snapchat  - @xoxdeannaa    E-mail Us At -   LOVE YOU ALL!
December 28, 2018
EPISODE 20: What You Choose To Focus On Becomes Your Reality
MUSIC BY: Nahom - Have You (Unreleased) / Nahom - Destroy Us ( Nahom's Instagram: ----------- Anything you picture for yourself already exists. Simply place yourself in that position to receive, and one day you're going to say holy shit .. it happened. Just remember, nothing happens overnight. Be patient my love and stay positive. What you think is, to think the TRUTH. It's all up to you.  ----------SUBSCRIBE !   -------  SUBSCRIBE !    -------  CONNECT WITH US!   Shalisa Marie's Instagram : http:/  Patrice Deeanna's Instagram:  Shalisa Marie's SnapChat - @shalisamariee  Patrice Deeanna's Snapchat  - @xoxdeannaa    E-mail Us At -   LOVE YOU ALL!
December 09, 2018
EPISODE 19: Allow Us To ReIntroduce Ourselves !!
MUSIC BY: Intro: OG Dozier - Recognize / Outro: OG Dozier - She OG Dozier Instagram: ----------- ALLOW HER TO INTRODUCE HERSELF, I GOT A CO-HOST WHO JUST HAPPENS TO BE MY FAVORITE PERSON EVER! ------------------------- CONNECT WITH ME Instagram - http:/ SnapChat - @shalisashaaw E-mail - ---------- LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE! Enjoy
November 30, 2018
EPISODE 18: Heartbreak, Relationships, and Female Vulnerability
MUSIC BY: Kelsey Vaz - Focus / Kelsey Vaz - Put You On Kelsey Vaz's Instagram: ------- Heartbreak is about accepting rejection after being intimate strangers whose emotions transformed from love to hate because of the painful experience of love and all the sad smiles made by selfish lovers who trustfully lied. ------------------------- CONNECT WITH ME Instagram - http:/ SnapChat - @shalisashaaw E-mail - ---------- LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE!
November 22, 2018
EPISODE 11: Girls, Come Back 🥂!
MUSIC BY: QJ - Ima Flex / I Ball Instagram: This is a continuation of Episode 10 - Girl Talk. Hope you all enjoy! SUBSCRIBE ! ------- CONNECT WITH ME Instagram - http:/ SnapChat - @shalisamariee E-mail -
November 17, 2018
EPISODE 10: Girls, Let’s Talk 🥂
Get some tea and get ready for that GIRL TALK.
November 17, 2018
EPISODE 17: Love Starts Within ..
MUSIC BY: Jazzy Monika - Be There. Jazzy Monika's Instagram: A relationship will not bring you complete happiness. I hope this episode helps you realize that. ------------------------------------- CONNECT WITH ME Instagram - http:/ SnapChat - @shalisashaaw E-mail - ---------- LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE!
November 16, 2018
EPISODE 16: Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
MUSIC BY: King Hall - Disbelief / Fade Away Instagram: King Hall - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONNECT WITH ME Instagram - http:/ SnapChat - @shalisashaaw E-mail -
September 27, 2018
EPISODE 15: When Is The Right Time To Say "I Love You"?
MUSIC BY: Time of Day - Finn Instagram: Finn - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONNECT WITH ME Instagram - http:/ SnapChat - @shalisashaaw E-mail -
September 27, 2018
EPISODE 14: Featuring M1RZA - How We Met Each Other At Paris Hiltons Home In LA.
MUSIC BY: M1RZA - I'm Right Your Wrong // Twigg Drive Freestyle (Outro) Instagram: M1RZAl - CONNECT WITH ME Instagram - http:/ SnapChat - @shalisashaaw E-mail -
September 27, 2018
EPISODE 13: How We've Dealt With Grief, Healing, and Overcoming It All
MUSIC BY: Shine - Hawaiian Dyl Feat. Munnacash Instagram: Hawaiian Dyl - Munnacash - CONNECT WITH ME Instagram - http:/ SnapChat - @shalisashaaw E-mail - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I sat down with my homegirl Khadejah aka Freshmen Clothing to discuss how we've been dealing with the loss of our loved one and the actions we've made thus far to heal from it and overcome.
