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The Mega C-Suite Stories

The Mega C-Suite Stories

By Shamane Tan
The Mega C-Suite Stories cover a variety of C-Suite and executives guest speakers and their candid stories as they share from industry experiences.
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Rewiring the Brain and Understanding Neuroscience for Leadership Success - EP 26
In this episode of the Mega C-Suite Stories, Vannessa McCamley, author of Rewire for Success, and 'Neuroscience of Leadership' Coach joins Host, Shamane Tan, and shares takeaways from her years of research. This session covers: - How Vannessa got into the field of neuroscience research - Four easy steps to implement to create new wiring for neuroplasticity - The F.O.O.D framework - How can leaders prime their brain while managing cyber risk  About the speakers: Guest speaker - Vannessa McCamley - REWIRE for SUCCESS is available on Amazon. Podcast host - Shamane Tan, Chief Growth Officer, Author & Cyber Risk Meetup Founder -
November 26, 2021
Hear about the Perspective on Cyber Risk from the CRO of a Giant Telco, Telstra - EP 25
In this episode of the Mega C-Suite Stories, Joanna Knox, Telstra's CRO, joins Host, Shamane Tan, and talks about her world of risks. This session covers: - What Jo views as her key #risk priorities - Where and how #cyberrisk fits in - How would a #CRO gets their business prepared for the different cyber risk scenarios - How would a CRO work with their other execs to help them execute their #strategy? - Top tips on helping your business be achieve #cyberresilience - 3 questions to assess if you're covering your cyber risks appropriately Joanna Knox, Chief Risk Officer, Telstra - Shamane Tan, Chief Growth Officer, Author & Cyber Risk Meetup Founder - Website:
October 01, 2021
Former Chief Security & Technology Officer Talks about the Covid-Safe Check-In App, Cloud & Data Breaches - EP 24
In this episode of the Mega C-Suite Stories, Michael Cracroft, former CISO at Service NSW, joins Host, Shamane Tan, and shares what were some of the key success factors in securing the public sector.   This session includes covering some of the elements of consideration in his team being able to deliver the Covid-safe check-in app securely in the pandemic times, all the way through to lessons learnt from data breaches and from his previous cloud journey - for companies moving into cloud, how to avoid opportunities missed.   Michael Cracroft, SNSW's former CS&TO - Shamane Tan, Chief Growth Officer, Author & Cyber Risk Meetup Founder -    Website:
July 15, 2021
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab's CISO Addresses Cyber Risk in Space - EP 23
This episode covers how Preston Miller, NASA JPL's CISO, aligns cyber risk in accordance to his business risk, what is their number #1 out of the CIA triad, and what is considered as risk against NASA's mission success. Preston also talked through his current campaign of security being the office of 'KNOW', explaining his approach with the business leaders, and on the importance of having a robust disaster recovery plan.  To unpack his top tip for aspiring CISOs or CISOs who are taking up new roles in different industries, check out this session (full recording released).   Discussion Points:  * Preston's journey as a CISO in NASA: 1:02 * Key things he had to do to adapt/ do security differently: 02:51 * Aligning cyber risk according to the business understanding of risk: 07:16 * What keeps the NASA CISO up at night: 12:29 * How a DR plan looked like in NASA JPL's context: 15:53 * Preston's top tip for CISOs & Security Professionals: 20:31 Preston Miller, NASA JPL's CISO - Shamane Tan, Chief Growth Officer, Author & Cyber Risk Meetup Founder -
July 01, 2021
The Global Threat Landscape of Cybercrime and Interpol's Mission - EP 22
In this episode with Doug Witschi, the Assistant Director for Cybercrime Threat Response at Interpol, we talked about the current issues with cybercrime, observations and stories of recent cases that Interpol was involved in, including the role we can play as an ecosystem. Doug Witschi - Shamane Tan (Host) - #cybersecurity #cybercrime #interpol #community #collaboration #incidentresponse #cyberemergency #cyberattack #crisis #CISO #breach
June 14, 2021
How One of the Globally Top Ranked University Built an Effective Security Culture - EP 21
In this episode with Leong Boon Ang, the Head of IT Security at the National University of Singapore (NUS), we covered the University's key milestones of their security journey, how they dealt and matured in dealing with past cyber incidents, and built an effective security culture over the years. Leong Boon Ang - Shamane Tan (Host) - #cybersecurity #incidentresponse #cyberemergency #cyberattack #crisis #CISO #breach
June 08, 2021
Solving the Cyber Skills Talent Shortage from the Top - EP 20
In this episode, we featured Phillimon Zongo, CEO of Cyber Leadership Institute who provides executive leadership training for new or aspiring CISO. Phil is also a best selling author of 'The Five Anchors of Cyber Resilience' and we discussed about solving the cyber skills talent shortage from the top, including tips for CISOs on building credibility and personal branding. *This session was recorded LIVE at a Cyber Risk Meetup clubhouse gathering. Phillimon Zongo - Shamane Tan (Host) - #cybersecurity #cybertalent #cyberskills #CISOs #CISO #leadership #cyberrisk #podcast #infosec
May 20, 2021
Cyber Risk Finance Optimization: The Real Economic Cost of a Cyber Attack - EP 19
In this episode with Magda Chelly, former CISO who heads up the Cyber Risk Consulting Asia practice for Marsh, founder of WoSEC (women of Security) chapter in Singapore, we covered on cyber risk quantification, explored the best way to optimize it, including how organizations can start this journey and the language to use in conveying business impact. *This session was recorded LIVE in a Cyber Risk Meetup clubhouse gathering. Magda Chelly - Shamane Tan (Host) - #cybersecurity #diversity #womenintech #wosec #cyberrisk #FAIR #ROI #womeninsecurity #stem
May 14, 2021
The Mental Health Challenge for Security Professionals - EP 18
In this episode with Dr. Kevin Tham, Head of Tech Risk and Cyber Security at WooliesX and immediate past president of the ISACA Sydney Chapter, we cover a somber yet very needful topic. Join us as Kevin examines the historical deaths of past hacktivists, addresses the mental health challenge of security professionals in our industry, and share some simple tweaks that he has implemented in his team meetings. *This session was recorded LIVE at a Cyber Risk Meetup clubhouse gathering. Kevin Tham - Shamane Tan (Host) - #cybersecurity #mentalhealth #cyberrisk #security #RUOK #lifeline If you or someone you know is in crisis, and needs help now, call triple zero (000). You can also call Lifeline on 13 11 14 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for confidential support from a trained crisis supporter.
May 09, 2021
The Diversity Solution with the Founder of AWSN - EP 17
In this episode with Jacqui Loustau, founder of AWSN - Australian Women in Security Network, we covered job bias, incorrect industry perceptions, different ways organisations can champion diversity, educate and raise awareness, including practical solutions on bridging the current gaps for a better balanced workforce. *This session was recorded LIVE at a Cyber Risk Meetup clubhouse gathering. Jacqui Loustau - Shamane Tan (Host) - #cybersecurity #diversity #womenintech #womeninsecurity #stem
May 07, 2021
FireEye's Response to Nation State Cyber Attack, Best BCP and Crisis Lessons with Barack Obama's first CISO - EP 16
In our last 'Blackout Series' of 2020, a special segment with Brigadier General Gregory Touhill, the former #CISO of President Barack Obama, we covered takeaway lessons from leaders who have been made in crisis. This was such a timely episode - especially in the aftermath of FireEye's announcement of their attack by a Nation State Actor. Greg discussed with Podcast host, Shamane Tan, their example of getting things right in a breach. From the positive lessons that we can learn today from FireEye's response to the pro-active leadership that Kevin Mandia is showing in a time of crisis, Greg also shared about the best #BCP that he has seen. From the frequency of the technical drills and executive training that should be conducted, to what should be included in the #board education and some of the lessons we can takeaway from the military when it comes to communicating a #crisis externally... Greg also walked through an example of a hacked company that didn't do it right and went bankrupt. Don't miss the last bonus segment as Greg even predicts what 2021 will look like for businesses. Gregory Touhill - Shamane Tan - #cybersecurity #hacked #cyberattack #crisis #CISO #fireeye #breach
December 13, 2020
Leadership in Times of Crisis: Safety VS. Speed with the CIO at Toll Group - EP 15
Hacked again, in just a couple of months. Went offline... resisting ransomware... how did the logistics giant Toll Group, respond to the shutdown of their IT systems after such an attack? We will learn it all, from those who have been there and done it, in the Blackout Series - lessons learnt from leaders made in times of crisis.   In this special episode,  our host Shamane Tan meets with Toll Group's CIO King Lee, as he shares key insights on his approach, response and learnings post cyber attack. King Lee - Shamane Tan - #cybersecurity #hacked #cyberattack
September 03, 2020
CISO, the Business and the Art of Storytelling - EP 14
Meet Hai Tran, CEO at the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre and our stars from the US, Tayo Rockson, son of a Diplomat, author of 'Use your Difference to make a Difference', Australian author of 'Cyber Risk Leaders' Shamane Tan, together with her co-host Carmen Marsh on this week's episode of 'Cyber Risk Leaders Tell All'. We covered Chapter 10, 'CISO and the Business: The Art of Storytelling' where Hai and Tayo modelled for us how they've done this. We also looked at Chapter 11, 'The survival of the CISOs', and the impact on hiring when leaders know their strengths and weaknesses. Let's see what Tayo, with his perspective as a renowned communicator has to say about this! Hai Tran - Tayo Rockson - Carmen Marsh - Shamane Tan -