September 10, 2018
EPISODE 12: Featuring QJ - Discusses Toronto Support, Being Blinded By Hoes, and Future Goals
MUSIC BY: QJ - Ima Flex / I Ball Instagram: CONNECT WITH ME Instagram - http:/ SnapChat - @shalisashaaw E-mail -
August 23, 2018
EPISODE 8: Featuring DJ Rosegold - Long Distance Relationships and The Importance of Branding
On Episode 8 of SMR, I had the pleasure of sitting down with an amazing female DJ who carries the most beautiful energy, she goes by the name of Dj Rosegold. We discussed how she came up in the industry, how to balance being in a relationship and working in a field that makes you travel , how to properly brand yourself and open yourself to opportunities, and discusses her special event coming up this Sunday, July 22nd, 2018; ROSE YACHT PARTY! STAY TUNED!
July 20, 2018
EPISODE 7: Do Looks Matter?
On Episode 7 of Shalisa Marie Radio, I sat down with my Group Podcast Team to discuss if looks matter in a relationship or not .. What do you think ? STAY TUNED!
July 13, 2018
EPISODE 6: Featuring The Nuance - They Don't Really Trust These Hoes!
MUSIC BY: Yerrrrr! - Nuance / We Be Alright - Nuance The Nuance Discuss What It’s Like To Work In A Music Group, Their Process Of Making An Album, Upcoming Projects, Why They’re Not Cool With Their Girl Wining On Another Man In The Club, And Manifest Their Goals On SMR.
July 06, 2018
EPISODE 5: Featuring Freshmen Clothing - Boy, Bye 🙄
MUSIC BY: Jazzy Monika - Ritual (Link Up) / Jazzy Monika - Us On Episode 5 of Shalisa Marie Radio, we sit down with Freshmen Clothing to discuss their special event coming up on Saturday, July 7th, 2018 at Sunkissed / CUBE Nightclub from 3:OOPM - 9:00PM. We also discuss our crazy experiences with men approaching us women in the club, whether we like day parties or night parties better, if it's okay for your man to wine with another girl, and how to PROPERLY approach a female if interested. ENJOY :)
July 06, 2018
EPISODE 4: Featuring Tré Wes - UP NEXT!
On Episode 4 of SMR, Shalisa Marie sits down with the Incredible Tre Wes as they discuss who he is as an artist, what kind of genre his music fits into, what kind of advice he would give to the young bucks coming up, and we end with an interesting game.. which disappoints Shalisa Marie in the end! STAY TUNED.
July 06, 2018
EPISODE 3: Situationships Part II
Music By: Nuance - Chasin Me / Nuance: Ride For Me --- Episode 3 of Shalisa Marie Radio is a continuation of Episode 2: Situationships Part I. We begin to go more in depth with the different kinds of situationships and discuss if there would be any risks and/or benefits that could possibly come along with these different categories.
July 06, 2018
EPISODE 2: Situationships Part I
Shalisa Marie Radio: EPISODE 2 - Situationships Part One. [ Shalisa Marie Radio is also available on Apple Podcast, Youtube, and Stitcher] SUBSCRIBE ! -- On Episode 2 of Shalisa Marie Radio, I decided to gather a special collection of my favourite people to sit around the table and share their opinions on what a Situationship is. We all had very different perspectives and it was a very interesting discussion that I would love for you to stay and listen to. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed talking about it, cheers. #HMBLEProd SMR Podcast Members Instagrams: @brettcarr_ @crayezmf @xtrixxsx @tatiannanewland @__jaaybay @khadejah.cee @scitssnate @tiathevenin @eboneelala_ @laaxania @keyanachantel @shaquiramiller
July 06, 2018
EPISODE 1: You’ll Be Hearing Me Through Your Speakers
INTRO SONG : KOFI - SHAME OUTRO SONG: KOFI - ON MY OWN ---- Shalisa Marie Radio is also available on Apple Podcast, Youtube, and Stitcher] Please get ready and hold on to your seats for this huge platform that HMBLE Productions is about to present to you: SHALISA MARIE RADIO! This will be a platform where we discuss the most intense, uncomfortable, steamy, yet RAW topics to date. These discussions will be held with myself along with guest co hosts every other week. The second avenue to this platform is to help provide a platform for up and coming LOCAL artists of all genres who need a helping hand in building their own audience, getting their music heard, and creating a market value for them to succeed. SMR will also cater to entrepreneurs. This is the beginning of something new and I am beyond grateful to be the leader in this huge project. HMBLE PRODUCTIONS presents SHALISA MARIE RADIO. Let's make this universal.
July 06, 2018