August 10, 2020
Strategies for Cybersecurity Startups and how NOT to pitch to the CISOs - EP 13
Meet Michael Smith, based in US, Greater Boston Area, Cybersecurity Startup Mentor and Founder of Rising Tide Cybersecurity Management as he walked through some inside sales tips, including how to pitch to CISOs, what NOT to do for vendors, and the different strategies for Cybersecurity startups. Guest - Michael Smith - Podcast host - Shamane Tan -
July 24, 2020
The World's First CISO and the story of a Russian Hack in 1994 - EP 12
- If you have 5 mins in front of a CEO, what would you talk about? - How did the world's first CISO Steve Katz dealt with the one of the very first known hacks in his bank in 1994? - What are some of the ways to address business risks? - Why do you need to sell the trust? - What is the safety net the CISO should build? - Key considerations of a new CISO, - The top 3 things we should be educating the board on Cyber Risks? Yes, believe it or not, we discussed all these (and more!) in less than 30mins in this week's episode of the Mega #CSuite #Stories! Official website:
July 11, 2020
Effective Leadership in Crisis Times & the Ingredients of Building Great Teams - EP 11
Have you ever wondered what does effective #leadership looks like during #crisis? What are the various ways for leaders to cope and stay calm in high stress situations?  Or perhaps how can leaders encourage their team when it comes to learning and #innovation? What are the important ingredients of building successful teams? In this episode 4, we hosted a few very special guests from the US at the global #virtual Cyber Risk Leaders Book club.  Join Shamane Tan, author of 'Cyber Risk Leaders' and co-host Carmen Marsh, CEO of Inteligenca, as we have our fireside chat with Theresa Payton, CEO of Fortalice Solutions, and first female #CIO at the #WhiteHouse, overseeing the IT operations for President George W.Bush, together with Jason Elrod, Exec Director at Sutter Health. We also enjoyed a sneak preview of Theresa's latest book: "#Manipulated: Inside the #Cyberwar to hijack elections and distort truths". Listen to find out more! Official website:
June 20, 2020
The Hybrid Warfare: the Next Normal in Business Competition - EP 10
Casey Fleming is the Chairman and CEO of BlackOps Partners. Casey is recognised as a top expert, visionary, and keynote speaker for the leading strategic issue facing all organizations: new era, existential risk created by adversarial nation-states and groups. He regularly advises senior leadership of the private sector, Congress, Department of Justice, The White House, government agencies, the military, and academia on security strategy, cybersecurity, and national security.   In this episode and candid conversation, Casey shared his views about the asymmetrical Hybrid Warfare where technology makes everyone a target and a weapon in a new kind of war. He also walked through some sensitive and confronting issues where state actors have been behind some of the most sinister and successful cyber-attacks and breaches. Official website:
June 14, 2020
GDPR and its impact, Post-Pandemic Challenges and Empathy - EP 9
Episode 3 is now out! When you put four #cybersecurity #privacy women #influencers together across 3 different timezones, the discussion is going to be so good! We ran out of time (obviously).  In this episode, we talked about how different our world looks like now post-pandemic and the challenges leaders of the companies must deal with to get companies back on track. And then there is the human side of their leadership as they use #empathy to bring employees safely to the #newnormal.  We also talked about how different countries and companies are dealing with GDPR during the pandemic and the differences in impacts pre and post-pandemic. Do we understand the full impact yet?  Join host Carmen Marsh and author of 'Cyber Risk Leaders' Shamane Tan as they sit down with Adriana Sanford from LA, a global Threats Expert and international TV Commentator, together with Lisa Ventura, from the UK, CEO & Founder of the UK Cyber Security Association. Listen to them tell you more about the latest! Official website:
June 09, 2020
Meet your Cybersec Authors (Australia Edition) - EP 8
Tune in to hear from Phillimon Zongo - Author of 'The Five Anchors of Cyber Resilience', Amanda-Jane Turner - Author of 'Unmasking the Hacker: Demystifying Cybercrime', Craig Ford - Author of 'A Hacker, I Am' Book series and Shamane Tan - Author of 'Cyber Risk Leaders'.   This session covered real insights on their career and writing journeys, book takeaways and overcoming the imposter's syndrome.   #impostersyndrome #cybersecurityauthors #cybersecurity #writers #hacker #cyberresilience #cyberrisk #cybercrime
June 04, 2020
The Board VS. The Executives: A Peek into their World - EP 7
"CISOs need to have a seat at the boardroom, cyber security needs to be a board-level discussion."  But first, let's back track... for our #CyberRiskLeaders to have confidence in playing a more active role and presence in the boardroom, we need to first have a better understanding of the perspectives from the boardroom.   In this episode of Cyber Risk Meetup's Mega #CSuite #virtual series #Board Edition, we met with our featured #BoardDirectors Cassandra Crowe, and Ale Vendramin and discussed the following topics:  - Differing roles and responsibilities of the Board VS. Executives  - The mindset pivot from Management to Board Directing  - What we can all learn from effective board directorship  - The benefits of greater diversity and inclusion across boards  Official website: 
May 31, 2020
Artificial Intelligence & its impact on Cyber Security Strategies + Driving Change with Awareness - EP 6
In this 'Cyber Risk Leaders' Tell All - the second edition of the Global Virtual Book Club, we heard from our featured guests: Matthew Rosenquist, CISO at Inc in California, Jonathan Hiroshi Rossi, Founder of CJK Group, based in Los Angeles, co-host Carmen Marsh (CEO of Inteligenca, California) together with the author of 'Cyber Risk Leaders', Shamane Tan, based in Sydney, Australia. AI is a tremendously powerful tool that is evolving at a ridiculous rate and being leveraged by both cyber attackers and defenders. It will radically change the #cybersecurity strategies that protect our digital world. We covered AI's impact on Cyber Security Strategy and also Jonathan's recent experience in organising 10x Cybersecurity Awareness Tour where 30 countries across the world participated. In this episode, we explored the role of awareness and the creative process that brings it all together in this mission of driving change. Subscribe here so that you won't miss out on upcoming episodes: Youtube channel - Podcast channel - Grab a copy of Cyber Risk Leaders here - Also available on Amazon/ Kindle -
May 29, 2020
Geopolitics, Cyber Attacks, Magician Coder and Pandemic CISOs - EP 5
In this 'Cyber Risk Leaders' Tell All - the first edition of the Global Virtual Book Club, we heard from our featured guests: Sander Swinkels (CEO of DTACT from Singapore), Theo Nassiokas (Ex-CISO, APAC, Barclays Singapore), co-host Carmen Marsh (CEO of Inteligenca, California) together with the author of 'Cyber Risk Leaders', Shamane Tan, based in Sydney, Australia. All sorts of crazy topics were covered! From #geopolitics to the patterns of #cyberattacks, key skills a good #CISO should have in these #pandemic times and even #creativity and #diversity in #hiring for our #cybersecurity #infosecurity #talent.    Subscribe here so that you won't miss out on upcoming episodes:  Youtube channel - Podcast channel -  Grab a copy of Cyber Risk Leaders here - Also available on Amazon/ Kindle -
May 22, 2020
When the Chief Strategist Gets Real - EP 4
Our two special C-exec guests feature was: Magda Chelly, International Keynote Speaker and #CISO at Responsible Cyber in Singapore, and Mihoko Matsubara, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist from NTT Corporation in Japan.  Together with the Tokyo Chapter Lead of Cyber Risk Meetup, Steven Li, we covered the below topics: - Key attack patterns we're seeing in the APAC region - Career advice for our #cybersecurity listeners to remain competitive in today's market - Roles that our industry leaders can play in bridging the gap in cybersecurity and bringing new ideas to the field - Advice for companies to raise the right level of awareness with their remote workforce - Top #privacy and #security tips since we were in the Privacy Awareness Week (#PAW) Official website:
May 13, 2020
Live Chat with the Chief Risk Officer - EP 3
Our special C-exec guest feature in this Episode is Jeff McArthur, CRO at Greater Bank in Sydney, Australia.  What are the common challenges a #CRO faces? How should one influence strategic risk objectives but also balance between the financial and operational constraints? How should our CISOs/ other #cybersecurity leaders be talking to the Board or their other C-execs? In addition to the above topics of discussion, Jeff also threw in some practical tips to equip our aspiring CROs and industry leaders. This is an episode not to be missed! Official website:
May 13, 2020
Through the Lens of a Chief Financial Officer - EP 2
Our special C-exec guest feature is Paula Kensington, CEO of the LBD Group in Australia, and CFO Conversations being a former CFO herself. Amongst other topics we discussed, an interesting focus was on how our industry leaders can tweak their language when it comes to speaking to the Board or the other C-execs. Official website:
May 13, 2020
How I Almost Got Fired as a CISO - EP 1
Our special 'Cyber Risk Leaders' book feature Dan Lohrmann is an ex-NSA and the first government CISO for the state of Michigan in the US. Dan also wrote the #pandemic playbook for #H1N1 back in 2009. Amongst other #CISO success and failure stories, Dan shared some learnings that can be applicable in today’s COVID-19 context. Official website:
May 13, 2020